How to sync Xiaomi wireless headphones with each other

How to connect both Xiaomi AirDots earbuds, pairing with each other

Xiaomi AirDots wireless headphones are rightfully popular among owners of not only Android smartphones, but also Apple fans. This is explained by the optimal combination of the quality of the headphones and an attractive price. However, users of “Airdots” often face certain problems. On the forums, you can often see messages that the headphones are disconnected, do not pair and do not work in pairs and with each other.

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Perhaps you also found yourself in a situation where Redmi AirDots stopped pairing normally, and because of this, you can often use only one earphone, right or left. What to do to connect both dots again?

How to properly sync Xiaomi AirDots headphones with each other

Place both earbuds in the charging case, wait until they are fully charged. Erase the data on the previous connection with AirDots from the smartphone settings. Go to the Bluetooth section for this.

Take the case, take the earbuds out of it.

Disconnect the headphones: on each of the plugs, press your finger on the touch panel / button (recall that the sensors have AirDots from Xiaomi, and the mechanical buttons on Redmi AirDots). It is necessary to press physical or touch controls for 5 seconds, or rather, until the indicator light turns red. The headphones should then turn off.

Now you need to do two resets (resets).

  • The first reset deletes the Bluetooth device information that was saved in the headphones. Hold the touchpads on the plugs for 10 seconds. The red and white lights will flash alternately and then go out. Do not release the sensor / button, keep pressing on to perform reset number two.
  • A second reset erases the pairing data between Airdots. Without releasing your fingers from the sensors after the first reset, press them for another 10 seconds. Wait for the moment when the light signals appear again. This time, the red and white signals should blink alternately 3 times.

In general, you need to press the headphone sensors for 20 seconds, and the LED signals will appear at the 10th and 20th seconds.

Turn on your dots. This is done by pressing buttons or sensors, which need to be held for about five seconds. Or do it another way: put the headphones into the charging case, and then take out both “dots” from it. Wait about three seconds. Airdots will be automatically turned on and pairing will be established between them. You will notice that the LED on the right “ear” will blink white, and on the left there will be no light signal. Blinking white means that the synchronization is complete, and now the earphone R, that is, the right one, and with it the left one (since they are already paired) are ready to connect to the phone.

How to Fix Earbuds Problem Connection to each other. SOLVED

Activate Bluetooth on your phone to start searching for the headset. After a few seconds, you will see the found Mi AirDots BASIC_R device. R is the designation for the right plug, in a pair it is the main.

When AirDots Out of Sync Occurs

The experience of many AirDots owners shows: from time to time, Xiaomi headphones lose connection with one another. This is noticeable mainly due to the out-of-sync sound. This can happen for various reasons. It happens that the battery charge of one of the “dots” runs out earlier than the second. Or you previously used mono mode, that is, you connected only one earphone to your smartphone. This connection option is saved in the AirDots memory, and the next time it is no longer possible to pair both headphones at the same time, they are not synchronized. A detailed instruction, consisting of the steps that we described above, will help to correctly pair the Airdots, and then connect both earbuds to an Android or iOS device.

How to sync wireless headphones with each other?

and more people are buying wireless headphones. Someone gets expensive and multifunctional devices, and someone chooses budget and with a minimum set of functions. Any version of bluetooth “ears” makes listening to your favorite audio tracks or working with a smartphone more convenient. This is a qualitatively different level of comfort.

How to sync wireless headphones?

In order for both “ears” to be active, you need to connect them to each other. How do I sync my headphones? It’s very simple! The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • First you need to bring one of the “ears” into an active state. This is done through the Power button. The indicator flashes.
  • Then do the same procedure with the second “ear”.
  • When both parts are on, double-click on the Power button to switch them. If everything is done correctly, then the light signal will light up, and then disappear.

Bluetooth pairing methods

Connecting a Bluetooth headset and a device with iOS or Android operating systems is a completely simple procedure. Regardless of the OS, everyone can handle the task.

