How to Swap Memory on Android

How on “Android” to interchange memory and why is this even necessary? Should such manipulations be done at all and are they capable of causing irreparable harm to our device? Such questions are often of interest to people whose subordination is an apparatus with a small amount of internal memory. If your smartphone has an appropriate volume equal to, for example, four gigabytes, then you know that using such a device is nothing but a pain. For uploading a sufficient amount of multimedia files to it is very, very problematic. So how on “Android” to interchange memory from internal to external?

Introduction to the problem

How to Swap Memory on Android

One should not think, by the way, that only the Android operating system suffers from such a problem as a small amount of internal memory. She is on the “Agios”. These two systems are constantly competing with each other. Occasionally, the Windows Fone intervenes in martial arts, but it soon finds itself thrown out behind the tatami. What is the subject of iOS affected? There are facts that invariably prove the “exposure” of this operating system to users. Her code was originally a mystery. However, a similar trend is taking place. But the Android operating system, developed by Google’s specialists, is now becoming more and more closed to potential developers with each update. This is what annoys people who are so used to this operating system.

Why do you need to know the answer to the question of how to “swap memory” on “Android”?

Currently, the OS we are talking about does not allow users to install applications with the appropriate software. the so-called cache. on an external memory drive. In our case, let it be a microSD memory card. Perhaps the owners of devices with a capacity of 32 gigabytes and above will grin, but what about people who have at their disposal from 4 to 8 GB, some of which (note this!) Goes to the contents of the operating system? The best way out of this situation is only the performance of certain manipulations. And here, as never before, it is important to know the answer to the question of how to “swap memory” on “Android”. Actually, this is not difficult to do. However, extreme attention and, by the way, straight arms are required. If you possess these parameters, then we will go on to consider the meaning of the operation in order to understand what will be done and why.

How on “Android” 5 to swap memory? What to do with other versions?

From the current situation, when we have only a couple of gigabytes for the location of the multimedia contingent, there is a way out. It consists, firstly, in the acquisition of an external memory drive. And secondly, in the software replacement of certain code that can convince our device that the internal memory is external. Well, and, of course, vice versa. Thus, the smartphone will perceive the microSD card as an internal board. I would like to note that the question of how to swap memory cards with “Android” sounds fundamentally incorrect, since several external drives cannot participate in this process.

What is needed for replacement?

Regardless of which version of the operating system you have installed and the device of which manufacturer you have, we need the same set of utilities. These are programs called Root Explorer and Total Commander (which a huge number of users know). Additionally, you will need to obtain Root rights for the device.