How to Shoot Video on Android

12.20.2017 17:00:00

shooting has been an integral feature of a smartphone ever since mobile gadgets began to be equipped with cameras. Over, the quality of photomodules is growing steadily every year, so it’s quite possible to shoot a on a modern mobile phone that is not inferior in recording quality from a professional camera.

However, like any technical ability of the gadget, the process of shooting on a smartphone carries several significant nuances. Without knowing the basic rules for shooting, even on a top-end smartphone with a pumped camera, you can shoot a mediocre and low-quality.

In our article, we will talk about the key moments of shooting on a smartphone, as well as introduce some devices and programs that will help improve the quality of the finished. In preparing the material, we used the powerful and productive Fly Cirrus 12 smartphone, equipped with a high-quality 13-megapixel camera and autofocus.

Rule 1. Keep your lens clean

The smartphone’s camera lens is an important component, the state of which largely determines the result of recording. Before setting settings, arranging a frame and choosing the moment you press the shutter button, make sure that the lens is clean, without spots and small debris on the surface.

How to shoot on Android

To clean the “eye” of the camera, any dry and soft cloth is suitable. You can also use special wipes for optics. They can be purchased in digital technology stores for 100-150 rubles.

Rule 2. Only horizontal shooting!

Due to the design features of the smartphone, many users shoot in the same position as holding a mobile phone. Vertically. Supposedly so convenient. However, do not forget that the finished can be uploaded to a PC or to You Tube. And therefore, be demonstrated in a horizontal player. In such cases, a vertically shot is unpleasantly compressed, and mourning black frames are obtained on the sides.

Thus, if you want to get a high-quality and complete picture, hold your smartphone horizontally.

Rule 3. Watch the lighting.

As in the case of photography, when creating a, properly selected lighting can favorably affect the final result. On the other hand, errors in the setting of natural or artificial light can negate all the efforts of the operator.

Professional operators claim that the best time to shoot outdoors is in the early morning or evening, 2-3 hours before sunset. However, the bright sun on a cloudless day can also be a good helper for those who are going to shoot on Android. The main thing here is to ensure that the light does not hit the lens directly, otherwise the picture will turn out to be illuminated.

Shooting indoors is a more complicated matter, since it is necessary to take into account the light temperature of different light sources: ordinary, dull, LED or fluorescent lamps. In this case, it is also important that the light from the source is not directed to the lens, so that the overexposure effect of the frame does not turn out, as in this example:

Another important rule for setting the light is not to abuse the flash. The bright LED of the smartphone can critically brighten the frame, so it will be difficult to distinguish important details.

Rule 4. Securely lock the camera.

Unlike professional cameras, smartphones are rarely equipped with image stabilization mechanisms. Therefore, as with photography, agrapher with a mobile device should take care to fix the device. This is especially important in dynamic shooting, when moving objects are in the frame. Camera shake combined with movement in front of the lens leads to a shaking effect, which will be difficult to fix using software methods.

The easiest way to fix the smartphone is to use a special tripod. It can be a selfie stick, tripod or flexible holder. You can read more about how to stabilize a mobile device in our articles: Tripod for a smartphone and How to shoot time-lapse.

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The most reliable, but at the same time more expensive way to minimize camera shake is to fix the smartphone in the steadicam for mobile devices. These are specially designed systems that fix the camera in three axes. Such devices will help those who shoot the most dynamic events on a smartphone, for example, snowboarding competitions or auto and motorcycle racing.

The cost of steadicams for smartphones starts from about 6-7 thousand rubles.

Rule 5. Use different plans during movie shooting.

It is easy to see thats shot in one shot come out rather boring, even if there is a lot of movement in the frame. Therefore, to achieve an interesting result, the operator needs to change not only the point and angle of shooting, but also the plans.

There are 6 types of plans in total:

  • Detail. For example, the human eye, a leaf of a tree, a stone in a river, and so on.
  • Close-up. Full screen face
  • The first middle plan is the part of a person’s figure just above the waist
  • The second middle plan is a figure of a person knee-deep.
  • The general plan. A person or another object is located in the frame as a whole, but so that “air” remains above and below
  • Background. The object occupies 1/7 of the frame height and less.

You can learn more about the types of plans in this:

Rule 6. Do not use digital zoom while shooting.

