How to Snap a Qiwi Wallet to a Phone

How to Snap a Qiwi Wallet to a Phone

At the moment, all the greater number of transactions is online, since people have reasonably valued online banking, allowing them to pay for purchases, transferring money to online cards, without any problems, and there’s no need to pay them a lot. Help and not an hour for pochid to an ATM or terminal. Soundly, for the wickedness of the demand, pay the song list of commissions, but here you can manage to manage “little blood”, as soon as possible, please consult with your mind and give up electronic gambling of the most popular payment systems, leather with some small plus and minus. In case of statute mi rozpovіmo, as ya vp’yazati gamanets payment system Yandex.Money i Qiwi to Webmoney.

Link Yandex.Money to Webmoney

Otzhe, schob priv’yazati gamanets Yandex.Money, is necessary:

  1. Otrimati in the Center attestation special certificate Webmoney system, rivnya: formal. All in all, a kind of personal data by the operator (you can also issue your own personal certificate to remove additional passages). For the whole, you need to get started on the site of scanning your passport with a photograph, as well as a visitor and a date. On account of that, as you can secure the documents, the next time you finish the change, please;
  2. Shchob do not spend an hour, at once with this, it is necessary to go through the identity of Yandex.Money. Curly labor procedure, especially for non-residents of the Russian Federation. To pass through the online mode is not bad at all, but more specifically, it’s less time, that’s my credit to the territory of the Russian Federation. You can submit a fee on the website of the Credit Institution Bureau for 90 rubles and choose to allow the status of your electronic partnership to: Identify. In all of the other VIPs, there must be a special attendance at the office, or the transfer of documents through partners, assigned to the Yandex penny website;
  3. You must log in to vibrati on the website Servіs of binding rakhunkіv “Electronic Hammering Systems” Yandex money;
  4. In the dialog box, enter the gamant number in Webmoney and the number in the poison. Pislya push buttons “Productivity” a code is displayed on the screen, which is necessary to copy;
  5. Turn to the site of the URL and enter the block in the lower lower screen “Process incomplete”. Feel stronger “Webmoney Haman binding” і pіdtverіt priv’yazk at vіknі skopіyovanih code;
  6. Transfer, schob in the rose “Payments Systems” Poison i “My ryahunki, paintings” Webmoney appeared to be in the form of a panel of electronic money pennies.

Qiwi-Haman i Webmoney

On the other hand, the Qiwi bindings to WM are similar to the front instructions:

  1. WM system vimaga є reassurance of the certificate is not lower than the formal one, in addition, a mobile phone, for some registrations Qiwi-Haman is guilty of signing up with a phone number, we will enter WM;
  2. It’s a good idea to go to the Servіs priv’yazki rakhunkіv і in rozdіlі “Electronic Hammering Systems” know Qiwi;
  3. Have a look at the up-to-date data: R-gamant number, dialed to deducted pay systems, total limit, phone number, before any Qiwi-haman;
  4. Please give me an offer to give you an activation code. Go to the Qiwi website and log in. At the rose “Robot with rachonah” activate item “New Rahunok” i push button “Privat”. At vіknі, fill in the data: R-gamantz number WM, Рівзивще, Ім’я, По batкові, Passport number, Termіn limit, Limit;
  5. Please confirm and follow the instructions given. Log in “My ryahunki, paintings” I know the Qiwi-gamantz panel. Natisit button “Pidvertverity”. Enter the code, denying it in the folder, folder and complete the procedure for binding to the buttons “Pidvertverity”.