How To Swap Iphones

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac

The iOS and OS X operating systems are highly integrated. However, the connected device does not appear as a physical storage medium.

For those who do not want to use the iPhoto service, Capture Images will come to the rescue.

This utility is built into OS X and allows you to move photos and other images from your phone both to a specific directory and to the required application.

Find it using SpotLight search. To do this, just start typing the name in the search bar.

How To Swap Iphones

The program will show all the photos and actions available on the device.

It is possible to set up automatic actions when the device is connected (copying to a hard disk and deleting originals, for example).

Otherwise, this is actually an ordinary folder with which you can do all the same actions.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer with iTunes

Itunes itself does not involve working with photos. Usually for such purposes they use the iPhoto programs built into OS X.

The program opens in automatic mode after the connection to the PC has been made.

It can also be opened using the dock panel. In the main window, just select the photos you need to import and click Import Selected.

You can import one or all photos at once. After the transfer, the program will offer to save or delete photos from the phone.

Deleting the original images will free up memory space and speed up the creation of a backup.

All photos in iPhoto are sorted by date added, album and device.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Windows 8, 7 and XP Computer

Itunes is freely installed on a Windows computer.

However, you can copy photos without synchronization, because this OS is able to recognize the phone as a physical medium.

The system will offer a quick way in automatic mode.

In the startup menu, just select the Import images item and. The illustration shows actions from an iPad, transferring pictures from an iPhone is no different.

However, the message may not appear or the user may automatically close it.

In this case, you can use Windows Explorer. First you need to open the Computer and double-click on the icon of the connected device.

This will open access to the internal storage.

It will contain the DCIM root directory, in which the images will be stored.

You can treat these files the same way you would any others. Copy to disk, email or delete.

4 easy ways to transfer photos from iphone to computer

Apple phones are famous for their cameras. No wonder their owners constantly take thousands of photos.

It is physically impossible to store them all on the device, so you have to copy them to your computer’s hard drive.

Due to the nature of Apple products, this procedure is not so obvious. This article will give instructions on how to transfer photos from iphone to PC.

It will also highlight the features of copying photos on OS X, Windows and using iPhoto.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to computer via wifi

In addition to connecting by wire, photo transfer can also be done wirelessly.

The process of transferring photos using Wi-Fi is not fundamentally different from other methods. That is, it happens the same.

Just before starting the transfer, you need to sync via Wi-Fi. This is done as follows.

First you need to connect your device with a cable and open iTunes.

In the left part of the window, in the Devices section, select the iPhone or iPad for synchronization.

In the Overview tab, in the Parameters block, you will need to put a checkbox opposite Synchronization. Devices via Wi-Fi.

Now the gadget will automatically sync when it is on the same network with a computer with iTunes installed.

Synchronization can be started from the phone via device parameters.

To do this, in the Basic menu, you need to select the item Sync with iTunes via Wi-Fi.

The presence of synchronization is indicated by the icon in the phone’s tray.

The device now appears as connected. Therefore, all actions on it can be performed in the same way as when connecting using a regular twisted pair cable.

Transfer information

There are three ways to import data. Each will need a pre-created backup, but the migration process will be slightly different. In one case, you must have an old iPhone, in another computer with iTunes, and in the third, an Internet connection is enough.

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How to Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone

Put your old smartphone next to the new one, and in a few minutes everything will be ready.

Using the Quick Start feature

  1. If the new iPhone is already activated, then first delete all data by going to Settings → The main → Reset → Erase content and settings. If not, insert the SIM card into your smartphone and follow the prompts of the setup wizard.
  2. Power on and place both iPhones side by side. The Quick Start screen appears on the new device, and on the old device Set up a new iPhone.
  3. Click Continue on your old smartphone and unlock it.
  4. Wait for the animation to appear on the new iPhone and point the camera of the old one at it.
  5. Wait a few seconds and complete the setup on the new device.
  6. Enter your Apple ID password and follow the prompts.
  7. On the Apps Data screen, select Recover from iCloud.

