How to stick glass on Honor 10 Lite

How to remove the protective glass from the phone and stick a new one

The main function of the protective glass of the smartphone is to take the blow, protecting the touchscreen from damage.

The level of protection from this drops significantly, in addition, the view of the display deteriorates, and the smartphone loses its attractiveness. To. you must first remove the broken protective glass from the phone.

And here difficulties arise, which will be discussed in the material. There is one important point to consider before removing the old protective glass from your phone. Thanks to the perfectly smooth surface of the touch screen, the glass adheres to it very firmly.

Usually it is held not by glue (although this also happens), but by electrostatic forces.

The two flat surfaces are very firmly in contact, not allowing you to remove the glass, simply prying it with your fingernail. If you take the first available tool (like a knife). there is a risk of damaging the smartphone display and its case.

Silicone suction cup alone is not enough either.

How to stick a protective glass on your phone. Step-by-step instructions and tips for choosing

»» 12/13/2021 To secure the screen of your device, you need to know how to stick a protective glass on your phone.

The first option is cheaper, however, it can only protect the smartphone display from shocks. Before buying, check the strength of the glass, it should not bend too much; Frosted glasses are more expensive and can protect the phone from bumps, drops and even glare. The disadvantage of such glass: the color quality of the smartphone display may deteriorate; Good glass should have an oleophobic coating.

Honor 10 lite broken glass replacement without mobile open | honor 10 lite glass change

The protective glass comes off

The protective glass comes off at the edges Why the protective glass comes off What to do if the protective glass comes off The tempered glass is designed to additionally protect the display and prevent it from being destroyed by impact or falling.

And the accessory provides the desired result without any particular difficulties.

But only if it is properly glued to the base.

If glued incorrectly, the glass may partially peel off. Dust and dirt begin to accumulate under it, and the smartphone itself sharply loses its original aesthetics.

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  • Protective glass comes off at the edges
  • Tips for a good result
  • Protective glass comes off at the edges
  • Is it possible to re-stick the protective glass on a smartphone?
  • Tips for a good result
  • Video on this topic
  • Methods for eliminating air under protective glass
  • Tips for a good result
  • Protective glass comes off at the edges
  • Why does the protective glass come off
  • What to do if the protective glass comes off
  • Why does the protective glass come off
  • What to do if the protective glass comes off
  • Why does the protective glass come off
  • What to do if the protective glass comes off
  • on the phone
  • What to do if the protective glass comes off
  • Restoration of the sticky layer of the protective film on the phone
  • Try to initially stick the glass correctly
  • What to do if the protective glass comes off
  • What to do if the protective glass comes off
  • Methods for eliminating air under protective glass
  • Tips for a good result
  • Why does the protective glass peel off on the phone?
  • Try to initially stick the glass correctly

Protective glass comes off at the edges Often the problem is peeling at the edges of the display.

Glass does not stick around the edges.

According to the assurances of manufacturers, the displays of modern smartphones are protected by glasses that are extremely resistant to scratches and damage.

This is especially true for the glass sticker on the phone with rounded edges, the so-called 2.5D.

In this case, a non-glued strip is often formed along the edges of the glass, which greatly spoils the appearance of the phone. Below I will tell you in what ways you can get rid of it.

The protective glass on the phone is peeling off

09/05/2021: The protective glass comes off at the edges Why the protective glass peels off What to do if the protective glass comes off The tempered glass is designed to additionally protect the display and prevent it from being destroyed by impact or falling.

Does a modern smartphone need a protective glass or film?

Modern smartphones are equipped with high-quality protective glass.

Most of the latest flagships have durable Gorilla Glass (currently available in the fourth generation) or sapphire crystal.

Should I put on an extra protective cover? And if additional protection is needed, then which of these two means to choose: glass or film?

The displays of flagship gadgets are much better protected from scratches than the first phone models with plastic or ordinary glass. To assess how much more reliable the protection has become, here are a few numbers. Metal objects are not

How to stick a protective glass on your phone

»» Published: 03.08.2021 Updated: 17.12.2018Author: Owner and editor-in-chief of the site, an expert in the selection of smartphones with more than 10 years of experience. Screen protection is one of the main conditions for the durability of any modern smartphone with a touch screen. Due to the fact that a fragile surface may not survive a fall even from a small height, it is better to purchase a suitable coating immediately after buying a phone. Due to its ease of use, the best choice is glass, since films perform more cosmetic function and protect only from scratches, so now we will tell you how to stick the protective glass on your phone yourself.

First of all, it is worth making sure that the room in which the operation will be performed is very clean.

How to glue the protective glass on your own

Top of pagePosted on 01/30/2018Readers: 5579 You have purchased a phone and want to secure the display?

In this article, you will find many tips to help you do this. This article is for people over 18 years of age. Are you over 18? Any electronic device that has a wide enough screen must be protected from external influences. Gluing a protective glass to a smartphone is especially important, since over time, the screen without it will wipe in places from constant contact with the inside of the

In addition, if you carry the phone in a bag or clutch, then the screen can get scratches from contact with other objects that are there, therefore, in terms of gluing glass to the phone, the task also remains a priority.

However, what can the protection be glued to in order to avoid mechanical damage? For example, on a tablet, for the same reasons as described above.

Replacement of the protective / touch glass of the Mobile Phone without replacing the display with a guarantee

Our clients often ask “How much does it cost to replace a glass on a phone?” We offer you the service “Replacement of the protective / touch glass of a mobile phone without replacing the display”.

