How to shoot games on a computer. How to record a game on video using fraps

How to shoot games on a computer

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TOP-12 best programs for recording video from a computer screen

Among the programs supporting the video from the screen, not many stand out against the background of competitors with some special function. Most offer a standard set of opportunities: to record, save, squeeze, unload, less often. start a live broadcast or process the finished video recording. So that those who are now in search of a convenient tool for recording screons, it was easier to choose the optimal tool, we studied the 12 most popular programs to capture the video from the screen and have prepared for you. This is not a top or a rating, there are no leaders in it, only the weaknesses and strengths of competitive applications are considered.

MOVAVI Screen Recorder can record a screen on a computer and from webcams, capture several videos and audio streams at the same time, and it also has a defleated start timer, converting options and a super-free preservation recorded in MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, GIF, MP3, GIF, GIF, GIF, MP3 PNG, BMP, JPG. To create video instructions and conduct broadcasts with a demonstration of the desktop, it is convenient to use the indicator of keystrokes, cursor, and drawing function on top of the picture. After recording, you can open a video in a editor to cut out the excess.

Platforms: Windows, MacOS

Optimal for: creating screons and video tools, conducting direct broadcasts, capturing a video with a deferred start.

Records simultaneously from several videos and audio streams

Supports basic editing and converting

How To Use Fraps | Best Way To Use Fraps 2016. 2017 | How to RECORD with FRAPS

Compatibility with popular platforms

At the end of the installation, you can download the screen recording with or without sound in the right format

Works with the entire screen or a dedicated area

In the free version of the application for saved videos, the Movavi Screen Recorder program is superimposed

OBS Studio is often used to conduct e.sports and gaming streams. Free software studio supports maintaining direct broadcasts and recording what is happening on the screen, from the camera, microphone, followed by uniting flows into one video file.

Platforms: Windows, MacOS, Linux (.Deb)

Optimal for: recording video actions and gameplay for installation, conducting gaming and e.sports streams.

Supports parallel recording and broadcasting flows from a webcam and a computer screen at one time

It works stably with games running throughout the screen

There is a editor with basic capabilities

All possibilities are free, without restrictions

A confused integrated integrated and streaming for beginners

Faststone Capture is a very simple solution to recording short screons. The program “With History”. was originally created as a screensher, so the video capture in it is rather an additional option.

Optimal for: short video instructions and GIF.

Shoots screenshots and provides a large selection of tools for their editing

Floating panel for quick capture pictures

Records screons only in WMV without compression

With Uvscreencamera you can write down on the screen or in a separate area with sound or without. There is a drawing mode on top of the picture, designating the actions of the mouse and keyboard.

Optimal for: creating screons and screenshots.

Suitable for creating screons and recording video tutorials with a desktop broadcast

Supports sound recording separately from the video

A simple integration Interais into the tabs for working with videos and screenshots

Preservation of rollers with copying protection

Fraps is an old, but still quite used program for recording video and save screen images. Due to the minimum consumption of resources, it is convenient to use it on weak computers and old laptops.

Platforms: Windows (XP/2003/Vista/7)

games, computer, record, game, video, using

Optimal for: Records of simple short videos on weak PC.

The ability to shoot video from the screen and make screenshots with a watermark

Bandicam. a powerful recording combine for a video capture of the entire screen or part. The program is considered professional and copes not only with recording from the computer screen, but also with fixing what is happening on the displays of external devices: smartphones, gaming and IPTV prefixes.

Optimal for: screening, streaming, creation of flyers, recording video instructions and lessons with the capture of the desktop of the main and external devices.

How To Use Fraps To Record Desktop

Supports high.quality video recording and creating screens of screens connected by HDMI and MHL devices

Supports recording and installation

Suitable for recording from the screens of external gadgets and prefixes

Camstudio is an Open Source program for recording a video from the screen and capturing a stream from a webcam connected to a computer.

Optimal for: creating training videos.

With a relatively low consumption of hardware resources, the screons in AVI format records

Undemanding to the hardware resources of the computer

Users complain about frequent errors

Writes the video only in AVI without compression

The Ispring Free Cam utility attracts free and opportunities for publishing a video in an attached account on YouTube.

Optimal for: Records of video tutorials with or without audio.