Save data

You can back up your information via iCloud or using iTunes on your computer. Later, the corresponding copy will be used for data transfer.

How to backup iTunes

  1. Install the latest version of iTunes and connect your iPhone to your computer with a cable.
  2. Allow access on smartphone.
  3. Select iPhone from iTunes Device Menu.
  4. If you want to save the data of the Health and Activity programs, check the box next to Encrypt backup and set a password. Do not forget the code, otherwise it will be impossible to recover information!
  5. Click Create a copy now and wait for the process to finish.

How to back up iCloud

  1. Open Settings on iPhone and click on your account icon.
  2. Go to iCloud section → Backup.
  3. Turn on the toggle switch of the same name and click Create backup.

Manual iPhone update via iTunes

Why: To upgrade to a new version of iOS using the downloaded firmware file, if you cannot update the device using standard tools.

How To: Connect iPhone to Computer via USB. Go to the device management section. Hold down Option for Mac or Shift for Windows and click Refresh. Select the downloaded firmware file and wait for the operation to complete.

Downloading iOS this way is available to registered developers. But you can use the download links that we post and other thematic resources.

Automatic update via iTunes

Why: To upgrade to a new version of iOS if you can’t download software from iPhone.

How To: Connect iPhone to Computer via USB. Go to the device management section, click the Update button and wait for the operation to complete.

Flashing iPhone with DFU Mode

Why: To reanimate an iOS device when Recovery Mode does not help the iPhone does not turn on and does not respond to other manipulations.

How To: Connect iPhone to Computer, and Power Off if On.

Press and hold the power button for three seconds. Without releasing it, press the volume down button for 7-ki and Home for other devices and hold for ten seconds. Release the power button, but continue to hold the second for another five seconds.

Itunes will notify you that the iPhone is connected. Now it is in recovery mode via DFU and you can do it by pressing the corresponding button.

If the Apple or iTunes logo is lit on the screen, you have put your smartphone in Recovery Mode. Did something wrong, so try again from the beginning.

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Automatic update over the air

Why: For a standard transition to the new version of iOS.

How: Go to Settings General Software Update. Wait for the information to be updated, read the innovations, download and install the software using the corresponding button.

How to reflash your iPhone without breaking it

Here we deal with the standard methods for flashing the iPhone, as well as flashing through Recovery Mode and DFU. Bookmark the instructions. It will come in handy to update or revive the device.

Smartphone firmware via Recovery Mode

Why: To get a completely clean iOS if the operating system is not working properly.

How: Turn off your smartphone. Hold the volume down key for 7 or Home for other iPhones and connect the device to your computer.

Itunes will automatically detect that there is a problem with the iPhone and offer to update or restore it.

What you need to change your iPhone to a new one?

In order for you to be able to use the service of exchanging an old iPhone for a new one of similar characteristics, it is necessary that several conditions are met:

  1. Iphone must be serviced according to Apple’s warranty policy in Russia, Europe, or the United States (not for all devices sold in the United States).
  2. The iPhone should not have severe mechanical damage (cracks on the glass, severe damage to the case). Minor cosmetic defects of the case and shallow scratches on the glass are allowed.
  3. All components in the iPhone must be original (the iPhone has not been repaired in third-party service centers).

The term for the exchange procedure is, as a rule, 5 working days. The exchange takes place through the Apple service department. All devices issued are new, original from Apple.

Exchange of an iPhone for a new one, with external damage

During the warranty period, during operation, the device may fall, break the screen, back cover, get other damage. You, by your convictions, do not want to fix it and just want to replace it with a new one. This is also possible!

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For owners of iPhone X, Xs and Xs Max, if the glass or back cover is broken on it, we have a special service: replacing the iPhone with a new one with a discount of up to 50%. Read more about this here:

How to change an iPhone to a new one

For our Clients, our service center offers a new service with which you can profitably update your phone. If you have an old iPhone, which is still subject to the official Apple warranty, you can exchange it for a new phone, similar in configuration and characteristics (device color, memory size).

