How to Speed ​​Up Videos on Samsung

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Setting up time-lapse video

Let’s figure out what lies at the heart of the technology of this type of shooting on Apple smartphones. The main indicator is FPS (frames per second, or in Russian: “the number of frames per second”). For effective “braking” it is necessary to shoot a video at a higher frame rate per second, and then forcibly set a lower frequency in the video playback mode. The base FPS for all new iPhone models is 15 frames / second, but technically the camera module is capable of shooting up to 240 FPS. This means that fast video slows down 16 times without any loss of quality.

However, you should not resort to shooting at a large number of frames per second due to the huge weight of such videos. The optimal slowdown is 2-3 times, respectively, 30-45 FPS.

In theory, this seems like a rather complicated process, but in practice, activating functions is very simple:

  • From the main screen of the smartphone, launch the “Camera” application by clicking on the corresponding icon. Select shooting inside the application.
  • At the bottom, near the Home button, there is a list of modes, you need to look through them until the desired Slowdown pops up. Make sure that it is active: both the dot and the inscription are lit in yellow:
  • It remains to press the red button, the device will start shooting a slow-motion video.

It should be noted that you need to activate Slo-Mo recordings strictly before the start of shooting, otherwise you cannot do without special processing programs later.

The finished video can be viewed later using the standard Gallery application or uploaded to a social network, for example, Instagram.

How to speed up video in Slo-mo mode

If after shooting it suddenly seemed that the finished video would look better at normal playback speed, you do not have to use the capabilities of third-party software for this. This operation is feasible using the standard functions of the “Gallery” application.

First, you need to find the clip you need to speed up in the “Gallery” on the iPhone and click on the “Change” menu item. This will open the so-called scroll bar:

By fine-tuning the slow motion strip, moving or moving the limiters, you can achieve slowdown only in a certain part of the accelerated video, as well as completely remove it. This will slow down the finished video.

How to slow down or speed up videos on iPhone

It is quite possible to shoot a cool clip with a “slow-mo” effect, or slow down a video on an iPhone. And to do without processing on a computer using “heavy” editors. Many iPhone users have no idea that this feature is already provided by the standard camera settings. If you want to speed up video, slow down video on iPhone, you don’t need to download a bunch of programs from the AppStore. All this is done through the “native” functionality of the “Camera” system application.

Time Lapse Quality Options

For Apple smartphones, starting from the sixth model, due to the new camera module, the option to select the quality of slow-motion video is available. The difference is achieved by changing the number of frames per second: from 120 to 240. To adjust this parameter, follow the instructions:

  • Go to the main screen, there. in the section with settings (gray gear), then click the “Camera” link.
  • Find a section on setting up a photo and a camera, and inside. a submenu “Slow motion video”:
  • Here select the required option. Pay attention to the difference in the “weight” of such rollers. At 720P quality it is 300 MB, and at 1080P. 350 MB.

Settings must be applied before starting video recording.

Programs for shooting “Slow-Mo

One of the most popular programs for editing short clips is Coub. It is a social network that allows you to post and share your videos with your friends. The main functionality is small clips looped under the musical row. You can also publish videos in other “social networks”.

The Instagram platform has released its own solution for slow-motion “cinema”. Hyperlapse from Instagram. Made on the principle of “nothing more”. The program shoots slow-motion video, and also processes it with a digital stabilization algorithm to improve the quality. Maximum deceleration. X12.

There is also a solution from Apple. Apple Clips. This program was first introduced on iOS version 10. Allows you to add background, music, graphics or effects to your “movie”. Helps speed up or slow down videos.

Each user independently chooses with which program to shoot his short videos. And also use a standard camera or one of several third-party programs. One thing is for sure: such a video posted on Instagram or other social networks will be appreciated by friends.

Speed ​​up YouTube videos with iMovie

Step 1 Drag video clips to the timeline and then select the video you want to speed up.

Step 2 Click on the speedometer icon to show the speed control. Select Fast or Slow from the Speed ​​drop-down list and then click the speed setting you want.

speed, videos, samsung

Step 3 An icon (rabbit or turtle) and speed slider will be displayed in the clip and at the top of the clip, respectively. Using the speed slider, you can adjust the speed: drag it to the right to slow down the video, or drag it to the left to speed up the video.