Records screenscars with voice acting with a microphone or capture of system sounds

There is a video editor with a minimum set of capabilities

In the editor, the video can be cut or using the option of removing background noise in automatic mode

Hypercam. a paid program for those who need to record the screen broadcasts in good quality for visual instructions, webinars, video tutorials.

Optimal for: recording and conducting direct broadcasts with a demonstration of a computer screen or a picture from a webcam. editor for post.cutting videos

Which program to record video from the screen to choose

Each of the programs discussed in the review of the computer and the laptop monitor and the minuses, so everyone chooses the optimal option for themselves. We recommend that you study the possibilities, weed out those solutions that are definitely not suitable, and the remaining people. Among them, there will certainly be the same tool for recording and broadcasting the screenshots, which will fully satisfy your requests. Try, for example, download Movavi Screen Recorder and the screen recording will become a simple everyday action for you, without which it will be difficult to do without.

Please note: the Movavi Screen Recorder program is not designed to record video and other materials protected from copying.

How to record a video from the Windows screen

Windows 10 has an Xbox Game Bar application, which writes from the screen in games and other applications open to a full screen. Recording desktop and conductor are not available.

Windows 10 video recording from the screen works on computers, whose video adapters support technology:

Record options are configured from the parameters of the operating system and the application itself. First of all, you need to make sure that the game recording function is included in the parameters of the operating system.

  • Enter the Start menu, open the parameters application.
  • In the Windows Parameters window, click on “Games”.
  • In the “Games” section, see if the parameters are included for recording game clips, screen shots and broadcasts.

In this section there are options for changing the combinations of “hot” keys, if you need to change the default settings.

In the tabs “Clips”, “Broadcast”, “Game mode” and “Xbox network” other parameters are set up: recording in the background, sound recording, recording length, video recording, etc. D.

  • Launch the game on the computer. Instead of the game, you can start any program in full.screen mode, for example, a browser, a webinar broadcast, a video from YouTube or T. P.
  • Click on the keys “G”.
  • Several panels with various parameters will appear on top of the screen: “Broadcasting and Recording”, “Sound”, “Productivity”. The display of unnecessary panels is disconnected from the main panel of the Xbox Game Bar, located in the upper central part of the screen.

On the “Broadcasting and Record” panel, buttons are also available for other actions caused by the keys:

  • “Make a screen of the screen”. “Win” “ALT” “PRTSCRN”.
  • “Record the last 30 s”. “Win” “ALT” “G”.
  • “Turn off the microphone while recording”. “Win” “Alt” “M”.
  • “Start broadcast”. “Win” “Alt” “B”.

During the recording on the screen, a small panel is displayed, from where you can quickly change some parameters: turn off the microphone or complete the screen grip.

  • To complete the operation, click on the “Stop recording” button. An alternative option to complete the screen recording: re.pressing “Win” “Alt” “R”.

By default, the screen capture records and the screenshots created are stored in the “Clips” folder, which is located in the Video folder. Videos are stored in MP4 format, and screen images in PNG format.

The user can see all the recorded clips from the game mode window, after clicking on the “Show All Posts” button.

How to record a video from the Windows computer screen in Nvidia GeForce Experience

In the NVIDIA GeForce Experience application, distributed along with NVIDIA video detectors, the screen recording function has. This application, except for games, can record what is happening on the desktop or in any open programs.

  • After starting GeForce Experience, enter the NVIDIA even record.
  • In the “GeForce Experience” window, open “Settings” (gear button).
  • In the section “ overly” turn on the switch.

The panel has tools for performing the necessary actions, which correspond to the key combinations on the keyboard:

  • “Shift of the screen”. “Alt” “F1”.
  • “Photo of the direction”. “Alt” “F2”.
  • “Filter”. “ALT” “F3”.
  • “Instant repetition”. “Alt” “Shift” “F10”.
  • “Record”. “ALT” “F9”.
  • “Direct broadcast”. “Alt” “F8”.

The functions of “photo mode” and “filter” are used only in supported games.

  • To start taking the video on the screen, click on the “Record” button, and then on the “Alt” “F9” keys.
  • Complete and save the recording with repeated pressing the “F9” keys, or after clicking on the “Stop and Save” button.

Video file entries are saved in MP4 format, and screen images in PNG format. They are in the video folder “Video” user profile. Saved media files can be viewed in the Gallery from the program of the GeForce Experience program.

Writing in the Wondershare Filmora application

    Click a large red button to start recording.

