How to synchronize iPhone with a computer via iTunes

How to synchronize iPhone iPhone with iTunes iTunes through a computer

Apple developers decided that it would be convenient for users to work with the iPhone using a special program that was released by this company. Therefore, the developers soon presented iTunes. An application for working with multimedia files, with which you can synchronize data and PC and iPhone files.

To synchronize your Apple smartphone with software, you must first download the full version of the program on your personal computer or laptop. It can be found on the company’s website in a special section. Having selected the desired page, click the “Download” button. You do not need to choose the operating system, as the site recognizes it on the machine and immediately offers the right option.

Now you just need to wait for the load to end and, following the instructions, install the application.

As soon as iTunes is installed on the computer, open the application and connect the cable to the PC and the phone. Wait until you see that the connection has been established. Remember, when the device is determined by your computer, at the “review” point you will see all the data about it. Now you can start setting up software and working with files.

How to synchronize iPhone with iTunes using Wi-Fi? To do this, you will need:

  • Using a cable, connect a mobile phone to a PC. Wait until they are connected.
  • In the “Overview” tab, put a checkmark in the point “Synchronize with this iPhone through the Wi-Fi network”.
  • From this moment you can pull out the cable from the computer. You will no longer need it. At iTunes, go to “Settings”, “Basic”, “Synchronization with ITUNES on Wi-Fi”.
  • Carefully check the Wi-Fi connection on PC and smartphone, it should be from one network. Only after that you can click “synchronize”.

After these actions, you may not use a USB cable to connect and work with files. But here it should be understood: to restore the firmware using Wi-Fi you will not be able to. The speed from which data is transmitted is often significantly reduced.

Why iPhone/iPad is not synchronized with iTunes

If you are not able to synchronize with iTunes your iPhone 7/7 Plus/6s/6s Plus/6/5s/5, iPad or iPod, you can use one of the proposed solutions:

Using an outdated version of iOS or iTunes is the most common reason why iPhone and iTunes are not synchronized. In this case, you need to check the version by.

In iTunes on MAC Open: Apple software update. In iTunes on Windows open: certificate check the availability of updates. If there are available updates. Install them and try to perform synchronization again.

synchronize, iphone, computer, itunes

In the settings application. The main. Update on the iPhone you can also check which version is installed on the device. The latest. In case of refusal to install a new firmware, make a backup through iTunes or iCloud, and then perform a complete restoration of the device.

How to configure synchronization through iTunes?

ITUNES is often used to connect a smartphone to a computer. The method is characterized by implementation. Both devices are connected by cable. This means that the method does not impose restrictions on the weight of the transmitted data, as in the case of the cloud. File transfer is performed straight from the computer to the iPhone, and not through a third.Party service.

The key drawback of the method is the possibility of synchronization of data only with PC to the phone. Reverse synchronization in this case does not work.

  • Data of applications and games;
  • Information from the notebook and calendar;
  • Photos, music and video;
  • Textbooks received with iTunes u;
  • Any text files;
  • Favorites from the browser.

How to Transfer Files from iOS to PC (and iTunes File Share)

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Important! Iphone can be synchronized with only one PC and the iTunes program on it. When trying to connect with another computer, the procedure will end deplorable. Data is erased.

  • Connect a computer with a smartphone via cable.
  • Set the iTunes application on PC (relevant for Windows, on OS X it already is).
  • Go through the application installation process and start it.
  • After a short time, the application will determine the device. You need to choose it in the left menu.
  • By switching by thematic tabs on the left, you can add the corresponding files to the smartphone.
  • To display the transferred data in the smartphone memory, you should click on the “synchronize” key.

Instructions for Windows

Windows users can access the ICLOUD cloud storage using authorization on the ICLOUD website.COM or by using a client application that can be downloaded from the link.

If you plan to use the repository on your computer only with the help of a browser, you need to go to your Apple ID account on the iCloud website.

Next, a new window with applications icons will open.

synchronize, iphone, computer, itunes

By clicking on the necessary, you will see the data that were synchronized with the cloud disk.

You can also move the files from the computer to the site.

When using the iCloud client, Windows also need to go to the Apple ID account. As in OS X, in the program you can see information about the synchronization of programs and statistics on the use of storage. To go to the iCloud file conductor window, click on the Storage button.

How to synchronize iPhone with several computers

Apple does not allow the iPhone to synchronize with several iTunes libraries, because then users can easily exchange content among themselves, reducing income from sales of music and applications. When you connect your smartphone to another computer, you see a familiar message that “this device can be synchronized with only one iTunes library”. Otherwise, most files on the iPhone will be replaced.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. The method by which the device “recognizes” the native library lies in a special file hidden on your Mac or PC. If you copy it from one of your computer and move it to another, then the smartphone will think that it was again connected to the original ITUNES library.

To get started, open Finder and use the Comandshift key combination. In the window that appears, enter ~/music/iTunes, click Enter.

Next you will see a list of files. Be sure to make a backup copy of the entire contents of this folder in case something goes wrong.

After that, open the ITUNES Music Library file.XML using text editor (Textedit). Here you will see the necessary key (highlighted in the screenshot), which should be copied or recorded on a piece of paper.

On the second computer, take all these steps again. Make sure iTunes is not launched and be sure to delete files.Itl in the Previous iTunes Libraries folder. If you do not have this folder, then delete, respectively, nothing needs.

Then, as you have already guessed, you need to replace the key from the ITUNES Music Library file.XML for the key to your library. Next, open the iTunes Library file.Itl and delete all its contents. Be sure to save the changes.

