How To Stop iOS 13 Update

Owners of the iPad and iPhone with iOS version 5.1 and higher have an excellent opportunity to update their devices “over the air”. The necessary files are downloaded via Wi-Fi, and the process takes place in the background, that is, it does not require the participation of the device owner.

However, for some owners of apple gadgets such an iOS function is unacceptable, since updates are downloaded to the device’s memory, which means they take a lot of time. That is why many users of iOS tablets are looking for the answer to the question of how to stop the iOS update. In addition, loading occurs even when the device is not charging, which “eats up” quite substantial battery resources.

How to stop downloading iOS

It is not possible to stop downloading updates on iOS. That is, as soon as the iPad user goes to the address “Settings. General. Software Update”, a tablet or smartphone starts downloading the files available for it on the server. This is due to the fact that iOS automatically receives a command to download the current version of iOS while receiving a command to search for them. Thus, in order to prevent updates from being downloaded when Wi-Fi is connected, you should not visit the corresponding settings menu of the operating system.

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It is impossible to cancel the iOS update even if you disconnect the device from the Wi-Fi wireless network. In this case, it will only pause and start downloading again as soon as the gadget is connected to Wi-Fi again.

How to remove iOS update

Removing the downloaded update file for iOS is not easy. This can be done safely only on jailbroken gadgets, and owners of unbroken tablets will have to erase all settings and content. This is a rather troublesome, lengthy and unsafe procedure, which involves a complete cleaning of the device’s memory. Of course, all the content available on the iPad can be copied to a computer using a backup, but there is always the possibility of various errors. Therefore, it’s better not to touch the files of the current iOS downloaded into the gadget’s memory.

Owners of an iPad with a jailbreak in this case are more fortunate who can deal with this task in two ways:

  • Manually using the iFile application for iOS or the iTools program installed on the computer;
  • Automatically using Cydia utilities such as iLex R.A.T or SUK.
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How To Stop iOS 13 Update

Removing junk files on tablets with jailbreak is very simple. To do this, you just need to install the file manager on iPad, go to the folder “/ var / MobileSoftwareUpdate /” and delete all the files in this folder. Removing an iOS update using iFunbox (a computer program) is also not difficult. It is performed according to a similar scheme.

How to disable iOS update

If you are wondering how to disable the iOS update, then the following instruction will help you:

  • In Cydia, you should find and install the “No Update” tweak. It takes up a minimum of space and is distributed free of charge.
  • Install the utility and restart the desktop.
  • We go in “Settings”. “Software Update” and make sure that requests for updates are not fulfilled (the check should not produce results).

If iOS starts to check anyway, then the utility was installed incorrectly. It should be removed and reinstalled.

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Now you know how to stop downloading iOS, as well as completely disable the update of the apple device, which will not only save space in its memory, but also avoid other difficulties.