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If you have any problems with your phone screen, touchscreen or protective glass, call us! Our consultants are always ready to advise you free of charge on any questions. We will select the most suitable repair option for your specific case.

Even if the phone manufacturer provides only a block replacement of the display module, as, for example, in the models of phones Samsung I9300 Galaxy S3, I9305 Galaxy S3, Samsung I8190 Galaxy S3 mini, Samsung I9500 Galaxy S4, I9505 Galaxy S4, Samsung N7000 Galaxy Note, N7005 Note. Samsung N7100 Galaxy Note 2, N7105 Note 2, Samsung N9000 Galaxy Note 3, N9005 Note 3, N9006 Note 3, our equipment allows you to replace the protective or touch glass without completely replacing the display module.

Honor 10 Lite Glass Replacement

This operation allows you not only to save your money on components (glass is much cheaper than the display module), but also to guarantee the quality of the original display, which is not subject to replacement.

In modern phones, the display and protective / touch glass are integral parts. the display module. The protective / touch glass is glued to the display over the entire surface with transparent optical glue, and if you need to replace the protective or touch glass, you have to change the entire display module of the Phone.

Our professional equipment allows you to separate the display module. peel off the protective or touch glass from the display without damaging the display itself. Then a new protective / touch glass is installed using a special transparent glue.

The formation of a new display module is carried out in a special clamping form, which allows you to fix the new glass with great accuracy and maintain all the necessary tolerances.

Thanks to all this, the resulting display module practically does not differ from the original one and fits perfectly into the phone. You get a phone as if from a factory assembly line with an original display, the quality of which is even higher than that of a high quality copy.

The advantages of this service:

  • The price is several times lower than installing a new display module.
  • The highest possible quality of the display module, because you still have the original display.

Note: for Apple iPhone, in view of the relatively small difference between the total cost of a new glass, taking into account the work to separate the broken display module, and the cost of a new display module, taking into account the cost of replacing it, we recommend that our customers immediately replace the iPhone display module.

What is Safe Mode on Honor, how to turn it off and on

Safe mode on an Android smartphone is a way to turn on the device without launching any third-party applications, which usually start immediately after the operating system has finished loading. For example, the clock or calendar widgets are automatically loaded on the home screen of the phone.

Honor only runs stock Android in safe mode, so this option is a great tool for identifying (not fixing!) Problems related to incorrect operation of applications installed by the user. It is important to know that when you start the smartphone in “safe mode”, such applications cannot work at all. even after the device is booted.

Honor 10 lite touch glass replacement done in 15 minutes

How to enable Safe Mode on Honor

Before putting your device into Safe Mode, you need to properly reboot your Honor. This simple procedure can solve most problems, but it must be done correctly. When you press the power button, the phone only goes into “suspend mode”, not actually shutdown. In order to turn off the device, we do this:

  • Press and hold the power button until a menu appears on the screen with a set of functions to turn off the phone.
  • The menu may contain the option “Restart”. If so, press this button to turn the phone off and on by itself.
  • If the menu does not have the option “Restart”, select “Turn off”.

It may take a few seconds for Honor to turn off. When the screen is completely off, press and hold the power button until the brand logo appears and you feel a slight vibration. At this moment, you must press and do not release the volume down key for a few seconds.

It is not always possible to catch the moment when the vibration is felt, then the volume down key can be pressed immediately after pressing the power button. If you do not release it for a few seconds, the phone will boot into safe mode.

An alternative way to switch to safe mode:

  • Press the power button as we did above.
  • Instead of pressing the “Shutdown” or “Restart” button, hold your finger on the “Shutdown” option. After a few seconds, the system will offer to reboot into safe mode.
  • Click “OK” to continue the process.

After the reboot is complete, the screen will display “Safe Mode”. This is a confirmation that the smartphone has successfully switched to safe mode.

Note: Third party apps will not run in Safe Mode, including any widgets that were installed by the user. But, for example, you can launch Google Chrome or Google Maps in order to see if Honor is working normally.

What does reboot in safe mode give??

First of all, it allows you to narrow down the range of problems causing the phone to malfunction or malfunction. If the smartphone works normally in safe mode, the problem is not in the hardware, and repair or replacement is not required. The user will only have to find out which of the applications is the cause of the crashes.

Note. The instructions given below are suitable for any model of Honor phones. 10, 7a, 7, 8, 9 Lite and so on.

What you can do while your phone is in Safe Mode

If you put your smartphone in this mode, tried to launch stock applications and noticed that the device began to work faster, then the problem with slowdowns, freezes and crashes is caused by some third-party program. Now you need to identify this program and remove (or reinstall) it.

Which third-party application might be the culprit? First of all, we advise you to pay attention to those that automatically start when the device boots. These can be widgets. Or, if you recently installed or updated an application, and after that the phone began to “slow down” and reboot, then, most likely, you will have to uninstall the same application.

We also advise you to remove unnecessary applications from startup. When too many programs are running in the background, the phone runs out of resources (RAM, for example) to function properly. You can remove applications from startup one by one, and thus find out which one was causing the problem. In general, it is better to regularly clear the cache on Honor and free up space from unnecessary applications and files.

Note: You may not be able to run applications in Safe Mode, but you can uninstall them. Always uninstall apps in Safe Mode and then reboot to test your device.

How to disable safe mode

Exiting Safe Mode is easy. To do this, you just need to restart your phone. After that, by default, Android always boots normally.

If you reboot but are still in safe mode, it means that Android has encountered a problem with an app that automatically starts at boot or one of the operating system files. First try uninstalling apps that automatically come with android (user created home screens and widgets). After uninstalling these apps, try restarting your phone again.