How to swap iPhones

What’s next?

The next few months will surely be a comparison between Apple’s new iPhones and all other Android flagships, with the focus on the iPhone 6S and Galaxy S6 pair. You should not expect anything serious from the Cupertinians, as the company is preparing for a more serious step. next year they will release the iPhone 7.

Samsung is seriously determined to oust Apple, as the next will be the Galaxy Note 5, and then the Galaxy S7 will take over the baton in early 2016. If you look back, in 2014 and 2015, you can understand. Note 5 will compete with the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, since they will all appear at almost the same time.

A good start is only half the battle

The last couple of quarters have shown how much the market situation can change and how Samsung can mobilize its forces. If last year Samsung significantly retreated and even allow Apple to become the first in the smartphone market, then by the end of the first quarter of 2015 everything fell into place. the Korean giant is still the best. In fact, today only LG can actively compete and keep pace, while Sony and HTC have almost given up. Both of these companies considered the best option to stay at last year’s level. their flagships received 1080p displays and a Snapdragon 810 processor, since there are almost no options anymore.

In the meantime, LG is stepping on its heels and releasing the G Flex 2 in January this year. This smartphone already runs on a six-core Snapdragon 808 processor, which partly catches up with Samsung’s Exynos 7420.

Samsung still took the lead, leaving Sony and HTC and others behind, even in terms of camera use. The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge both get camera sensors from both Samsung and Sony. still the best there is on the market. Even if you only used iPhones, you can also highly rate this camera.

Again, I repeat that LG is the only one that seriously competes with Samsung and the G4 has some advantages in terms of camera performance.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 5: what next we get from Samsung?

There are still many months of waiting before the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and even more so before the Galaxy S7. It’s good that with the new flagships, Samsung has stopped the dangerous slide around the market, since 2014 already showed that something needs to be done with the flagship line. If the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge hadn’t become popular and sold as they are today, the company would clearly have faced the same fate as Motorola and HTC. Still, Samsung has excellent marketers and engineers with billions of R&D investments for good reason.

Samsung recently made 3 great starts at once. The Galaxy Note 4 arrived last October, and then we saw the excellent Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in April. All these flagships have a huge supply of positive aspects. Smartphones are built with the best technology Samsung has to offer. the best 2K displays on the mobile market (twice Apple’s Retina display), the most powerful processors, the fastest memory.

What to expect from the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S7?

We expect major changes to take place in the next generation of Samsung flagships. The company was focused on producing as many smartphones as possible, but now attention is paid to the quality of materials, to the quality of displays, the use of the best technologies not only in flagships.

At the same time, it is still impossible to say anything concrete. Samsung is rumored to improve displays and the resolution will go from 2K to 4K. Also, the upgrade will take place in the line of Exynos processors. Full-fledged eight-core 64-bit processors will appear, but as usual with two sets of cores.

How to change iPhone name (rename iPhone)

In approaches to the development of smartphones, Apple focuses on the possibilities for the user to maximize the personalization of the iPhone. An easy way to do this is to give the device an unusual name. In addition to aesthetic pleasure, a creative name will make it easier to use the iPhone in iTunes and when accessing online resources. In addition, it is useful to know how to change the name of the iPhone, if the owner of the device is suddenly “updated”.

Change the name through iTunes

A slightly more difficult way to change the name of the phone is to make adjustments through the iTunes program. You will need the supplied cable. the Lightning. First of all, we connect the smartphone to the system unit and download iTunes from the link, if the program has not been downloaded yet. Install it on a PC or laptop according to the instructions given by the “Installation Wizard”. Then we proceed as follows:

  • Launch iTunes, go to the main window. Go to the device, where you need to double-click on the name of the phone next to the iPhone icon.
  • Enter the desired name and confirm the entry with the Enter button.

After that, the name of the smartphone will change in the internal settings. It will be possible to disconnect the machine from the computer. If you have problems with iPhone recognition, you need to check the version of the program and update it to the latest.

How to change the name of “Bluetooth” on iPhone

To change the display of the iPhone’s name when trying to connect via Bluetooth, you need to correct the device name. This is done using internal settings or through “iTunes”, as described in the instructions above.

