How to shoot iPhone screen on iOS video

How to record a video from your iPhone 11 screen

Whatever iPhone you have, there are two ways to record a video of what is on the screen, be it when you want to save your memory or create a textbook for someone.

At some point, someone asked you how to do something on your iPhone 11, and if they were near you, you would just do it right in front of them or for them on their iPhone. You will show them how to do this and they will find out.

But they are not with you. They can be in a remote place where there is no way to make a trip, for example, halfway throughout the country or in a situation of blocking by order of the government. Which means that you probably have to talk to them through this.

Description of how to do something on the phone can lead to injury. Or, given that the concussion of your iPhone cancels any things, this can lead to a huge amount of canceled actions before they finally get what you mean that they should click on a small button I.

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Instead, you can record your iPhone screen. Do what you describe to them, take steps and let the iPhone make a video of how you do it. Then you can send them this video explanation.

In the end, you are both sorted. They have records of what they need to do for a specific task, and you are spared the need to go through the explanation process again in the future.

There are two ways to do this: one is suitable for quickly creating a short video, and the other for creating longer or more complex films. However, a quick way requires little preparation, since you need to configure the control center to enable the screen recording button.

Full.Time funds (iOS from the 11th version)

The recording from the box is available on iOS, starting from the 11th version. In earlier editions of the operating system, you will have to use additional applications. Iphone is able to record video from the screen, both with the sound and without it. The video sequence is stored in MOV format. This is a fairly common extension of the file that loses most modern video players. There will also be no problems watching the video online.

How to add the screen recording button to the control point on the iPhone

For video shooting, the integration contains a special button that can be assigned in the fast settings curtain.

  • Go to the “Settings” of the smartphone. Get to the “control point”.
  • Now click on the “set up control elements”. A list of settings that can be displayed in a quick menu will open.
  • Find the point “Writing of the screen”, click on “” next to it.

The option is added. Now the button (looks like a circle icon with a point inside) will be displayed in the quick settings menu.

To record the screen with sound

You can voice the rollers yourself, activating the mode, sound recording from an external microphone. Iphone will record not only a voice, but also system sounds (including applications). Consider the inclusion algorithm, starting with the simplest.

  • Wump the curtain of quick settings from the bottom-up. Click on the icon of entry once.
  • A three.Second countdown will begin on the label, after which the video recording will start.

You can roll up the screen and start using the phone: play, record actions in applications, conduct stream. In this case, the record will go without sound. The capture indication will be displayed in the form of a red strip. It will be in the upper part of the display. To finish the recording, slip through it, and click the “Stop” button.

  • Wump the curtain of quick settings. Squeeze the screen of the screen capture for 3 seconds until an additional menu appears.
  • Click on a round button with a microphone so that the iPhone starts recording with sound.
  • Tap “Start recording”.

The saved entry will go to the “Photo” section. To cut off internal sounds and notifications, put the smartphone into the “Do not disturb” mode, then start recording.


To record a video from the screen, we will need: a device with iOS 8, a MAC computer with an installed OS X 10.10 Yosemite and Lightning cable. The one that was included with your mobile gadget Apple. Do not need anything else.

Connect the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to your Mac by means of Lightning Cable. Open Quicktime Appendix on Mac. The easiest way to do this is by pressing a magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the screen and writing Quicktime in the window opened.

How to SECRETLY Record Videos on your iPhone with Screen OFF ? ( iPhone Hacks )

In the top menu Quicktime, select the file. New video recording.

Click on a small arrow down next to a round red button. In the menu that opens under the word camera, select the connected device. In my case, this is iPhone (Nikita). In the same menu, under the word microphone, select the device again.

Finally, under the word quality, feel free to choose the maximum. As a result, everything looks like this:

Now just click on a large round button. Everything that you will do on the device screen will be recorded. Including system sounds and music.

Record stops by pressing a stop-square. Do not forget to save the video by selecting the file in the upper menu. Save When closing the window with the video, you will also be invited to save the record.

Video quality. Excellent. Pay attention to the fact that at the beginning of the recording from the device screen, the name of the operator automatically disappears, the maximum levels of receiving the network signal and Wi-Fi, the full level of the battery charge are set, and the time in the upper panel is also changed-to almost branded 9:41.

The video of the video from the iPhone and iPad screen has never been so simple. And the owners of computers on Windows can only sympathize-and wait until someone breaks the protocol and releases a third-party program with similar functionality.

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How to Shoot CINEMATIC VIDEO with your iPhone

Six years, application developers for iOS have been waiting for the opportunity to record everything that happens on the iPhone and iPad screen. Until now, the owners have been forced to resort to a number of third.Party funds, not one of which gave the perfect result. At first there were tweaks from Cydia. Then Reflector appeared. It seemed that there would be no real miracle. But all such programs will go forever.

How to make a screen record on old iPhone

If you have an old iPhone and you cannot update it to iOS 11, then you can make a screen with alternative methods. For example, you can record the iPhone screen using AirPlay technology. As you know, AirPlay allows you to transmit an image from the smartphone screen to other devices. And if you transfer the image to the desktop computer, then it can be recorded already on the computer using any program. The only difficulty is to ensure image reception with AirPlay. To do this, you need to put a special program on the computer. For this purpose, you can use programs such as Reflector, Airserver or Lonelyscreen Airplay Receiver.