Can one earphone work?

Many owners of wireless headsets face the problem when one part works and the other does not. If this happens, then you should not immediately panic. It is highly likely that this is not a factory defect or a breakdown of the “ears” mechanically, inside or outside. Often the point is in the firmware, in updating the system, with incorrect pairing. You just need to calmly try again to do everything according to the instructions. Or ask for help from someone more experienced in this matter.

Connectivity features on iOS

The procedure for synchronizing wireless “ears” with an iOS gadget is similar to the situation with Android:

  • bluetooth is activated in the iOS settings;
  • headphones are activated;
  • specific “ears” are selected on the device.

The only point that Apple often requires you to enter a pin code when switching.

Connectivity features on Android

The connection with the Android system is as follows:

  • turns on Bluetooth on the headphones;
  • turns on Bluetooth on the smartphone;
  • then in the list of devices detected via bluetooth, you need to select the desired headset.

If this is the first connection, then the pairing process will be launched with the installation of the corresponding application (if necessary). If repeated, then you can just already work with gadgets.

Both the procedure for synchronizing the parts of the wireless headset and the procedure for connecting them with the source device are quite simple and quick. The main thing is to approach business without haste and without fuss. And if nothing works and the headphones do not work, then it makes sense to contact the service center.

How to connect wireless headphones to a smartphone

How to connect wireless headphones to your tablet

How to pair headphones with each other

There is a standard instruction on how to make two ears “make friends” with each other. Headphones are paired as follows:

  • We turn on one of the “ears”: that the device is online, the characteristic blinking will tell.
  • Turn on the second earpiece.
  • The last step is to quickly press the power button twice. If the headphones are connected to each other. after this procedure, the light will light up and the light signal will disappear.

How to sync Xiaomi AirDots headphones with each other

Step-by-step instructions will allow you to easily sync your AirDots headphones with each other:

  • Put the device in the charging case, make sure that each ear is in its own socket. The case must be charged.
  • Click “Forget device” in the menu of your smartphone or other Xiaomi device paired with the headphones.
  • Take the headphones out of the case and turn them off (press and hold the off buttons for 5 seconds).
  • Reset the initial connection of one ear to the other: press and hold the control buttons again for 20 seconds (the operation is performed on each ear separately or simultaneously).
  • Turn on the headphones by holding the button for 5 seconds.

After the performed manipulations, the white indicator on the leading ear will light up and blink. Xiaomi headphones are paired with each other.

How to sync headphones with each other?

Pairing wireless headphones with each other is done via Bluetooth. In this case, the left and right ears, when first connected, send signals to each other. This helps them determine the time it takes to exchange data. Analysis can be difficult if interfering signals or noise interferes with the pairing. When the gadget makes the necessary calculations, it will divide the incoming signal between the left and right channels in half.

Any pair of wireless devices has a master. Usually the right earpiece plays the role of receiving the signal. Because of this, the master ear discharges a little faster, since in addition to the main function, it instantly transmits information to the slave, most often the left, earpiece. To make music or other sounds sound in sync, the main device plays a signal with a slight delay.

How to sync headphones from different brands?

The principle of operation of bluetooth devices does not differ depending on the brand. Differences can only have indication signals and ways of synchronizing gadgets. Let’s look at the difference using the example of the two most popular models: Xiaomi AirDots and Apple Airpods.

How To Pair And Troubleshoot The Xiaomi Redmi Mi AirDots

How to sync wireless headphones?

Wireless headphones are one of the most convenient inventions of mankind. No need to worry about unraveling the wire, which forms perfect knots in your A broken or torn wire can cause you to throw out the device or learn soldering skills. However, wireless gadgets have their own nuances. For example, for normal operation, the headphones need to be synchronized and paired.

How to fix the out of sync problem?