Note: Changing the speed of a video clip will affect the pitch. To keep the original audio, check the “Keep key” checkbox.

Step 4 Select the video range on the timeline. Hold down the R key on your keyboard and drag your cursor over the clip.

Step 5 Click the speedometer icon to bring up the speed control window. Then you can choose “Fast” or “Slow” to speed up or slow down the selected clip.

For more information about Video Converter Ultimate, you can take a look

How to Change YouTube Video Playback Speed: Speed ​​Up YouTube Videos

Conclusion: Want to change the playback speed of YouTube videos or speed up YouTube videos to get the best effect? This post shows you how to speed up YouTube video watching with YouTube Video Editor and directly increase YouTube playback speed.

You can often increase the playback speed to quickly skip boring parts while watching YouTube videos. Actually, you can easily speed up or slow down the playback of YouTube videos.

over, you can also change the video playback speed to get a special effect. Before Publishing Your YouTube Videos, Do You Know How to Speed ​​Up YouTube Videos?

This article offers two kinds of solutions. You can use YouTube Video Editor to speed up YouTube videos or with iMovie to speed up YouTube videos. Both video editing tools help you speed up YouTube videos without any hassle. So that you can make the best choice, we’ll show you how to speed up YouTube videos with both video editors. What’s more, you will find an efficient method to speed up YouTube videos directly.

Speed ​​up YouTube videos online

Step 1 Go to YouTube site and find the video you want to speed up.

Step 2 Click on the “Settings” icon and then click on “Speed”. Severn options are listed here, you can speed up or slow down YouTube videos according to your needs.

How to speed up YouTube videos

You can easily control the playback speed of YouTube videos in your browser. If you want to speed up YouTube video playback or slow down YouTube video, you can use the following method to get the job done.

How to Speed ​​Up YouTube Videos with YouTube Video Editor

YouTube Video Editor. a good choice if you want to speed up YouTube videos. This free online video editor has many useful editing features in addition to speeding up videos like adding music, adding text, etc.

Step 1 Add video clips at the time of project creation. To load video clips, drag and drop them onto the timeline directly in YouTube Video Editor.

Step 2 Highlight the video clip you want to edit and the Quick Fixes window will appear immediately. There are sliders with which you can adjust the video contrast and brightness levels accordingly, add slow motion and slow motion. To speed up YouTube videos, you need the Slow Motion option. Select the speed at which you want to accelerate.

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Step 3 The last step is to click on the “Publish” button so that all changes to slow down or speed up the video are saved on YouTube.

Speed ​​up YouTube videos on iPhone / iPad

Step 1 Unlock your iOS device and open the YouTube app. Find the video and play it.

Step 2 Click on the three-dot menu in the upper right corner.

Step 3 Select the playback speed of the YouTube video you want to set the video to.

Slow Motion Video Maker

Slow Motion Video Maker is a reliable assistant for a beginner video blogger. With its help, you can create slowmo, speed up, crop and crop video. Any kind of video is suitable for editing, whether they are recorded in HD or FullHD quality. The result can be saved to your phone, or sent to a social network.

Slow Motion Video FX

Slow Motion Video FX is a quality utility designed to speed up or slow down video. The program is completely free and does not take up much space in the smartphone’s memory. In the application, you can edit both prepared videos, and recorded right now. A nice feature is the ability to post the edited video to YouTube or Tik Tok.

Video slow motion

Video Slow Motion is a quality application that allows you to speed up and slow down your videos. It is also possible to record slow motion video directly from the program. In the reactor settings, you can select the speed and tempo of the video. The finished file can be sent to or Instagram. The program is completely free and contains almost no ads.


Effectum application is a real video editor that supports the processing of any clips recorded both through the program itself and through the smartphone camera. The software allows you to slow down, speed up, change the audio track, crop and crop video. The utility is designed for editing various clips, and in HD and FullHD quality. The finished result can be shared on social networks, or published on TikTok. It is also possible to save the file to the phone memory.