Computer users with the MacOS operating system have another option. Recording the screen using the QuickTime Player program. To do this, you need to connect the iPhone to the computer and allow access to it by confirming the request “Trust this computer?””. After that, you need to start Quicktime Player, open the “File” menu, go to “New Video” and enable “Record of the screen of a mobile device”.

You can also record the screen using the ITOOLS program. This program is a whole set of utilities for working with iPhone and other Apple devices. Among its capabilities there is a function of duplication of the screen on a computer. To turn on this function, open itools, connect the iPhone via cable and enable Real-Time Desktop on the Toolbox tab. After that, to turn on the iPhone screen recording, click on the Record button.

  • Perse of business must be connected to your iOS 11 and lower to the computer using the gadget and, if necessary, allow access to the device;
  • Run the application on the computer, select the “file” in the menu and then “New Video”;
  • The recording will begin by default with the front camera, so you need to switch the record on the iOS screen to do this, click on a small arrow next to the button. In addition, the program allows you to change the sound source that even the iPhones of versions 6s, X, 6, 7 support are supported by iPhones;

How to record a video from the screen of the old iPhone

Owners of the telephones of old models, starting with the iPhone 3GS, before you make a video screen on the iPhone will have to download a special utility. Among the most popular programs are Display Recorder, IREC and RecordMYSCREN. Over, if the first two are suitable for officially supported IOS versions, the latter is intended for jailbreaks.

Display Recorder

To work with the application, just download the Display Recorder, install it on the iPhone and perform the following actions:

  • Launch the utility and press the record button. After that, the red strip will appear at the top.
  • Go to the main screen or to the program, in which the actions will be recorded.
  • To stop the video recording, return to the application and press the stop button.
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Among the features of the program. Support for operating systems, starting with iOS 6.One. Other advantages include automatic coding in the H264 MP4 format, the ability to choose the screen orientation and recording quality. The created video is automatically exported to the smartphone library.

Another way to record the video from the screen on the iPhone is to use the IREC application. You only need you:

  • Download and install the program.
  • Launch and indicate the name of the future video.
  • Click on the recording button and perform all the actions for which you need to make a screon.
  • Stop the record by choosing its preservation on the phone.
iphone, screen, video

The minus of the program is the need to pay 6500.99 developers. But among the advantages there is support for platforms, starting with iOS 7, which even work old models as iPhone 4 work. In addition, the application supports iPads and iPodes, and can not only shoot a video with sound, but also record talks on mobile communications, Skype or any messenger.


The Maisman Record program allows you to record videos not only on old phones, starting with the iPhone 3GS, but also on gadgets with an unofficial version of the platform. Jilbreak. Therefore, telephone owners who installed firmware that are not supported by Apple can also record video. Over, unlike IREC, the program is completely available on GitHub.

iphone, screen, video

Before you record the video from the iPhone screen, the program should be downloaded, installed and launched into work. Sound can be recorded from the application for which the screon is made, and from the built.In microphone. Data is saved in the form of a MP4 file with a frequency of 30 frames per second and can immediately be loaded both into the photo and video and the cloud storage gallery.

Among the pluses of the program. Support iOS 6.1, thanks to which it will start even on old iPhones, not to mention modern models. Due to the hardware acceleration, the video recording does not slow down the phone. An important feature for the owners of old gadgets. Before shooting a video from the screen on the iPhone, the user can manually choose the orientation of the display and the quality of the roller.

Programs for Jailbreak

Since our article is universal, we described the method of recording from the screen on the iPhone and for those users who made Jailbreak on their device. At the moment, it is known about the existence of the only program for these purposes. For users who just need the function of the screon, we suggest testing Airshou.

You can download the program for free on the official website of the developer. In order to install and use the utility, follow the following actions:

  • Go to the official site by link from your device and in the browser click on a square with an arrow;
  • Click on “Add to the desktop”;
  • After that, the program will appear on the menu. Having launched it, you will automatically get into Cydia (an analogue of the App Store for Jailbreak) and you will be offered to install the utility through the market. After loading, all notes can be processed in the application itself.

As you can see, there are a lot of options for recording videos from the iPhone screen, but basically it all comes down to using standard iOS tools if the version allows it. In fact, Apple constantly improves its mobile operating system, introducing various chips and options that have not been previously. It has become easier for many users to record various instructions and guides, explanations with a built.In entry from the screen, and the file can immediately be sent to social networks or to a cloud in several clicks, which is very convenient. Follow the iOS updates and regularly install them to access all opportunities. New. Does not mean bad!

Writing screen with sound on iPhone

Thanks to the image capture function with sound, you can not only show what is happening on the screen of your iPhone, but also describe it in a voice. This does not even need an external headset, because the whole recording is made on a built.In microphone. The main thing is that during the record, do not close the area with a microphone with your hand or something else. Otherwise, at the output, the sound can turn out either too quiet or not to sign up at all. Therefore, if you have an iPhone, hold it by the side edges on weight, and the iPad is vertically, if possible, without pinching the lower end.

However, in this mode, you can record not only your voice, but also the sound of the iPhone or iPad itself. Yes, you are right, the capture of the screen on iOS also fixes the audio.Care in games, video services and other applications with voice acting. That is, in fact, thanks to this function, you can lead if not direct broadcasts, then at least record the gameplay of the games that you play in, and then, having corrected a little, put it on YouTube or send to the one for whom the record was intended. The main thing is to remember what to write down films and series on paid video sites, then to send someone or spread in another way, illegally and is equal to piracy.