How to sign up for an Apple ID

How to register Apple ID on computer and phone

Apple ID (Apple ID) is a universal identifier required for authorization in software products and on Apple web resources (iCloud, App Store, iBooks, iTunes, Game Center, etc.).

Apple system allows registration of multiple IDs per user. But at the same time it excludes the merging of the created accounts. In addition, as practice shows, the use of two or more identifiers on devices and a computer causes a number of typical problems.

You can create an Apple ID both on a mobile device (iPhone or iPad) and on a PC. Let’s consider separately these registration options.

A computer

You need the iTunes app to create an Apple ID. If it is not installed on your computer, do the following:

Go to the official download page.

In the left pane, click the “Download” button.

Run the downloaded installer as administrator.

In the installer window enable / disable the necessary settings (adding a shortcut, file association, updates).

In the application window, click the Store section.

In the search bar, type Skype or the name of some other free application.

Click “Download” under the program icon.

In the window that opens, click “Create Apple ID”.

In the “Provide information” form, enter your valid email address. Create and enter a password with a length of at least 10-14 characters; it must consist of lowercase and uppercase English letters, numbers.

Select three security questions (click on the field to open a list of options) and come up with answers.

Enter your date of birth (fields day / month / year).

If necessary, disable the newsletter to the mailbox (checkboxes in the section “Would you like to receive.?”).

In the “Payment method” section, select the payment system (Visa, MasterCard.) that you plan to use in your profile to make purchases. If you want to specify the payment details of the card later, select “No” in the panel (left-click once on the inscription).

Indicate your name and surname (according to passport data), residential address (street, house number, city, zip code), phone number.

Check the questionnaire for correctness. If everything is “OK”, click “Create Apple ID”.

In the new window, under the text of the message, click “OK”.

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Go to the specified email. In the Apple service message, click the account activation link.

All Apple Custom Resources are now available to you!

How to Create a New Apple ID in 2020

Mobile devices

On the device’s desktop, tap the App Store.

In the panel of the selected application, click “Download”, and then “Install”.

In the menu that appears, select “Create Apple ID”.

Select your country of residence from the list. Click “Next”.

Read Apple‘s privacy policy and terms of use. Tap “Accept” (in this and additional window).

Enter a valid email address. Make a password from large and small Latin letters, numbers 10-14 characters long.

Choose three questions and type the answers to them.

The backup email is optional (you can leave the field blank).

Please enter your date of birth. Click Finish and Next.

Select a Payment Method. If you want to enter payment information later in the profile settings, click “No” in the list.

Fill out the form (name and surname, address, phone number). Click “Next” again.

Open the letter from Apple on the specified mailbox. In the text of the message, follow the link “Confirm now”.

That’s all! Apple ID is activated and can be used.

sign, Apple


Some time ago I needed “Command Line Tools for Xcode”, or rather a DMG file with the “Command Line Tools for Xcode” installer version 11.3.1. All that had to be done in order to get the coveted DMG file was to go to the website. find the latest version of the file I need and download it to my computer.

Apart from “Command Line Tools for Xcode” you will find a lot of interesting stuff on because this section on Apple’s website is made specifically for developers. By becoming a member of the developer club, you get various options necessary for developing, testing and distributing applications, as well as have access to Safari extensions, application analytics and beta versions of Apple‘s OS.

How to register on

By registering on, you become a member of the developer club, gaining access to a variety of features that are required to develop on the Apple platform. In this article, I’ll show you how to register at in a few simple steps. Let’s start.

Let’s start

Register at it is a really simple process. To do this, we need to follow a few simple steps. Now let’s get started 🙂

Now in the top menu bar of the site, find and click on the Account tab.

If, at the moment, you are not logged into, then you need to log in by entering your Apple ID. Click on the Continue with Password button.

sign, Apple

Next, we need to accept the agreement between us and Apple.

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Note! You can download the agreement in PDF format.

Check the box (By checking this box I confirm that I have read and agree to be bound by the Agreement above).

Uncheck (I’d like to receive emails announcing the latest news and recommendations for Apple developers) if you don’t want to receive emails from Apple with news and recommendations for developers.

The account is registered, now you have access to various goodies for developers and you can create new products for Apple devices 🙂

Well that’s all, we did it! You are now registered at So easy isn’t it?

I hope this article helped you learn how to sign up for If this article helped you, please leave a comment.

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There are 2 ways to create an Apple ID:

Using the official Apple website at the link:

The two ways are equally equal. But, I want to show you how to do this operation using iTunes.

How to create an Apple ID

Most likely, you tried to install the application through iTunes on your Apple iPhone, but encountered a small question. How do I create this Apple ID? In this case, you are in the right place.

Apple ID. Your personal identifier in the Apple world. Without an ID, you will not be able to install programs, buy music or books, or use iCloud. Read more about what an Apple ID is.

How to create an Apple ID using iTunes

All you need is to follow the points and our instructions, and also, do not forget that the computer must have access to the global Internet.

Open iTunes. And go to the “Store” section. Feel free to click on the “Create an account” link. If you do not already have this necessary program, then you need to download the Russian version of iTunes.

Note. In the lower corner of the iTunes screen, you need to click on the checkbox icon and be sure to select the US flag. In this case, you will have access to more games and applications.

In the pop-up window, we just need to click the “Create a new account” button.

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Guys, if you are not going to buy paid applications in iTunes, then you need to create an Apple ID without a bank card. To do this, you need:

  • Click on the icon of any free application, for example Skype.
  • iTunes will prompt you to create a new account like in the picture above. Now the item None will appear.

To summarize: to create an account without a bank card (very useful for Ukraine), you need to start creating it by installing a free (free) application or game. And then follow these instructions.

We read a small introductory text for what an Apple ID account is needed:

Press the “Continue” button

We agree with the terms of Apple, be sure to put the bird, and click on the button “Agree”

The most difficult point of all the previous ones. We need to be sure to fill in all the fields in English. You will need your existing E-mail address and your password. Remember the mailing address and password, it will always be asked when using Apple services.

We fill in the following information:

  • Email address. He is your future ID. Attention, you need to enter a real address. After registration you will receive a confirmation letter. Without receiving this letter, you will not be able to register.
  • Your account password. You will enter the password every time you install the application.
  • To recover your password you need to enter a secret question and answer. Enter something. You will not need this item.
  • Date of Birth. The main thing is to correctly indicate the numbers that would fall into the range. 🙂

Do not be alarmed, enter any data, you can copy everything from the picture. In English required.

Congratulations, registration is complete. Now wait for the registration confirmation letter, which will be sent to your E-mail within a few seconds.

Letter came? 🙂 Follow the link in the letter. Apple culturally congratulates you on your successful registration.

Well, 🙂 go to iTunes. In the upper right corner of the screen, click on the “Login” link

Remember your Apple ID. Email you entered during registration.

How To Create Apple ID on iPhone, iPad 2020! (FREE iCloud/Appstore Account) Without Credit Card

Now you can download programs to iTunes. Congratulations! 🙂 If you don’t figure it out yourself, read how to install free iPhone apps.