How to Shut Down Samsung If Sensor Doesn’t Work

Modern touchscreen mobile phones are a recognized attribute of our lives. Their rich functionality and wide capabilities allow you to use them to solve many problems that are not limited to classic phone calls. The wealth of options for using such devices leads to their gradual failure, and one of the most common failure options is sensor dysfunction on the phone, when the latter simply stops responding to pressing (or reacts extremely badly). In this article I will tell you what are the causes of such a dysfunction, and what to do if the sensor does not work on the phone.

How to Shut Down Samsung If Sensor Doesn't Work

We understand what to do when the touch screen stops working

Causes of phone sensor failure

Consider the common causes of the failure of the phone sensor. They may be as follows:

  • Accidental malfunction of the device;
  • On the screen of the gadget is a large amount of dirt and grease;
  • The protective film on the device screen does not fit snugly enough on the screen (air bubbles are visible between the screen and the film, dirt, etc.);
  • The device has overheated due to various reasons, or has undergone a sharp temperature drop;
  • Moisture got inside the phone, which led to oxidation of the contacts;
  • The sensor is physically damaged due to shock;
  • The sensor has displaced or delaminated;
  • SD card or SIM card is unstable;
  • The operation of any applications has caused the device and the sensor of the mobile device to freeze;
  • The phone memory is full, as a result of which the phone cannot correctly serve the touch screen;
  • The internal components of the phone (board, cable, etc.) are out of order;
  • Installing incorrect phone firmware led to problems in the sensor.
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If the sensor does not work.

The sensor does not respond on the phone what to do

To restore the normal functionality of the sensor of your phone, do the following:

  • Reboot your gadget. Often this helps to effectively fix the problem with the phone’s sensor;
  • Wipe the screen of the gadget with a soft, clean cloth (microfiber) moistened with the appropriate liquid to clean the displays;

Wipe the phone screen with a soft cloth

  • Remove the protective cover from the phone (if any) to make sure that it does not interfere with the correct operation of the sensor;
  • If the sensor is partially interrogated, test the device’s screen using the diagnostic tool integrated in the telephone. Dial the combination on the phone:
  • # 7353 #. for most Android phones, especially Samsung;

    ## 3424 ##. for most HTC phones;

    ## 7378423 ##. for most Sony Xperia phones;

    # 0 #. for most Motorola phones.

    In the menu that appears, select, for example, “TSP Dot Mode”, and by clicking in different areas of the screen, look at which parts of the sensor are not being polled, this can help fix a problem in which the touchscreen does not work.

    • If the device overheats, transfer it to a cool place and let it cool;
    • Gently tap several times on each corner of the screen. this method has proven effective for many users;
    • If your protective film is not glued correctly (air bubbles, dirt, etc. are visible under it), replace the protective film (contact a specialist for proper installation on the phone);
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    Replace the phone protective film if necessary.

  • Temporarily remove the SD and SIM-cards (memory card and phone card) from the gadget, in order to make sure that they are not the cause of problems in the phone;
  • If small (or larger) cracks are visible on the display, most likely you will need a complete replacement of your sensor in a service center;
  • With significant damage to the screen of the device, only its full replacement will help

  • If your touchscreen has shifted or peeled off, contact a service center to fix this defect. Otherwise, you can use the usual hair dryer for hair styling, with which you need to soften the glue on which the screen is attached to the phone, and then install the screen in place (perform this operation only if you are qualified). This must be done if the sensor does not work on your device;
  • Boot the phone in safe mode in order to make sure that one of the most commonly launched applications is not the cause of the problems in question. If the phone starts functioning normally, you should remove recently installed updates one by one in order to identify the culprit of the problem.
  • Restore the sensor through safe mode

    To boot in safe mode, completely turn off the phone (including by removing the battery). Then, long press the Power button to turn on the gadget. When the logo of Samsung, Nexus, LG, etc. appears on the screen, press the power button, and then hold down the Volume Down button. Press this button when your device boots up and you will see “Safe mode” on the bottom left of the screen.

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      Calibrate your device if the sensor does not recover. To do this, you can use the appropriate applications, for example, “Touchscreen Calibration”;

    Use Touchscreen Calibration to calibrate your device.

  • Update the OS of the device (if there are updates), and also install all the updates to the software available on the phone, this can help get rid of the problem “the sensor does not work on the phone”;
  • If you suspect a breakdown in the internal components of the phone, contact the service center with this problem;
  • In case of incorrect firmware installation, install the “native” firmware of this phone;
  • A radical way is to reset the phone to the factory settings in Recovery Mode. Please note that all your information on the phone (including the phone book) will be lost due to such an operation. Enter “Recovery Mode”, select “Wipe data / factory reset” there, and then select “Reboot system now” to reboot the device in normal mode.
  • Select “Wipe data / factory reset” to reset your phone to factory defaults.


    If your sensor doesn’t work on your phone, then I recommend using the tips I listed above. If it is impossible to identify the specific cause of the failure, I recommend contacting your service center with your gadget. it is possible that your device will need a complete replacement of the touch panel.