After that, check the entry of changes into force, performing the following steps:

  • On the main screen, we find the “Settings” icon.
  • Inside, go to the Bluetooth menu item, where we move the slider to the active position (it will turn green).
  • The “Name upon detection” field will appear at the bottom, where you can see how the smartphone is accessible to other devices.

Unfortunately, you cannot change the Bluetooth name separately. Have to change the device name.

Changing the name through the “Settings

An easy way to change the device name is through the built-in options. Follow the instructions:

  • On the main screen of the iPhone, we find the item “Settings” (gray gear). Inside the menu that opens, go to the “Basic” section, and then select the “About this device” item.
  • The first line on the next screen will display the name assigned to the iPhone. If you click on this line, a field will open where a new name is entered. Confirm the changes with the “Finish” button.

The device name will now be displayed in a new way in related programs, as well as connected networks.

The iPhone name is an important part of personalizing the device, adding personality and belonging to the phone. In addition, a unique name is a guarantee of an easy search for the device in local networks when connecting “Bluetooth” devices, as well as in case of loss using the “Find iPhone” option. The methods for updating the name are equivalent, but the simplest is to make changes using internal settings.

Disconnect your Apple ID account

Also no less important may be the question of how to change the account to “iPhone-6” or any other model through Apple ID.

You should immediately know that the process will be successful if the account name is mail from Google, Yandex or any other service. If you use mail ending with @, @, or @, the owner is in for a fiasco.

How do I change my account to “iPhone-7”? You can use a computer or smartphone. You can also apply iTunes.

Why change the profile?

Before figuring out how to change the account on the “iPhone”, you should turn to another question. It is necessary to understand what the owner does before the sale or transfer of the device.

Before handing over your phone, erase all personal data from it. But it is inconvenient to do it manually. In addition, you can inadvertently forget about some hidden files. Therefore, it is recommended:

How to change the SIM card in your iPhone — Apple Support

  • unpair Watch, if configured;
  • save device backup data;
  • Sign out of iCloud, iTunes Store and App Store;
  • reset to factory settings;
  • deregister iMessage if necessary.

This is what a complete cleaning of the apparatus looks like. But sometimes the user only needs to change the account to “iPhone”. How to do it?

Change password on smartphone

A smartphone can be used for this task. If it works on iOS 10.3 and later, you need to go to device settings and choose a name. Next, you need to go to the “Password and Security” section. It is in it that you can change the data. During the change, you need to enter not only the old, but also the new password, as well as specify the device unlock code.


Change Password

How do I change my iPhone account password? Here you should immediately stipulate the moment that you need to know the old password to change. If you want to change it because you forgot, you will have to act a little differently.

If you remember your password, you can use your Mac to change it. You need to sign in to your Apple ID profile on your computer. You need to do this on the official website. Next, we look for the “Security” section. You can change the code in it.

In a small dialog box, you will need to enter the old code and the new one twice. Below is the level of its security. Here are some recommendations to help you make your password more secure. After that you can change it.


The next login will need to be done with a new password. The smartphone will also ask you to enter the changed data.

Change by ID

This is the username that you need to register in order to continue working with iTunes or Apple Store, as well as to use iCloud. This account allows you to manage your personal files. When selling a smartphone, you need to remove it or replace it with a third-party one. After purchasing the device, you will need to create an Apple ID account.

  • when selling the device;
  • when buying a used smartphone;
  • if someone has found out your personal data;
  • to use the phone from scratch.

This option is definitely not suitable for those who have forgotten the password, because you need to remember it to change the entry.

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Working with iCloud

It is an important resource that stores the user’s personal data. Therefore, first of all, you need to know how to change your “iCloud” account to “iPhone”. To do this, you need to go to the smartphone settings (gray gear on the main screen).

One of the first points there is an Apple ID account. You need to switch to it in order to continue changing iCloud. In some older versions, this item was in the section of the same name.

After switching to iCloud, you need to scroll down the screen and find the “Sign out” button. The system will ask for a cipher from Apple ID. You need to select the “Disable” item. This will help you disconnect Find My iPhone from the corresponding account.

