How To Share Internet With Honor 20

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Turn on the distribution of Wi-Fi on the Honor phone

Gone are the days when you had to look for free Wi-Fi hotspots to get online outside the home. Today, all modern smartphones have a built-in Internet distribution option and even offer several ways to connect to the World Wide Web. On a 3G phone, you can create an internet connection for up to five mobile devices, and with 4G LTE up to ten.

How To Share Internet With Honor 20

All that is required from the owner of a smartphone from which he wants to distribute, for example, the Internet, is to perform a few SIMple steps, after which the phone creates its own secure Wi-Fi network, to which other gadgets can already connect. This is very convenient because there is no need to use a USB cable. Several people can freely access the Internet from their devices at once.

There is only one point that can cause concern. The limitation on the amount of data, which is provided for by the cellular operator’s tariff plan. If you have unlimited Internet, and the terms of the contract do not stipulate the issue of limiting traffic when using the phone as an access point, then there will be no problems. But in any case, it is better to protect your Wi-Fi network with a password so that no one else can connect to it.

How to set up a mobile hotspot on your Honor phone

Before setting up an access point on your phone, check if your device has any problems with Internet access. You may have turned off data transfer to save traffic. Turn it on again: lower the notification shade by swiping down at the top of the screen. Click the Data Transfer icon (two oppositely directed arrows in a circle). Check the “Wi Fi” icon next to it. Disable if Wi-Fi was on. It makes no sense to create an access point when there is already a connection using this protocol.

And now we create and configure a wireless network:

  • Open the “Settings” phone.
  • Find the section “Wireless networks. Wi-Fi, SIM-cards settings, Data transmission “. Open it.
  • The next section. “Modem mode”.
  • Next, select the “Wi-Fi Hotspot” menu. If the access point is activated for the first time, you will need to configure it.
  • We select “Configure a Wi-Fi access point. Setting up a name, password, etc. “. Tap on this item to open the wireless settings menu.
  • In the “Configure Wi-Fi access point” menu, you need to configure three parameters: set the network name, determine the type of encryption and set a password for accessing the network.
  • The network name is usually created automatically, and the name of the device is put as the name, for example, Honor 8 or Honor 7c. You can leave it or come up with your own version. To do this, tap on this item, type a new name and press the “Save” button.
  • Three types of encryption are offered. WEP, WPA or WPA2 PSK. The most reliable WPA2 PSK, it is selected by default, so nothing needs to be changed here.
  • The password is the last and very important parameter. It will protect the Wi-Fi network from unauthorized access. You need to come up with a unique password of at least 8 characters, enter and save it. It is important to remember, and it is better to write it down, as it will be needed when connecting other devices to the newly created network.
  • The last step remains. You need to turn on the Wi-Fi network. In the “Settings” section, opposite the network name (by default, it is called Honor 10, if you have this phone model), you must turn the switch to the “on” position. Now you can distribute the Internet from your Honor phone to any device: to another smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer.
  • How to distribute the Internet via a Wi-Fi hotspot on an Honor smartphone.

    On this page you will find information on how to distribute the Internet to Honor via Wi Fi, perhaps the instruction will be relevant on other Android smartphones and tablets. You can share the Internet from your smartphone with other devices using your phone as a Wi-Fi access point, you can SIMultaneously distribute the Internet to several devices. Modern smartphones, including Huawei Honor, support high-speed Internet and if you have a tariff with unlimited Internet, then you can easily share it with other smartphones and tablets. We will also show you how to set up a Wi-Fi access point, how to find out the password for Wi-Fi, how to change the Wi-Fi password and other possible actions that allow you to distribute the Internet from your phone to another phone or other device. In our example we are using Honor 9, the information should be suitable for other Android devices as well. Do not forget to turn on the Internet on your phone to share with other devices.

