How to stick glass on your Samsung

How to glue a protective glass

Protective glass. an extremely useful accessory that all gadget owners should not ignore. After all, the original touch screen often suffers from falls, collisions with solid objects, scratched and dirty. The damaged display of the phone or the tablet can be replaced with a new one, but the cost of such repair is comparable with the price of a new device. But even high quality tempered safety glass can be bought inexpensively.

In the AKS blog we have already talked about the peculiarities of choosing protective glass, the differences between different types of glass, such as matte and glossy, and the replacement of damaged protection. In this material we will tell you how to stick it properly on the screen of the device on which this accessory has not been installed before.

The advantages of using Samsung Galaxy G530, G531 protective glass:

Easily removable when needed and leaves no residue

Corresponds to the stencil of this model and has all the necessary cutouts and holes for the front camera

stick, glass, your, samsung

Has a very good transparency, without reducing the brightness of the picture, is practically not visible on the screen

Increases impact resistance of touch screen, 9H glass density is the highest level of protection

With oleophobic coating, does not leave fingerprints

Easy to clean with a washcloth

Complete with

Available in single versions or sets of several films. Universal protective film for your phone is complemented by accessories for pasting: a microfiber cloth, a device for smoothing and removing dust. Protective glass can be accompanied by special wipes and a silicone sticker for the button.

You should choose protective films and glass, depending on the phone model and desirable characteristics. Ease of use depends on the coating, and the degree of protection. from the durability. Wiping and cleaning will make your smartphone look neat and beautiful. But you should not rely entirely on the protective cover and knock down the phone apples from a tree. Only the owner’s carefulness and attentiveness can keep your gadget from serious damage. Buy protective film on your phone you can in any city in Ukraine: Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev, Krivoy Rog.

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Features protective glass and films on phones Samsung

These accessories provide protection for your device from:

Samsung protective glass has a high hardness of 9H, it is almost impossible to scratch. It is made by a special technology, so the quality of color display does not suffer, contrast and brightness are also quite high. The glass is perfectly matched to each Samsung model, it is invisible on the screen and does not cause any discomfort during use.

Samsung original glass is 0.3 mm thick, so it has not only protective but also cushioning properties. Such accessories have oleophobic qualities, so there is no grease stains and dirt on the surface of the device. Fingers glide easier and gentler with this coating, making your smartphone more comfortable to use.

Samsung phone film also works great as protection for your device from scratches and dirt, but unlike glass, it is not effective when the device is dropped and subjected to mechanical stress. Protective film for Samsung Galaxy phone. a good solution for those who additionally use special cases. The film is cheaper than glass, but it can not be called a universal. It is made of wear-resistant material that provides the film excellent performance.

There is a perception that the protective glass affects the appearance of the device, making it more massive and heavy, but in fact it is not: its thickness is so small, that an additional accessory is almost invisible. Both the glass and the film are effective tools that prolong the life of your Samsung Galaxy, so do not skimp on them.

Is it possible to glue the glass again, if it did not succeed the first time?

The first time you glue protective glass on your smartphone is exciting. In reality, nothing bad will happen if you do it yourself. Even if you don’t succeed with the first one, you can try again. The main thing is to do it as quickly as possible, until the protective accessory is strongly glued.

Carefully pry up one edge of the glass and slip a piece of thin plastic into the gap that is formed. Move the pick or card under the accessory until you remove it. Take your time and be very careful. Then make sure that there is no dust or lint on either the adhesive side or the display. Treat the sticky side with a sticker to remove dust and the screen with alcohol wipes. Next, repeat gluing.

How to stick protective glass on the phone

Before start gluing the protective glass on the phone display you need to “dust-free” the workplace or find a room with a minimum of dust. The most suitable areas are considered more humid rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen. Additionally you can remove dust particles from the air by spraying water with a diffuser. You should also wash your hands and wear clothing made of materials that do not absorb dust. If the phone screen was previously installed protective glass, it must be removed.

How to remove the protective glass from the phone

Because glass is much stronger than security film, it is also harder to remove. Note that the glass is tightly bonded to the touchscreen, but it is held in place not by glue, but by the electrostatic properties of the material. Do not use sharp metal objects to remove the protective cover, as you can damage the screen itself. Use a silicone suction cup with care, too, as the protective glass is usually better held than the screen itself, and you can damage the plumes.