In addition to the method described above, there are several other operations that will help you sync your headphones:

  • Cancel pairing. One of the most common mistakes is trying to connect a device without prior synchronization. To solve the problem, you need the gadget to “forget” pairing. Go to the Bluetooth device manager, find the headphones in the list of paired headphones and cancel the connection using the “Forget device” button.
  • Resetting the settings manually. No special buttons on the case? You will need to take out both earbuds from there and press the power button. Pressing should continue for about a minute. The LED signal will first light up, then flash and turn off.
  • Resetting the settings manually in the case. If the previous method did not work, repeat these steps, only do not remove the headphones from the case.
  • Reset settings using a case. If the charger has a special button, then the gadget must be placed inside the case. By analogy with the previous method, then you need to press the power button for at least 60 seconds.

Why when connected to a phone, the headphones do not pair with each other

Since Xiaomi has the function of using wireless headphones separately in mono mode, this mode is suitable for making calls or just to listen to music and chat, in some cases, when synchronized with the phone, they work as two separate headsets without pairing each other with a friend for the reason that one cannot detect the second earpiece.

It also happens when the second earpiece was taken out of the case too late and the first one has already activated the single mode operation. In this case, you can turn on the slave earpiece, but its work will also be single, which can cause tangible inconveniences. The result of such a connection will be a strong desynchronization of the sound.

To fix this problem and synchronize the wireless headphones with each other, it is enough to perform the reset described above.

Another reason for the desynchronization is the wrong order of connection to the Xiaomi AirDots smartphone, when the first thing instead of the right one gets the left earpiece, which starts working in a separate mode.

Such a seemingly insignificant action can lead to desynchronization. But if at this moment you get the remaining one, then it will be displayed in the list for connection.

How to sync AirDots with each other

Wireless headphones from Xiaomi are widespread in the international market, have an attractive price and good quality.

But there is one point that often causes difficulties for users, namely, how to connect both headphones to a smartphone or other device via Bluetooth.

Basically, this is faced by people who have not previously used Xiaomi products. Wireless headphones “Xiaomi” are connected directly via Bluetooth to the phone without the need for a case. Because of this, it happens that one earphone does not connect to another and works separately.

In general, this problem can be easily fixed by simply resetting the headphones. The manufacturer itself recommends doing a reset for troubleshooting. Let’s see how to do it:

  • First of all, the headphones turn off as during normal use, with one short press.
  • Next, simultaneously hold down the buttons or sensors on the two headphones exactly until the red indicator light turns on. If it flashes red briefly, then everything is going in the right direction.
  • After releasing your fingers from the sensors for a while, hold down the buttons again for 40-50 seconds. Sometimes it may take a little more or less time. But it is better to use a stopwatch so as not to overexpose. During this period of time, the color change can be chaotic.
  • After twenty or more seconds, the indicator turns white, indicating that the Xiaomi Redmi AirDots headphones are searching for switched on devices to establish contact via Bluetooth. No need to remove fingers from sensors.
  • Next, the indicator turns red, at this moment you need to hold your fingers without releasing until the headphones start blinking and go out completely.

As a result of such simple manipulations, AirDots were reset to factory settings, as after purchase, now they need to be placed in a case and wait for a complete shutdown. After that, you can connect to the main device, for successful synchronization, first pull out the right and then the left earphone, wait a few seconds for them to find each other and connect, connect to the device.

How to sync Xiaomi AirDots headphones with each other

Sometimes when buying wireless headphones, it is difficult to pair them. Below we will tell you how to connect Xiaomi wireless headphones to equipment.

What to do if the headphones work separately

How to connect a Bluetooth headset so that the headphones work together, and not separately, causing inconvenience in the form of poor sound transmission?

When the master is connected, the slave earphone turns on automatically, pairing with the master without additional action.

But sometimes crashes happen when both earbuds connect as two different headsets and show up as two separate ones. Instructions on how to restore work, and what to do in such cases with the headphones is given above. It must be repeated if necessary.

It happens that when connected, the sound comes from only one earphone, although before that both were in working order.