    There are several ways to enable the hotspot and share Wi-Fi on the phone.
    1) Drag your finger down from the top edge of the screen until you see a quick access menu to useful functions. See screenshots below. Here we need to find and click on the icon with the signature “Access point”, after which the access point is activated and the icon will change in color. Now you can turn on Wi Fi on another phone, find the access point of the smartphone from which you distribute the Internet and use the Internet on another device.
    2) The second method also allows you to turn on the distribution of the Internet on the phone. As in the first method, drag your finger down from the top edge of the screen and see how a shortcut menu for useful functions comes out. At the top of the screen we see an icon in the form of a gear, which we need to click on. Further in the opened settings we find and go to the item “Wireless networks”. Look at the pictures attached below.

    In the window that opens, select the “Modem mode” item and in the next window select “Wi-Fi access point” and then turn on the Wi-Fi access point and distribute the Internet from the phone. See screenshots below.

    You can configure how to share Wi-Fi and set the data transfer limit. You can also view the Wi-Fi password, change the Wi-Fi password, change the encryption type, for this, go to the “Configure Wi-Fi access point” item. Now you can find out what is the password for wai wai or you can change the password for Wi-Fi. If the password is not visible, then click on the crossed-eye icon and the password will become visible. See the pictures below. When you distribute the Internet from your Honor smartphone, those who want to connect to Wi-Fi and use the Internet must enter this password.

    Also, you can quickly get into the Wi-Fi settings by pressing and holding a little on the same icon when we turned on the wai wai by pulling your finger from the top edge of the screen to bring up a menu for quick access to useful phone functions. You can change the password if necessary and make other settings of the access point at your discretion.

    Through applications

    Developers offer applications for easy internet distribution. They are comfortable in that you can set the parameters once, so that the system selects them on its own every time the program is loaded. To search for such a program, just open Google Play. The proposed options are SIMilar in functionality. There are paid and free versions. But keep in mind that the free program will contain a lot of ads. The most popular and free option is Wi-Fi hotspot. Ideal for a public institution, since it allows you to set limited traffic.

    If you have any questions or complaints. Please let us know

    USB modem

    To activate the function, turning the mobile into a wireless router is not the only option. If this option is not suitable, then implement a more method via USB.

    • Connect smartphone to PC via cable.
    • Wait for drivers to activate.
    • Open “Modem Mode”.
    • Put in the line “USB-modem”.

    Check the connection on your PC or laptop. Activate “Local Area Connection”. Mobile Internet without restrictions on another gadget. Keep in mind that the use of the cable, which is provided in the standard package, significantly increases the speed of the Internet in the end.

    Turn on modem mode on the Mediapad tablet

    To enable distribution via the tablet, it is connected in the same way. The same ways work.

    Wi-Fi hotspot

    For easy sharing via Android, use your smartphone as a wireless router. Follow the aLGorithm.

    • Open “Settings” / “Wireless networks” / “”.
    • Select “Modem Mode” / “Wi-Fi Hotspot”.

    Start searching for available networks on your laptop or PC. After finding a new one, connect. Configure settings in a new window.

    What is hotspot in Huawei and Honor phone?

    If you had to go out of town or the Internet suddenly disappeared, phones from Huawei will help to cope with the problem. For a pleasant distribution, you only need a favorable tariff and an access point. Hotspot on Huawei and Honor is a feature that allows you to use the network like Wi-Fi. Read below how to turn on the access point.

    How to distribute the Internet from Huawei and Honor phones: enabling tethering

    “How to distribute internet from Huawei and Honor phones?”. A common question when the Internet connection disappeared on the gadget. How to use mobile megabytes on a computer or laptop read below.

    Bluetooth modem

    If Android requires Bluetooth connection, then follow these steps.

    • Activate Bluetooth on your smartphone by sliding down the shutter and selecting the appropriate shortcut.
    • Go to Settings / “Modem mode” / “Bluetooth modem”.

    After phone settings go to PC or laptop settings.

    • Open “Devices and Printers” / “Add a new device”.
    • After the system searches for the desired smartphone, enter the password in the new field.
    • Allow gadget connections, enter code.

    After the performed actions, the smartphone icon will be displayed in the window on the computer. Click on it.

    How to distribute the Internet from a Huawei or Honor phone

    The method of Internet distribution from Honor and Huawei phones depends on the additional devices and systems used. On this below.

