How To Speed Up iPad Air 2

How To Speed Up iPad Air 2

Any brakes can really ruin the experience of working with an iPhone or iPad, and one of the most unpleasant cases like this is when the Safari browser starts to slow down. Alas, this happens: regardless of the “severity” of the loaded web page, the browser starts to lag with scrolling, freezes during loading, and some users of iOS 8 had a problem, even “hung” tightly.

However, this situation, although unpleasant, is not hopeless. If it’s not the page you are loading, but the browser itself, there are a couple of simple tricks that can significantly speed up Safari.

As usual, I’m far from thinking that for UiP readers all of the following is such a revelation. Surely many users are familiar with these methods and put them into practice. But there are those who are not in the know. Or in the know, but have forgotten; they are designed for this material.

Reception One: Clearing Saved Data.

The operation of any web browser is associated with the storage of certain data on the device, and Safari is no exception. First of all, we are talking about cookies and browsing history; with active web surfing, such data can accumulate quite a lot, and memory clutter has never improved performance.

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The situation can be corrected in the following way.

1. Open the settings, select Safari.

2. Tap “Clear history and site data”.

3. Tap “Clear” again, confirming that the action.

The window disappears, the inscription “Clear site history and data” turns gray. Profit Done.

One of the side effects of this procedure is the closure of all authentication sessions. In other words, if you were constantly logged in to some site, you will have to log in again. However, this usually does not constitute a problem. Especially considering that access to social networks and Internet services is often more convenient not through a browser, but through specialized applications.

Reception two: disabling JavaScript

Javascript is used for various interactive elements on websites. This is the language that most programs written directly in the browser window are written in: autocomplete scripts, content filtering, etc. All this extends the capabilities of the browser, but the slowdown may be the board.

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So, if the previous procedure did not help, you should try disabling JavaScript:

1. In the same Settings, under Safari, tap on “Add-ons”.

2. Turn off the JavaScript item in the menu that opens.

This solution is also not without side effects: some elements on websites may not work correctly. At the same time, most of the time, JavaScript that is turned off does not interfere with web surfing, and if necessary, you can quickly turn it back on.

Did these tips help you? Or not? Share your experience in the comments!

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