Below is a list of data that can be saved. For example, in order for all contacts to remain on the smartphone, you need to enable the option by moving the slider to the right. You can also leave browser settings, calendar entries and notes.

If you do not need any iCloud data or you have made a backup beforehand, you can turn off all the sliders. Thus, it will be possible to delete all data from the smartphone.

In the upper right corner of the screen, you can find the “Exit” button, which you need to click. The system will ask you to confirm this process.

Working with a used device

Many users do not know what to do if they bought a used iPhone. How to change iCloud account?

It is important that no reset to the initial configuration will help in this matter. The owner needs to talk to the former smartphone user immediately during the purchase. If he suddenly forgot or did not know, you need to ask him to delete “iPhone” from his account.

To do this, he must log into the iCloud account on the official resource. It is from there that you can unlink your smartphone to your account. On the page you need to select a menu with parameters.

A new window will list all the devices that are associated with the account. You need to select the smartphone that the user has sold and come to the data. A cross will be displayed to the right of the device, which should be clicked. Thus, it will be possible to unlink the account from the sold device in order to enter your data.

Transfer manually

How to manually transfer photos from Android to iPhone? The easiest way is to transfer files via social media. The disadvantages of this method are that the image quality is imperceptibly lost during the transfer. The more often the photos are moved, the more they will begin to lose quality.

You can also transfer files manually via e-mail or instant messengers (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram). insert files and send to your own address. Difficulties can be caused by the number of photos sent. The method is suitable if there are not so many of them.

Another convenient way is to download data from Google Drive. To use it. sign in to your Google account from your Android device:

  • Open the Google Drive app on Android.
  • Select the files you want and click “Add”.
  • Wait for loading.
  • Sign in to your Google account from your iOS device.
  • Enter “My Drive”, select the desired photos and save to the device.

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How to disconnect a device from Bluetooth

Disconnecting the iPhone from Bluetooth should be done as follows:

Go to the “Bluetooth” settings section.

Click on the icon with the letter “i” opposite the name of the connected device.

Click on the “Disconnect” button.

If you no longer intend to use the device with which your iPhone is paired, you can remove the pair. For this:

Click the “Forget This Device” button below “Disconnect”.

Confirm that you want to break the pairing. in the menu that appears, click on “Forget Device”.

When you return to the previous iPhone screen, you will see that the name of the disabled device no longer appears in the “My devices” section.

How to connect your phone to your computer via Bluetooth

Connecting the phone to a PC via Bluetooth allows you to transfer files, also distribute a mobile.

Taking photos with an iPhone is easy, but it’s best to share them on an iPad. Photos will look better on a larger screen with the highest resolution. Be sure to click “agree with the terms”.

So how do you connect your laptop to the Internet via WI-FI? The first thing to do is find the WI-FI network icon on the taskbar (in the lower right corner of the screen, next to the system clock). Have you bought an Android smartphone and don’t know how to transfer files via bluetooth? On this page, we’ll take a look at how to transfer files via Bluetooth on Android.

Using this service, copying photos and other data can also be done. With the help of the above annotation, a huge amount of information can be transmitted.

May 3, 2012 In this tutorial we will teach our device to receive and transfer files via Bluetooth. What are the methods to transfer files from one iPhone to another? 2nd option. transfer files via Bluetooth.

With it, it is quite easy to select a file that suits you (or several files at once), and the program itself searches for your “recipient”. Dosya 2 asks: how to stream music via bluetooth from Samsung Galaxy fit gt-s5670 (11349). How to upload photos from iPhone to Through these applications, it is convenient to send not only files (photos, videos, audio, etc.), but also correspond with SMS messages.

How to transfer via Bluetooth from iPhone to computer?

AirDrop. transfer photos from iPhone to iPad

But at the moment, more and more often, correspondence applications are used to transfer files, such as, for example, Viber. Just by the way, it comes out comfortably, you can change messages and transfer the file. Many people who buy an iPhone for the first time are surprised that it lacks such a daily and convenient “Bluetooth” function. And among other functions, find the wanted one, something like “Send via” or “Open with” File transfer speed: up to 3.1 MB / sec.