How to make a slow motion video

With the described kind of applications, you can slow down or speed up the video. In this example, we will look at how to make slowmo on Android using Efectum. Instructions:

Download and install Efectum from the Play Store. To do this, use the search by name.

Launch the application and select the desired effect on the main page. Click “Slow” to Slowmo.

If necessary, grant the application permission to access the device memory. Then select a video from the gallery or click on the camera-shaped icon to create a new one.

The video editor will open. If necessary, adjust the pink sliders, if you want to crop the video and click “Next”.

Move the slider to adjust the video speed. If you want to overlay slowmo on different parts of the video, use the pink sliders to select the desired area at the bottom of the screen. Then click “Next”.

Select the video quality (high, medium or low). Processing starts. When it ends, you can apply additional effects to the resulting video. Click “Finish” to save the video.

After that, click “Save to Gallery” to save the video in the device’s memory or tap on the icon of any social network for quick export.

You can also use other free apps from the Play Store to slow down your video. In general, they have approximately the same functionality and principle of operation, so there should be no problems when working with another editor.

Recently, slow-motion videos (slow-motion), which users social networks, have gained particular popularity. In a number of smartphones, this function is implemented in a standard camera, so in this case you only need to activate this mode. As practice shows, a small number of people have such phones, so the question of how to make a slow-motion video on Android always remains relevant. We offer to consider the top applications for creating slowmo, as well as instructions for working with them.

Time Lapse Applications


Efectum is a complete video editor for Android with which you can mount files from the gallery or recorded directly through the application. In addition to speeding up and slowing down the video, you can control the frame rate, change the audio track, trim clips. Efectum supports all popular video formats and HD quality. Finished files can be exported to social networks, saved in the device’s memory.

How to make slow motion video on Android

Thanks to the programs presented above, you can get an accelerated or slow-motion video. As an example, let’s take a look at how to make slowmo on Android using Slow Motion Video FX. First of all, go to Google Play and enter the name of the application in the search bar. Next, click on the “Install” button and wait for the download to finish.

Now click on “Start Slow Motion”. The system will offer to record a video right now, or select a ready-made file. As an example, consider editing a pre-created video, so click “Select Movie”.

After selecting the video, a window will appear on the screen asking you to specify the editing method. Advanced allows you to change the speed, but simple does not. For example, let’s choose “Simple”.

Now select the start and end frame, then click on the “Start” button. In the window that appears, mark the desired speed, and also, if desired, set filters and music. After we click “Start processing”.

When processing is completed, click on the “Share” button and select a social network to post the video. The finished video can be sent to Instagram, Tik Tok or YouTube.

How to make an accelerated video for Instagram on your phone

How to speed up videos on Instagram. A question of interest to users who want to reduce the length of the video, but save it Previously, this required multifunctional equipment, programs for PCs, etc. Now, to speed up the video, just install the application on your smartphone and use the option to add content to Instagram.


VidLab is a program with which you can create high-quality videos using many functions. Application functionality:

  • Adding animated text. It is possible to load additional filters.
  • Image combining function to create video collages.
  • Adding stickers, filters and various effects to diversify your content.
  • Create video stories from photos.
  • Audio files can be overdubbed.
  • Add a voice to your video.

To use all the functionality, just select the desired option and add it to the video.


Replay is a popular and demanded application among iOS device owners. The user can edit the material by adding small videos, images and music to the content. There are 24 styles available in the service library, each of which has unique features.

Examples of options that are available in the application:

  • Adding animated text.
  • Speed ​​up and slow down videos.
  • Add a black and white effect that resembles an old silent movie.

You can install the free version of the utility in the AppStore. The finished video material displays the program logo. To disable it, you need to purchase a paid version. Also, additional functions and filters will open to the user.

What programs are needed to speed up Instagram videos

In PlayMarket and AppStore, you can find many free and paid apps from different developers. Utilities allow not only to make video editing, but also to keep its resolution without loss of quality. In addition, it is recommended to use the stabilization function, which removes blur in sharp movements during shooting.


