How to start a new Lenovo laptop

Things to do right after buying a laptop?

11 things you should do with a new laptop after you buy

  • Update your operating system
  • Remove unnecessary software and viruses
  • Install antivirus software
  • Install the anti-theft program (Antitheft)
  • Optimize your power settings
  • Set up automatic backups

How much does it cost to set up a new laptop?

Installation setting up antivirus from 500 rubles Installing programs for monitoring laptop parameters 300 rubles Installing DLL libraries from 200 rubles Configuring autorun programs 500 rubles 28 lines

How to check if there are errors on a laptop?

Checking your computer for errors using standard tools

  • Go to the section “My Computer”.
  • Right-click on the icon of the scanned hard disk partition.
  • Go to the “Properties” tab, and then. “Service”.
  • Once in the desired section, run “Check volume for errors”.

How to recognize a refurbished laptop?

If the device is new, there should be no stickers with the words “Tested by”, “Factory reconditioned”, “Encore” or “Refurbished” on it or on the box. Such inscriptions unambiguously indicate a refurbished laptop. Also, the barcode on the nameplate on the bottom of the laptop should not be touched.

Is it possible to turn on the laptop using the keyboard?

Now, to turn on the computer, you just need to press any key on the keyboard. In order to configure turning on the computer using a key combination, you must select Hot Key instead of Any Key. Ctrl-F1 will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Checking the operating system for updates

The first thing to do with a new laptop is to check Windows and all system components for updates:

    To do this, press the WinI key combination, then open the “Update and Security” applet.

start, lenovo, laptop

In the “Options” menu, go to the “Update and Security” applet

Follow the link “Additional parameters”

We allow you to update not only the system, but also all its components

In the “Update Center” tab, click the “Check for Updates” button

It is possible that during the update process the laptop will have to be rebooted several times, since a lot depends on the outdated version of the system and security components. After restarting Windows, you must run the verification procedure again to ensure the integrity and relevance of the OS.

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Installing drivers, operating system updates

All available operating system updates must be installed on the new laptop. Updates must be installed as they fix found security problems, eliminate operational problems, and increase the stability and performance of the operating system. On the laptop manufacturer’s website in the support section of this model, you can download and install all the latest drivers and the latest BIOS version. Some laptop manufacturers install special programs with which you can download and install new device drivers.

Removing unnecessary software

  • programs are written to the hard disk and take up space from the really important things;
  • the registry is being littered, which makes navigation through it more difficult;
  • some programs run in the background, especially if they are in Startup. By doing this, they unnecessarily consume RAM and processor resources.

In such cases, it is better to uninstall unused applications:

    Through the Windows menu, open the “Applications and Features” item.

Through the Windows menu, open the “Applications and Features” item

Select the application from the list and delete it

After that, the uninstallation process will begin, depending on the program, the user’s participation may be required to give additional consent to the uninstallation.

Disabling unnecessary services

Windows services are special software codes without an interface, the main task of which is to ensure the operation of system components and devices that are connected to the motherboard. However, there were always too many “Services” and they were invented for all occasions. For example, if you connect a fax to your computer, one of these utilities will ensure that it works. However, you must admit that the likelihood of using a fax on a home PC is negligible. At the same time, there are services that provide system updates, ensure the operation of antiviruses, and so on. When disabling these products, it is important to remember that many of them are extremely important:

    In the Windows search, we prescribe services and open the best result.

Through the search for the system, open the “Services” environment

Change the startup type to “Disabled” in the service properties

List of services that can be safely disabled:

How to start a new Lenovo laptop

How to install Windows on a Lenovo laptop

Some Lenovo laptops are sold with a preinstalled FREE Dos123 operating system, which, to put it mildly :), is not suitable for work. Many owners of Lenovo laptops (and not only) are faced with the problem of self-installation of the operating system. The very first problem that can be encountered is persistent loading from the hard disk and ignoring the disk with the operating system distribution kit inserted into the drive, for example Windows XP / 7/10.

