How to speed dial on your phone

How to speed dial on your phone. How to set up speed dial on Android

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The speed dial feature is not as popular today as it was in the days of push-button phones. Modern smartphones Fly are characterized by speed and simple and clear phone book. That’s why many users don’t ask themselves how to speed dial on Fly.

However, in some cases, this option is necessary. Well, let’s figure out how to use it on new and not-so-new phones.

There are several ways to set a speed dial for your contacts.

Quick dialing in the form of a “Favorites” section

Some devices do not have speed dial as such. Instead, their app “Contacts ” is equipped with a similar section “Favorites “. In particular, you can see this when using a Nexus 4 smartphone. This section requires the simplest steps to add contacts:

Step 1. Go to the app “Phone “.

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Step 2. Visit the tab “Contacts “.

Step 3. Tap on the contact you wish to add to “Speed dialing “.

Step 4. Click on asterisk. which is in the top right corner. It was empty, but now appears full. This means that you’ve done everything you need to do.

Step 5. Go back to “Speed dial “To make sure that the selected contact is included in this section.

Step 6. The contact is removed from “Speed dial ” in the same way. You need to click on the star again.

Speed dialing on Android can be implemented in different ways. But in any case it helps to reduce the time required to dial the number of certain contacts, so we recommend you to use this function regularly!

Surely every owner of a mobile device has contacts (relatives, friends, colleagues) who need to call more often than other subscribers. And of course it would be very convenient to have an accelerated access to the required number, literally in one or two taps.

How to set up speed dialing on Android, is it possible?? Yes, this feature is in the phone itself, you can also install a third-party utility that can perform this task.

With the help of standard tools

How to perform this operation, we will consider the example of Samsung Galaxy. Here we need to explain that on some Android devices the number of numbers, which can be added to the speed dial can be limited, and the names of keys or actions can differ from those described in the instructions, but by definition it will be easy to determine what it looks like on your gadget.

So, press the icon “Contacts” (can be “Phonebook”), or the keyboard to dial the number and press the button to call the context menu (in the second fragment of the screenshot, it is three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the display. On some models this may be the “Settings” button on the bottom left of the screen). From the action list that opens, select “Speed Dial”.

A speed dial window opens with voice mail as the default number. Press the desired digit, starting with number 2, and the list of contacts will open. Select the desired one, and if your device requires confirmation of the action (the “yes” button, “ok” or whatever), press. In this case, information about how to use the speed dial function will open, and at the bottom, with the “Yes” button you need to confirm the selected action:

Using third-party applications

To ensure quick and comfortable access to your contacts we can use the special utilities, which in the same Google play more than enough.

Conventionally, they can be divided into three groups, these are:

For their work we need Bluetooth.headset. How it works: We install the utility, we say the name or number of the contact to be called, and the program calls and connects the caller. You can also use a voice command to send an SMS message, search for something, activate a program, and even find out the current time without taking your phone out of your You’ll agree that this is very handy, especially when you’re driving or for other reasons when you can’t reach your phone.

One example is the free VoiceButton application. information about the work of the program can be found by watching

The second group for speed dialing. are programs. widgets, which are used to create small icons on the desktop of your smartphone with photos of contacts. Just select the label with the photo of the subscriber, whose number you want to call, and the connection will be made.

Take a look at a short promo that introduces one of such utilities with a simple name “Contacts widget”:

The third group in this line are applications similar to the standard phonebook. As a rule, the main functions of such utilities are quick search and dialing.

We want to introduce you one of those applications. Multidialer. It is an Android 5 (Lollipop) style ringer that offers a nice and thoughtful interface, various themes and a pretty big set of tools that you can learn more about in the following video:

That’s all we wanted to tell you in this material. Now you know how to install speed dial on Android, stay tuned, good luck!

Speed dialing is not as popular today as it was in the days of pushbutton phones. Modern smartphones Fly are characterized by speed and a simple and clear phone book. Therefore, many users do not wonder how to make a speed dial on the Fly.

However, in some cases this option is necessary. Well, let’s figure out how to use it in new and not very phones.

There are several ways to set a speed dial for your contacts.

The most common speed dial option

Most often, the manufacturer of the smartphone offers to use the virtual keyboard, which serves to dial. Its keys with digits can be responsible for calling specific contacts. All that remains is to assign certain keys to the contacts. Let’s look at how to do it.

Step 1. Go to the pre-installed application “Phone “.

Step 2. Go to the tab “Contacts “.

Step 3. Click on the vertical triplet, located to the right of the search bar.

Step 4. Tap on “Speed dial “.

Step 5. You will get to the window where you can set the speed dial. By default, the number 1 is assigned to listen to voicemail, and usually this item cannot be changed. But the digits from 2 to 9 are free. over, sometimes the manufacturer of the smartphone allows you to assign callers to more complex combinations. for example, 27 or 49.

Step 6. Assign calls to contacts to the keys you need. To do this, select a number in the left column, and in the right one start typing the name of the subscriber. If a contact has multiple numbers, you will be prompted to select one of them. You may also choose not to input the name, just click on the “Contacts “Then you will be redirected to the appropriate section where you only have to select the contact.

Step 7. You can remove a contact from the speed dial by clicking on the “minus “.

This example is based on a smartphone manufactured by. On other phones your steps may be slightly different.