    Why the phone does not distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi

    Sometimes, if you follow the instructions exactly, you cannot distribute the Internet. Possible problems and solutions:

    • Firewall does not allow the option to be activated;
    • A virus or other malicious application prevents the function from working correctly;
    • Lags in tablet, smartphone or PC OS.

    The first option occurs if the mobile has an antivirus that can perceive the distribution as a malicious process. You can fix this problem only by removing the antivirus. If the problem persists, check the second method. A virus is much easier to find than an application that prevents it from working correctly. To check for a virus, turn on your antivirus, scan your gadget. The second option is to gradually deactivate the applications associated with the Wi-Fi connection. You can also use another phone.

    To reset the settings, the user needs the following actions:

    • Open “Accounts”.
    • Perform the transition “Archive and reset” / “Reset data”.

    Follow the prompts provided by the system to continue. Of the proposed methods, the easiest way is to use mobile Internet on another gadget via Wi-Fi, since this is not only the easiest way, but with the highest Internet speed. Options with USB or Bluetooth are used if, for certain reasons, it is impossible to stop at the first point. Similarly, you can distribute the network to a TV with the Smart function. But keep in mind that many mobile operators block this type of network use.

    What is hotspot in Huawei and Honor phone

    Huawei and Honor hotspot is the ability to broadcast Internet access from your phone to other devices. The need for this arises when your friends or colleagues do not have the opportunity to connect to Wi-Fi and access the Internet. Then you can share your mobile network with them. Fee depends on your mobile operator.

    • If you have unlimited Internet use within the tariff, then most likely you will have to pay extra for using the distribution tool. How much it costs you need to check with the operator, are different for everyone.
    • If traffic is limited, then such services are usually not charged.

    We emphasize that it is possible to distribute the network only if your phone uses mobile traffic. The Wi-Fi action will not work.

    Share via USB to computer

    This requires a cable that connects the smartphone and PC. After connecting, follow the instructions:

    • Swipe the curtain from top to bottom;
    • Select the connection type “File transfer”;
    • Then go back to the modem control mode on the phone, and select the “USB” option there.
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    Now you have the opportunity to transfer traffic to your computer or laptop. Just find your phone among the available points there and connect.

    How to distribute the Internet from Huawei and Honor phones: setting up an access point

    How to distribute the Internet from Huawei and Honor, and is it even possible? Yes, it is possible. But few users know the correct aLGorithm of actions. There are several options for distribution: built-in functionality, modem and third-party programs. They all have a different aLGorithm of work, with which we will acquaint you in a detailed step-by-step instruction.

    Wi-Fi hotspot

    The most popular and frequently used option for sharing traffic is to create a Wi-Fi hotspot on your phone. The aLGorithm how to distribute the Internet from an Honor and Huawei phone is given below.

    • Turn on mobile data transmission through shutter shift or settings.
    • Go to the item “Wireless networks”.
    • Click on the line “Modem mode”.
    • Next, we need the Access Point tool.
    • By clicking on it, the settings graph appears.
    • If you are connecting for the first time, you will have to enter several items for security settings.
    • Specify the name of the network that other users will see, as the name of the wi-fay.
    • Next, choose whether there will be a cipher. If yes, then set WPA2 PSK mode. This is the default setting for this type of connection.
    • Enter a password if required. It is better not to use classic collections like “12345678” or “00000000” in it. Also, do not use personal information, phone number or name. Come up with a reliable combination that scammers can’t hack.
    • Exit settings and use.

    Through applications

    • Via Bluetooth;
    • Via Wi-Fi;
    • Limited access (limit data).

    The second window offers to set how much traffic you are ready to give for use by another device. This is convenient, because this way you can avoid overspending. There is no such monitoring function in the built-in parameters.

    Bluetooth modem

    Modem mode on smartphones is also available via Bluetooth. You go to the wireless network settings, and set the Bluetooth parameters. At this point, the port itself should be enabled. Do not turn it off throughout the entire distribution. Next, you establish a connection from laptops or PCs through a Bluetooth modem, and give access to the network.

    Why the smartphone does not distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi?

    There are several reasons for this:

    If you have any questions or complaints. Please let us know

    • You have run out of traffic;
    • Network error or virus;
    • Wrong connection.