KineMaster is an analogue of the iMovie service for Android device users. The utility’s functionality allows you to trim and combine clips, add music, add effects and filters, adjust contrast, saturation, etc.

When editing a video, the program logo appears, which can be removed by paying a paid subscription for a month.

Filmmaker Pro

A functional, high-quality video editing program. Has a lot of interesting tools that will come in handy in your work.

Add a new project and a video to it. Click on the video below to open the control panel. Speedometer button. changes the playback speed.

  • No mandatory subscription
  • 4K resolution support
  • Volume editor
  • Effects
  • Color correction
  • Rotation
  • Pruning
  • Animation by Ken Burns
  • Reverse

How to Speed ​​Up Videos on iPhone: All Ways

You can speed up video on iPhone, make it play faster, using special applications on your phone.

You can find a huge variety of them in the App Store, we will choose the most convenient and effective ones. we will compose the TOP applications for speeding up video playback on iPhone.

In the previous post, we looked at how to slow down a video on an iPhone. Now we will analyze the best ways to speed up video on iPhone, which programs to choose for this.

  • Free distribution. no subscription
  • Mosaic
  • Adding text
  • Correction
  • Photo movement
  • Split screen
  • Frame-by-frame animation


Convenient and simple video editor with a nice interface. Includes many tools, filters and other features to help you create a quality video.

Click on the “Import” button and add the required video. Swipe the bottom toolbar to the left and click on the speed change icon, set the required parameters.

  • No mandatory subscription
  • Pruning
  • Gluing
  • Effects
  • Adding text
  • Correction
  • Adding a voice to a video
  • Stickers
  • Reverse
  • Turn
  • FLIP

VN video editor

A friendly interactive video editor that’s easy to learn. Has a number of interesting tools and functions that will be useful for creating high-quality clips.

After adding a new project and a video to it, click on the speedometer icon below to change the playback speed as you wish.

  • No mandatory subscription. free
  • Convenient interface
  • Special effects
  • Templates
  • Pruning
  • Fx
  • Filters


An application developed by Apple itself. It is free and includes many features you will need to edit your videos. Among them there is also an acceleration function.

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Add a new project and insert the required video. Click on it at the bottom to open the tool control panel. The speedometer icon changes the playback speed.

  • Free
  • Changing the playback speed
  • Volume editor
  • Adding text
  • Pruning
  • Creation of a trailer in entire films
  • Effects
  • Ready templates
  • Picture-in-picture mode

Video editor

A great video editor with tons of video tools. All menu items are immediately shown to the user, so it will not be possible to get confused in the control.

Click on the “Import” button and add a new video. To change the playback speed, click on the icon that says “Speed”. the application allows you to speed up up to 4 times.

  • No mandatory subscription
  • Filters
  • Rotation
  • Reverse
  • Volume
  • Emoticons
  • Adding Music
  • Overlay text

awesome programs to speed up / slow down videos on Mac or Windows

Is there any software to slow down or speed up videos?

When you are looking for a software program to slow down or speed up your video, your main concern should be whether it is easy to provide a good program that works well for your needs. Obviously, you will come across countless programs. to speed up the video. ready to serve you in the market. Some of them are quite effective, while others. not. Only for reasonable reasons can you make an informed choice.

Free Way to Speed ​​Up / Slow Down Videos in Windows Movie Maker

Slow motion is one of the many effects that Windows Movie Maker offers for video editing. It is a program that you will enjoy during your video editing task due to its user-friendly interface and high speed. It is economical on time and efficient enough to deliver the right results. The main reason you will be using the slow motion effect. either improve the look and quality of the video, or improve the presentation.

Import video files into the timeline of the editing program and this is where it all starts.

Select a video clip to edit.

In the editing panel just below the video tools icon, click speed to speed up or slow down the video as you want.


3 awesome programs to speed up / slow down videos on Mac or Windows

Best Software to Speed ​​Up / Slow Down Videos on Mac or Windows

Filmora Video Editor for Mac (or Filmora Video Editor for Windows) has a unique feature called “speed changer” which is the main secret for speeding up or slowing down videos. You will use it to control the length of your video with great ease to make fast motion video or slow motion video. Another most important feature that makes editing easier. this is the timeline where all editing takes place. Without it, you won’t be able to slow down or speed up your video with Filmora Video Editor.

