How To Switch From Beta Version Of Ios 13 To The Final

How To Switch From Beta Version Of Ios 13 To The Final

It’s time to go to the final.

Final version iOS 13 came out, but many users are stuck on beta versions of the firmware. How to upgrade to the final build? They were told in this instruction.


  1. Be sure to create backup iPhone running iOS 13 in iTunes or iCloud. It will be required so that you can recover your data after installing the final version of iOS 13.
  2. Make sure you have the iOS 13 beta installed on your iPhone. If installed iOS 13.1 beta, then you will not be able to recover to a backup after installing iOS 13. The copy from iOS 13.1 does not fit iOS 13! If iOS 13.1 beta is installed, then it is better to wait on September 30 when the final version of this firmware is released.
  3. Update iTunes to the latest version 12.10. Previous versions do not support iPhone running iOS 13.

Everything is ready? Getting started with the transition from the beta version of iOS 13 to the final build.

How to switch from beta version of iOS 13 to the final

Note: the instruction is also suitable for iPadOS 13.

Step 1. Download the iOS 13 firmware file for your device using the links below:

Step 2. Launch iTunes on the computer and connect the iPhone to the computer via the USB cable.

Step 3. Select iPhone in the iTunes window.

Step 4. Click “Refresh»With the key held down Shift (Alt on Mac) and select the firmware file you downloaded earlier.

Step 5. Confirm the installation of the final version of iOS 13. Wait for the installation to complete. In no case do not disconnect the iPhone from the computer during the update process.

Done! In such a simple way, you can switch to the final version of iOS 13 from the beta version.

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