How to Take a Galaxy A5 Screen Shot

let’s get a look how to take a screenshot on samsung. For those who do not know what Screenshots are and how it is done, we will try to explain briefly. The screenshot function allows you to save everything that is displayed on the screen of a phone, smartphone, android, iPhone, tablet, computer and other devices as a picture. You can also say that, making a screen, we photograph the screen of the phone, computer, tablet. Of course we do not use a camera for this, this function is provided on most devices, and some devices for taking screenshots can be installed additional applications and programs. To save a screenshot, you need to press a couple of buttons on the phone, and on the computer you also need to press certain keys on the keyboard. I hope you even learned a little what a screenshot is and how it is made.

How to Take a Galaxy A5 Screen Shot

Now let’s see how to do screenshot on Samsung Galaxy and other Samsung smartphones on android. There are three options that allow you to save a screenshot on Samsung, below you can see all three methods and try which method is suitable for taking a screen on your Samsung Android. a big request that you write in the comments below which of the three options came up with your device, please indicate the model of your android Samsung so that other users can find useful information on the site.

The first way to take a screenshot on Samsung is to click “Home” which is at the bottom of the screen in the center and the button “Nutrition” (lock) simultaneously for a couple of seconds. If everything went well, you will see a notification on saving the screenshot on the screen. Samsung made Screenshots can be viewed in the gallery or open the Pictures / ScreenCapture pack or the Pictures / Screenshots folder and find a screenshot in it.

The second method also makes it easy save samsung screen shot, To do this, click on two buttons at once, the button “volume down” and button “blocking” (on / off) and hold a couple of seconds. If you successfully take a photo from the Samsung screen, you will see a notification about saving the screenshot. As in the first version, the screenshot taken on Samsung Galaxy can be seen in the gallery or open the Pictures / ScreenCapture pack or the Pictures / Screenshots folder.

If none of the methods mentioned above helped you, then try the third option. To make a screenshot on a Samsung smartphone, press and hold the home button and back button for a couple of seconds. Both of these buttons are located under the screen, basically this method of taking a screenshot of Samsung is used on Android 2.3 versions. You probably already know where the screenshot is saved on samsung the screenshot is in the Pictures / ScreenCapture folder or in the Pictures / Screenshots folder, you can also see the screen in the gallery.