How To Shoot On A Smartphone

Can I make a home movie myself? Can! I present to you a few tips for shooting home on your smartphone.

  1. The first and most important rule for shooting on a smartphone is to hold your device HORIZONTAL. Many people mistakenly take pictures of everything, holding the smartphone in its natural position (vertical), but forget that the screens of TVs and computers are in horizontal position. You can feel the difference between the shot on a smartphone in a horizontal position and the shot in a vertical position of a smartphone when watching the itself on a home computer or plasma TV screen. You will see instead of a large picture a thin strip of your with black giant stripes at the edges.
  2. If you have planned a dialogue, a monologue in the frame, observe the pauses. I called it the “rule of five.” After pressing the “Record” button, count to yourself up to five and nod to the person so that he starts talking. Take your time to turn off the camera after he has finished his speech. Count to five to yourself and then turn off the “Record” button.
  3. If you are filming a planned speech or interview, choose a quiet place. It should not be a street with a noisy road or a cafe with background music. Since you are writing sound to a smartphone (without a microphone, a loop), your voice will be too quiet and it will be difficult to pull it out on the montage, as extraneous sounds can block your voice. And do not forget to speak louder!
  4. Try not to shake the camera. If your hands tremble, find support. It can be the back of a chair or a table. In addition, now there are many devices for smartphones that will help to make high-quality shooting.
  5. Shoot your in parts. Do not record a file lasting an hour. Firstly, it will be difficult for you to download it anywhere on the Internet. Secondly, it is inconvenient to view it. Thirdly, it is not convenient to work with him at the installation site.
  6. Do not shoot the same event the same way. Try to move with the camera and look for interesting angles. Come closer, sit down, take off from below, from the side, improvise. Do not be afraid to kneel, climb on the table, lie down on the floor.
  7. Do not try to often move the camera and move from one object to another. Focus on each one individually. Take time for each object when the object could just be in the frame of a static camera.
  8. If you still follow your running object, try to act smoothly and not too fast. Those. transferring from one object to another object or from the point of movement of the object to the next point. If the object moves too fast, it is better to make a general plan (distant), as wide as possible, so that you can see all the space wherever it falls.
  9. Do not shoot against the light. If the sun is shining in your eyes, try changing your position. If you shoot against the light, your subject or subject will be dark. Or it will generally look like a shadow.
  10. Choose bright rooms with good lighting when it comes to planned shooting. Good lighting in many ways affects the quality of the picture.
  11. Do not use zoom while shooting. If you want to shoot your object with different plans (closer, further away) it is better to approach the object yourself.
  12. Always keep track of what’s in your frame. It can be extra objects, sockets, garbage or something else superfluous. This can ruin the frame, or rather just make it not so expressive, not so clean and neat.
  13. Try to build a frame so that on the sides, there is always air (empty space) from above. Do not crop the object’s heads and hand movements.
How to shoot on a smartphone

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Of course, this is not a complete list of tips for shooting on a smartphone. However, these tips will come in handy for those who want to start shooting home and on the camera.

I invite you to watch a clip with tips on shooting on a smartphone, which I have prepared specifically for my clients and mothers who want to shoot their kids on.

I hope the tips were useful to you! And you will come in handy someday when suddenly you take your smartphone or camera and decide to take a family holiday as a keepsake.

I wish you good shots!

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