How to synchronize contacts on Meizu

I can not edit a contact says read only

You need to do a certain action. Go to the menu of your phone, then click on the icon “settings”. Next, you go down to the bottom of the section “About the phone”, in this section at the very bottom there is “About the developer” and on this inscription click 7. times until you see “now you are a developer”. Reboot the device and all, all actions on the phone will be as it should be.

Often the question “I can’t edit a contact says read only” is difficult to answer in detail and clearly in text. To understand the essence of the matter, it is easier to watch the video. Our authors have prepared for you the most suitable video answer

Watch the video, with the answer to the question “I can’t edit a contact says read only”

The same problem, only on the meizu m2 mini

Poke at all the items. 7 times. Somewhere or other will appear. I have the version of the firmware completed

I too do not have such an item, and I clicked an en number of times on the version of the Flym

Yo yo, just uncheck the synchronization with the social network in which the number is used (Vyber, WhatsApp)

Entered developer mode. didn’t work. Removed the synchronization of all accounts. didn’t work. Did this: “Contacts.”. “Settings.”. “Manage contacts”.”Export contacts”. “Select contacts. “all” “export to storage disk.”. And then I imported back: “Contacts.”. “Settings.”. “Manage contacts”.”Import from internal memory.”. “Select file with last date”.”Import to Meizu account”. Previously, these contacts were in a Google account and could not be edited from your phone (you may have them in another account) and they could be edited in Googling and then synced. But in the phone, of course, easier.

Click on the firmware version, if there is no about the developer, then click on about the TV, then 7 times on the firmware version, and it will enter developer mode

Fixed. In the settings of contacts. manages contacts. default account. should be set to NO, i.e. do not select any account from the existing ones. firmware Meizu M5

Partial transfer

You can also transfer data from another phone to Meizu MX5 in parts. This is suitable when the new device already has the necessary set of information and you only need to add contacts, notes or individual files.

Send contacts to

If the user has transferred multimedia files to Meizu MX5 using a memory card, then the contact list will remain to be added. To do this, open the application of the same name on the old device, go to settings and select import.

It is possible to transfer contacts in various ways. For example, they are fully transferred to the SIM card and then automatically loaded on the new phone. You can also transfer contacts by synchronizing with your current Google Account. If you use this method, you only need to set up synchronization on Meizu MX5 as it was shown earlier for full transfer.


Those who want to transfer photos, music, and videos to their phones have a variety of ways to complete the operation:

The most preferred option is to use special programs. So you can send all the information or a couple of separate files at once.

Games and applications

Since the Meizu MX5 runs the Play Market app store, it is best to transfer software through Google Sync. On the new smartphone, you just need to log in to the account that was used on the old device. After this games and applications will be downloaded automatically. If this method does not work, you can use ES Explorer. It allows you to transfer software via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Transferring Phone Numbers via SIM Card

If the phone numbers are saved on the SIM card, then the database is easy to transfer to the new device. The method is relevant if you want to copy the phone book, and you do not have access to the Internet, or if the Google services are absent or do not work. The first step is to copy the phone book to a non-SIM device, such as a tablet, so you can’t copy your contacts to the phone book.

There are two steps to transfer contacts from Android phone to Android phone. In the first case, you need to save the contacts on the SIM card; in the second case, you need to restore the contacts on the SIM card. If the numbers are saved on the plastic card, then skip the first step and go to the second.

Stage 1: Transferring contacts from the device to the SIM card.

  • Open the directory on your mobile device and select “Import/Export. As a rule, the item appears in the drop-down list after clicking on the ternary dot button.
  • Select Export to SIM card in the window that appears and wait until the operation is completed.

Stage 2: Transferring data from the SIM card to the SIM card smartphone or tablet.

  • Install the card into your new smartphone or tablet.
  • Open “directory” and select “Import/export”.
  • In the window that appears choose to import from SIM card, and wait until the operation is completed.

SIM card memory can hold up to 250 numbers. If there are more contacts, some records will not be saved.

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Main disadvantages:

  • Limitation of SIM card memory to 250 numbers.
  • There is no selective transfer of contacts.
  • When copying numbers, no additional information or photos are saved.

How to copy contacts from your Andro phone

As for how to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone without synchronization, you can do it with the help of a phone book file (extension.vcf). The process looks like this:

This way the records uploaded to the iPhone will be saved.

How to transfer contacts from phone to phone LG

The phone book in a smartphone. a place where the average person stores about a hundred contacts. And not only the phones of relatives and friends, but also the working data of colleagues and all kinds of institutions. From time to time, every smartphone owner has the need to transfer contacts from one phone to another. For example, when buying a new model of smartphone. Of course, it is not necessary to do this manually. Copying your phonebook from your smartphone to your smartphone is very easy on your own, in more ways than one.

