How to synchronize contacts from Google on iPhone

How to synchronize Google contacts on different devices

The use of synchronization allows you not to worry that saved contacts will disappear. Even if you change the smartphone, the recordings of the phone book will transfer to it automatically. You just need to connect the account in which they are created. Google contact synchronization does not require special configuration, except when it starts to work with errors.

The inclusion of Google contacts on different devices and the OS varies. On Android, this feature works by default, on iOS you will have to connect the Google account by hand, and on Windows Phone. Pay for the package G Suite.


On most devices based on Android, synchronization turns on as soon as you tie your Google account to it. However, to check that it really works and if necessary to correct errors will never be superfluous.

If the device is connected to the Internet, data transfer is automatically. As soon as you add or delete contact on the smartphone, the information on the server is updated.

You can also perform a manually synchronization. To do this, call an additional menu and select the “synchronize” item.

The procedure for including synchronization may differ from the Android version described and the smartphone manufacturer, but slightly. On Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, Honor and any other data transmission is activated in the same place. In the Google account settings.

On iOS, the choice of synchronization method depends on the version of the system. If the device is installed iOS 7 or higher, the easiest option is to add Google account to the account list.

How To Sync Google Contacts, Calendar and Mail On The iPhone

Synchronization will turn on automatically. From this moment on, all contacts from the iPhone phone book will be duplicated on Google servers.

Sometimes to do this operation, it may be necessary to include SSL. This can be done in the properties of the added Google account. In its settings there is a section “Additionally”. Inside it is the switch “Use SSL”. Transfer the switch to the “BCL” position and apply the configuration.

On old devices with iOS 5 or iOS 6, instead of the Google account, the Carddav account is used. And the procedure for its connection has small differences:

In the “server” field, indicate Google.Com; in the line “User”. Email address; “Password” is a password from the Google account; The description can be any. To use settings, click “Next”.

Now all contacts from the iPhone phone book will automatically go to Google servers.

Windows Phone

On Windows Phone since 2013, synchronization of contacts with the Google service is not available. This opportunity remained only when using a paid GUTE business package. Its cost is from 6 per month.

Synchronization check

To make sure your records are synchronized with the server, use the Google web-integer. For this, any device with Internet access and browser is suitable. Checking contacts is more convenient using a PC or laptop, but you can use a smartphone and tablet.

  • Go to Google.Com.
  • Autominate in the account from which you set up the synchronization of contacts.
  • Expand the full list of Google services and select “Contacts”.

You will get to the web-integse application “Google Contacts”. All recordings of the phone book synchronized with a smartphone are displayed here. You can control them: change names and numbers, add new contacts and delete unnecessary. All changes will immediately be displayed in the smartphone’s phone book, since synchronization is a double.Sided process.

How to configure synchronization of iOS contacts with the Google account using the Carddav protocol

Technologies do not stand still. Developers are constantly striving to attract new consumers and not lose existing. If you want to synchronize your contacts on iOS devices with the Google account (for example, Gmail.COM) with changes instantly reflected on different devices, then the Microsoft Exchange Activesync service is still the easiest option.

Google recently added support for Carddav protocol, which allows synchronize contacts between your Google account and other third.Party applications, including devices running iOS 5 or later.

synchronize, contacts, google, iphone

Those who use Google services probably know that OS X and iOS offer built.In support for synchronizing the Gmail service, namely notes through IMAP, calendar and reminders using Caldav and messages using XMPP (used in Google Talk, Chat and many other popular chats).

Carddav is the address book of the Protocol Client / server that controls contact data on the server. It works on the basis of the WebDAV HTTP protocol and uses VCARD format to record contact data.

In fact, Apple covered Caldav and Carddav to separate the services of the calendar and contact with the release of iOS 4 two years ago.

About synchronization of iOS contacts using Carddav, Google noted on its blog:

“ You can edit: add and delete contacts from the device and maintain them in synchronism wherever you use them”.

Google provides the following instructions for installing Carddav contact synchronization on your device.

Open the settings application on your device.

Select mail, address, calendars

Select “Add account”.

Select “Carddav account”.

Fill in the necessary information in the following columns:

Click “Next” (upper part of the screen).

When you finish, open the “Contacts” application and wait a bit until the initial synchronization is completed. All contacts available in your account are synchronized with your device, while any changes made on Google Contacts on the Internet will immediately affect your iOS device, and vice versa. It also includes removing or adding contacts on your Apple device.

The same setup procedure can be applied to OS X in desktop computers.

