How to share the Internet with iPhone via cable

The iPhone is a universal Wi-Fi router

The iPhone is universal, it can do almost everything. This is a mini computer that copes with any task. Many people use it as a substitute for the camera, some play games on it, and some use it as a player. But sometimes the iPhone can not cope with the task as a user would like. For example, watch a movie, do work in Word or Excel.

Reading long articles or books is better on a tablet or laptop. But what if you have no USB-modem, or you forgot it, the version of the tablet without a slot for the SIM-card, and the Internet is urgently needed. You can not even imagine that in this situation the iPhone will save you. After all, you can use your Apple device to distribute Internet via Wi-Fi to other devices. In this article let’s find out how to turn your iPhone into a Wi-Fi router.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have an optimal data plan. Ideally, the Internet should be unlimited, so you do not have to worry about traffic. Second, consider the speed of the Internet. It is best if you are within LTE coverage, at worst 3g. Since LTE has high speed, you will not be uncomfortable with the speed. In theory, 3g will provide pretty good speed, but watching HD videos or visit heavy sites will not be so comfortable.

After choosing the desired operator and data plan, you can proceed to the procedure of setting up and distributing Wi-Fi through the iPhone. For iOS 7/8 do the following steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to Cellular (If you have never used iPhone for Wi-Fi, you will not have a Modem Mode menu item, or it will be greyed out and inactive)
  • Move the cellular data slider to the right.
  • Wait 2-4 minutes.

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  • Once in the main menu appears (or becomes active) item Modem mode, enter it.
  • In the Wi-Fi password item create a strong password.
  • Switch modem mode slider to the right.

Already done. To connect any device via Wi-Fi, you only need to select your Apple device in the connection search. Now you can share the internet to any device. The disadvantage of this method is that in this mode your iPhone consumes more energy, so it runs down faster than usual. But you can connect it to the charger and the problem will be solved.

When you’re done using the internet, to turn this feature off:

The function is disabled and the iPhone can be used as usual without worrying that it will consume too much battery power. And some tips:

  • Charge your iPhone to 100% before you give out Wi-Fi, or put it on a charger while you’re using it.
  • Ask your carrier for a data plan. It’s best to choose an unlimited plan so you won’t be surprised by a hefty bill at the end of the month.
  • Use LTE mode for better Internet browsing or video playback.
  • Use a strong password so no one else but you can use your Wi-Fi.
  • Immediately after finishing your work turn off the modem mode.

You will save on battery power and protect yourself from unnecessary expenses by following all the instructions. Now, thanks to the iPhone, you can stay informed about all the latest events in the world and always be in touch with your loved ones, do important and urgent work in any place.

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In iOS 8 (and perhaps in the 9-th similar situation) modem mode slider is hidden by default. All you have to do to display it is go to “Settings”. “Cellular”. The “Cellular data network” and scrolling through the menu to “Modem mode” prescribe: APN. internet, Login. gdata, Password. gdata.

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strange. But I don’t have wifi on my iPhone at all.

This option may be iOS version dependent. It definitely works from 7, I checked it myself.

How to share wifi with iPhone and other ways to share the internet


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In an apartment building (t.е. In almost all) a lot of Wi-Fi frequencies are busy, so it is worth using the wired method, I use it quite often, because the Internet on Wi-Fi began to fail often, and you need to work. The speed is not great, of course, but the Internet access appears, and on that thank you. Only every time a new network is created in a laptop, I do not know how to solve it(

I had one problem with my Samsung G6 phone. When giving out WI-FI no one could connect, t.It didn’t see the access point. Even though the traffic was there and there was every opportunity to distribute. No matter how many times I danced with tambourines trying to solve this problem, nothing worked. It turned out to be a Failure in the operating system, advised to change the firmware, and it helped, now everything is working like clockwork.

It is VERY inconvenient! When your iPhone was on the windowsill in another room and you connected ONE device via Wi-Fi, everything was fine. But if you want to connect another device, you have to stomp into another room and reconnect. And so on for each device!

