How to Snap a Card to a Phone Over the Internet

When applying for a new plastic card, employees, with the consent of the client, immediately connect to the Mobile Bank. Therefore, users do not even know how to attach a Sberbank card to the phone. Such a question arises when a person changes his mobile operator or mobile number.

How to Snap a Card to a Phone Over the Internet

To bind means to activate the Mobile Bank service. The service is offered at two rates: free ECONOMY or paid FULL (monthly fee 30-60 rubles per month). In the office, the manager connects. But if the phone number has changed, then you can independently connect the service.

Up to 8 accounts can be connected to one telephone. If a paid tariff is selected, then a monthly fee will be charged every month.

How to attach a card to another phone number

If there is a need, you can contact the branch of Sberbank, do it yourself at the ATM, or ask for help at the round-the-clock customer support service. Your goal is to connect a mobile bank. Choose a tariff depending on your needs.

  1. If you rarely use plastic, are afraid or do not know how to work with the Internet, do not understand equipment and hardware (self-service terminals), connect the free ECONOMY package.
  2. If you often use plastic, the flow of funds is regular, choose the FULL tariff to remotely control your accounts. Subscription fee. 30 or 60 rubles.

How to attach a phone number to a card through the office of Sberbank

Calling for help at the ward is a reliable way. Present your passport and plastic. You should have a mobile phone with you. Two options:

  1. Contact the manager. You will be asked to fill out a request for a mobile bank connection. After processing the application, the service will begin to work. It takes 1 day.
  2. Contact a consultant in the waiting room. They will help to connect the service through the self-service terminal.

How to attach a card to a phone through an ATM

If you used to deal with terminals and ATMs, figuring out how to connect a mobile bank will be easy.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Find a terminal that supports the desired function. It is not available at all terminals. It is better to look for the necessary device in large departments or at points with several Sberra terminals.
  2. Insert the plastic and dial the pin code.
  3. On the screen in the main menu, select “Connect Mobile Bank”. If you don’t see the desired section in the main menu, look under “Information and services” (the menu is different).
  4. Further it will be offered to choose the ECONOMIC or FULL tariff. We choose.
  5. In the next step, enter the mobile number.
  6. Confirm the operation.

An SMS notification about the activation of the Mobile Bank service will come.

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  • instruction
  • ? To bind the card to the phone, you must have activated the service “Mobile Bank”.

    ? If you are registered with Sberbank Online, then the mobile bank is already connected.

    ? To check if the service is connected “Mobile Bank”send SMS to number 900 with text “reference”.

    ? You can activate the mobile bank service at a Sberbank ATM, at a bank branch, register in your Sberbank Online account and call 8-800-555-55-50.

    ? Attach the second number to the card will not work.

    ? You can change an already linked number through an ATM or at a bank branch.

    There are 2 types of mobile bank:

    1. ? Full;
    2. ? Economy

    Let’s look at how to attach a Sberbank card to a phone, is it possible to change the phone or attach a second one.

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    Connection Methods

    Let’s look at several ways to attach a phone number to a Sberbank card.
    At the time of receiving the plastic, the employee of the client room of the bank will offer to connect all of the above services. This is absolutely free and pretty fast.

    If you didn’t do this upon receipt of the card, then this procedure can be carried out independently by going to the self-service device and selecting the desired menu option. It is necessary:

    1. After you entered the card into the terminal receiver and dialed a pin, follow the convenient navigation on the screen.
    2. In the menu that opens on the device’s monitor, select “Mobile Bank”, then “Connect”, then select the “full” service package and enter the number to connect the service.
    3. Next, you will receive a message from number 900 confirming the correct connection.

    In the process of using, from this number messages about operations with the account will be received. It will be possible to send commands to it. Requests in order to independently check the balance or perform a series of operations. To find out what requests to send for a particular operation, you need to send a message with the word “Help” to 900. A list of commands will come back.