Key Features of Filmora Video Editor:

How To Make Your Samsung Phone 2x Faster. Double the Speed!

  • The ability to produce high-quality videos, including video stabilization tools.
  • Lots of basic editing tools include changing video orientation and speed.
  • Comprehensive media library for easy project management.
  • Various special effects are also available, including split screen, green screen and shutdown functions.

Guide to Speed ​​Up Videos with Filmora Video Editor

Add media files to the program.

Drag and drop then paste the video file in the timeline and it will be successful for both single clip and multiple clips.

Select a clip and then right-click it to view editing options.

In the long list, select one to speed up or slow down the video and click on it.

The changes will be applied, after which you can save them.

How to slow down a video?

You can slow down the entire video or its segment by following the instructions above. In the third step, we chose the acceleration factor. If you want the opposite effect, set the slider to 1/2 1/2. This will slow down the movement in half. 1/4. to slow down the video by 4 times and, accordingly, 1/8. by 8 times.

This technique will look spectacular if you shoot birds, pets, sea waves, everything is limited only by your imagination.

How to speed up videos in Movavi Clips

To get started, download the latest version of the program from the Play Store using the link above or use the search. You can speed up the entire movie or the necessary fragments separately in the recording itself. Let’s take a closer look at the whole process.

  • After installing the application, launch it and add the video to the editor. To do this, click on the plus icon, then on the “Video” button.
  • Next, select the area that we want to accelerate using the “Timeline”. To do this, drag the markers at the edges of the scale to the part of the segment in the video that we want to speed up. After marking, click on the scissors icon at the bottom of the screen. In the same way we do with the end of the desired fragment.

Select the acceleration factor, add sound if necessary and click “Apply”

If you want to speed up the whole video. set the initial mark at the start of the video from 0 seconds, then mark the very end and repeat all the steps with changing the playback speed.

How to Speed ​​Up Videos on Android Phone. Step by Step Guide

If you are engaged in video blogging or post video reviews of stories on Instagram, a situation often arises when you need to speed up a video or a separate fragment of it shot on a smartphone. The video acceleration technique is used in several ways:

  • Fit a long entry in a short amount of time. For example, when showing a recipe for cooking, sports training, cleaning, etc.
  • To give the video a comic effect when the objects of shooting are animals or children, it looks especially interesting.

To speed up the video, an Android smartphone and any application for processing and editing video are suitable. We will walk you through the entire process using Movavi Clips as an example.

Adding Effects

With Movavi Clips, you can not only speed up videos on your Android phone in a couple of clicks, but also create more serious effects. The program supports the imposition of color filters, emoticons, stickers. If you want to merge several videos into one. there are built-in “Transition Effects”.

A transition effect is the smooth blending of two different videos into one piece. The technique is used for gluing when editing clips, stories, videos, so that everything would look in the same style and be pleasantly perceived visually.

As a result, you can add music to the finished video, add video to video, add captions or text.

In today’s article, we looked at how to speed up or slow down a video on an Android smartphone using Movavi Clips. All programs for processing and editing records have a similar interface and functionality. Having tried one, you can easily figure out any similar.

Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to this page if everything worked out following our step-by-step scheme. Today we talked about how to speed up an already captured video. On more modern smartphone models, there is a function to immediately shoot video in slow motion or fast motion through a standard camera without using third-party applications. If you are interested. write and we will write how easy it is to do.

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On Instagram

After completing these operations, the content can be saved and transferred to the Instagram page in the required amount. The required size is easy and simple to make, just load it into a standard editor and use the icon with a knife or scissors.

To do this, you should define the beginning and end of the video. Stop it and cut the unnecessary. In the editors, attention is paid to the option to stretch the line to the sides. This can be done with a simple movement of the fingers to the sides.

If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question

If you use more professional applications, you can make the speed even slower. To do this, you need to click on the icon with a pencil or the inscription Speed. Here you will get a high-speed playback mode at your own discretion. At the end of the operations, it remains to click on Finish.