    Additional Information

    If you follow the instructions, there will be no problems. But there are abnormal situations and individual problems that do not allow you to perform an action.

    How to share Internet from a tablet?

    The aLGorithm is the same as for the phone. Over, the instruction is also suitable for owners of other models of phones with Android OS.

    How to distribute the Internet from a Wi-Fi phone to transfer to a computer for free (Android Samsung Honor iPhone Beeline Huawei Yota Redmi)

    The Internet is developing in large strides, but unfortunately sometimes its only accessibility is only through mobile communication, and a tablet or smartphone will not always provide the conditions and parameters necessary for work. Therefore, the question arises of how to transfer the Internet via Wi-Fi from a smartphone?

    In principle, there is nothing complicated about this, if the device supports such a function and has the appropriate firmware to make such a connection and configure it is very SIMple.

    The first step, of course, we need to enable Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi) on our phone (smartphone, tablet).

    Then we indicate our key (a password with which it will be possible to connect to our distribution) and click save.

    That’s all the next thing left to connect other devices via Wi-Fi to the Internet. In addition, there are many more programs that allow you to control connections, monitor traffic and disconnect the connection if the specified limit is exceeded.

    How to share Wi-Fi from phone to Android

    In order to share Wi-Fi from your Android phone, you need to open the Android settings. This can be done by launching the Settings app in the list of all installed apps. You can also open the settings using the top curtain or the icon on the desktop.

    After opening the settings, you need to go to the “Other networks” section. It should be noted that in your phone this section may have a slightly different name. If you cannot find this section, look through all the settings sections that are next to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings.

    Next, open a subsection called “Modem and Access Point”. Again, the title of this section may differ slightly on your device. It can be called “Modem”, “Modem Mode”, “Access Point Connection” or SIMply “Access Point”.

    After that, you must activate the “Portable Access Point” function. To do this, move the switch to the “On” position.

    After activating the portable hotspot, you will see a pop-up warning that Wi-Fi is turned off. In this window, click on the “Yes” button.

    This completes the setup, now your phone is distributing Wi-Fi. You just have to look at the password for accessing the Wi-Fi network created by your phone. To do this, open the section “Portable Access Point”.

    After that, a window with information about the access point will open in front of you. Here you can view and change the name of the access point and password.How to share Wi-Fi from an iOS phone

    If you have an iPhone, then in order to configure the distribution of Wi-Fi you need to enter the settings and open the “Modem mode” section. If this section is missing, then it may mean that your phone is not enabled or configured for mobile Internet.

    In this section you need to activate the “Modem Mode” function. To do this, move the switch to the on position.

    In the same section of the settings you can see the password that you need to use to connect to Wi-Fi.

    This completes the IPhone setup. Now you can connect to the created Wi-Fi network.

    How to Share Wi-Fi from Phone to Windows Phone 8

    If you have a phone based on the Windows Phone operating system, then in order to distribute Wi-Fi you need to open the “Settings” application.

    After that, you need to open the “Shared Internet” section.

    Next, you need to move the switch to the “On” position. After that, information about the name of the access point and the password for accessing it will appear at the bottom of the screen.

    This completes the Windows Phone setup. Wi-Fi network works and you can connect to it.

    Android smartphone

    All versions of Android OS have the function of enabling the hotspot.

    Signal requirements:

    Mobile Internet. For normal operation with several connected devices, it is recommended to use a 3G or 4G connection;
    Enough traffic. If your tariff has limitations, we recommend checking the amount of remaining megabytes before creating an access point;
    The second device should have Wi-Fi connectivity.

    To access the Internet from the second gadget, on the first device, you must enable data transmission over the mobile network.

    Without this, you will connect to the access point, but the sites will not load.

    Note! Depending on your version of Android, the names of the menu items may change, but the principle of setting remains the same as in the instructions.

    Follow these steps:

    Go to the Settings. Mobile networks window;
    Activate data transmission over the cellular network;

    Then go to Settings again and open the “Wi-Fi hotspot” section;
    In the new window, specify the Network Name, Protection Type and create an Access Password. Choose as many users as possible and save the settings.

