How To Switch A Tv From Analog To Digital

Such a question. is it possible watch digital and analog television simultaneously, sooner or sooner may occur in many viewers. The answer about the possibility of simultaneous viewing of digital and analog television lies, most often in the “yes” plane, but with the necessary comments.

You can watch old and digital TV shows together

How to watch TV after turning off analog television, or is it possible to watch analog television? Why did such questions arise? But the fact is that digital television has long been broadcast on the air, like the old television, which is still not always turned off. But if analogue broadcasting in your area is disabled on all channels, then this article is not for you and it is useless. If an analog channel is broadcast at least one, then it makes sense to read this material to the end.

Broadcast programs on both systems may vary markedly. But that is not all. Due to some drawbacks, you can watch digital terrestrial television at first perfectly, or maybe suddenly for no reason, the picture starts to “freeze”, the image becomes still, and what can you do when all this happens while watching an interesting story in a TV show? Well then, take it, but at a critical moment, switch the TV back to the old television.

The easiest way to switch or you can say while watching digital and analog television when you have a brand new modern TV that can play the good old analog television and the standard digital TV in your area (and the standard will soon be the only noise-resistant television high DVB-T2).

How to Switch a TV from Analog to Digital

Modes can be switched manually and automatically, the antenna jack is the same. It is another matter when your television has been in operation, most likely, is more than years old and to buy digital television you bought a digital television set-top box. And the console has its own jack for a cable for receiving signals from an antenna or cable operator.

Then it turns out that in the case of broadcasting television, this cable was removed from the usual socket for receiving old television, and reinstalled in the socket of the set-top box of digital television. In this case, you will not be able to watch analog television for the simplest reason, due to the lack of an antenna in the TV.

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And what to do in this case? Approach and pull out the antenna plug from the console jack and insert it into the antenna jack of the TV. And even easier if you have a small box-splitter signal from the antenna. Then connect from it to both sockets (set-top box and TV) at the same time.

A radical solution for the possibility of simultaneously switching from watching digital to analog television is to leave the old antenna for the TV, which served faithfully all the time in the socket (TV connector), and connect another special good digital television antenna (DMV range to the digital TV box) usually very small and has many tube elements or metal strips located on the antenna boom).

And what about when there is the opportunity to watch cable television, here., eg? In cable analog television, the cable is connected to the antenna jack, and the set-top box is connected to the connector, therefore, switching the TV from analog cable to digital TV, and vice versa, is carried out by the remote control easily (AV and TV mode). Another thing is that in the cable you will have only one type of signal. Most often, when good old cable television is broadcast on the network, digital can be watched using an external antenna and a digital television set-top box by plugging the cable from the set-top box into the jack (to the connector).

In truth, there will be no freeze in cable television. And the second section on the possibilities of viewing digital and analog cable television at the same time is likely to be distracted from practice. We only note for those who are not connected to cable television or are thinking about this topic. In any case, if there is such an opportunity, it is necessary to connect to cable television. Today, it can transmit a signal in analog mode, and tomorrow it is easy. already in digital. The solutions here are different. In any case, you won’t have to change the wiring and wiring, but most likely you need to buy set-top boxes for receiving digital cable television, at a cost of 30 equivalent to each TV.

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Watch TV on a computer when a TV tuner is installed in it? If you live alone, then maybe yes, but it’s inconvenient, and the screen size is not the same, and your vision is not ironic. glasses will be put on your nose, much faster. And if this is a family, then not everyone has their own computer, and the reception of signals, like it or not, goes through one cable, and this is already very often the wrong speed of the Internet. Reception via radio Wi-Fi? Do you need yet another electromagnetic field in the dwelling, from which, perhaps, even ancient creatures, cockroaches, escaped from apartments? And is it convenient to watch a movie with your whole family on a computer?

Answers to questions on the reception of digital television

Question 1. If a digital TV is a digital set-top box needed? Answer: it is necessary if the TV is designed to receive the outdated standard of digital television dvb-t, and broadcasting is made in the standard dvb-t2. Here in the latest standard, you need a prefix.

Question 2. Do all TVs support digital television? No. Not all. The likelihood that TVs receive digital television increases only with flat-screen TVs using LCD, LED, OLED, QLED technologies, the newer they are, the higher the probability. TVs of the release of 2017 and later. all should work in digital format.

Question 3. Will it broadcast digital television without an antenna? Answer: no, it won’t. What antenna is needed to receive TV programs in digital format, read here:

Question 4. Will it show TV without a console? Answer: it will, if its design is made to receive broadcasts in digital format (see. Above).

Question 5. Will it show analog TV? See the answer in this article above.

Question 6. Will there be a recording on a USB flash drive if I turn off the TV? Answer: There are TV models that record in the off state. In such devices, after the start of recording (the button with the red dot on the remote control is activated and the red LED usually lights up below the screen, the red dot also lights up on the screen) and before turning off the TV, the following message first appears: “Continue recording after turning off the TV?”. Click “Yes” or “OK”, the screen goes blank, and the LED below the screen starts flashing green (possibly against a red background). information about the procedure for recording programs in the material: HERE.

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Question 7. Will the dvb-t format show digital television? Answer: If in this area digital television is broadcast in dvb-t format and the television is designed to receive programs in this format. If the design of the TV provides for reception in the dvb-t2 standard, and broadcasting is in the dvb-t format, then reception of the “digit” is most often possible.

Question 8. The prefix does not catch digital channels. Answer: Is that for sure? How do you know? The console itself does not show anything, but only with the TV. Is it connected to the TV correctly? Is there a normal antenna (see above)? If everything is in order, then the broadcast is in a different format of digital television and you have an outdated set-top box, or it is faulty. Try connecting it to your neighbors and a lot will become clear.

Question 9. How to connect analog channels through a digital set-top box? (Sometimes this: how to configure analogue channels on a digital set-top box?) Answer. This is not real. To watch the old analogue channels on a non-digital old TV, you need to insert the antenna into the TV’s antenna socket, as you did in the old days. In this case, the remote control to switch the mode from “AV” to “TV”.

Question 10. How to watch digital and analog TV at the same time? Answer: see the first part of the article: “Is it possible to simultaneously watch digital and analog television?”

(Article prepared by an engineer in the field of communications and television)

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