How to substitute music for iPhone video

Iphone application to post music on the video

Almost all Apple iPhone owners use social networks where funny videos are laid out. It’s no secret that the key to good video is the use of background music. With her, the video becomes more dynamic, and subscribers perceive the content better. But how to post music on the video on the iPhone? To complete this task, you will need to install a special application from the App Store.

App Store is replete with a large number of programs. It is difficult for a beginner to understand in which application you can post music on the video on the iPhone. To understand this diversity, a rating of the best programs on the functionality and user reviews was collected.

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The principle of operation of each application is approximately the same:

  • Run the program.
  • Choose a video.
  • Choose a song.
  • Indicate the place where you need to post the music and cut the video.
  • Keep the video and, if necessary, place it in social networks.

Thus, to figure out how to insert music in the video on the iPhone, no one will be difficult. The main task is to choose the right application based on its features. Below are the best programs that allow you to add music to 2 clicks.

Magisto Video Editor

You are looking for a modern video editor? Here he is. This application will allow you to edit the video and add music to it. To work in this application simply. You will not get confused. You can attract a lot of attention. Share videos with music on social networks. You can combine several photos to create their slide show. Do not forget to choose the coolest music.

Become a superhero video. You will notice how it will be easy for you to process videos. The application has a powerful artificial intelligence that will help you in your work. Get tips from the application. You can add beautiful filters to your video to make them more attractive. Try different video tools. You quickly adapt to the design of the application.

The function of the photo collage will be available to you. You can create beautiful video acapella. You will amaze the world. You can change all videos or separate fragments. Accelerate and slow your video. If you accelerate the video, it will be funnier. If you work with the video, then this application will help you save time. You no longer need a laptop or computer. This application deserves your attention.

How to impose music from your own playlist on the iPhone video

From the program that we described above, you can apply tracks not only from it, but also tracks from a personal playlist. For this, at a point with a choice of melody (5 point above), click on the ITUNES Music button. Now the user will be moved to the program of music. We find the necessary track in our playlist and add using “”. Further, everything is just as in the instructions a little higher. Video output from the program in the same order.

No less convenient and other utility with the uncomplicated name Add Music To Video. She also has a significant advantage over other similar ones: there are no watermarks when displaying the video. It is also very simple and understandable. And you can apply music on the video with it as follows:

  • On the start screen with a greeting, click Get Started.
  • Next, click on Add Video depicted
  • Click on the red button, with the same name.
  • Choose the necessary video clip in the photographic tank and tap it on Choose. The Compressing Video process should start. Video compression.
  • After importing the video, click Next and two versions of Music Store or Add Music will open. The first will offer standard tracks from a built.In phonotext, the second will transfer to your iPhone playlist.
  • We find your favorite song and add it with the help
  • After successful loading it, the utility will notify you, click OK.
  • The built.In slider Select the Starting Position makes it possible to choose from what moment the song will begin when the video is turned on when the video is turned on.
  • Choosing the right moment, click Merge (combine). The process of merging the song with video should begin.

At the end of the merger, the user will see a message about the successful imposition of the composition and preserve the photo in the application. Click ok.

Distribution of music for Instagram using Inshot

This application is very popular among bloggers of instrames-world, since its functionality is performed specifically for this social network. It offers the user key options for high.Quality video processing. But not without a shortage in the form of a program of the program. It is also fixable in pro-versions that is not free.

So, in order to apply music on a video for instagram in this utility:

  • We open the program on the iPhone.
  • Tap on the video to create a new project
  • We find and select a video on which the composition will be imposed.
  • On the panel with instruments we find a music item
  • Add the song using a special icon. In the same menu, a voice recording is also selected, which can also be added to the video clip. We allow the program access to the media text.
  • We go to the ITUNES section to search for the existing composition.
  • Click on audio track for changing volume, trimming, etc. Also, the utility allows you to make attenuation and strengthening the track. At the end of edit editing, tap on a checkmark.
  • Again click a checkmark to complete the work with an audio track.
  • To save the spent video, we find the item to share. Save. It also has the opportunity to choose in what social networks you will share the prepared Instagram, WhatsApp,. Etc.

There are many other software products for installing videos on iPhone. They offer users various tools, which include adding and imposing an audio file on the video. Everyone chooses for their preferences and wallet.

Third.Party music application applications

Repository, or storage, App Store provides a large selection of programs for installing tracks for rollers. Among such a variety is easy to get lost. Application rating looks like this:

  • Video Star. A program with a friendly integration that even a child will deal with. Soundtracks are selected from the device media or purchased inside the application. A large number of effects are also available.
  • Magisto. Another simple program without excessive editing and installation tools. There is the possibility of working with long videos, there is its own storage and, of course, intuitively understanding the addition of music.
  • Vivavideo. Adding sound accompaniment to the video in this application is easy. There is a set of tools for editing.