Why change your iPhone to a new one?

It’s practical. Over time, the iPhone battery loses its capacity, resulting in a quick discharge of the phone and a decrease in battery life. As a result, the battery will need to be changed on the phone in the future. Receiving a new phone practically at the cost of replacing the battery, you forget about the upcoming call to the service center.

It’s profitable. Paying extra for a small amount of money relative to the full cost of a new iPhone, you get a completely new phone instead of the old one that has already seen a lot.

Warranty. New devices that pass through the exchange program are given an official warranty from Apple for 1 year (for Rostest phones), or three months (for devices subject to servicing in our country, but released for European or American countries). If, however, more than three months remain until the end of the official warranty of a European or American device, which is changing, its period will also apply to the device received in exchange.

If you have questions regarding the exchange of an old device for a new one, please write them in the comments to this article. We will respond as quickly as possible. When contacting, specify the model of your device. This will help us to give you the most accurate preliminary consultation.

How to completely discharge an iPhone?

Surely you know that under normal conditions (at room temperature) the iPhone turns off at 1% battery charge, but this does not mean that it is completely discharged, press the Power button and a discharged battery and a Lightning connector will appear on the iPhone screen. This protects the device battery from deep discharge, which reduces its lifespan and capacity.

If, for some incomprehensible reason, you need to completely discharge the iPhone, then leave it in this state for some time (for a day or two): the picture will stop appearing and the battery will be discharged even deeper. Do this only as a last resort.

What for?

There are only 2 cases (and both emergency) that come to my mind when the iPhone needs to be discharged:

  1. To reboot a device with a broken power button. If the Home button does not work for you, you do not need to discharge the iPhone, there are other ways.
  2. To put the device into Recovery Mode, again with the Power button not working.

The average iPhone user has plus or minus daylight hours. And, whatever one may say, in order to discharge the device, you must wait. I confess that I don’t know how to wait, and if I need to quickly discharge my iPhone, I load the device as much as possible and the more load, the faster it discharges.

How to discharge an iPhone quickly and completely?

In case of emergency, suddenly someone will come in handy.

We have already talked about how to charge an iPhone correctly and quickly. For the sake of completeness, it remains to write about how to defuse it. This is what we will do.

How to quickly discharge an iPhone?

Disable Power saving mode (if enabled): Settings. Battery. Power saving mode.

Disable Auto Brightness and set the screen brightness to maximum: Settings. Screen and brightness. Auto brightness.

Disable Auto-lock: Settings. Basic. Auto-lock.

Turn on Wi-Fi and connect the device to a wireless network with a weak signal: Control Center. Wi-Fi or Settings. Wi-Fi.

Turn on Bluetooth: Control Center. Bluetooth or Settings. Bluetooth.

Turn on Cellular Data and Tethering: Settings. Cellular. Modem mode.

Turn on Siri, Spotlight Search, and Handoff: Settings. Basic. Siri, Spotlight Search, Handoff and suggested software.

Enable background content refresh: Settings. Basic. Content update.

Turn on Location Services: Settings. Confidentiality. Geolocation services.

Turn on Automatic Downloads: Settings. Itunes Store, App Store.

Play Apple Music just right.

How quickly the iPhone is discharged depends on the specific conditions, but certainly many times faster than usual. Nothing is more effective until they come up with it. Of course, you can disassemble the device, take out the battery and directly connect to it a load significantly exceeding the nominal one. But at the same time, you run the risk of completely disabling the power supply of the iPhone, since at the same time it will overheat or even light up.


Apple does not recommend fully discharging your iPhone, but advises keeping your device between 20% and 80% charged. The need to discharge the iPhone is rare, especially completely, so do not abuse these recommendations. Hope you find them useful. Maybe you have something to add?