Once for every time, unfortunately, sometimes there are problems with the connection

You can connect your iPhone via cable or USB adapter directly to a Mac or Windows PC. To connect, you’ll need: A Mac with a USB port and OS X 10.9 or newer. Windows PC with a USB connector and Windows 7 or later.

To allow your computer to access the data on your device, select it in Finder and click “Trust,” or, if you’re using iTunes, “Continue.”. On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, confirm data access permission for the computer or other device.

How to Share Internet from iPhone to iPhone

On the first iPhone, from which the traffic will be distributed, open the settings and go to the section “Cellular communication”, go to the group “Modem mode” and turn on the option “Allow others”.

Here you will see the Wi-Fi password which you will have to enter to the other units when connecting, you can change it if you want.

Here you will also see the Wi-Fi password, which you will need to enter for other devices when connecting, you can change it if you want.

On the second smartphone, open the settings, go to “Wi-Fi”, find the network that the first device created and connect to it by entering the required password.

Interesting! If two smartphones are connected with the same Apple ID, then they connect to each other without using any code.

Important! If you need to share the net with your PC or laptop, you can find detailed information on how to do that in the article “How to share internet from iPhone to computer. There you will also find information on how to do it with a Bluetooth or Lighting cable.

Transferring the Internet on a PC and laptop with Bluetooth

A great option if you have no cable at hand and the Wi-Fi module absolutely does not want to work. But, the speed in this case will be much lower than other types of connection.

In the settings of the iPhone go to “Modem mode” and turn it on. If you see a window with the choice of connection type, select Bluetooth.

Go back to the settings section, go to the Bluetooth section and make it active.

On the computer, press the WIN I key on the keyboard simultaneously and open the “Devices” section of the window that opens.

Click on the add Bluetooth device button and click on the first “Bluetooth” item. Select the iPhone from the list and click the “Pair” button.

Confirm pairing on your iPhone and PC by clicking on the pairing button when the connection code appears.

On the taskbar, right-click on the Bluetooth icon and open the “Join personal PAN” item.

Select the iPhone in the list (just click it once), then click on “Connect via” and select the hotspot.

The connection will be established and you can access the World Wide Web.

For the iPhone to be able to act as a modem, the following is required:

  • Accessing the World Wide Web from your smartphone.
  • Ability to switch to modem mode to provide your computer connection to the Internet.
  • Access from a computer or laptop to the connection provided by the iPhone.

In the first case, in order to obtain access, you must go to the settings section relating to cellular communication and enter the data (APN, login, password) to gain access to the package of services provided by the operator.

In the second case, you should see the list of available Wi-Fi networks, choose the appropriate one and connect to it. In the process of establishing connection, you will be prompted to enter the password, which you will need to know in advance.

Pay attention! Some networks give you free access without the need to enter a passcode.

In smartphones created by Apple, it is not possible to receive the Internet on the iPhone using to connect a USB cable, but it is possible to distribute in this way to other devices.

To get the considered possibility from a smartphone can such a laptop or PC, in which there are physical capabilities of such a connection:

The availability of USB ports is ubiquitous. Wi-Fi modules are almost always available on laptops, and in many cases on modern desktops. Often in offices or for home computer equipment, routers are used to help you connect, which get the internet from your ISP and distribute it via Wi-Fi.

In addition, in order to gain access, it may be necessary not only to set up your smartphone, but also your computer.

Via USB cable as a modem

To unlock the connection from an iPhone connected to the internet, you need to go into its settings and do the following:

  • Select the section “Cellular communication”.
  • Go to “Modem Mode”.
  • On the screen you will see a switch for this mode in the form of a slider. You need to turn it on.

You need to enable mobile data transfer through the USB cord.

Important! Through the iPhone you can get the Internet via USB only if you have iTune program running on your computer. It must be downloaded and installed with all the components that are designed to work. No need to require it to be running. Without a program, the operating system will not be able to detect a smartphone connected via USB cable.

After performing all the above steps, the computer will have an iPhone connection via LAN cable, which provides access to the Internet, and it will be in the enabled state.

To check whether there is a connection to the worldwide network, simply launch one of the browsers and type some address.

Please note! If the page loads, this confirms that you have access to the Internet.