  • Improper installation or if there is dust underneath it;
  • If the old one has scuffs or visible damage;
  • previously installed glass is completely broken.

In the first case, the protective accessory can be removed using the tab that is on top of the glass. Old, undamaged glass can be removed by lifting its edge with a special tool, plastic card or plectrum (used for playing string instruments, including the guitar) and pass them under the entire surface of the removed glass, peeling it from the smartphone screen. It is very easy to remove the screen protector from the screen with a silicone suction cup, which pulls the accessory from the screen, while picking it up from the bottom with a plastic card or other non-metallic object. If the glass is broken, you need to carefully remove its individual fragments one by one, first removing the largest area with a whole corner.

The next step of attaching a protective glass on the iPhone or any other smartphone model is the preparation of tools, materials and appliances. You will need:

  • Liquid with which the screen will be cleaned (antistatic, a special compound for cleaning displays, or alcohol);
  • A soft microfiber cloth (often included);
  • A clerical or packing tape;
  • A special scraper or plastic “credit card”;
  • a knife and scissors.

After that you can begin to degrease the surface of the display and remove dust particles. Use one of the types of liquid described above. Coat the screen and wait for complete drying. You can also use wet wipes available on the market. Then wipe the display dry with a microfiber cloth. This operation will be useful even if you have just removed the original film to remove the remains of adhesive. Your device should be turned off before sticking the protective glass on the screen of your smartphone.

After that, you peel off the lower technological film from the protective glass and position it over the display without touching the surface. Aligning the protective glass with the screen elements, put the protection down on the display. At the same time, you should hold the glass only along the edges, so that its surface does not get your fingerprints.

The accessory glues itself without extra effort and without waiting for it to dry. If there are air bubbles under the glass, you can “expel” them with a cloth, pressing it on the surface and moving the air to the nearest edge. If you find dust particles under the protective glass, you will have to remove the accessory from the screen again to remove them. At the same time it is easier to remove dust particles using an adhesive layer of scotch tape.

If you are visually satisfied with the result of sticking, check the touch screen panel. Now the screen of your smartphone or tablet is reliably protected from damage.

Now let’s summarize the above information into a few general rules that will be useful for anyone who has decided to install protective glass on the phone by himself:

How to glue the protective glass on the Samsung a50 properly yourself

Gluing glass to your Samsung a50 screen is a quick and easy method, contrary to popular belief.

Nevertheless, if you want to glue it neatly, then adhere to the following rules.

Start by unpacking the box. there you will find glass for the screen of the phone a50, a wet cloth, a dry cloth and a bubble box.

Wipe the screen thoroughly with a soaked cloth, in a steady up or down motion (don’t wipe in all directions). After the wet cloth wipe the screen with a dry cloth so that no drops remain.

Install and perfectly target the holes for the camera, button, speaker. Glue it with positioning to the body.

Press the screen with your finger. Remove the resulting bubbles with a squeegee, a bank card, or even a dry cloth.

Remember! If installed obliquely, you can always lift it up and re-install it without any problems.

stick, glass, your, samsung

Remove the protective layer (if any), wipe with a rag and you’re done.

You just super glued the glass to your phone. Congratulations.

4 steps on how to glue glass

So, before you start installing the accessory, prepare the following accessories:

Prepare your work area

stick, glass, your, samsung
  • No foreign objects should be on the table, as they will get tangled up under your hands and get in the way.
  • Wash and dry your hands well before starting work.
  • Treat the surface to dust.
  • Take care of a bright light.
  • Remove fingerprints and dust from the display. To do this, wet a cloth with cleaning fluid and wipe the surface of the touchscreen. Or use a special wipe.
  • Then wipe the display with a dry cloth.
  • Remove the protector from its packaging and remove the shipping film.
  • Carefully, holding the glass by the edges, align it on the rim of the phone screen.
  • Slowly lower the glass and press it to the display with a dry cloth.

The final touch “remove the bubbles”

  • If there are air bubbles inside, disperse them with a dry cloth. Press them down in the center and push them out toward the edges.
  • If dust has gotten inside, carefully lift up the glass and remove the contamination with office tape.

The most important thing is the high concentration. Be attentive and meticulous. then you will succeed. Sincerely, itsell online