    By the way, if there is a question about how to find out if a Sberbank card is linked to a mobile number, then you just need to send a help word from the mobile number 900 and then “5”. In response, you will receive a message with a list of cards tied to this phone. You can attach several debit and credit cards from Sberbank to one number.

    Another way to connect the phone to the card is to call Sberbank (phone: 8-800-555-55-50). In order to connect the telephone number to the plastic, you will need to wait for the response of the operator, dictate to him all the necessary information:

    • Full last name, first name and patronymic;
    • Plastic number (on its front side);
    • The codeword;
    • Passport data;
    • Mobile number.

    Only these methods can be used to connect the phone to plastic. And there is no way to tie a Sberbank card to your phone via the Internet. Sberbank canceled this function to increase the security level of client accounts.

    How to change number

    The important point is that several cards can be attached to a number, but any card can be assigned to only one number. If you are wondering how to attach a second phone number to a Sberbank card, then there will be no answer to it.

    But you can change the originally connected number to another. What is needed for this and how to attach the new number to the card of Sberbank, we will consider further step by step.

    1. First you need to disable the service from the previous number. This can be done at the operator’s office or on their own through the remote service device by selecting the “Disable” item in the “Mobile Bank” tab.
    2. And now you need to redo the entire procedure for activating the service to a new number. The steps are described above. There is no other way to tie a card to another phone number.

    User accounts of different systems are intertwined for greater mobility and empowerment of customers. An example is linking bank accounts to a cell number. This operation is done in many ways. In the article we will tell several of them, including the method of how to attach a Sberbank card to a phone via the Internet.

    Mobile Bank

    Working with a card account by sending phone commands to Sberbank is called Mobile Bank. To connect the service you will need to contact a specialist in the department and document your intentions. The client will be provided with a template application form and will be asked to indicate the cards that he wants to activate for operations within this service.

    The manager will need to provide a passport and numbers of connected plastic cards. The application also indicates the phone number of the account holder. The specialist will independently bind the cell to the card. There are no additional fees for connecting the service.

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    ATM linking

    Clients can even connect the card to a mobile phone through self-service machines. To do this, you need to insert a card in a terminal or ATM and select “Mobile Bank” in the menu. After that, you will need to choose one of the service tariffs. After a short time, from one to several hours, a message will be sent to the phone about the successful binding to the card.

    Only one mobile phone can be linked to one card. However, on one mobile phone, customers can tie up to eight bank plastic cards.

    Sberbank Online

    After installing the Mobile Bank service, you can bind the card and phone via the Internet yourself. To do this, you need to connect Sberbank Online. On the official website of Sberbank in the upper left corner there is a link to register or enter the service.

    The user must enter the phone number and plastic numbers in the installed windows. Then, the binding to the cellular is confirmed via SMS, and customers come up with a password with a login to enter their personal account. Now it will be available to manage accounts via the Internet.

    Change Binding Data

    If for some reason a bank client does not want to use the old phone number or has lost access to it, we will tell you how to attach another number to the Sberbank card. To do this, you need to contact the bank office and re-sign the application for changing details.

    To do this, insert the card and select the item with the service disabled. After receiving a confirmation SMS from the bank, you can reconnect the service with the updated phone number. The procedure is performed in a standard way.

    Information about the Mobile Bank service

    In the Sberbank Online account, users can find out which number the Sberbank card is attached to.

    To do this, you need to enter the “Mobile Banking” link in the main menu, then click on “Connection Details”. The page displays all the information on this service.

    As a rule, when a user draws up a plastic card at Sberbank, he is immediately invited to attach it to his mobile number. Such an operation helps to manage your own money much faster and easier. In addition, the Mobile Bank application helps control your own money, as well as track all transactions performed by saving checks and receipts in a special section. You can always receive notifications about where your funds went or alerts about their arrival.

    What can binding to the phone give?

    A function such as Sberbank Online has been around for quite some time, but its functionality is gradually increasing and expanding. Therefore, the bank constantly attracts customers to use this system. As a result, a completely logical question arises. What exactly gives this to the client himself?

    Basically, there are several basic advantages of using a mobile bank:

    What cases require binding the card to the mobile?

    Such an operation is carried out without fail in one of the following cases:

    How to attach a Sberbank card to a phone via the Internet?

    To tie the phone to the Sberbank card using the Internet, you need to perform several sequential operations. They consist in logging into the Personal Account on the website of Sberbank itself and finding the appropriate section.

    In order to do everything correctly, you should perform several sequential actions, namely:

    • Enter the details of the card in the corresponding field, as well as the cell phone number to which you want to bind;
    • As soon as you receive a message on your phone asking for confirmation of the operation, send the corresponding code in response;
    • To continue to use such a system for you it was even easier, then come up with a username and password, with which you will carry out all operations.

    After that, on the main page of your personal account you can manage your own numbers, that is, if necessary, you can even attach another mobile, additional, if necessary.

    How to attach a Sberbank card to another mobile phone?

    To attach a phone number to another Sberbank card, you will not be able to use the “Personal Account” on the site, since such operations are not carried out remotely for the security of the client. In addition to this, you can do this by coming to any branch of the bank in your region, as well as use a special terminal in the same branch of Sberbank.

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    Calling a call center and asking employees to provide such a service is useless, since it is not in their competence to perform such actions. The whole thing is security, so it is best to use the services of a consultant in a bank branch. Only there they will help you to correctly perform such an operation.

    To attach another number to a Sberbank card, you need only a little time and the help of bank branch employees. However, users and cardholders often ask themselves whether it is possible to link another Sberbank card to a card with an existing mobile phone. To do this, it will be enough when you receive or draw up a card to indicate the need for binding to the contacts already in the bank. Once the card is properly drawn up and prepared, it will be possible to tie it to your existing mobile.

    How can I attach a phone to a card through an ATM?

    It should be noted in advance that it is not possible to bind a phone number at all terminals and ATMs of Sberbank. As a rule, such a service can only be in a particular terminal, which is the only one among all those nearby. For this reason, it is recommended that you first check all terminals and ATMs before performing such an operation.

    Once you have found the terminal you need with the ability to perform such an operation, do the following:

    • Insert the card into a special slot and enter your PIN code;
    • After you get to the main menu, go to the appropriate section, which will be called “Mobile Bank”;
    • After that, select the “attach a card” item, then enter the phone number to which you intend to attach your card, and also select the tariff that you intend to use in the future (there are usually two of them. Economical and full, the first does not require any fee , and for the second every month 60 rubles are deducted from the card);
    • After that, take the card from the ATM and wait for the corresponding notification on the phone that will come if your operation was successful (as a rule, the message arrives within 24 hours).

    Connection via a call to the operator

    You can connect a mobile bank using Sberbank’s toll-free number, which is available around the clock. Before calling, keep in front of your eyes the number of your bank card, passport details, as well as the phone number to which you will attach the card. After the identification process has been carried out, you will be asked to confirm that you really want to connect this service. After the operator has received a positive response, within 24 hours you should receive a corresponding notification that this service has been successfully connected, and the card is tied to the number.

    What to do if the phone number associated with the card has been lost

    Sometimes there are situations in which the phone number is lost. In this case, using the card becomes unsafe, because attackers who find this number can easily use your money. For this reason, you must immediately block this number or disable the mobile bank service.

    You can do this as follows:

    • Take your passport and go to any branch of Sberbank;
    • Explain the situation there, or just ask to disconnect the service;
    • Use an ATM or terminal where you should insert a card and disable the mobile bank service using the appropriate section;
    • To perform this operation with even greater efficiency, simply dial the number 900 and send the message BLOCKING SERVICES;
    • Another way is to use your personal account on the site, where you can similarly disable the service you need.

    In the event that trouble has passed you, and you have discovered a missing phone number, then you can easily bind the card to this number again. To do this, you only need to enter the last four digits of the plastic card.