  • Recording area (upper left corner). Here you can set an arbitrary section of the screen, target window or full.screen mode.
  • Acoustics and microphone settings.
  • Place for saving the roller.
  • High.quality frequency and video quality.
  • The recorder of stopping the record.
  • Setting hot keys for a pause, resuming and stopping recording.
  • Mouse cursor.

Video editing in the Wondershare Filmora application

As the analysis of hosting video files shows. Game videos on which the operator recorded using the webcam is present is more interested in users (and more views on YouTube).

Options of import and export of rollers, work on the project and editing video are intuitive. Most functions will not raise questions even among novice users.

There are collections on the toolbar:

  • For editing, the speed change, separation of the screen, a key frame, tracking of movement, automatic change in the size of the frame, editing the header, instant mode, prescribing templates, automatic synchronization of the rhythm.

There is also a video export tool for various Internet platforms (YouTube, Vimeo. Tiktok, Instagram and others).

Most options are intuitive. If there are any questions, the answers to them can probably be found at the points of the main menu “Help”. Here the user can read the FAQ, go to the pages of the Wondershare Filmora editor on social networks and. Contact the technical support center and get help online.

There is also a tool for checking the updates of the software product, a request for a new function and the transition to the editor page on the official website of the developer.

Write down the game

3 2 1 write! After the return reference, the screen recording will begin. Now you can boldly play and not worry, because the recording has begun, and control over the process is completely in your hands. As a rule, a special window opens in the lower corner, on which the duration is displayed, as well as the buttons: “pause” / “resume”, “stop the record” and “delete”. On the finished video, this identifier will not be displayed. It is also possible to switch between actions using hot keys:

As you can see, record the game on Windows 10 is quite easy. you just need to make a couple of clicks.

The last strokes

After stopping the recording, a player will open where you can admire the result, and if necessary, improve it with your own hands. To do this, click on the “Edit” button, at the bottom of the player. If the video was recorded using the “plan” function, then it is preserved in the form of a project available for editing.

The time has come in more detail to consider the capabilities of the program necessary for editing:

Pruning. you can easily guess why it is needed. If the video turned out to be long, you can always reduce it: pull the black flags at the beginning and end of the segment of time. Thanks to this tool, you can leave the necessary part of your gameplay.

Screensavers. introductory intro and credits. You can use both ready.made templates and create your own. To do this, you need to select in the catalog the item “Creating a template from scratch” and configure the text in it, pictures to your taste.

Music. impose a track, tell the chips of your summer and give him voice accompaniment you can configure it here. Just do not forget to set up the volume so that the sounds of music do not interrupt your speech.

How to record a game on video using Windows 10 Game Bar

If you have Windows 10, you do not need to install any additional software, because you already have it! The recording application is called Game Bar. It is easy to use and provides good quality recorded video.

  • Launch the game and start playing.
  • Press the Windowsg key.
  • A game panel will appear. Go to the Options tab to change the video settings.

Your video will be saved in MP4 format in the Video Captures folder.

How to record a game on video using D3DGEAR

D3DGEAR. another software for recording the gameplay, which takes the minimum number of space on your PC. The program has a compression function, but at the same time retains good quality. Software does not require special technical skills.

D3DGEAR also allows you to broadcast real.time video for services such as Twitch, YouTube and HitBox, and provides you with support for the microphone.

To record videos with D3DGEAR, read the operating instructions below:

    Download and install D3DGEAR on PC with D3DGEAR.COM.

In general, D3DGEAR is a great option for those who need all the main options in the easy to use on.

We hope the article was useful to you!

How to shoot videos in games without fps

How to shoot videos in games without fps fps and giant files? Unlike Fraps, the PlayClaw program allows you to record video without drop in performance and does not fill up the hard drive with huge files.

“It is better to show once than tell a hundred times”. this capital truth is familiar to every active gamer. However, for many, the very idea to take and make a video from the screen looks like some kind of Voodoo rite, for which you need at least a doctoral degree on programming. After all, you need to download some programs, mess around with codecs, settings In general, dance with a tambourine abruptly some professional shamans.

