How to spot a fake Samsung s10


The fake material, which covers the ear pads, is hard, while the original headphones have soft material. The original ear pads have a recess in which the mesh is visible. There is also a recess on fake ear pads, but there is no mesh inside.

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On the back side, the cap of the original headphones is made in a gray-violet color, the paint is matte. The counterfeit plug is covered in grainy, metallic paint.

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Vetnam and China are original, but in most cases, fakes are made just for China.

I work in Germany for a company like Amazon, eBay sells 400 phones a day.


The original and fake plugs are very similar. The fake plug is deepened into the braid not completely has a step, in the original there are practically no steps.

The wire

The original wire is matt silver, the fake wire is dark gray. If you strongly crumple the wire of fake headphones, then they are empty inside, they bend strongly. The original wire is filled with a sealant, wires, insulation, so it practically does not bend.

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AKG Samsung Galaxy S8 S9 S10 how to spot a fake

Let’s talk about how to distinguish the original AKG Samsung Galaxy S8 S9 S10 headphones from a fake.


The original fixator says China, and the fake fixator says Vietnam. On the other side of the retainer, the original says YB, and the fake. YSS.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 VS Fake/Clone. Best Looking One I’ve Seen!

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FAKE VS REAL Samsung Galaxy S10. Buyers BEWARE! 1:1 CLONE

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Original codes for Samsung smartphones

Samsung phones recognize a number of codes that you can use to check your device’s hardware. Most of these codes are available on all genuine machines. If your phone lacks these codes, then your gadget may be a fake.

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To check the codes provided, go to the dialer of your phone, and enter the codes that we provide below. The device will go into secret diagnostic mode and display information related to the gadget.

Codes: Purpose:
# Samsung General Test Mode.
# Encryption information.
# Bluetooth test mode.
# Service Mode.
# Device and software information.
# View software version of PDA, CSC, MODEM.
# Read ADC.
# Service menu.

How to distinguish original Samsung by phone IMEI

Every Samsung phone has its own unique IMEI number. This means that two or more phones cannot have the same number. Sometimes the IMEI number is located on the back of the phone box or written on the back of the gadget.

You can find the IMEI number of your Samsung Galaxy phone by dialing # on your phone.

Use to check if your phone’s IMEI is correct.

What can give out a fake Samsung Galaxy S6

In the case of this model, pay attention to the IMEI number. If the original has it in the form of a sticker on the back of the phone box, then the fake does not have it.

Also pay attention to the camera. The lens of the original is well-fitted, and in the case of a fake it is just a black eye.

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The overall quality of plastic and glass on the original device is excellent. On a fake, low quality is felt immediately. The counterfeit also has a memory and screen resolution that does not match the original.

What should be the camera in the original smartphone

The original phone camera is capable of producing a clear photo with rich colors. On a fake or cloned Samsung phone, the camera alignment will be similar to the original, but the image quality will be poor.

Is it possible to distinguish the original from a fake by the battery

If the specification of the battery does not match the one stated for this phone, then this is a fake. An indirect sign may be the rapid discharge of your gadget during operation.

Performance in Samsung Galaxy Test Apps

Use “Antutu” benchmarks to determine the exact performance of your gadget in tests, and compare with the declared performance of the original phone. A significant bias towards the weakness of the device speaks of its fake.

Differences between phone control keys

Volume and Home keys in fake phones have unusual gaps compared to original Samsung phones.

The Home button may not be located where it is usually located on standard devices of the Korean manufacturer, it does not sit perfectly.