It is possible to decorate the video with attractive options. It is allowed to use functions such as:

  • Eliminate background sound or music.
  • Using color filters.
  • Overlaying an image on a plot.
  • Adding stickers.
  • Mirroring video.
  • Zooms in on an area in a selected scene.
  • Adding a splash screen.

If you pay for a month of use, there will be much more opportunities. This is the optimal solution for making the content cooler and more viewable.

Video accelerator software for Android: on YouTube and Instagram

How to speed up video on Android is a question that interests smartphone owners and those who often use it to shoot videos and images. If one user has content executed in slow motion, another asks how to do it. The article presents the answers to this question, describes how such an operation is performed.

Download accelerated video

To solve the question of how to shoot an accelerated video for Instagram on a smartphone or how to download it, the following manipulations should be performed:

  • NewPipe application starts.
  • In the upper right part, you need to find the icon with three dots and click on it.
  • In the menu that drops out after that, you need to activate the Settings.
  • Goes to the tab with video and audio.
  • On the Player page, move the switches to the activity mode.
  • After completing such operations, you need to make sure that the toggle switch is next to the line for using the external player. It must be activated.
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After that, you need to find the content, download it and click on Play on Android. In order not to repeat this situation all the time, you should click on the Always use line. Thanks to this, the program will quickly skip videos with rich potential for high-speed playback. You can get it for free.

How to find out your video accelerator?

If you need to choose software for adjusting the speed of material, you should study everything that is presented on the network. Users are provided with many tools and equipment that are not cheap. A similar function in a more convenient version became available through special offers and new products and a social network.

By choosing and using the program, a person will achieve the effect of a clear picture after shooting. If you make the right choice, you can speed up a video in 45 seconds by 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 times.

Such an operation will be indispensable regardless of who and what kind of movement is doing in the picture. running, jumping or moving measuredly. Any situation is allowed to be filmed, watched and, in two minutes, converted into fast and information-rich materials.

The result of such an accelerated version is the saving of content on the phone, in the section with images. If you wish, you can send a video or a moving picture to your Instagram account.

How to take an accelerated video?

You cannot shoot an initially accelerated video on YouTube. You can speed up the filmed material by installing the program on your computer. This must be time-lapse content.

The implementation of these manipulations will not present any difficulties for the user. The built-in acceleration parameters must be taken into account. For example, from a material whose time is 2 minutes with correctly set settings, you can get the video that is supposed to be for stories. After this operation, the content can be uploaded to the social network gallery and from there moved to the social network profile on the device.

On youtube

If you are using a clip on a card or if there are previously saved videos, the software will automatically display them for later selection. Subsequent operations can be performed without exiting the editor.

After that, you need to tap on the selected content and start tracking temporary changes. Along with these parameters, you can make changes in such indicators as:

After making the settings, you can share content through the icon

to with a film, adjust through a gear, prohibit Комментарии и мнения владельцев through Play.

# 2: CellSea

CellSea. is an instant online video editor and converter. You do not need any download where you can easily download viruses to your computer system. This is useful if you have a large video file that does not fit well on your device. Acceleration. the main editing function that this site performs. CellSea supports file formats such as MOV, AVI and FLV among many others.

  • Publishing. best advantage of using this site. You will be able to share with your friends the joy of the finished video with close friends.
  • You may not like this site as it severely limits the size of editable videos.

# 1: Lunapic

Lunapic has recently been updated to be more user-friendly. It supports various file formats such as MOV, WMV, FLV and ASF, and the maximum allowed file size. 50 MB. You will love image functions such as resizing, effects, sorting, resizing and cropping.

  • The greatest advantage of this site. its ease of use. The interface is incredibly intuitive. video files are easy to download and publish.
  • While the interface is not bad, its old-fashioned look can be a disadvantage for many users. As a result, there can be many restrictions when using.

Top 5 Ways to Speed ​​Up Videos Online

Can I speed up any video without downloading a program for this?