Using the Inshot program

When asked in which application you can post music on the video on the iPhone, many will answer without hesitation. In Inshot. It is used by many people, popular bloggers, because it is convenient and free. The program was created specifically for the social network of Instagram, and therefore is such a demanded. There is nothing superfluous in it, only the key functions that allow you to process video files qualitatively. Over, the programs of the program can also be turned off for free. How to insert music in the video on the iPhone using INSHOT:

  • Open this program on the device and enter it;
  • From the proposed options to select “Create a new video”;
  • Press her green window with the sign “”;
  • The smartphone files are opened, where exclusively videos are sorted, to find the desired file;
  • When the video opens in the program, the main tools for editing will be located below;
  • Choose from them the fourth called “Music”;
  • Various options will be proposed here: “Songs” from the built.In library or iTunes media text, sound effects. Standard iPhone sounds, voice recording through the microphone;
  • Choose any of the options, the latter must be given permission in the settings;
  • The selected track can be edited if you click on it. Click on the “change” icon, moving the sliders to cut its length, add amplification, attenuation;
  • After the end of the editing, press the box and the icon in the upper right corner “Save”;
  • Automatic file download to the device will begin.

From the application you can immediately unload it to various social networks and messengers. Everyone will figure out how to post music on the video in the iPhone via Inshot. The interaction of this program is fully executed in Russian. It is very easy to figure it out even on your own without additional help and support.

How to add music on Instagram video using the sticker “Music

Recently, it became possible to add music on Instagram through the standard sticker “Music” to the video. This is a useful option for active users of Instagram who do not want to install additional software to make an interesting clip in Stories.

To do this, follow the instructions:

At the moment, the opportunity to put a song on the video on Instagram is available to Russian users. If you cannot post music on Instagram video, try downloading the current version of the official client and repeat the attempt.

Apply music in the photo in Storis

To make a photo with music based on photos on Instagram, it is not necessary to resort to complex methods and professional video editors. An interesting clip is easy to create through an editor of stories or third.Party software.

Good music makes the publication more vivid and dynamic, and also increases the interest of the target audience in the profile and causes followers of positive emotions. After all, it is hardly possible to create cool content without musical accompaniment.

Users from foreign countries could impose music on Instagram much earlier than Russian citizens. But now such an option is available in the domestic space.


A freely distributed editor on the iPhone, literally made from all sides: support of an impressive collection of formats, visual instructions with prompts for beginners, a complete translation into Russian, a bunch of special effects, music and combinations, in a semi.Automatic mode turning the source into a clip into a clip!

Of the additional advantages, it is an informative integration that excludes the problems with navigation (you can find out the purpose of the buttons, catalogs and the drop-down menu before interaction), work in the “slide show” mode, and even “chambers”, when filters, colors and formats are not selected after Filming, and before!

Third.Party music application applications

In addition, there are third.Party applications for tracks. The most popular of them: Magisto, Imovie, Vivavideo, Inshot.


Magisto. A successful program for beginners. You can add background music on Android and iPhone before and after you have edited the video.

The main function is an unlimited space for storing and downloading video files.

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Any person faced with video editing knows that this is a difficult task.

The Magisto program allows you to add background music before and after editing a video.

You need to watch the filmed material, make a cut, highlight the main points, add audio.

Magisto has a program that allows you to automatically allocate the most interesting moments from the video and facilitate the work.

All your videos are preserved in the Gallery of the Resource. From there you can download them on YouTube or to your device. However, these functions with free use are not available. The number of executed topics available, the length of the final roller.


Imovie is an editor for background music. A powerful program that has a few restrictions. Inserting songs is quite simple, for this you need to go to the application, select a video, click on the menu “Add an audio file”.

Then you will need to choose a track, move it to the gray area of ​​the Aimuvi application and save the result. However, work with tracks is somewhat limited.

You cannot attach more than 1 song to the film if its duration exceeds the length of the music path.

If the film is long, to play the entire melody you can start a new one at the end of the first. It can only be launched at the beginning of the film and will play until it ends itself or the movie.

If you edit a video file using IMOVIE on your iPhone or iPad, you should:

  • Open a video you want to edit.
  • Click on any part of the time scale where you want to insert a new track.
  • Select the “Add multimedia” icon (sign “”).
  • Click “Audio”. See musical themes, effects, playback lists, albums.
  • It will be necessary to choose a database from which you will import a melody.
  • View all the songs that are in your iTunes or other supported applications and libraries, and choose 1.

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Vivavideo is suitable for both beginners and professionals. You are offered to impose various effects, trim the notes, add sound and replicas, insert the image into the video.In the free version of Vivavideo, no more than 5 videos are exported. If this is not enough for you, buy a Pro version that allows you to save videos of any length, as well as cleaning watermarks. Advertising is not visible, but there are recommendations hiding under “inconspicuous” buttons.

Having bought a version of the Vivavideo application, you can save videos of any length.


Inshot. Popular editor. The main thing is that it is completely free. Inside the section there is a choice of the following options: “cut”, “size”, “filter”, “music”, “sticker”, “speed”, “background”, “text”, “turn” and “flip”.Allows you to edit not only videos, but also pictures. There is a lot of advertising in the application. The disconnection of such banners is possible only for money. In addition, in the free version of the application, a watermark is imposed on the final photo. There are many filters in the editor, it is easy to use them. By scrolling the tape, choose the right one.

The Inshot application allows you to edit videos and photos.Of the minuses. A large number of advertising.