    Network name. Enter any name by which it will be easier for you to recognize the access point. Enter text in Latin letters.
    Security type. This setting is responsible for the level of data encryption over the wireless network. It is recommended to choose the WPA / PSK2 option, as it preserves data confidentiality and does not slow down the Internet connection.

    Password. At least 8 characters. You need to use upper and lower case letters as well. Numbers, special characters. Thus, you protect the access point from hacking. If you do not specify a password, anyone can connect to the network.

    Modem mode

    The second option, how to distribute the Internet from an Android smartphone, is to use a mobile gadget as a USB modem.

    This method is suitable if you need to access the Internet from a computer, but it does not support connecting to Wi-Fi networks.

    Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable and wait for the computer to recognize the device;
    Then the system will automatically install the necessary drivers. If you are using Windows 7 or older OS, you will have to install drivers manually using Device Manager;
    Then on your smartphone go to Settings. Open the “Network Connections” section;
    Go to the “Other networks” tab, and then click on “Modem and access point”;
    Check the USB modem box;

    After activating the function on the smartphone, the computer will automatically recognize the new local network. Go to Windows Network Connections. Right-click on the local area connection icon and select the “Enable” field.

    Now an Internet connection will appear on the computer.

    However, it will only work if you have activated data transmission over the mobile network and you have a sufficient amount of Internet traffic.For iPhone and iPad owners

    Officially, you cannot share the Internet on the iPhone in hotspot mode. In different versions of iOS, this function is present and then disappears again.

    Even if there is no access point in the settings of your smartphone, you can still share the Internet using a SIMple life hack.

    First, make sure you have a 3G or 4G connection.

    Then follow these steps:

    Open Settings and go to the “Cellular” window;
    Find the item “Cellular data” and open it;

    Next, at the very bottom of the window, open the “Modem Mode” tab. The “APN” field will appear in the window that opens. You will see several text boxes where you need to enter the value “internet” (without quotes);

    Now the section “Modem mode” will appear in the main menu. Open it, come up with a network name, and a password.
    On the second device, turn on the Wi-Fi network you just created. Check the Internet.

    If there is no connection, make sure to activate your tariff plan or Contact the operator.

    Instructions for Windows Phone

    Although Windows Phone has many differences from Android and iOS, the option for fast Internet distribution in this operating system is as SIMple as in previous versions.

    Open Settings and go to the “Wireless networks” window;
    Then go to “Advanced” and select the “Modem mode” field, after activating the mobile network;

    Select the type of distribution of the network “Wi-Fi router”, USB-modem or Bluetooth-modem. The fastest and most convenient option is Wi-Fi. It does not require wireless connections and provides faster loading of web pages;

    Click on the required field and come up with a Network Name, its Password. In the “Users” window, you can control how many devices are currently connected to the network and can block unwanted users.

    In Windows Phone, users have access to advanced settings for distributing the network via Wi-Fi:

    Bandwidth adjustment. You can independently determine the maximum allowable level of connection speed. To do this, click on the “Bandwidth” field and set the limit. In the future, you can see the statistics of connection usage;

    Setting up WPS. A method of connecting to your network. It can be a PIN or a push button. If the second gadget has a special WPS button, you just need to activate the access point on your Windows Phone and press this key on the other gadget. The connection will be established automatically without entering passwords;

    Energy saving. This add-on window allows you to configure the operation of the access point when no client devices are connected to it. Automatic shutdown will save battery power. You can configure the deactivation of tethering after 5, 10 or 15 minutes of inactivity. You can also prohibit turning off the connection, but this will increase battery consumption by an average of 20%.30%.

    Please note that you can set a traffic limit on Windows Phone.

    This option will be useful for those who have very limited service packages from a cellular operator.

    The limit will not allow you to exceed the amount of traffic you specified and will keep other users able to access the Internet:

    Go to the settings window and go to the “Applications” section;
    Click on “Data Control”;
    Select Set Limit. Then specify the period of the limitation (day, week or month), as well as the allowed number of megabytes.
    Do not disable background data transfer. This can cause errors when connecting to the access point.

