How to take a screenshot of the screen on iPhone se

How to take a screenshot on Apple iPhone SE 2020

How to take screenshot on Apple iPhone SE 2020? How to take a screenshot on Apple iPhone SE 2020? How to save a screenshot on Apple iPhone SE 2020?

The easiest way to take a screenshot on the Apple iPhone SE 2020. After saving the screenshots, you can edit / share / delete the saved screenshots in the iOS gallery. Click here for more details on screenshots.

Method two

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How to take a screenshot on iPhone SE using Assistive Touch

Turn on Assistive Touch in Settings General Accessibility Assistive Touch. A semi-transparent button will appear on the screen. This is the Assistive Touch button.

Click Top Level Menu.

Select the User icon (with a star), and then select Screenshot from the list. A screenshot button will appear in the Assistive Touch menu. You can also replace any other action with Screenshot.

You can now press the Assistive Touch button at any time and select Screenshot to take a screenshot.

How to take a screenshot on iPhone SE (2020)

iPhone SE 2020 is the first smartphone from Apple with a Home button, released after the iPhone X in 2017. The iPhone X and newer have a new design without a physical button, which means the way to take a screenshot has changed. However, on the iPhone SE 2020, the button is back, so the screenshot is taken in the same way. Below we will tell you exactly how.

If you’ve used an iPhone 8, iPhone 7, or older models before, then you’re already familiar with the process. Otherwise, read on.

How to take a screenshot on iPhone SE 2020

Press the Side button and the Home button on your smartphone at the same time. As soon as you release the buttons, a screenshot will be taken.

If you do not press the buttons at the same time, then you will lock the device or activate Siri. You need to pinch them at the same time.

You will hear a characteristic sound, and a preview of the screenshot will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click it to edit or crop.

To turn off the sound of a screenshot, you need to turn off the sound on the iPhone completely.

Pinch the preview of the screenshot to share it immediately in any application.

You can also simply swipe the preview off the screen, and then the screenshot will be automatically saved in the Photos application.

How to View Screenshots on iPhone SE

All your screenshots are saved in the Screenshots album in the Photos app. This album is created automatically, and all screenshots are saved in it automatically.

How to edit screenshots on iPhone

After you’ve taken a screenshot, you can click on its thumbnail in the corner to quickly make some edits. For example, draw a pencil around an area on the screenshot, or add a pointer to a particular place to draw attention to it. There are not very many editing tools, but interestingly, you can add a signature right here or even open a magnifying glass.

Quick screenshot editing in iOS

For advanced editing of screenshots, it is better to use the built-in Photos application. Previously, to edit screenshots, you had to use third-party applications that take up a lot of space, but are not even used half of the possibilities. Latest iOS versions have advanced menus for changing screenshots and regular photos. After you select the edit menu, you will be presented with additional tools: filters, brightness, contrast, and more. I really liked the ability to crop and tilt the screenshot.

To access filters and other menus, you need to open the “Photos” application

There are at least 3 functions of the Photos app that can make your life easier.

iPhone SE. How to screenshot

How to take a screenshot of an entire page on iPhone

An important innovation in iOS 13 is the ability to create swipeable screenshots. They are saved in PDF format, not PNG, and at the same time allow you to capture not only the visible part of the screen, but also the one that goes beyond its limits.

  • To take a screenshot of the entire page, press the power key and the Home button or the volume up button, depending on your iPhone model;
  • After the thumbnail of the screenshot appears in the lower left corner, click on it before it disappears;
  • At the very top of the editing window, switch to full screen mode, as shown in the screenshot;

These are the basic tips for working with screenshots in iOS 13 and newer. If you know any other tricks, share them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and in our Telegram chat. And do not forget that even if you knew all these tricks, there are many users who may find this information useful.

How to take a screenshot on older iPhones

In the classic version of the iPhone, the screen lock button was on top. Here the logic is almost the same as with the iPhone 6, just instead of the side lock button, you need to press the top button and (simultaneously) the Home button. Then quickly release both buttons.

On older iPhones, the lock button is on top

Whichever way you take a screenshot, after taking a screenshot, a thumbnail of your screenshot will temporarily appear in the lower left corner of the screen. You can click on a thumbnail to immediately view the photo and edit it (for example, add pointers or something else), or swipe it to the left. then the screenshot will simply be saved to the Photos application.

How to take a screenshot on iPhone

Each of us has probably taken a screenshot of our iPhone at least once. Sometimes a screenshot is needed to fix some important information in the phone’s memory. Or, for example, send some kind of joke to your friends; or an interesting post on a social network, when you don’t want to look for the Share button and it’s easier to press two buttons, select a recipient and send everything with a screenshot. To make it easier for us to find screenshots, Apple even made a special section with screenshots in the Photos app on iOS. But depending on the iPhone model, the ways to take a screenshot on the iPhone are different.

You can take screenshots with one hand, but it’s still more convenient with two

How to take a screenshot on iPhone with Face ID

These phones include all iPhone X and later models (except iPhone SE 2020). The entire front panel of these smartphones is occupied by the display, and there is no round Home button. To take a screenshot on the same iPhone 11, you need to simultaneously hold down the side button (which is on the right) and the volume up button (top left).