The reason for this phenomenon is desynchronization due to a long non-use of AirDots, when they simply lay in a container or lack of recharging for a long time.

You can fix this by rolling back the headphones, this procedure is similar to resetting, but there are a couple of nuances:

  • We take out the “dots” from the case.
  • We simultaneously clamp the sensors on both headphones.
  • We hold for forty or more seconds, until the lamp turns red and the double sound passes.
  • Putting the AirDots back into the storage and charging case for a few seconds.
  • We take it back. If the blue-white indicator is on, then the rollback was successful, and the headphones were synchronized with each other.
  • We connect “dots” via Bluetooth to a smartphone and make sure that they work as a single device.

It happens that Xiaomi AirDots headphones are displayed among themselves as two separate devices in the line of connected devices. Then you should first connect to the right, that is, the leader, and then to the left, so that they “see” each other.

This procedure may not work the first time. this is absolutely normal. After a few attempts, the pairing of the headphones will be fine. You can permanently reset as it does not harm your device and headphones.

How to sync headphones with each other Xiaomi?

First, read later, connect according to the instructions: Cancel pairing (remove the headphones) on all devices: smartphone, computer Remove both headphones from the case and unplug them: hold down the buttons for 6 seconds until the red LEDs light up again, hold down both buttons for 15 seconds: at first they will blink white, after 10

What to do if headphones won’t connect to Bluetooth?

Turn off Bluetooth on your smartphone or laptop, wait 3 seconds and turn it on again. this will reboot their “stuck” Bluetooth module. Wait about another 5-7 seconds and try to connect.

What to do if Xiaomi headphones do not connect to each other?

If the Redmi AirDots do not connect with each other, the headphones should be synchronized by performing a wireless headset reset. To reset Xiaomi AirDots, follow these steps: Turn off the headphones. Clamp the touchpads and hold until the indicators turn red.

How to reset Redmi earbuds?

  • We hold down the mechanical buttons on the headphones and do not release them until the indicator starts flashing red.
  • Press the keys again: first, the indicator will turn white. this means that the headphones have turned on.
  • It is important that you hold down the buttons throughout the entire process.

How to sync Airpods with each other?

On your iPhone, go to the Home screen. Open the case that contains your Airpods and place it next to your iPhone. The iPhone displays a setup animation. Click “Connect” and select “Finish”.

What to do if AirDots headphones won’t sync?

Solution: you need to perform a full reset of the headphones. indicators. Then we hold down both earpieces again for about 30-50 seconds. First they turn on (the white indicator blinks), then, after 10-20 seconds, the indicators light up red-white and blink 2 times.

Can two different Airpods be paired?

Yes, you can. Apple has established a piece-by-piece sale of AirPods a long time ago (and even sells cases for them separately).

Headset positioned incorrectly

Some earbuds work only on the neck and some only on the arm. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the antenna. Read the instructions to understand how to use the device.

How to determine the cause

The reasons can be determined as follows:

  • Check the device, if it is clogged with gray, you will see it. They should be cleaned and hygiene practices should be followed in the future. But you can buy special headphones that are protected from the ingress of sulfur.
  • It is necessary to check the battery. Bluetooth headphones work wirelessly, but require a battery. It is necessary to make sure that the battery is in the correct position, namely the polarity.
  • If the headset is not positioned correctly, try reading the instructions for use. Some headphones will only work when worn around the neck or on the arm (it all depends on the individual antenna parameters).
  • When using the headset for the first time, you need to look for the device in the list of active ones on the phone. But many headsets have similar names, so it is easy to confuse silt with those that were previously connected. You should clear the phone memory or use the search.
  • If the settings are incorrect, they should be corrected. often than not, the default device is the speaker of the phone, not the headphone. You need to change this parameter in the settings. But if the sound does not come to the speakers of the phone, then the reason is different.

Attention! Make sure to position the device correctly in your ears. The speakers have a very narrow directivity. Perhaps the device itself is okay, but it is located at the wrong angle and the walls of the ear canal block the path of sounds.