Open itunes. You will see an error message, but you can safely ignore it. Just connect the iPhone to the computer. No files will be replaced anymore.

The first method: how to synchronize iPhone with a new computer via iTunes

ITUNES is widely used to back up almost all data with iPhone, iPad and iPod to a computer. You can also restore an ITUNES backup after accidental deletion or data loss on your iPhone. When using a new computer to synchronize iPhone, you can follow the instructions below to synchronize iPhone music with a new computer without washing. You must remember that only if you create a backup copy of music on a new computer, you can do this without deleting any data on the iPhone.

Step 1 Mix iTunes Library to an external disk from an old computer

Move the iTunes media to an external disk from an old computer to copy to a new computer. Usually you can use the USB flash disk to copy your iTunes file (note that you need to copy all the iTunes files, and not one or more library files.). To determine the location of the iTunes media file, please use the following links:

Windows XP: C \ Documents and Settings \ Your User Name \ My Documents \ My Music \

Windows Vista: C \ Users \ Your User Name \ Music \

Windows 7/8/10: C \ Users \ Your User Name \ My Music \

Step 2 Build a new computer in iTunes

How to sync iPhone with iTunes

Download and install the latest version of iTunes for a desktop computer to your new computer. Click the “store” in the menu and select “authorize this computer” to make iTunes log in, then you need to enter the iTunes Store, indicating your Apple ID and password.

Itunes will tell you how many computers you have authorized on iTunes. Please note that Apple allows you to fully authorize only 5 Mac and PC computers.

Step 3 Transfer the iTunes file to your desktop on a new computer

Go to “Edit” “Settings” “Additionally” Mark two parameters: “Save the ITUNES Media folder” and “Copy files to the iTunes Media folder when adding to the library” click “OK” to save the changes to find the place of backup ITUNES and drive off Files in the iTunes Media folder on a new computer.

Step 4 Synchronization of IPhone backup from an old computer to a new

Then restart iTunes, and you will find that you have transferred the iPhone songs from a backup of an old computer to a new computer.

Step 5 Combine both music files on a new computer

If you do not want to remove the existing backup in step 2 on the new computer, then you can synchronize it in your copied backup in step 3. Press the ITUNES file (the location is indicated in step 1) “Itunes Media” “automatically add to iTunes and drag multimedia files located on the desktop in step 2. You will see that it will be added to the iTunes media text and will disappear in this folder.

Now you can launch iTunes to listen to the playback list, and you will find that the process of transferring music from iPhone to a new computer with iTunes is successfully completed. If you create a backup iPhone on a new computer, you will find that the new computer gained access to the backup of iTunes from the old computer. Although this method is a little more complicated for you to transfer the iPhone synchronization to the new computer with iTunes, you can try for free. However, this also receives its restriction. You are allowed to transfer iTunes Library from iPhone to a new computer without washing music files.

Two ways to synchronize iPhone

To perform iPhone synchronization with a computer, we suggest using the iTunes program. This program allows you to synchronize:

synchronize, iphone, computer, itunes
  • Albums, compositions, playlists, films, television shows, podcasts, books and audiobooks.
  • Photos and videos.
  • Contacts and calendars.
  • Reserve copies of the device created using iTunes

In order to synchronize iPhone with iTunes via PC, we suggest making the following:

Launch the iTunes program on your computer. Next, connect the iPhone to iTunes using a USB cable. If you connect the device for the first time, a window will appear on the screen “Want to allow this computer access to information”. Click on.

The next action will be required of you when the window appears to “trust this computer?»You must click” Trust “. Further, the next step will be authorization. In the upper part of the program window, click on the “Account” tab, and then on “authorization”- “authorize this computer”.

Next, you need to enter the Apple ID account. To do this, enter your username and password.

At the top of the program menu, click on the iphone icon.

A menu of control of your gadget will appear on the screen. On the left side on the side is the main section of control. The contents of the corresponding section are displayed on the right side of the window.

So, for example, by moving to the “Program”, you can control applications to your device, delete unnecessary and add new.

After the changes made, it is necessary to make synchronization.

Select the necessary section for synchronization, and click the “synchronize” flag

Next, synchronization will start. The speed of the process depends on the size of the contents. We strongly recommend not disconnecting the device until synchronization is completed.

How to fix the iPhone, which cannot be synchronized with iTunes

After the update to iOS 12, I can’t synchronize the iPhone 6 with iTunes now, although I downloaded and installed the latest version of iTunes.

One iPhone 6 user complained about the Apple forum about the problem of iTunes synchronization. In this case, you might think how to connect iPhone to iTunes using iTunes. Whereas IPhone synchronize with iTunes without iTunes? And here we would like to recommend you an authoritative and flexible tool for transferring the iPhone called Fonetrans to you. This is an ideal iTunes alternative that will help you synchronize the iPhone. Now download and install the iPhone Data Transfer on your computer and follow the instructions below to find out how to synchronize iPhone with iTunes using Fonetrans.

1 Connect your iPhone to a computer via USB and run the iPhone on iTunes Transfer.

After installing the application on the computer, start it, and then connect the iPhone to the computer via a USB cable.

When the program recognizes your iPhone, click “On iTunes” at the bottom of the main integration. He will quickly scan your iPhone. Then click the “Start” button to transfer music, melodies, films, TV shows, etc. D. From iPhone on iTunes. Finally, click “OK”.

In this article, we mainly discuss several effective ways to synchronize iPhone with iTunes. I hope this article will help you. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to leave your Комментарии и мнения владельцев below.

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