Most smartphones are equipped with digital zoom, which is one of the most insidious camera features. The fact is that digital zoom is exclusively software processing, when the system simply stretches the center of the frame over the entire width of the camera frame. Accordingly, fewer pixels are involved in creating the image, and the gaps and spaces between them are compensated by the color matching algorithm.

In addition, the stronger the magnification during shooting, the more noticeable frame jitter. As a result, you can observe a similar picture:

You can see that the picture is moving jerky, and the colors are distorted. Therefore, if you need to use the zoom, stop shooting, add an increase and start recording again. In the end, you can apply the zoom effect with subsequent editing and processing in special programs, like Premier Pro or Sony Vegas.

Rule 7. Watch the sound quality.

Even a filmed in accordance with all the rules can hopelessly ruin a bad sound. Therefore, the operator with a smartphone must carefully monitor so as not to accidentally close the microphone on the mobile device. If you are recording a person who speaks in the frame, come closer to him so that the audio module captures more sound.

A very useful accessory for improving sound quality can be an external microphone. Most often, on sale you can find remote modules with noise reduction or microphones on a buttonhole with a cable.

Their cost is about 2500 rubles. To connect such devices to a smartphone, a standard 3.5 mm jack on the body of the mobile device is used.

Rule 8. Use Applications

It’s no secret that various applications for Android are able to qualitatively complement and expand any system functionality of smartphones. So, utilities for shooting will allow more precise control over the recording process, and mobile editors will help you quickly mount a great movie and share it on your blog or social networks.

One of the most popular and reliable recording applications is FiLMiC Pro. The mobile program does not have a free version and costs 890 rubles. However, the price is justified by the huge number of functions embedded in the application.

With FiLMiC Pro, you can:

  • Control focus and shutter speed
  • Set white balance
  • Choose codec, frame rate and bit rate
  • Remove noise
  • Apply special effects
  • Assign custom presets
  • Quickly publish finisheds on the Internet, and much more.

For editing, we recommend using DU Recorder or KineMaster. The first utility is suitable for those who need to quickly mount two or three source clips into one and add simple effects. KineMaster is a more advanced application that supports multi-layer processing with text and pictures, multi-track audio, color filters, audio and transitions, and other functions.

These are the basic rules for shooting on an Android smartphone. In conclusion, it is worth recalling that an excellent result is difficult to achieve the first time. Shoot more, find interesting shots, try different techniques and techniques. And once you’re sure to learn how to shoot a mobile no worse than a professional cameraman with a movie camera.

Many people know the fact that the Android operating system can create screenshots. But in some cases this function is not enough. It happens that you want to create a full-fledged recording, in order to then share it with your friends. But capturing is already a non-trivial task that only third-party utilities can handle. In today’s collection, we will talk about how to record from the Android screen.

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AZ Screen Recorder

The developers of this utility try to immediately mention that their creation functions without root. In Google Play this fact is even displayed in the name of the program. But what can the application do? After all, it could not do without restrictions, since the operating system itself imposes them.

In fact, the program allows you to record from the screen on most smartphones, regardless of the installed version of Android. You can start the shooting process literally in one tap if you placed the corresponding widget on the desktop. At the same time, not only the sound of the system can be written, but also the data coming from the microphone. This is very useful in cases where you need to record a tutorial on mobile OSes. And also the utility can pause recording. A rare competitor can boast of this.

Download AZ Screen Recorder is completely free. But if you are generous for a certain amount, you will get additional functionality. For example, developers will provide you with a GIF converter, a trimmer, and the ability to draw on the screen.


    Distributed for free. No root privileges required. Lack of advertising. No time limit. Convenient widget that allows you to start recording with one touch. The ability to pause recording. The choice of resolution and bit rate. The ability to record sound from a microphone. Even richer functionality in the paid version.


    When recording to Skype, the microphone may mute. There may be problems with taking screenshots.

Rating: 8/10

Screen recording

Another recording application that functions stably. It can also be downloaded for free, after which you can purchase the PRO version if you want to get an expanded arsenal of capabilities. The program allows you to record in high quality, and then send it to the “cloud” or social network.

