How to take a screen on Android Xiaomi

How to take a screenshot on Xiaomi phones

Many smartphone users are faced with the question “How to take a screenshot of the screen”, this functionality is necessary for themselves or to show a photo of the screen to someone else. And the happy owners of Xiaomi phones are no exception. Alas, confusing instructions from the manufacturer do not quickly find a description of the desired function, especially with an adequate translation into Russian. Usually, we have to look on the Internet how to take a screenshot on Xiaomi, but even for devices of one company there are dozens of different ways. We will try to figure out in order.

Consider the common options as on Xiaomi you can take a screenshot. It is important that you understand how to take a photo of the screen at all, and you could easily figure it out if you buy a new Android phone. Such knowledge will never hurt.

The screenshots function appeared in the Android system starting with the 4th version. The screen of the screen is obtained while pressing certain physical or sensory buttons (an analogue of the Printskrin key at computers).

How to make a long screenshot on Xiaomi

Creating screenshots on smartphones. Often the function necessary for users, with which you can save the information displayed on the screen of the device. However, not all users know that it is possible to capture not only what they see in front of them on the display, but also the rest of the information located outside the display boundaries. How to make a long screenshot on Xiaomi. A question that is interested in many owners of Chinese smartphones. [BLOCK]

First you need to remember how screenshots are made on Xiaomi devices. The simplest option is to simultaneously pinch the sound reduction key and off. Another possible way. Instead of power to squeeze the menu button.

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As a guide, use the following instructions:

  • First you need to make a screen screen (according to the above methods);
  • You should wait for the picture from above in the right corner of the display;
  • We must have time to click on miniature until it disappeared;
  • After the action done, the control menu of the created screenshot should be opened;
  • Here you need to select the “Expanded” section;
  • When the image begins to fall into the lower area of ​​the screen, the “Stop” key is pressed if necessary. The creation of the picture will stop at the moment indicated by the user.

The owner of the Xiaomi line Mi or Redmi may also wait until the page scrolls to the end. To speed up the creation of the image, you can scroll through the contents of the site or file yourself.

It should be said that certain programs and applications with this option are not quite correct. These include the Chrome browser. It will not be able to take a long picture, which is bad for some users. In such situations, you will have to use the Browser application, which is standard for the MIUI operating system. If for some reason this software was removed from the smartphone, it can be re-downloaded from the official Google Play store.

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Sensory button “Volume down

This method will not be able to use this method, the fact is that with the arrival of displays in the entire area of ​​the facial panel on Xiaomi, the designers changed the display of the telephone control integration so that it looks most impressive.

To do this, I had to remove all service navigation buttons from the screen and transfer control to gestures. This is convenient, it is with gestures that I use in everyday life, but at the same time one of the ways to activate the screenshot became unavailable to me.

Personally, he does not seem convenient to me, I would probably call him the most inconvenient, but he is and it is necessary to describe it.

In order for you to use it, first of all, you need to turn on the navigation panel in the lower part of the screen, for this, enter the smartphone settings, find the “Extended settings” item. Now select the “limitless screen”. You must have a “button” option for you. And at the bottom of the screen will appear a panel for navigation. To create a screenshot, click on the virtual button “Menu” (the left) and the “Volume.Down” button.

Where to find stored screenshots

Screenshots are stored in the Gallery, the Album tab, the Screenshots folder:

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Screenshot on Xiaomi using a touch assistant

Go to Xiaomi phone settings. Next. Expanded settings. Touch assistant. Turn on the sensor assistant.

After that, a barely noticeable translucent arc will have a screen from the side of the screen. When it presses it, 5 elements will jump out near it, among which there will be an icon with scissors. This is another tool for removing the screenshot.

When using the sensory assistant, it should be borne in mind that the additional process “sits” in the memory of android. And therefore, this is an extra load on the processor and on the battery. If you have a weak battery in a smartphone, it is better to choose other ways to remove the screenshot.

What are screenshots

Screenshot is a picture of the visible part of the screen. For example, we read useful information on our website and want to save it in the form of a picture so that there is quick access.

There are errors on the device, some kind of program does not work, and the help of a specialist is needed? To take a picture of the highlighting a problem is a matter of several minutes, but the master will have the necessary information about the cause of the problems and provide the necessary assistance.

A good example is Instagram. This social network contains millions of photographs, but has a clear drawback. The inability to keep photos on the phone in the traditional way. The solution exists, and again this is a picture of the screen.

Xiaomi smartphones can create a screenshot in the form of a video. This is convenient if you need to share the instructions with someone or remove the game process. This will help the “screen recording” application, but it is not on all phones. In this case, use third.Party applications. For a video screenshot you need:

  • Pull the application “Writing of the screen”.
  • In the lower corner, press the picture in the form of a camera.
  • Transfer the “Start” button to a convenient place on the display.
  • Press “start”.

How to make a long screenshot on Xiaomi

The standard screen picture is limited in size. Only the information presented on the smartphone display at the time of the picture contains it. But sometimes this size is not enough (for example, if you need to scrap the entire page of the open site). In this case, there is a more advanced option in new phones. A long screenshot. This function allows you to make a screen of any size. Regardless of the parameters of the “photographed” page.

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To make a long screenshot on Xiaomi, you need to perform any combination to create an ordinary scree. When a miniature copy of the picture made appears on the display, you must click on it and select the action of “scroll” or “leaf through” in the pop.Up menu. Then it remains to indicate the necessary sizes of the image and save it in a standard way.