How to Snap a Lukoil Map to a Phone

In fact, everything is simple, you can register a Lukoil card on the official website of the company, the conditions of participation, privileges and other useful information are also written there. Registering a Likard card is a process consisting of several stages, which will be discussed later. We will examine in detail the website and register a Lukoil card, the nuances and important issues associated with this.

What does the Lukoil card give?

The card, and the entire loyalty program as a whole, provides customers with a number of advantages, for example:

How to get a discount card Lukoil Club?. Where to get a Lukoil card?. Why do I need to register a card?

This is necessary in order to put the plastic “on record”, that is, to manage it using a personal account in a browser or mobile application. There you can:

  • view the number of points and recent operations;
  • get help;
  • Get the latest company news and promotions.

Another important point. without registering in your account you will not be able to write off points, they will accumulate, but operations with them are impossible without creating an account in the user account. If you do not register for a long time, the points can be reset to zero, it is better to do this soon after receiving the card.

How to register a Lukoil card for individuals?

Consider all possible ways:

We register on the official website of the company

Registration of the Lukoil Likard card for individuals is carried out through the official website of the fuel company

  1. Follow the link to the registration page.
  2. The program member registration page will open.
    How to Snap a Lukoil Map to a Phone
  3. All fields of the registration form should be completed, you will need to indicate: card number, personal data, passport data, correspondence address.
  4. Accept the terms of the program by checking the corresponding box.
  5. Click “Get confirmation code”, for this a phone number should be indicated in a special field.
  6. The phone will receive an SMS with a code that should be indicated in the corresponding field. Then the registration will end.

How to register a Lukoil card through the Gas Station Locator application

Another way to register a Lukoil Likard card for individuals is to use the official “Gas Station Locator” application:

  1. Download the Lukoil Locator gas station for your operating system from the Play Market or the App Store.
  2. Run it.
  3. Click on the inscription: “Club Lukoil”.
  4. Open the Help section.
  5. Click on the “Register a card” button.
  6. Fill out the registration form, indicating all the required data.
  7. Accept the terms of participation by setting the checkbox in the required field.
  8. Click the “Accept” button.
  9. Finger click on “Register”.
  10. The system will automatically send an SMS number to the form indicated in the questionnaire with the generated code to confirm registration.
  11. Enter the numbers in the appropriate field and click the button with the message “Confirm Registration”.
  12. The phone will receive SMS again, there will be a password for authorization in the user account.
  13. Enter the card number and code, then click on “Confirm”. Registration completed.

Register a card with a gas station employee

To do this, contact the gas station employee where you want to get the card, then:

  1. Get her.
  2. Fill out the form, where to indicate personal and passport data.
  3. Give the questionnaire to the employee to complete the registration.

Within a day, a code will be sent to the phone number, it must be indicated in the terminal at the gas station, after which the registration process will be completed.

If the terminal does not work, tell the code to the gas station employee and show him the card. He will complete the registration, and you will become a full member of the Lukoil club.

By phone. Registration of Lukoil card for legal entities

To receive the card, the legal entity must come to the Lukoil office and write a statement, a sample of which will be issued to him. Another option is to leave an online application on the site.

Next, you need to come to the office, employees will offer to conclude an agreement, where all the nuances will be spelled out. Registration in your account is as follows:

  1. An email with a link will be sent to the customer’s email address.
  2. You need to open it and in the window that appears specify the password (it should be thought up).
  3. Follow the link and log in using your data specified during registration: email address and password.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions. What should I do if I can’t get in my personal account?

If you can’t log in to your personal account where you are registered, due to the fact that you lost your login, password or all together, a data recovery system is provided on the site:

  1. On the authorization page, click on the inscription “I can not log in.”
  2. Indicate the card number (you can see it on the card itself), enter the verification code.
  3. Click the Continue button.
  4. Enter the code that will be sent to the phone.
  5. Enter the new password twice.
  6. Click the Submit button.

Now you can log in using your card number and a new secret code.

How to restore the Lukoil card in case of loss?

If the card is lost or damaged, it can be restored. Let’s take a closer look at what to do if I lost the Lukoil card:

Here’s what to do if you lost your Lukoil card and how to recover it.

Note that the easiest way to check the balance of Lukoil cards is through your personal account or application, through which you can do this in a matter of seconds.

How to block a Lukoil card?

To do this, call the operator and tell the reason why you need to block a registered card: loss or theft.

How to tie the Lukoil card to the phone?

This is done automatically after registration in your account. When creating an account, you should indicate the phone number, it will be attached to the card.

When filling out the questionnaire, the operator also indicates the number at the gas station, it is tied to a specific card number.

How to untie a Lukoil card from a phone number?

If you need to attach a new phone number to a card, you should call support and ask for changes to the data of the registered card. You will need to go through identification, that is, provide personal data so that the employees make sure that you are exactly the owner of the card.

At the gas station, use the terminal or contact a Lukoil gas station employee.

Lycard Hotline Phone

The Likard Lukoil hotline allows you to contact support at any time to resolve any issues with the card. The hotline number of the Lukoil card is 8 800 1000 911.

Types of club cards and their features

Lukoil gives out several types of cards to the loyalty program participants, we will consider each of them.

Lukoil. Discovery. Rapida. Lukoil. Lukoil. Petrocommerce. Lukoil. Rosgosstrakh. Uralsib. Lukoil. Virtual map of Lukoil

The program is an analogue of a plastic card. It can be installed on a mobile device running Android version above 4.4 with support for NFC contactless payment technology.

All control of the card is carried out through the program “Gas Station Locator”. The Luka virtual card is identical to its plastic counterpart and through the program you can perform absolutely all operations as with a regular plastic card.