Method. Built-in Speed Dial

First, check if your phone supports speed dialing. It is very simple. Launch the Phone app using the dial screen, then tap the select button to bring up a context menu with settings.

Depending on your device, this button may be in different locations. Locate the button with three dots or three strokes in the upper right or lower right corner. Using the context menu, select the “Setup” option.

The “Phone” function settings in your device will appear. Check to see if “Speed Dial” is listed. if so, tap it. The settings screen for this feature will appear, such as a grid with numbers from 1 to 9. You can now assign all the buttons you select to the selected contact, just tap the number and specify the contact.

To use speed dial, simply launch the Phone app with the number selection screen, then simply hold down the appropriate number. Holding it for a moment, the contact will be made to the contact we assigned to the button.

Samsung Galaxy (TouchWiz)

For your Samsung Galaxy, you can follow the same way, just press the number and hold it down. But there is another way.

Open the “Phone” app, then press the “Menu” key. it’s usually under the screen. A menu will appear, in it select “Speed dial”.

Next, you’ll see such an interesting graphic:

As you have already guessed, to specify the subscriber you need to click on the desired number, after which you will get to the section with contacts.

tap on the contact and it will automatically be attached to the number you have chosen before.

As you see, nothing complicated, and it is not necessary to use any third-party application.

How to add a number to speed dial on your Android phone

Depending on the phone model, the principle of adding a contact to the speed dial is different. However, the difference is usually noticeable in the appearance and the name of the tabs. Regarding the sequence of operations, it is difficult to notice a significant difference.

Through the built-in “Phone”

On each smartphone there is a preinstalled application that is responsible for making calls. It almost always has an option to add a specific number to the speed dial. We suggest looking at the general instructions, which are suitable for most modern devices:

  • Open the “Phone” program.
  • Wait until the keyboard with digits appears on the screen. Press and hold your finger on required number until additional window appears.
  • The system prompts you to assign a speed dial number to the selected key. We click on the key “Yes” or “Ok”.
  • Select the desired number from the list of contacts or from recently made calls.

There is also another option. To begin with you need to run the program through which you usually make calls. And then you have to follow a simple instruction:

  • Open the advanced menu by clicking the three vertical bars icon.
  • Go to “Advanced settings” or go straight to “Speed dial” tab. Again it all depends on the installed firmware and Android version.

When the desired section is open, you can proceed to configuring the dialing. The principle of action is simple and does not require a detailed explanation:

By the way, to unlink the number from a particular key, you need to hold it, and then in the window that appears, select “Delete”.

Similar instructions are suitable for smartphones running Android 7, 8, 9, 10 and below. When configuring the function it is desirable to be attentive and cautious so as not to accidentally confuse the numbers.

Through third-party applications

Quite often the built-in program, which is responsible for making calls, has a very modest functionality. Then you can install a third-party application that has a nicer design and many useful tools. One such tool is Simpler, which has received high praise and a lot of positive feedback on Google Play. Let’s install the program and then do the initial setup.

If the speed dial does not work correctly

If speed dialing does not work correctly, it may indicate that the phone does not support the function or it may have a particular virus. It is worth trying to reset the phone first. If after that the function does not work properly, it is worth applying a factory reset. You can see more details about this process in this video

Please note! Reset should be performed only if you are confident that the function on the device should work.

If even after adjustment the speed dial does not work, you can try to contact the repair service, where the cause will be detected and eliminated.

Worked in the mobile phone shops of two major carriers for several years. I understand the tariffs and see the pitfalls. I love gadgets, especially on Android.

Better to use the phone’s built-in features or speed dial applications?

It depends on capabilities. If the user has a built-in feature in advance, it makes no sense to use apps as they will take up a lot of space. Apps are only needed when you can’t install built-in settings.

Yes. If the user does not make multiple calls per day to the same person, there is no need to install it.

Whether or not this feature is available on the iPhone?

Yes, it is present, but the iPhone has its own specific settings, which are different from the settings on the Android system.

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How to install speed dial on Android

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Android is an operating system developed by Google for use with a number of smartphones. Using speed dial may seem a little outdated, but still plenty of people still use this feature. Speed dialing allows you to call a saved contact in just a few taps, which is much easier than searching for the right number every time. Setting it up in Android is quick and easy.

Open the dialer. Dialing is the numeric keypad where you dial a number to call someone. It is indicated by an icon with an image of a phone and is usually located on the bottom left of the Android device’s home screen.

Click on the menu. The menu is indicated by three vertically placed dots in the upper right corner of the dialer. After tapping this button, a drop-down menu will open.

Select “Add.”The Add icon looks like a plus sign and will be located in the upper right corner of the screen. After tapping it, a list of all the contacts saved on your device opens.

Select the desired phone number. You can assign multiple phone numbers to some contacts. By clicking in the field below the phone number, select the one you want to use for speed dialing.

Select the number you want to speed dial. Select which digit you want to use (1-9) for this phone number. You can only use these digits for speed dialing. Click on the field below the Location line and select one of the available numbers from the list from 1 to 9.

Press “Done.” On some Android devices, the button may contain the text “Save” instead of “Done.

Check the speed dial. To make sure everything was done correctly, check if the desired number is in the speed dial list. If it’s missing, repeat the procedure again.

Use speed dial. Go back to dialing, then press and hold the desired digit (1-9) to automatically dial the number set on that speed dial digit.