How to change user on iPhone. Change Apple ID from phone

If you bought a used smartphone, it may turn out that the previous owner left his account ID. To replace, do the following: open the AppStore application icon on one of the desktops. In the application working window, at the very bottom of the main page, click the authorized Apple ID (it will be displayed as an email address).

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A menu will pop up, click exit. You will again find yourself on the main page, click enter (the item is located in the same place where the newly authorized address was). Select With existing Apple ID from the menu provided. Enter your login details. The change was successful, you can use the gadget further.

How to reset iPhone 5 when changing ownership

Due to the constant improvement of various gadgets, any owner has a desire or need to update it, i.E. Get a new model, and the old one becomes superfluous and is resold. Any device should be cleaned before being handed over to a new owner. Owners of Apple products often have a question: how to reset an iPhone 5 before selling?

Zeroing the iPhone means returning it to its factory state, i.E. Remove all additionally installed games, programs and erase personal information.

In fact, figuring out how to reset the iPhone 5 and doing it is not at all difficult, but such a procedure will take very little time. First of all, before cleaning your smartphone, be sure to back up the data it contains. Further, in the device menu in the Settings section, select Basic, go down and click on the Reset function A list of actions will appear, among them you need to select Erase content and settings

Together with all the data (photos, music, games, and others), with this cleaning, iCloud, Game Center, iMessage are automatically turned off. Do not forget about the Find iPhone function for iOS 7 users, i.E. You need to remove your link to Apple ID (log in with a personal password, delete data from the device and erase the device from your account).

The contents of the device in iCloud storage will be preserved if you perform the cleaning in the usual way. If you try to delete it manually, everything will be deleted from the iCloud server too. Even if the iOS device is already with the new owner, and its complete cleaning was not carried out in a timely manner, then there are certain ways how to reset the iPhone 5, and for such situations.

The simplest thing, if there is a connection with the new owner of the gadget, is to contact him with a request to clean the device.

For those who have iOS 7 on their phone and therefore have Find My iPhone, you can also remotely delete data from their device using the website. By going to this site, you can select your device and click on Erase. After that, when the information from the device has been deleted, you need to click on the Remove from account button The time during which this operation will be performed, and it will be possible to connect the iMessage application on the new device for one day.

Icloud app benefits

An Apple ID makes many useful features available to your device

In view of this circumstance, the user has the opportunity to enter in the iCloud program not only his personal data, but also other people’s. To some, this behavior may seem strange and illegal, because the introduction of someone else’s username makes it possible to download for free everything that was previously acquired by the previous owner. Today, on the vastness of the World Wide Web, you can find many services that, for a certain fee (relatively small), allow everyone to use specialized general accounts, in particular, accounts that have an impressive base of various purchased programs.

Create a new account

If, for example, there is a need to create an Apple ID for the first time on iPhone 5s. The user must register by creating a new unique name in the developer program. When buying a new device, do not neglect setting up Apple ID, since it is this that has a strategic importance.

Create Apple ID

Next, you will be asked to fill in the fields with personal data and answer security questions. Answers will allow you to regain access to your account if you forget your password. It is recommended that you write down the answers to your security questions and save them somewhere in a safe place so that in case of anything you can restore access. Please enter only real data. After entering click next.

On the page indicating the payment, indicate the card number. If you do not want to use the card, then you need to start the registration by choosing some free application. When it is downloaded, it will ask for authorization and you need to select the Create Apple ID item in the menu. Further steps will be identical. When you get to the registration of the card, select the item no and click next. Further steps are identical. A letter with instructions will be sent to the specified email address. Check your mail and follow the link in the letter. This will complete the registration.

If you are under 13 years old, you will not be able to create an account. Because there are age restrictions. The Apple ID password must be at least 8 characters long and not have three repeating characters in a row. Must contain numbers. The password must not match the characters with the login. Consider these points, and you will register easily.