READ How to Transfer Information to a New iPhone

The reason why users of mobile technology dislike Apple devices is closedness. Transferring data from an iPhone is as easy as from Android, it will not work: the Bluetooth iPhone can only be paired with additional devices, such as headsets and wireless speakers, but it is impossible to use it to send / receive files.

However, computer craftsmen have learned to bypass this limitation. using Bluetooth “to the fullest” will allow tweaks sold in Cydia. Users who do not want to “break” the iPhone and spend money on additional software will have to be content with AirDrop. a function that, alas, is not yet capable of boasting stable work.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone via Bluetooth

How to transfer files from iPhone via Bluetooth? 4) Install the tweak and rejoice, now today you can transfer files from iPhone via Bluetooth. I hope that the article helped for your enterprise and that it was possible to transfer files from iPhone to iPhone or computer. Transfer a file from iPhone to iPhone is of course several variations. 3) In the search results, we see a tweak with the same name. Because of this, they are unable to share their files from iPhone to iPhone or computer.

Adherents of jailbreak will be delighted, only they will discover such an ordinary, but if the passage from the iPhone is a mind-blowing function. Most upload photos from iPhone to upload photos from computer to iPhone. 5.

As for the transfer of files from the iPhone via Bluetooth, everything is simple. we buy the AirBlue Sharing tweak from the BigBoss repository for 4.99 and use it to our own pleasure. Login to the account from the iPhone differently through the service website. Toggle navigation.

Downloaded from a computer, the question is “how to delete photos from iPhone like on” iPhone. How to sign in to iCloud from your phone. AirBlue Sharing allows you to transfer files to virtually any device equipped with a Bluetooth module.

how to transfer photos or videos from iPhone via Bluetooth

2) In the search, we type “Airblue sharing” without quotes. By default, incoming files are saved in the / var / mobile / Received / folder. The most exciting feature of Celeste 2 is the integration with iOS applications. You can quickly send files from most programs like Music, Photos, iBooks, Safari, Dropbox and more.

How to Transfer Books from iPhone to iPhone?

Turn on iCloud on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

How To Transfer Everything From Old iPhone To New iPhone

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Click [your name] iCloud.
  • Turn on iCloud Drive and the Books app.
  • Then go to the “Settings” menu “Books”. In the Sync section, turn on iCloud Drive.

What are Linked Contacts in iPhone?

If two cards for the same person are not automatically combined, you can manually link them. Tap one of your contacts, tap Edit, then tap Link Contacts.

How to Transfer All Information from One iPhone to Another?

31 Ways to Transfer Information to New iPhone.

  • Turn on your new iPhone and place it next to the used one.
  • Make sure Bluetooth is turned on on both devices.
  • On your current iPhone, a Quick Start screen appears and prompts you to use your Apple ID to set up your new device.
  • Next, an animation will appear on the screen of the new iPhone.

How to customize the share menu on iPhone?

You can customize the menu with Control-holding options like this:

  • Control-click any file in Finder, choose Share and click
  • You will see a list of items that you can add and remove from the Share menu.

How to Share All Contacts from iPhone to iPhone?

In Settings → iCloud (on a new iPhone), turn on the Contacts switch. Ready! Your contacts after just a couple of minutes (time depends on the number of contacts) will be transferred to the new iPhone. You can make sure that the transfer is over by looking at the number of contacts at the very bottom of the contact book.

How to copy contacts from one iPhone to another?

On the iPhone you want to transfer contacts from, go to the menu: 1) Settings → iCloud and make sure the Contacts switch is active. 2) Go to Settings → iCloud → Backup and click the Create Backup button. Wait for the process to finish.

How to Transfer All Data from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud?

  • We turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on both smartphones, they should be close to each other.
  • New iPhone needs to be reset to factory settings or be in the activation phase.
  • The old iPhone will notice the new device and offer to transfer data.

How to share contacts?

  • On your Android phone or tablet, open the Contacts app.
  • Select contact.
  • In the upper right corner of the screen, click on the three-dot icon Move to another account.
  • Select the Google account you want to transfer the contact to.