    Connection speed on client devices may slow down slightly, but this is due to additional filtering of content that consumes a lot of traffic.How to get good internet speed?

    Users often encounter problems and errors when distributing Wi-Fi. For example, another user connects to the network, but there is no Internet, or the connection speed is very low.

    If the Internet is available on the main smartphone, but not on the connected device, check if the password is entered correctly.

    Sometimes it is enough to change the type of encryption to a SIMpler one to restore access to the network.

    If you want to increase the speed of the Internet, remember that it directly depends on two factors:

    Connected tariff plan on the phone that beeps;
    Number of connected users.
    If you have limited traffic, this can lead to a quick loss of the Internet. Also, pay attention to the type of network (2G, 3G, 4G).

    It will always be slightly lower for client devices.

    We recommend setting 4G or 3G coverage in the settings. This will significantly speed up the loading of web pages, since when distributing 2G Internet, you will take a very long time to load even a regular page of the search engine.

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    When sharing Wi-Fi, always check how many gadgets are connected to the hotspot. For normal operation of the Internet, there should be a maximum of two or three clients.

    Otherwise, the available bandwidth will not be enough and the connection will become too slow.

    Always set an access password and type of encryption so that no one else can connect to the network. Also, it is recommended to change the code word from time to time.

    In order to distribute wi-fi you need to enter the settings, go to the “Wireless networks” section and click the “” button. Then go to the “Modem Mode” tab. Here you need to select “Wi-fi access point”. In the window that opens, click “Configure wi-fi access point” in the pop-up window, you will need to specify the name of your point and the password to it. Then turn on the “Wi-Fi Hotspot” toggle switch.

    How to Share Wi-Fi from Android. All Ways

    You can distribute Wi-Fi from an Android phone in several ways. Via Bluetooth, via a cable, using programs or wirelessly. A smartphone owner can use any of these methods, but there are a number of points to consider:

    You don’t need to charge your smartphone to share Wi-Fi from your Android phone to your laptop or PC using a cable. The battery is powered via the USB connector. At the same time, the number of connected devices is limited.

    When using Bluetooth, be aware of the distance limitation. It is desirable that the source and receiver are as close to each other as possible.

    You can distribute Wi-Fi from Android via a wireless network to several devices at the same time. There are no restrictions here. An additional advantage is the large Wi-Fi coverage. Of the minuses, a quick discharge of the battery and heating of the device stand out.
    Below is a look at how to share Wi-Fi from an Android phone using each of the above methods.Built-in capabilities

    In Android OS with version 2.3 or more, you can share Wi-Fi from your phone. For devices with Android 5.0 and older, the aLGorithm is as follows:

    Go to the settings section, and then Networks;

    Select the section of the general modem and networks, and then. The Wi-Fi access point;

    Click the link to create an access point;
    specify a name that will be seen by other users when connecting;
    select password protection (for XP SP2. WPA PSK, for XP SP3 and other OS. WPA2 PSK);
    create a password for Wi-Fi with the number of characters from 8 or more;
    specify the maximum number of users for whom you can enable Wi-Fi sharing on Android;

    Take a step back and start the hotspot by moving the toggle switch to the right side.

    To start the modem mode, turn on the mobile network, after which the Internet will be distributed via Wi-Fi.

    Now let’s look at how to distribute Wi-Fi on Android if an older version of the OS is installed. The aLGorithm is as follows:

    Enter the parameters, and then. Wireless networks.
    Go to the section, and then click Next.
    Enter the Modem and Access Point section.

    Make the settings according to the diagram above.

    After activating the connection, an icon appears on the top of the display, indicating the distribution of Wi-Fi. If done correctly, you can share Wi-Fi from Android phone to Android phone, tablet, PC, or other devices.

    How to share Wi-Fi using apps

    You can find many applications on the web that allow you to share Wi-Fi to other devices without using the internal capabilities of your smartphone. Let’s highlight the best software:

    Wi-Fi Hotspot is a program for distributing Wi-Fi from an Android phone with a user-friendly interface and easy setup. With its help, you can quickly create an access point and use your smartphone as a modem. For clarity, a widget is provided with the display of information about the connection to Wi-Fi. The red indicator indicates that there is no connection, and the blue indicator indicates that the function is active.

    Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot is another program with which you can distribute the Internet from phone to tablet via Wi-Fi from Android or to another device. The task of the software is to SIMplify the process of creating a connection point. With the help of software, work is done in one click.

    Among useful applications, it is worth highlighting Wi-Fi Key Recovery, which allows you to view passwords from networks to which the device was previously connected. Speedtest software is provided for speed control.

    How to share the Internet via Bluetooth

    To transfer Wi-Fi from phone to Android phone, the internal capabilities of the smartphone or application are usually used. Alternatively, you can consider connecting via Bluetooth. Take the following steps:

    Go to the settings section;

    Click “” (Wireless networks) and enter the modem mode;

    Highlight the Bluetooth tethering item.

    For a successful connection, make sure the device is visible and the “blue tooth” on the device is enabled. To share Wi-Fi from a smartphone to a laptop, enter the control panel of the latter, go to the devices and printers section, and then add a new device. The system then proceeds to search for available networks. Once the phone is located, click on it and allow the pairing of devices. Now click on the picture of the smartphone with the right mouse button and select the type of connection via an access point.

    How to share Wi-Fi via cable

    Another way is to share Wi-Fi from phone to computer via Android USB cable. In this case, the aLGorithm of actions is as follows:

    Go to Android settings;
    go to the section of wireless networks, and then click on “”;

    Select modem mode and click on USB modem.

    If the work is done correctly, the PC or laptop finds the smartphone, after which the Wi-Fi distribution from the phone begins. The speed will be small, but it should be sufficient for performing SIMple actions. There are situations when the device is not recognized the first time. In this case, you need to look for the cause of the malfunction (more on this below).

    Why Android won’t share Wi-Fi

    Knowing how to share Wi-Fi from Android phone to Android tablet, smartphone, PC, or other device, you can quickly set up a wireless network and take advantage of the power of the mobile Internet. But in the process of using the Network, there may be difficulties associated with the connection. Let’s highlight the main reasons:

    Antivirus program operation. Some software that protects the PC may block the connection. In this case, you can uninstall the software from the smartphone or temporarily disable its action (while the device is distributing the Internet).

    OS malfunction. Some applications make changes to how the system works. As a result, difficulties arise and the Wi-Fi sharing from the Android phone fails. Perhaps the reason lies in a virus. To find it, you need to download special software and scan the system. If these steps do not help, a factory reset or flashing may be required.

    Disconnecting mobile Internet. Before sharing Wi-Fi from phone to Android phone or other device, you need to make sure the mobile network is turned on.

    Incorrect setting. To make changes, you can call the operator and ask to send an SMS with automatic settings. You do not need to add anything. You just need to confirm their application.

    Failure of the firmware. If the owner of the smartphone flashed the Android phone to get root privileges, Wi-Fi malfunctions may occur. At the same time, it will not work to distribute the Internet. The only way out is software update or flashing.

    Connection errors. If the goal is to distribute Wi-Fi from Android phone to PC over a wire, the number of problematic points is greater. Connection failures can occur due to a broken socket on a PC or phone, due to a faulty USB cable, or due to driver problems. To resolve the issue, you need to determine the reason, and then take action. Repair the connector, change the cable or update the software.

    If the above methods did not work, you can reset the settings. For this:

    Go to the options menu;
    select the general (system) section;

    Enter the backup section;

    Click on factory reset.
    After completing these steps, all data is erased, therefore, before cleaning, you need to make a backup copy.This instruction is suitable for gadgets on Android version 5.0 and higher.

    Open the “Settings” menu on the smartphone from which you want to share Wi-Fi. Select the “Access Point and Modem” option. In the item “Mobile hotspot” you can start creating a WLAN network.
    Choose an existing hotspot profile or set up a new one. To create it, click “Options” in the upper right corner of the screen.
    Specify the name (SSID) of the network, for example, “AndroidAP”, and set the password for Wi-Fi. The access code must be at least eight characters long.

    In the “Security” section, we recommend choosing the encryption type “WPA2 PSK”. Install an open network only in exceptional cases.