How to shoot videos in games without dancing with a tambourine? To begin with, you need to throw away the tambourine itself. this is a clear relic of the past, incompatible with modern technologies. In fact, you can write a video from the game without much effort. the main thing is that the tool is suitable. Until recently, it was somehow not very good with the tools-the only more or less working program was called Fraps and it was arranged only by owners of top-end computers. The rest had to put up with terrible “drawdowns” FPS and monstrous files, as a result of which the video from the game often “weighed” more than the game itself.

Fortunately, the monopoly was quickly destroyed. thanks to the emergence of a much more technological and convenient program on the market.

PlayClaw. video recording program in games

The PlayClaw utility was specially designed and optimized for use on multi.core processors. Most programs used to record video significantly reduce the number of FPS issued by the game, however, with PlayClaw, you can forget about the problem of computer performance problem. If you succeed in starting the game on your car, you will get a video without any side effects.

The tests showed that with FPS about 120 in the game, Fraps reduces the frame rate to 60, while in PlayClaw the frequency of personnel is about 90. over, if you highlight one processor coding under the coding of FullHD, FPS increases to 100. In fact, PlayClaw pays Fraps by almost 50%. But this is not all: in the arsenal of the program there are other pleasant features that make this program an indispensable assistant for an advanced gamer.

The main advantages of PlayClaw

  • The ability to recorditullhdvideo. Thanks to optimization for multi.core processors, PlayClaw allows you to shoot videos in games without strong fps.
  • The possibility of pre.recording without creating giant files. PlayClaw will make sure that every second of your game is preserved and immortalized.
  • Overlays setup. PlayClaw allows you to show various overlays over the game screen. It is not only about such obvious things as the FPS and the overwhelming meter TeamSpeak or Ventrilo, but also much more advanced options. For example, you can display the readings of the CPU boot and temperature sensors, a stopwatch, a timer, and even an image of yourself loved with a webcam.
  • Support for sound. PlayClaw easily copes with the 16th sources of sound at the same time and allows not only to remove the game itself, but also to make up the sound, preserving it into a separate file from the video.
  • Friendship with antithens. PlayClaw is a program for recording videos in games that the two most famous anti-test systems are calmly perceived: Punkbuster and Valve Anti-Cheat.
  • Own overwhelming. If you have basic programming skills, then you can write your Overly-Plagin, which will easily make friends with PlayClaw.
  • READING WEETPE. The program allows you to capture the video not only from the Directs and DirectX drivers, but also from the desktop.

As you can see, the arsenal of PlayClaw is quite impressive. Regardless of what you want to do: shoot a video of the game or create a small video, you are unlikely to find a more convenient utility. If you do something, then you need to do it well, but for this it is better to have a really high-quality and modern tool at hand.


D3DGEAR is another compact application for recording the gameplay. It has a compression function that reduces the size of your video, maintaining good quality. The program does not require specialized technical skills. In addition, the D3DGEAR allows you to strict the video in real time on services such as Twitch, YouTube and HitBox and fully supports the microphone. To record a video in D3DGEAR, follow the following actions.

  • Download and install D3DGEAR on PC with D3DGEAR.COM.
  • Open the General tab and set the necessary image and sound parameters.
  • Turn on the SCRENSHOT option if you want to take screenshots directly during the recording.
  • To use parameters, click OK.
  • Run the game and start playing, the program will start recording automatically.

In general, D3DGEAR is a great option for those who need a simple application with all the necessary settings.

Nvidia Shadowplay

With NVIDIA Shadowplay, you can also record game videos. To increase performance, the program instead of the central processor uses the video processor of the latest Nvidia GeForce video cards. Please note that the GEFORCE GTX 600 video card is needed to work Shadowplay or better. The application can record a video in a resolution of 4K at a speed of 130 MB/s. If desired, you can configure Shadowplay to strip games in your Twitch account.

The program has two recording options: automatic, preserving the last 20 minutes of your game, and manual, allowing you to arbitrarily launch and stop the record. This is how it works:

  • Download Nvidia Shadowplay with GeForce.COM and run it on your PC.
  • Set the desired image and sound quality.
  • Select the mode.
  • Launch the game and start recording.

Shadowplay is suitable for those who need excellent quality and will not interfere with large files.

Mirillis Action!

Let’s move on to professional solutions in which there are a huge number of settings that affect not only the consumption of system resources during the recording, but also the general quality of the picture, the implementation of the requirements of streamers and other nuances.