Bluetooth headset connection issues after Android update

After upgrading the software, many owners of smartphones and tablets face malfunctions in the operation of certain modules on a mobile device. If the updated Android completely refuses to work with the wireless earphone, it can be argued that the problem is software in nature. However, it can be difficult to solve at times. This is due to the fact that the radio module does not have its own settings. they are sewn into the system and closed from external interference. Therefore, you will not be able to update or roll back the parameters of the Bluetooth module separately.

The following steps will help to restore Bluetooth functionality after upgrading Android.

In order for a wireless personal audio device to function properly, you need to know how to properly use Bluetooth headphones. The main distinguishing feature of these accessories is the absence of a wired connection. They work due to radio waves, the frequency spectrum of which ranges from 2.4 to 2.48 GHz. When working with wireless headphones, the main requirement is that the device to which they are connected, Bluetoothmodule.

Most modern models catch at a distance of 10 meters. Certain inconveniences can be caused by the presence of several devices equipped with radio modules. During operation, they can connect to the devices used and create additional interference. To minimize such situations, the developers of wireless technology have provided frequency hopping

Even if the frequencies coincide, this will be expressed only in a short-term disconnection of the connection, which the user may not even notice.

According to the manufacturers, the range of new devices with Bluetooth3.0 version can reach 100 m. In fact, this figure is several times less. In open space, accessibility in an area of ​​50 meters, in buildings 10-20 m.

Missing sound

The sound may disappear after updating the phone’s firmware or installing new programs. Ways to solve the problem:

  • Check the headset settings on your phone. Make sure it is selected for music and audio calls.
  • Restart your phone and headphones. Make sure both devices are charged.
  • Roll back to old firmware and factory settings. This method should be used if the previous ones did not help.

Most recently, we wrote to you about the most worthy representatives from the world of wireless headphones. But any electronic device can malfunction, no matter how well you handle it. At the same time, it is quite possible to cope with the problem often on your own. Let’s take a look at the most common problems with Bluetooth headphones and what to do to get your gadget back on track. If you know other options for solving the problem, then share them in our chat on Telegram after reading this article.

Problem with bluetooth headphones? Don’t panic. We will decide everything now!

Doesn’t find device

After activating the headset, the smartphone does not always find it the first time. The reasons for this problem:

  • The headset and phone are too far apart. At a distance of more than 5 meters, the headphones cannot be connected to the smartphone. It is recommended to place the gadget next to the smartphone.
  • The phone or earbuds are almost completely discharged. The headphones must be placed in the box and charged for at least 1 hour. For a phone, a full discharge is dangerous, so manufacturers at the software level have provided for turning off the radio modules when the smartphone goes into power-saving mode.

No connection

The user can do everything according to the manufacturer’s instructions, but the gadget never appears in the list of available devices. Or it appears, but the smartphone cannot be connected to it. There are four most common ways to deal with this problem:

  • Try pressing the connection button again. If that doesn’t work, unplug the headphones for one minute and then plug them back in. Try deactivating and restarting Bluetooth on your smartphone. It is also recommended to manually configure the search for nearby devices. When connecting for the first time, it is advisable to place the headset closer to the smartphone.
  • Check if the headset is connected to another nearby device. If the headphones are already connected to a tablet, TV or smartphone, you will not be able to connect them a second time to other equipment. You need to reset your headset. To do this, you need to turn it off for 2-3 minutes.
  • Disable any other wireless devices that may be causing interference. When connecting wireless headphones to the phone, it is important that there are no working radios, other Bluetooth gadgets, Wi-Fi routers nearby. Even Thunderbolt 3 can interfere with pairing your headset and smartphone.
  • Disconnect the headset connection and restart your smartphone. This will help if the synchronization between the headphones and the phone takes a very long time and is ineffective.