The developers claim that their creation perfectly copes with the recording of the gameplay, as well as with the creation of a kind of tutorial. When the user talks about the capabilities of the operating system or some utility. Also, the application allows you to save communication with other people through Skype. Of course, there is the possibility of recording from a microphone, without which it is difficult to imagine a normal conversation recording.

The most interesting function of this program are presets. You can adjust the image quality as you wish and save your choice as a separate option. So you can create many presets, which allows you not to waste time choosing the resolution, bit rate and other parameters in the future.


    Record up to one hour long. You can download the program for free. No root access required. There is the possibility of using a microphone. Simple and intuitive interface. Ability to save parameters as presets. Countdown timer and other useful features.


    Many of the above functions are only available in the PRO version. Performance issues on some devices.

Rating: 6/10


One of the simplest programs designed to shoot from the screen of a smartphone or tablet. It has a very simplified interface. The user needs to open the application, and then click the “Start” button. After 5 seconds, recording will start. During this time, you can minimize the program. To finish shooting, you just need to click the Stop button, which is located in the notification panel.

In fact, this utility is rich in all kinds of settings. But you can find many of them only in the paid version, which cannot but upset. However, it costs only 50 rubles. If you really want to get a high-quality, then you can definitely be generous with such an insignificant amount.

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ScreenRecorder allows you to accompany the recording with sound written from a microphone. And the functionality of the PRO version is a little more advanced. She can also boast of the lack of advertising, which in the free ScreenRecorder utility can annoy. It should be noted that the application is stable without root only on Android 5.0 and newer versions of the operating system. On older versions of the OS, you still need root access. But this applies to almost all the utilities considered today.

Many users have a question, but how to shoot from the Android screen? There are various means and methods, read more in this article!

Perhaps you want to share the passage of the game with a friend, or maybe you want to shoot a how to configure something in Android and look for a tool how to conveniently do this? This article will discuss the various solutions of your choice, providing the ability to shoot from the Android screen.

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Application Overview: How to Capture a
from the Android screen?

If your smartphone or tablet works on Android versions lower than 4.4 (4.3. 2.2), then I can disappoint you, in order to shoot a you need to install Root rights, without them you won’t succeed:

Android Screen. AZ Screen Recorder App

The application number 1 in creating from the screen! AZ Screen Recorder does not require root rights, basic free version has many functions (logo, recording speed, bit rate, audio recording, screen capture) and you don’t have to look for a hacked program to take from the phone screen!

The main menu interface is practically absent, the settings menu, on the contrary, pleases with its abundance, all that is needed is in the free version, for a symbolic amount you can unlock additional functionality.


  • A large number of settings
  • Simple editor


Android Screen. SuperScreen Recorderr

SuperScreen Recorder is an almost complete analogue of AZ Screen Recorder, in addition to broadcasting to the network, there are a large number of settings, as well as a built-in editor.


  • A large number of settings
  • editor


  • A large amount of advertising

Android Screen. Rec. Free

If you do not need a large number of settings, but just remove the screen of your Android phone, then this is what you need! The application Rec. Free very simple settings interface. Set resolution, bit rate, recording time, record sound and set the name of the future recording.

In order to remove the screencast, just press the button Record, after which the timer will start counting, during which time you will have time to minimize the REC application interface. And shoot the the time you set in the settings.


  • Simple and easy settings interface
  • Stably shoots, crashes extremely rarely


  • Not a long shooting time. Only five minutes
  • Few settings

All the disadvantages of the application disappear after purchasing the PRO version.

Android screen. ADB RUN program

Website proprietary program Android 1. ADB RUN is also able to shoot from your Android screen of a smartphone or tablet and does it just fine, the only condition is that the version of Android is not lower than 4.4 KitKat!

How to make a using ADB RUN? Very simple:

  • Download the ADB RUN program and install it on your computer
  • Download and install Android drivers if you have not previously installed
  • Enable USB debugging on your Android
  • Connect Android to PC and run the ADB RUN program
  • Go to ADB RUN along the path: Screenshot / Record. Record Android
  • Enter the estimated recording time in seconds, after which the will start shooting from the Android screen

At the end, the clip will be located in the Adb_Run_Record folder on the desktop.

The review is over and you now know how to shoot from the Android phone screen! Read more articles and instructions in the section. Android Hacks and Articles. Stay with the site Android 1, further will be even more interesting!