If you have questions, pay attention to the fact that synchronization for Apple devices via Carddav is available only through SSL, so you will have to enable this option in the settings of the created account on the iOS device.

Installation of this account by default (this can be done in the settings application. Mail, address, calendars. Contacts) determines that new contacts created directly on the iOS device will be added to the created account by default.

Read about other methods of preserving and synchronizing contacts on the iPhone in our materials:

Google contact imports using Carddav

Press the “Settings” icon, which is usually located on the first screen. 2. Click on “mail, addresses, calendars”. Scroll down in the settings control panel, find “mail, address, calendars” and click to open the control panel. 3. Click on “mail, contacts, calendars”, then “add”.

You will see a list of types of accounts that can be added. Scroll to the end of the list and click “Other”.

Click “Add Carddav account”.

In the “Other” control panel, click “Add Carddav account to open the panel. Fill the resulting fields with the following information:

  • Server: “Google.Com “;
  • User name: your full e-mail from the Google Account or Google services;
  • Password: your password from Gmail or Google services. Note that if you turned on a two.Stage authentication, then you will need to create and enter a password from a specific application;
  • Description: Enter a description of a new account. For example, “gmail contacts”/
synchronize, contacts, google, iphone

Click “Forward”.

The button is located in the upper right corner of the Carddav control panel. Thus, you will confirm the information. At the next opening contacts, synchronization will begin to automatically.

Contact transfer from iOS to Google Contacts

If before, no errors were made, then the process will start automatically, and will be performed in the future, nothing needs to be pressed.

Import iPhone contacts to gmail via icloud

The use of iCloud to synchronize iPhone contacts with Gmail is also quite simple if you have an iPhone backup in iCloud, first of all, open your Internet browsers and enter iploud.Com. Then follow the following steps:

Step 1 being there, you will be invited to enter your iCloud with your Apple identifier and password.

Step 2 click on the contacts when you are inside. You will see all your contacts that you have on the left side. You can press one contact or several contacts, holding the Shift key.

Step 3 to synchronize the necessary contacts with Google, go to the lower left angle and click the call badge. From there, select VCARD export, the selected contacts will be saved as a file.VCF on a computer.

Step 4 Now go to Gmail.Com. On the left side of the page you will see Gmail with a small arrow indicating down. Click on the arrow and select contacts in the opening menu.

Step 5 go down to the left and click import after that. Select to go to old contacts when a window appears with the question whether you want to import from the old google contacts.

Step 6 you will find a button called on the top from there. Click on it and select import from the drop.Down menu. Select the file you want to import, then click import.

synchronize, contacts, google, iphone

Iphone contacts to Gmail using iCloud

ICLOUD is another common solution for importing contacts in Gmail, and with the help of iCloud KeyChain, imported contacts are 100% safe. Follow the following actions.

  • Go to the website www.Icloud.COM in the web browser and enter your Apple account with the correct user name and password.
  • Click “Contacts” and select all elements of synchronized contact in iCloud.3. Click with the right mouse button to select the export of contacts to the computer. Finally, move the exported contacts to Gmail.

Synchronization of contacts with Google on iPhone 3GS in iOS 5/6

If you have the oldest version of the iPhone 3GS with iOS 5 / iOS 6, you want to synchronize Google contacts with iPhone. Here is the method that you must follow.

On your iPhone click “Settings”. On the page “Settings” click “Post, Contacts, Calendar”. Then click “Add account” and select “Other”.

Export Contacts from iPhone to Google Account| Sync iPhone Contacts to Gmail

Synchronize contacts from Google on iPhone

Select “Add Carddav account”. Enter the information, say, server, user name, password and description. Spend to the upper right corner and click “Next”. Turn on the “Contacts” to synchronize them between Google and your iPhone.

Notes: If you use the old iPhone version, you will need to update the newest version of the iOS system in iTunes if you try to connect your iPhone to PC. The last iOS system seems a little large for your old iPhone 3GS. If you still want to use your old iPhone smoothly, you better save your iPhone in the old version of the iOS system.

The inclusion of contacts synchronization of Gmail will also create a new group in contacts with the inscription All Gmail. If you do not want all groups to be displayed on your iPhone. Therefore, it is worth noting that you can temporarily hide these groups by clicking the groups in the Contacts Appendix.

With the above introduction, you can easily synchronize Google contacts with iPhone, regardless of which edition your iPhone has. You will find that it is very convenient to synchronize contacts with Google by iPhone. You can check your Google contacts, the calendar directly on the iPhone. And you can work anywhere on your way. If you have questions about setting up Google contacts on the iPhone, you can contact us with more detailed information about this information.

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