Lenovo LAPTOP 81H7 unboxing and initial setup

This is because the BIOS is configured incorrectly, namely, the wrong boot order is specified. We need to first enter the BIOS setup. This is done at the initial stage of loading the laptop, a few seconds after turning it on, before loading the FREE Dos. The system will write that to enter the BIOS (or SETUP), you must press the DEL key or one of the “F1-F12” buttons, usually F2 (depending on the model).

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On Lenovo G500 series models, you need to press the OneKey Recovery key when the laptop is off, and on some models, FnF2 (F12) works.

turn on WI-FI

on a Lenovo laptop manually. There are several methods to activate the adapter.

Simple and clear instruction on how to turn on the camera on a Lenovo laptop

A laptop is a device that has extensive communication capabilities. Almost all laptops are equipped with a camera with which you can make video calls, or transmit any information in real time. The webcam cannot work separately from the computer, this is how it differs from other cameras. But sometimes, users encounter difficulties in enabling it. In this article, we’ll walk you through the basic ways to turn on the camera on your laptop. If the steps below do not help, it is possible that your camera is seriously damaged, in which case you need to contact a Lenovo laptop repair service center.

The first way to enable: through the “Device Manager”.

We go into this menu and look for an image processing device in the list, right-click and find a line with the name of your web equipment, then click “activate”.

If there is no such line, then you need to install the drivers on your laptop. When you are sure that the drivers are working, you can proceed to activate the camera.

Method two: using a keyboard shortcut.

The easiest way to turn on the camera on a laptop is to turn it on using the Fn and F1 keys. However, this method is not available on all laptop models; some devices may have a different keyboard shortcut. For example, on some devices, in particular on Lenovo g580, you can turn on the equipment by pressing the “fn” key with “Esc”. For detailed information on how to do this, you can find out by examining the information about your model.

Method three: using Skype.

As a rule, when you start this program, the camera is automatically activated. For this you need:

  • start Skype;
  • in the window that opens, you need to go to the contribution

How to turn on Wi-Fi on a Lenovo laptop

Using Wi-Fi on a laptop is very convenient, since you can access high-speed Internet without wires. Not all users know how to turn on Wi-Fi on Lenovo computers. This short tutorial will describe the general principles of connecting to the network.

Launching the laptop for the first time: recommendations.

Initially, it is necessary to clarify whether the operating system is supplied with the laptop or not. The first launch of the laptop will depend on this. One of the general rules for starting a new laptop, regardless of the operating system installed, is that the laptop battery must be inserted in the laptop and the laptop must be plugged into the mains. Connecting to the electrical network minimizes the risks of turning off the machine during the installation of the operating system.

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If the operating system is already installed, the laptop should be connected to the network and press the power switch. After turning on, the OS installation should start, the distribution kit of which is located on the hidden partition of the hard drive. You must carefully follow all stages of the installation of the operating system. If an activation key is requested during installation, you can see it on the bottom cover of the device. Do not turn off the power to the laptop until the OS installation is complete.

If the laptop was purchased without a preinstalled operating system (or with a Linux or DOS operating system), the first time you start the laptop, you must install your preferred operating system. Having purchased its distribution kit on a CD, you need to connect the laptop to the mains, turn it on, wait for Linux or DOS to load. and then insert a disk with Windows (if there is no optical drive, you can boot from a flash card). Next, you need to restart the laptop and go into the BIOS, set it to priority boot of the OS from an optical drive or flash card, then you need to save the changes. After installing Windows, you need to disconnect the laptop from the power.

New Windows 10 Laptop Setup TUTORIAL | Lenovo Ideapad 3 | STEP BY STEP

The installation of any operating system, as well as the programs necessary for the work, can be performed by the masters of our 911 service. Laptop repair. you just need to give the necessary instructions and recommendations. the rest is ours!


After buying a new laptop or reinstalling the operating system, probably users are faced with a severe problem.

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In total, there are 3 main ways to activate Wi-Fi: the power button (switch) on the laptop, the key combination, the wireless connection widget in the lower right corner of the desktop. On a Lenovo laptop, hold down the FN button and then press the F5 key. If this method does not work, then you should open the widget located at the bottom of the desktop, select an access point and enter a password (if necessary).