How to Take a Screen Shot on an iPhone

Taking a screenshot on an iPhone is very simple. This option is already embedded in the smartphone itself, and the photo of the screen can be taken in 2 ways: by pressing the buttons and using the additional menu (the menu itself will not be visible in the finished screenshot).

Screenshots on the iPhone can be taken for almost any task: viewing SMS messages, on the main screen with application icons, and even during photo / shooting.

Screenshot by pressing 2 buttons

You just need to press the lock key and “HOME” at the same time:

For iPhone 4 / 4s, 5 / 5s. For iPhone 6/6 Plus, 6s / 6s Plus, 7/7 Plus, 8/8 plus. For iPhone X

As a confirmation, the screen will blink 1 time, and in addition you will hear a characteristic sound. All screenshots are saved in the folder with your photos.

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Now consider the second way to take a screenshot.

Screenshot via OSD

To display the menu, follow the steps:

How to Take a Screen Shot on an iPhone

1 Go to the “Settings” menu.

3 p. “Universal access”.

4 p. “AssistiveTouch”.

5 Activate the slider.

6 A menu icon should appear at the bottom.

7 Now we go to the place you want to shoot (for me, for example, it will just be the main screen with icons), then click on the menu icon, and then an additional menu will open.

10 p. “Screenshot”.

For ready-made screenshots, you can make a beautiful frame in the shape of an iPhone. To do this, there is a free application called “Screenshot. Frame Maker”.

We make a frame for a screenshot in the program “Screenshot. Frame Maker”

After installing the program itself, perform the following steps:

1 Click on the “Screenshot” icon.

2 Click on the cross.

3 A folder with your photos will open, where the ready-made screenshot should be located. We select it.

4 Let’s move on.

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5 Here you can choose the type of our frame.

6 Now we select what needs to be done with the finished screen. I selected “Save to photo folder”.

The final version looks like this:

I never took a screenshot of the screen on an iPhone. Now I will know how to do it. It turns out that this is not so difficult. I usually take screenshots on my computer. For this, I have a special program.

Everything is so simple, but I was tormented)), before that I only had smartphones. Setting up with the help of hints is nothing complicated.

I’m taking a screenshot of the on the iPhone 6. In addition to the lower and upper stripes with the movie player, I have a whole black screen. What to do?

I just did a youtube screen and with the built-in camera. everything is fine. Also iPhone 6. Is the player standard?