Manual for Elari Wireless Headphones

If you have problems pairing your Elari headphones with each other, do the following:

  • Delete the pairings with Elari EarDrops headphones in the list of Bluetooth connections of your phone (if there are any early attempts to connect);
  • Put the headphones in the case for 30 seconds;
  • Take the headphones out of the case;
  • Turn off the headphones by holding down their button for a few seconds;
  • After turning them off, hold down their buttons for 15 seconds. The headphones turn on, you will hear the connection beep;
  • Place the earbuds in the charging case for 30 seconds (the red indicator should light up);
  • Take the headphones out of the case and wait for them to pair.
  • All that remains is to connect the already paired devices to the phone. We connect Elari EarDrops

No sound from Bluetooth headphones

Occasionally I had a problem: the bluetooth headphones are connected but there is no sound. First of all, it is worth checking if the “multimedia sound” profile is selected in the settings of the connected device. Selecting this profile means that the wireless headset will be used for the sound of all smartphone applications.

  • If a profile is selected, but there is still no sound, then a short-term failure may have occurred. In this case, restarting the smartphone will help.
  • If the reboot did not help, then the time has come for drastic measures: a complete rollback of the system and a flashing.

The first method fixes most of the software bugs, but removes all user data. Therefore, you should first save the files, and then perform the “reset to factory settings” action. The button is usually hidden along the path: Settings. Restore / Backup and reset. Reset settings.

Re-flashing a smartphone eliminates not only software, but also hardware failures. However, I highly recommend not doing it yourself. After all, a flashing is an effect on the electronic “brain” of a device. If something goes wrong during the self-flashing, then you will have to return the smartphone or other device using the service center. And there is no guarantee that the device will “come to life”.

And finally, I’ll tell you about the method for resolving problems with the lack of sound on Andro SoundAbout helps the smartphone to “see” the device; allows you to leave the transmission of sound during a call through the headset, and turn on the transmission of voice through the microphone of the smartphone and not only.

That’s all the reasons we wanted to tell you about! We hope our article helped you solve the problem with headphones not working.

What to do if the headphones are working separately

If Airdots still do not sync and connect to the phone as independent devices, you need to rollback to the factory settings. This is the simplest procedure.

  • Removing the liners from the container.
  • Press the button (touch or mechanical).
  • We keep it for 30-50 seconds. The indicators will light up red and a double beep will sound.
  • We put them back in the case and after a few seconds we take them out. If the white light flashes on only one, then the reset helped and the sync was successful.
  • We connect AirDots to a smartphone. The phone will detect the gadget as one device and the melody will come from two channels.

Why earbuds work separately

In Airdots, the main earpiece is the right one. Then the left one is connected to it and the devices start working together. But more often than not, you have to deal with establishing contact manually.

The problem is sometimes observed immediately after purchase and after prolonged use as a result of a software glitch. You can solve it using several proven methods.

How to sync AirDots with each other

The manual will suit owners of all models of wireless headphones from Xiaomi, including Redmi and Mi. Follow these steps to create a strong bond:

  • Make sure the headset is charged and remove one earbud from the case.
  • Disable it by holding down the touch button. After turning off, repeat the action by holding the button for at least 30 seconds until the red indicator turns on.
  • Take out the second earbud and follow the same procedure.
  • Both earbuds should glow red, then place them in the case for 5-10 seconds.
  • Remove the devices from the box and wait for the left one to automatically connect to the right one. A beep should sound.

Sync Xiaomi AirDots

Difficulties often arise with wireless headphones. The most common problem is out of sync. The smartphone sees the right and left earbuds separately and the sound is only in one. In such a situation, it is necessary to synchronize them with each other.

We connect as a separate gadget

After the reset, turn off the headphones and turn on only one. We pair it with the phone. When the sound starts playing, we activate the second: it should automatically connect to the already working.

Now you know how to properly sync Xiaomi gadgets and what to do if it doesn’t happen. We hope this article helped you get your wireless headset working! Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев if you managed to do everything according to the instructions.