Yes, you can easily slow down or speed up your video online without downloading any software. This is possible with trusted sites like ezgif, mp3care or clipchamp, which are known for offering video editing services. You can choose any tool to change the speed of the video online according to your needs. In this article, we will help you choose the 5 best tools to increase the speed of videos online.

Best desktop PC software to speed up video files

Filmora Video Editor for Windows (or Filmora Video Editor for Mac). it is the best video editor for desktop PC with which you can speed up or slow down your videos easily. It helps you slow down video speed for slow motion effect or speed up videos with ease. You can use simplified mode or full-featured mode to create your own movie. Before you tell in detail how to speed up video online, you can learn about some of the program’s functions:

The main features of Filmora Video Editor:

5 Ways To SPEED Up Your Samsung. Quicker, Faster & Stronger

  • The ability to create high-quality videos using video stabilization tools.
  • Lots of basic editing tools including video rotation and video speed change.
  • Extensive library for easy project management.
  • Various special effects including split screen, chroma key and face swap are also available.

# 4: WeVideo

WeVideo is loved by millions of video bloggers who use its free services every day. it has become very popular for its ease of use, powerful editing tools, cross-platform compatibility, and its ability to save to the cloud. WeVideo. this is a site to be used anywhere, anywhere on earth, anytime.

  • The biggest advantage. automatic saving to the cloud, as well as the presence of many functions. This site supports both video and photo.
  • Despite the advantages, the site has an inconvenient interface, which can make editing quite problematic.

Video acceleration

To accelerate video online, select the file you need to accelerate. When you right click on it, the editing tools will appear. You need to choose the one that accelerates the video and use it.

Add video to the program

Add files to the editor program. Drag the files you will be editing to the timeline of the program. Arrange several files in the right order so as not to get confused.

Top 5 Popular Sites to Increase Video Speed ​​Online for Free

Among the sites you visit, there are those that allow you to use the services for free and those that charge you to edit your videos. The five sites below are very popular and you will love the free video editing services. such as changing the speed of a video online.

Accelerated video viewing on the site

Hi friends! I, like all Internet users, love to watch videos with useful training or informational content. But many videos are long, and the authors are not very quick to tell in their videos. Sometimes you watch such a video and practically fall asleep, that would add to the tempo of such a video. Today I will share with you an advice on how to speed up video viewing on the Internet using a browser.

Accelerated playback of videos on the Internet

On YouTube it is possible to change the speed of video playback within various limits, both in the direction of slowing down and in the direction of acceleration. This is a very convenient feature, it saves time without compromising the perceived information. For any video, you can choose the speed at which the voice-over will be intelligible. But this is all great for YouTube. But for other video hosting sites, such an opportunity may not be provided.

For example vimeo. It just so happened that many interesting video tutorials, webinars are posted by the authors on vimeo. Their duration can be more than an hour and in order to remember some moment of the lesson you need to revise it again, which is quite inconvenient. I myself do not understand why the idea of ​​using a browser extension did not come to me right away. But this is a very convenient thing. this plugin is called Video Speed ​​Controller.

Changing the video speed in the browser

This extension is definitely there for browsers Firefox, Chrome, Yandex. For others, I don’t know, if you are aware, share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. So, I’ll tell you a little about this extension.

Let’s look at an example of installation in Google Chrome. We select the item Settings and management of Google Chrome. Additional tools. Extensions. On the page that opens, go to the very bottom and click the extensions link (see the picture).

After installation, you will see a pop-up message to activate the extension.

By clicking on this button, you can enter the settings menu of this add-on. The picture below shows what actions will take place while watching the video, when you press the corresponding letters on the English layout. You can set your own symbols if the proposed option does not suit you. After changing the settings, do not forget to save them by clicking the Save button.

Now go to any video hosting and start video playback. In the upper left corner, on a semi-transparent background, the current playback speed will be displayed in a rectangle. Click on it and a panel with control buttons will open.

In such a simple way, you can watch training videos, lectures, webinars. By reducing the speed of the video, you can outline important information, and by increasing it. quickly recall previously viewed information. Friends, this is a really useful extension. Tell your friends, share information on social networks.

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