  • Enter “Contacts” on your LG phone.
  • You will need the “Settings” section. For this purpose it is necessary to press the button which is located on the left under the screen.
  • Select the “” section (depending on your LG smartphone model it may also be called “”).
  • In the menu that appears find the line “Import / Export”. Press it.
  • The smartphone will offer several options for further actions, including to transfer (export) contacts to the SD-card (memory card) or SIM-card.
  • Copy the contacts in a more relevant way and transfer them to your new LG phone.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth mode on both smartphones.
  • Establish a connection between them. To do this, you will need to activate the “Visibility for other devices” option in “Settings”.
  • Go to “Contacts” and in “Options” find the “Share” function.
  • Highlight all of your contacts (or the ones you want to export) and click the Bluetooth method.
  • Do not interrupt the connection until the data transfer is complete.
  • Enter “Contacts” on your LG phone.
  • You’ll need the “Settings” section. To do this, you need to press the button on the left side below the screen.
  • Select the “” section (it may also be called “” depending on the model of your LG smartphone).
  • In the menu that opens find the “Import / Export” option. Tap it.
  • Select one or more accounts you want to copy.
  • Select the “Export to VCF file” option.

To restore your contacts from a backup, you’ll need to do the following

  • In “Settings” open Google.
  • Find “Services” and there select “Restore contacts”.
  • Tap on the smartphone from which you want to export data.
  • Click the “Restore” button.
  • Once the process is complete, you will see “Contacts restored”.

Important: You can also enable the “Automatically back up contacts” option. Your data will be automatically saved in the backup storage at regular intervals.

There are a number of specially designed applications for transferring contacts from phone to phone.

An application specially designed for LG device owners, with which you can transfer contacts from your phonebook, as well as files of different formats (photos, videos, music, text messages), calendar, application, and much more to your new LG device. Especially relevant if you want to transfer data from an older LG device (Android 4.1 and above) to a new LG device (from LG G3 with Wi-Fi transfer, from N OS with wired transfer).

You can transfer data from device to device wirelessly.

With this program, you can back up your phonebook contact list by uploading your contacts to a secure cloud service. There is also an option to send a vcf file of your contact book to any email address or messengers: WhatsApp, Gmail, Google Drive, SMS, Dropbox, Skype, Telegram and many others.

Copy contacts via Google contacts service

You can also copy contacts from Android to your computer using Google Contacts. To do this, go to “Google Contacts” with a browser (website address ). In the “Google Contacts” service, you need to click on the “” button, and then the “Export” button.

The service will ask you to switch to an old version of the service “Google contacts. Accept and wait for the page to reload. Then press the “” button and the “Export” button.

A window with the export settings will appear. Here you should select the format, in which you would like to copy contacts to your PC, as well as the necessary group of contacts. Press “Export” button, as soon as you select the necessary settings.

As a result, the browser will download contacts from the service “Google Contacts” and you can use them on your computer.

Owners of smartphones may encounter such a problem as loss of contacts. There can be many reasons for such an occurrence. To insure yourself, it is recommended to unload the numbers from the phone to your computer. Of course, you may manually copy all contacts to the notepad, but this is extremely inconvenient and time-consuming. To date, there are several ways to make a copy of the list of contacts.

Synchronization methods

Many users are interested in how to synchronize contacts with a Google account on Meizu. This procedure is performed in several steps:

  • open the notebook, click on any name and hold it;
  • click on the button “All” after it appears in the upper right corner to copy the phone numbers and the information attached to them into a single document;
  • press “Transfer” and send the file to your own email;
  • delete all the phone numbers on your smartphone;
  • download the file from the email and open it on your mobile device;
  • scroll down, click the “Import” button, and select “Google account” as the destination.

After the contacts in Google account from Meizu are transferred, you should disable phonebook data synchronization with Flyme account. This is necessary so that the smartphone does not glitch and does not show the name of one subscriber twice.

Detailed instructions on how to sync contacts on Meizu from Flyme cloud storage can be found by browsing

Adding an account

Often it is enough to enter your email address and password.

Al type. Mail” is similar and performs the same function as adding an email account.

What to do if you lost contacts on Meizu: a few ways to solve the problem. Error: Meizu SIM card is busy

Meizu smartphones are in great demand due to their low cost and good hardware features. And their distinctive feature is the use of Android with a proprietary add-on from the manufacturer Flyme OS. This version of Android is liked by many, but has its own bugs. For example, the disappearance of contacts from the phone book. What to do if you lost contacts on Meizu and why this can happen?