The first such program is called Mirillis Action! It has everything necessary for broadcasting on YouTube or Twitch, and video recording to save on a local computer. I’ll start with the main advantages:

  • A beautiful and understandable integration, which will be easy to deal with, and setting the scene will not cause any discomfort even for the first time.
  • Support for video capture devices (webcams) and its location as source in any convenient place in the frame.
  • Support 4 and 8K records (to save files on a computer) with AMD Eyefinity or NVIDIA 3D Vision used technologies.
  • Compatibility with all advanced encoders and their flexible setting to ensure maximum performance.
  • The program is distributed for a fee. This is the main minus, since a novice streamer or flyer who only wants to try himself in this area does not want to part with money, especially if he had previously updated his PC just to record a video. In this case, he most likely downloads a hacked version or pays attention to a free decision.
  • Huge consumption of system resources. Mirillis Action itself! Initially demanding to the iron, so the load on the processor will increase even more if the encoder X264 is used.
  • Insufficient additions and auxiliary materials. Unfortunately, this program is not so popular, so for it you can’t find many useful additions for streams or lessons on proper setting. Yes, there are basic guides, but their quality leaves much to be desired.

You have to decide for yourself whether Mirillis Action is! a priority program and whether it is worth her money. I propose to learn about all the intricacies of work in this software and in more detail on the official website, by clicking on the link below.

The well.deserved first place in my top is received by OBS. This is a universal software that can be used both for recording games and saving a video on a computer, and for direct broadcasts. From my words above, one can already understand that the application is distributed for free, and this is a huge plus for a program of this level.

The owners of other programs for recording games are faced with the fact that you can not write a video, and then immediately start a stream or switch a few different scenes and switch between them during a broadcast, for example, taking a break for some time. There will be no such difficulties in OBS, since “scenes” are responsible for switching different screens here. They are created separately for each goal, sources (webcam, inscriptions, images, chats, donates, the game window and much more are added), and, if necessary, switching occurs in one click.

As for the global OBS parameters, then everything is fine here. Any user will be able to set the entry settings for himself by selecting an encoder using the processor or video card capacity, configure for him the frame rate, color range, bitrate variation and bitrate itself. This allows you to give an advantage of performance at some points, and somewhere in quality, while balancing the load on iron and normal reproduction of the excitable game.

Another important plus is support for additional applications. One of the most popular is StreamElements, from which you can already understand that it is suitable for streams. This application will immediately catch your account on the streaming platform and will simplify the process of starting broadcasts.

games, computer, record, game, video, using

It is clear that OBS seems ideal only from my bell tower. Surely some users will not appreciate it or find significant disadvantages. They can be at least difficulties in setting, since for the first time preparation for the record will definitely take a lot of time. However, if you want to professionally striming or recording games for downloading on the network, take a closer look at this software and try to master it.

It was my top programs for video recording from games. There are both the simplest solutions for undemanding users, and professional. Evaluate all the pros and cons, familiarize yourself with the functionality of the programs, download them and select the optimal solution.



When choosing programs for recording gameplay, many bypass Bandicam due to the application price tag ( 40), preferring cheaper options like Shadowplay and OBS. But the cost of Bandicam is fully justified by unique functions and an incredibly convenient intenses that should attract serious creators of the video content. There are also all the standard possibilities. direct gameplay recording, the use of codecs, etc., however, it is worth noting that Bandicam has a chic regime of stream recording, in which you can change the size of the window if you wish. Another plus is the ability to simultaneously record several audio trains and save them in separate WAV files, which allows you to catch a balance in the volume between the sounds from the game and the microphone. And, unlike Fraps, you can choose the format of saved videos and audio files. The only disadvantage of the program is the lack of hot keys, and therefore you will have to leave the games via alt-Tab, if you suddenly decide to change the recording settings



The old kind Fraps has already gone out of fashion (Windows 10 will even display a warning on the screen if you decide to use the program with some DX11 games), but it is worth recognizing that it still copes with its task well. Fraps is not intended for streams and there are not so many settings here. the program simply creates screenshots and records gameplay videos. The videos created in Fraps, as a rule, have considerable weight, but they look great. (Note that a powerful computer will require a high.resolution video in high resolution).

But if you have not yet been installed by Fraps, it is unlikely that it makes sense to buy it. 37 dollars for the ability to record gameplay videos without watermarks. this is bust, especially if you take into account that Fraps has not received any patches and updates from February 26, 2013.