How to take a screenshot on iPhone X and newer

To be honest, I myself sometimes get confused about which volume button to press. Sometimes it was not possible to take a screenshot because I pressed the volume down button and the power button, and the screen was locked instead of taking a screenshot.

How to take a screenshot on iPhone with Touch ID and side button

In the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (up to the iPhone 8), Apple used a different button configuration. The on / off button “moved” to the right side. To take a screenshot on these smartphones, you need to simultaneously press the side button and the “Home” button (round under the screen).

On iPhone 6 and later (prior to iPhone 8), the side lock button

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How to take a screenshot on iPhone 7, 8, X, XR, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, SE 2020 and more

We constantly have to save and share information: send any requisites, fragments of correspondence, directions to the right places, etc. In all these cases, you may need to create a screenshot, so it is important to know what keyboard shortcut it is.

This tutorial will cover how to take a screenshot on old and new iPhone models with a physical Home button (iPhone SE, 6, 6S, 7, 8, SE 2020 and others) and on the latest generation iPhones (iPhone X, XR, XS, and XS Max. as well as iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max).

Before proceeding to reading the article, please note that the site has published other useful instructions for owners of devices running iOS:

How to take a screenshot with AssistiveTouch

AssistiveTouch is a special iOS feature that, when activated, will display a touch-sensitive floating button on the screen. Pressing this button will open a menu consisting of one or several (by default 6, maximum 8) items. You can add various options to the menu: launch Apple Pay, call Siri, adjust the volume, and capture an image from the screen.

To enable AssistiveTouch, go to Settings, go to the General section and open the Accessibility subsection. Then select “AssistiveTouch” and activate the top toggle switch.

A translucent touch button will immediately appear on the screen. It can be moved to any point on the display bordering the edge of the screen. Clicking on the button will open a menu consisting of 6 items, but by default there will be no “Screenshot” option among them. To add this item to the menu, open the “Top Level Menu” and add another slot, or click on the unnecessary option icon and replace it with “Screenshot”.

Now, to take a screenshot, just touch AssistiveTouch and click on the “Screenshot” icon.

iPhone SE 2020: How to Take ScreenShots (3 ways, Take Full Webpage ScreenShot, Without Button)

Also, if you wish, you can assign the creation of a screenshot to a double tap or a long press on AssistiveTouch.

How to take a screenshot on iPhone SE 2020, 8, 7, 6S, 6, SE and older models

To take a screenshot, you need to simultaneously briefly press and then release 2 buttons: “Home” and the lock key (on iPhone SE, 5S, 5, 4S and 4 it is located on the top edge, on iPhone SE 2020, 8, 7, 6S and 6. on the right).

screenshot, screen, iphone

You will hear a distinctive sound like a camera shutter and the screen will turn white for a split second. After that, a thumbnail of the created screenshot will be displayed in the lower left corner of the screen.

If you click on it, the built-in graphics editor will open. You can crop the screen, add a picture, text or frame, as well as send an image through any messenger or using the “Messages” program. To save the edited image, click on the “Done” button located in the upper left corner and select “Save to Photo”.

If you don’t need to edit a screenshot, don’t click on its thumbnail. In a few seconds it will disappear from the screen.

In both cases, the screenshot will be saved in the device’s memory and will be available in the Photos application in the All Photos and Screenshots sections.

How to edit a screenshot

You can change the screenshot not only before saving, but also after, and there are much more software options for post-production in iOS.

To edit a screenshot, open it in the “Photos” program and click on the “Edit” button. You are taken to the built-in editor, with which you can crop and rotate the image, add one of the available filters, and adjust brightness, contrast and other parameters.

And if you want to finish drawing, add text, a magnifying glass or a frame, click on the three points in the lower right corner and select the “Markup” item. Another editor will open, in which all the above functions will be available.

Taking a screenshot on iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XS, XS Max, XR and X

Modern, bezel-less iPhones lack a physical Home button, so Apple has come up with a new keyboard shortcut for the iPhone 11 and other modern models. To capture a screen image, simultaneously press and immediately release the lock key and the volume up button.

Otherwise, the process of taking a screenshot on frameless iPhones is no different from that on older models. A click will sound first, and the display will turn white for a split second. Then a thumbnail of the captured screenshot will be displayed in the lower left corner. You can immediately edit it or save the image without changes. To view a snapshot, open the Photos program and go to one of the sections: “All Photos” or “Screenshots”.

How To Screenshot On iPhone SE (2020)!

Sending Screenshot from iPhone to PC

There are several ways to send an image from an iPhone to a computer “over the air”, but the most versatile is still the option using the Lightning cable.

The first step is to unlock your iPhone and connect it to your computer via USB. A prompt “Trust this computer?” Will appear on the smartphone screen select “Trust” and, if necessary, enter the passcode for the device.

Screenshots, like other media files, are stored on the iPhone along the path: “Internal Storage” → “DCIM” → in one of the internal folders, the name of which may differ depending on the device and iOS version. For example, on an iPhone 6 running iOS 12.1.4, the folder is named “106APPLE”. Open it with Explorer and copy the images you want to your computer.

If you are unable to capture screenshots from iPhone to PC using the Lightning cable (for example, due to a broken USB port on your computer), set up importing images to iCloud or Google Photos, or upload the screenshots you want to Google Drive. And if Telegram is installed on both the smartphone and the computer, use the following life hack: