How to Snap a Bracelet to a Phone

Fitness bracelet is a device that provides control of a number of body parameters, as well as increasing the convenience of communication when playing sports and leading an active lifestyle.

It can be used for various purposes, the most common are controlling the heartbeat, distance traveled, time and much more.

You can increase the functionality of the gadget by connecting it to a smartphone. Most devices communicate with Android phones as well as iOS.

The bracelet will receive additional features not previously available.

  1. How to connect a gadget with a phone
  2. On Android
  3. Connect with iPhone
  4. What you need to sync with your smartphone
  5. Charge and turn on the device
  6. Turn on bluetooth
  7. Install and configure the application
  8. Is it possible to untie a smart watch from one and reconfigure to another smartphone
  9. Can I link the tracker to a laptop
  10. What problems can arise when trying to attach a Chinese gadget
  11. At what distance should the gadget see the cell
  12. Useful
  13. Main conclusions

How to connect a gadget with a phone

Before you connect a fitness bracelet to your phone, you need to determine the technical feasibility of such a connection. Most devices allow you to pair your gadget with any modern smartphone via a bluetooth connection, but there may be some exceptions, for example, individual bracelets are not connected in iOS (but this is more an exception than a rule).

You can find out the exact order using the instructions for use. The required version of the smartphone’s operating system will be indicated in the documents for the bracelet.

How to Snap a Bracelet to a Phone

Connection is made using the following procedure:

  • Install the appropriate application on the phone. You can use a proprietary program released specifically for a particular model of “smart watches”. If the manufacturer is a well-known brand, then such an application probably exists. You can also download a universal version from third-party developers, there are many options, both paid and free;
  • Launching the application, checking its performance;
  • Turn on the bluetooth connection. If you do not turn it on, then synchronization will be impossible;
  • Registration in the application. If it was made earlier, then you need to authorize by entering your username and password;
  • Device search through applications. For the first time, you need to place the gadget in close proximity to the phone and search for and connect it;
  • Initial setup. You need to set the date, time, basic parameters proposed by the program.

After that, the bracelet will be ready to work. If you have any connection problems, you can try to use another program, restart the device or contact the service center to check the gadget.

On Android

Most often, the use of bracelets is made in conjunction with phones on the Android operating system. It is equipped with smartphones from different manufacturers, for example, Samsung, Huawei and so on.

The connection procedure is as follows:

  • A special application is installed on the smartphone. Each bracelet manufacturer will have their own program, for example, MS 1020 uses the Yoho Sports application, Intelligence Health Bracelet M2, just like Ydy KX103 can work with Droi Health, Lefun is attached to Lefun Health;
  • Registration is done in the application. Most often, this can be done immediately from the program, but in some cases the procedure is difficult. For example, when using the Xiaomi Mi Band, it is better to register in the Mi Fit program through the site, since the application will require a Chinese phone number, and the site allows you to carry out the procedure using any email;
  • Authorization is performed using the received login and password;
  • Enters the main menu. Most often, at the first entrance, you will be prompted to connect the device. If such a warning appears, you must select it; if not, you need to go to the appropriate section;
  • Search for available devices. In this case, the bluetooth connection should be enabled on the smartphone and bracelet;
  • In the window that appears, select the desired device, and connect to it.

Connect with iPhone

You can connect not only to a phone on the Android system, but also to a device using iOS (iPhone 6, as well as other models). The procedure will also differ depending on the gadget used, for example, when connecting M2 to iPhone, it is recommended to use DroiHealth or a third-party application developed for this system. The rest of the procedure is as follows:

  • The application is installed on a smartphone;
  • The program starts, authorization is performed;
  • The device is synchronized for subsequent operation;
  • Initial setup is done.

The general principle of connecting to an iPhone is exactly the same as when connecting to a phone on Android, there will be no fundamental difference.

Against the background of numerous mobile innovations, fitness bracelets occupy not the last position, as they are popular among users of Android devices. Therefore, most manufacturers of equipment are interested in such developments and production. Such gadgets are valued for ease of use, versatility and low cost. What is it and how to connect a fitness bracelet to the phone, it is worthwhile to understand in more detail to personally try it in action.

Why do I need a fitness bracelet

Fitness bracelet – A universal compact device that is necessary not only for athletes, but also for ordinary people to control their time and physical condition. It has programmed many options that make life easier and stimulate action. Such “electronic child prodigies” will help in many endeavors: playing sports, losing weight or gaining weight, switching to proper nutrition, observing the daily regimen and so on.

Adherents to a healthy lifestyle will find it easier to stick to a dietary menu with a smart bracelet without burdening themselves with grueling calorie counts. Everything is automatically calculated and recorded in the diary, while giving recommendations regarding compliance with the regime. The mini-device is invaluable in terms of assessing and analyzing sleep. It will independently calculate the required rest time, the optimal moment of awakening and factors that prevent full relaxation.

The functional list of the fitness tracker does not end there. What the gadget is capable of:

  • Activity tracking;
  • Sleep diagnostics;
  • The role of a smart and silent alarm;
  • Notification of missed calls and messages to the phone;
  • Diagnosis of diet;
  • Counting the calorie content of individual dishes and in total;
  • Pedometer;
  • Heart rate measurement;
  • Drug control;
  • Clock;
  • Vibration recall;
  • Remote monitoring of the health status of loved ones;
  • Setting goals and tips for achieving them;
  • Monitoring the water-salt balance in the body.

In general, the list is quite extensive, aimed at motivating a person to an active and healthy pastime. To bring super electronics into action, synchronization with a mobile phone is required, which is due to a specific application.

How to connect a fitness bracelet to your phone

Smart bracelets work in conjunction with Android and IOS applications, which allows you to bind them to most smartphones and iPhones with a Bluetooth connection. The gadget is equipped with IP67 protection, which makes it immune to the negative effects of moisture and dirt.

The list of brands suitable for synchronization with a smart bracelet:

  • IPhone: 4S, 5, 5S;
  • IPod touch 5;
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 3.

To connect the track to a smartphone or iPhone, the first thing to do is download the Wear OS by Google, Mi Fit or other utility application, depending on the OS. They go to your personal account by pre-registering or entering an existing login with a password.

Then adhere to the following algorithm of actions:

  1. Enter the “Settings” of the clock, then to “System”. “Disable”. “Reset settings”.
  2. After turning on the wrist device, they follow a clear instruction that consistently issues relevant requests.
  3. If you are required to enter the code, open the application on the Wear OS by Google phone and click “Configure.”
  4. Choose the brand of gadget that you want to connect.
  5. At the same time, a combination of numbers is displayed on both screens. If they are identical, then click on the connect button. If the code values ​​do not match, then restart the clock and try again.
  6. After connecting, both devices synchronize by clicking the desired button on the PC screen (Sync), located in the upper right corner of the interface.

The first two points are important if previously the bracelet was paired with another mobile device and it needs to be untied. If the done manipulations do not give the desired result, it means a bad Internet connection. Turn off the device and turn it on again, then repeat the sequence of actions.

Setup and use

After a successful binding, the fitness bracelet needs to be set up. On the screen, they look for the “Notifications” section, enter there and configure according to the required indicators:

  • Notifications about SMS and calls coming to the phone;
  • Unlocking the display. So that the smartphone does not constantly request an activation code;
  • Add a Google Fit account.

In the profile there is an opportunity to enter the necessary options:

  • Target device purpose: pedometer, calorie counting, pulse measurement;
  • Activity alert;
  • Alarm clock;
  • Issue of data about a dream after waking up;
  • Add friends to Mi Fit.

When standard functions are not enough, it is permissible to expand their list by downloading additional applications: Mi Band Master, Mi Band 2 Selfie, Runtastic.

To measure the heart rate, in the Mi Fit application, click on the “Heart Rate” and “Measure” icons. Then they press a hand to his chest and freeze for a minute. The Runtastic utility allows you to use the gadget as a pedometer. Choose “Run Mode”. “Start”. During training, the watch automatically measures the pulse and the number of steps, notifying if an overload has occurred.

OS-specific common nuances

A smart bracelet is more convenient to synchronize with a mobile device through the Apple Health or Google Fit applications, depending on the operating system. Why on iOS, through the settings in the Mi Fit application, they go to the “Profile”. “Add Account”, where they stop at the Health item. Followed by successive prompts.

There are other auxiliary utilities for various OSs. So, Notify @ Fitness for Mi Band. Operates on the basis of Android. It used to be considered more productive, but today it is malfunctioning, rarely updated. Despite this, it is popular, due to many useful options, to optimize the watch. They are configured through the sequence: “Applications”. “Calls”. “Reminders”.

Using the corresponding icon, you can connect the button on the case with a number of actions when pressed, and not just use it to display the display. And also when you press it, the ringer volume is muted. She can sort out the tracks of the player. The advantages include the presence of a smart alarm clock and heart rate monitor, which is not on MI Fit.

The Mi Band Smart Alarm app is exclusively for Android systems. Designed to connect to an alarm bracelet. The setting is elementary. In the profile enter the MAC address of the bracelet, which is listed in the “Bluetooth address” section.

Features, depending on the brand of gadget

Setting up any new-generation fitness bracelet is easy. To do this, you need the gadget itself, a mobile phone and the pre-installed utilities application Mi Fit, which is used to activate the smart gadget. It is not recommended to experiment with different pairing options when connecting for the first time, it is better to follow the standard scheme. After connecting the bracelet, configure its functionality on third-party applications.


For Xiaomi advanced bracelets, a universal launch instruction is applicable. The first step is to recharge the tracker from a PC or through charging the phone. This takes at least 2-3 hours. As soon as the process is completed, the indicators on the top light up.

Further user actions are presented in the table:

After connecting the smart watch, they go directly to setting options:

Functions Photo
Consider the Locate Band column. A feature that helps to track the tracker. A rather convenient device if the removed bracelet cannot be found. After its activation, it begins to blink and emit vibrations.
Band light color. Allows you to change the color of the LEDs.
Band Location. A mandatory point where a hand is selected on which it is planned to wear a watch. This is interconnected with the correctness of the output data.
Vibrate for incoming calls is responsible for notifications of incoming calls to a smartphone. The function is activated only after connecting the bracelet via Bluetooth. Additionally, a time interval is set here after which a signal will be emitted.
Unpair. The item needed to turn the tracker on and off. The last action is simply undesirable only when changing the gadget.
Set the alarm through the Settings. Alarm section. Three options are available where it is possible to set different times and dates.
Early bird alarm. Responsible for a quiet awakening. The bracelet independently selects a comfortable moment for stopping sleep 30 minutes before the indicated time. It does not make sharp sounds, but vibrates weakly.


Of the entire range of wrist gadgets available, Samsung is in the lower price segment. Despite this, their functionality is quite capacious. It should be noted and the difference in directivity compared to expensive Xiaomi bracelets. The target audience for their use includes women.

To use the tracker, first install the S Health or Charm by Samsung application from the Google Play Store. To get started, you will need the second, and to track the number of steps and other fitness operations. The first. Download sequentially, first Charm by Samsung.

During the first launch of the bracelet, you can indicate the color of the LED that accompanies the notification. At the same time, they connect the access of the gadget application to the mobile phone.

At this stage, it is recommended to note which notifications will be accompanied by backlighting. This is important, since the watch does not have LEDs and vibro-signal. The glow is observed for messages of any kind. For convenience, the most significant ones are selected (2-3 pieces), others are turned off.

In addition, in the Charm by Samsung application, it is possible to update the firmware and see the battery level. This tab does not imply other functions. The second application. S Health in terms of functionality is more diverse. It is used to connect not only Samsung brand bracelets. There is no need for constant synchronization of the clock and smartphone. The procedure is carried out at the end of the day to get information.


You can start using the Honor Band 3 smart gadget through the downloaded Huawei Wear app. It operates on the basis of the Android OS and iOS due to synchronization via the Bluetooth channel.

Transfer the required utility. Huawei Wear to the mobile device. In the list of accessories they find the “Bracelet” and connect it.

Enter personal data. Sometimes a program immediately suggests updating the clock firmware to the latest version.

Practice has shown that it is more optimal to configure smart bracelets through the Mi Fit software. The remaining varieties serve as an auxiliary tool to complement the functionality of a smart device. The advantages of a universal application include. Continuous improvement by developers. Against the background of it, other utilities often give malfunctions.

A frequent question that arises for newly-made owners of Mi Band: “How to tie a fitness bracelet to the phone.” This information will be useful for owners. IPhone, and for devices running Android.

Before starting synchronization, it is important to understand two main things: whether your phone can work with Mi Band and what you need for this. In order to bind (connect) Xiaomi Mi band (1, 2, 1s) device requirements the following:

    IOS version not lower than 7th (all smartphones starting with iPhone 4) Android not older than 4.4 and the presence of Bluetooth 4.0

And also you need an application Mi fit to track your activity and sleep. The easiest way to install it is to scan QR code in the instructions.

Freelance Clients

Mi Band Instruction

QR code with which you can download Mi Fit

The process of linking Xiaomi fitness bracelet to iPhone and Android smartphones is the same. It is performed in the next sequences:

  1. Enable Bluetooth
  2. Open attachment
  3. Create / Login Mi account
  4. We select the device that we want to connect (in our case. Mi band)
  5. Awaiting connections
  6. At the end, the device done to use

This is how it will look for iOS:

Create or enter Mi account

Select the first tab

Here you need to choose Mi Band

Waiting for a bracelet connection

And so for Android devices: (first two steps are identical to the previous example)

Choose Mi Band

We are waiting for the device to finish the search.

Click on the Mi Band sensor to confirm the connection

After you have completed step 2, you can already use all the functions Mi Band: monitor sleep phases, receive various notifications on the bracelet or use a smart alarm clock. But there is the next level of synchronization, which is still more reliable than Xiaomi cloud storage of activity data: synchronization with powerful services Google fit and Apple Health. You will use the accounts of these services quite often, moreover, they are protected by the best security ciphers in the world, and the data of these applications uses almost all sports applications on your Android or iOS device.

Therefore, I would recommend that you perform this very simple synchronization and save all the data of your activity for many years. To sync Xiaomi Mi Band and Google Fit / Apple Health need to do the following actions:

    Pre-download Google Fit (relevant only for Android users, in iOS Health. The standard application) Go to the “Notifications” tab in Mi Fit In the “Services” section, select Google Fit (or Health in the iOS version) Click on the “Sync” button

That’s all, now the Mi Fit application will transfer all the data about your activity to your Apple / Google account and in the future will download information directly there too.

I hope this article was useful to you. All the best and enjoyable to use Mi Band!