Via Wi-Fi network

This type of connection is advantageous to use when transferring the Internet to a laptop. Almost all of them are equipped with the ability to use wireless communication.

Modern desktop computers can also be equipped with such an adapter. Here’s how you can connect the Internet to your computer through your iPhone phone:

  • Go to settings.
  • Go to the cellular section.
  • It is necessary to check that the smartphone works LTE or 3G. This is necessary to ensure a high speed of data transfer.
  • Go to the “Modem mode” page.
  • It is necessary to set the switch to the “On” position.
  • You will then be prompted to enter the security key. The user enters the one that he/she considers necessary.

After confirmation it is necessary to check the list of available Wi-Fi connections on the computer. After selecting the desired one and clicking on it with the mouse, select the connections. You will need to enter the security key, previously entered on the smartphone. Your computer should now be connected to the Internet.

To check, you need to launch the browser and enter the address of one of the sites. If your connection is working properly, the page will be loaded.

Important! You need to select the secure key. If it’s too simple, outsiders will be able to connect to the smartphone and computer and access the information stored there.

Via Bluetooth

Not every computer has equipment that makes it possible to connect Bluetooth. This connection is slower compared to Wi-Fi, but is considered relatively stable. How you can connect to the Internet through your iPhone on your computer:

  • It is required to enter the settings mode.
  • In the menu, choose the section that relates to Bluetooth.
  • Now it is necessary to see on the laptop a list of connections, which are available to him. To do this, turn on the connection and start searching.
  • When the search process is complete, you can see a message on the screen of your smartphone to pair. The answer is yes.
  • On the computer, you must click on the “Start” button, select “Control Panel” in the menu that appears, and go to the section that relates to the devices available on the computer. Here you need to find the connected smartphone, then right-click and in the menu select “Connect via access point”.

Take note! After completing the procedure, the iPhone Internet connection will appear on the computer or laptop.

You can share internet from iPhone to computer in 3 ways: as Wi-Fi router, via Bluetooth and USB cable. The most common is the first method. First of all make sure that data transfer is enabled. To do this, go into the settings.

At the first activation, the password for the connection will be created automatically. You can change it at once. The system does not hide the password, you can always find it on the same screen. Before you connect the Internet, do not make too simple a combination, so that the traffic is not used by outsiders. Do the same for iPad.

Activation process is the same on all Apple devices. Only the version of the operating system is important. On iOS 12, sharing is enabled the same way on smartphones and tablets.

Sharing the Internet from iPhone to laptop

If you know how to send the iPhone Internet to a laptop, you can always be online, even if there is no router nearby. You can share Internet via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB cable.

Mobile data transfer must be turned on before data can be transmitted.

  • Open the settings, go to the “Cellular Data” tab.
  • Turn on “Cellular Data”.
  • Make sure you select 3G or LTE mode, so that the speed of data transfer will be high.
  • Open the “Modem Mode” section and move the similarly-named slider to the “On” position.

If the phone is off Wi-Fi, you will be offered to turn it on. Agree if you want to distribute the internet wirelessly.

In the window with modem mode settings, you’ll see the password for the point that was created on your iPhone. The default setting is a complex key, but you can change it to a simpler one to make it easier to connect from other devices. Remember, however, that other users will see your iPhone sharing the Internet in the list of available hotspots, and if the password is too simple, they may connect to it and take away mobile traffic.

To connect to the Internet on your computer, open the list of available networks, find your iPhone, enter the password you specified in the settings and wait for the connection to be established. To break the connection,

Now let’s see how to send iPhone Internet to a laptop via USB cable. This method is also suitable for connecting to the network of computers without Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules. The speed of the Internet will be slower than when giving out via Wi-Fi, but the connection works, and that’s the main thing. The only condition is that iTunes with all its components must be installed on the computer. You don’t need to launch it, but without this software the system won’t detect an iPhone connected via USB.

  • Turn on mobile data streaming on your iPhone.
  • Start modem mode.
  • Connect your phone to your laptop/PC.

After the connection is established, the system will show a local network connection with internet access.

Launch the browser to make sure the sites are loading. Disconnect your phone from your computer or turn off modem mode on your phone to break the connection.