    Start searching for Wi-Fi networks on the device from which you want to access the Internet. Select your access point and connect to it.
    On many Android gadgets, the option for creating HotSpot can be found on the notification shade if you drag it down.
    Typically, eight to ten devices can be connected to one network at the same time. The exact amount depends on the manufacturer.
    Please note that operating in AP mode requires a lot of power. Most likely, your smartphone will be heavily loaded and will run out quickly.

    How to share Wi-Fi over Bluetooth

    You can also distribute Wi-Fi from a smartphone via Bluetooth. However, this type of connection is very slow, has a short range and should only be used if, for some reason, it is not possible to create a mobile access point using WLAN.

    Go to “Settings” again and find the item “Access Point and Modem”.
    Activate the slider in the “Bluetooth modem” line. Turn on the visibility of your smartphone for wireless devices and connect the necessary gadgets to it.
    This communication method does not consume as much battery power as WLAN-HotSpot, but it is also tediously slow.

    So, in order to distribute Wi-Fi from your phone, you need to do the following:Check that mobile internet is connected. If the phone goes online via Wi-Fi, then it will no longer be able to distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi.
    Check that mobile internet is connected

    Go to the Settings menu. Modem and access point.

    Choosing a WLAN Access Point.

    Set up a password to connect to your phone’s network.

    Go back to the Modem and Access Point menu item and enable Mobile Network Sharing. Return to the Modem and Access Point menu item and enable Mobile Network Sharing

    A well-known application for distributing the Internet from mobile devices, presented in the version for Android. It can also solve the problem of distributing Wi-Fi.

    The application has options “Wi-Fi Direct Hotspot” and “Wi-Fi Hotspot (FoxFi)”.

    The second option is implemented through a separate application that does not even need PDA itself, so if you are interested in it, see Method 2.

    The option with “Wi-Fi Direct Hotspot” will be considered in this method.

    Download and install the client program on the PC.

    After installation, launch it. After making sure that the client is running, proceed to the next step.

    Open PDANet on your phone and check the box next to “Wi-Fi Direct Hotspot”.

    When the access point is turned on, you can view the password and network name (SSID) in the area marked in the screenshot above (note the point’s activity timer, limited to 10 minutes).

    “Change Wi-Fi Name / Password” option will allow you to change the name and password of the created point.
    After these manipulations, we return to the computer and the client application. It will collapse on the taskbar and look like this.

    Make a single click on it to get a menu. In it, click “Connect Wi-Fi.”.

    The Connection Wizard dialog box will appear. Wait for it to find the point you created.

    Select this point, enter the password and click “Connect Wi-Fi”.
    Wait for the connection.

    When the window automatically closes, it will signal that you are connected to the network.

    The method is SIMple, and besides, it gives almost one hundred percent result. Its downside is the absence of the Russian language both in the main Android application and in the Windows client. In addition, the free version of the application has a connection time limit. When it expires, the Wi-Fi point will have to be recreated.

    In the past. A component of the aforementioned PDANet, as indicated by the option “Wi-Fi Hotspot (FoxFi)”, clicking on which in PDANet leads to the FoxFi download page.

    After installation, launch the application. Change the SSID (or, if you wish, leave it as it is) and set the password in the “Network Name” and “Password (WPA2)” options, respectively.

    Click on “Activate Wi-Fi Hotspot”.

    After a short period of time, the application will signal a successful opening, and two notifications will appear in the curtain: about the enabled access point mode and one from FoxFay, which will allow you to control traffic.
    Foxfi access point notifications in the device status bar

    A network with the previously selected SSID will appear in the connection manager, to which the computer can connect like any other Wi-Fi router.

    To turn it off, just go to the application again and turn off the Wi-Fi distribution mode by clicking on “Activate Wi-Fi Hotspot”.
    This method is terribly SIMple, and nevertheless there are drawbacks in it. This application, like PDANet, does not have Russian localization. In addition, some mobile operators do not allow the use of traffic in this way, which may cause the Internet to not work. In addition, for FoxFi, as well as for PDANo, there is a time limit for using a point.

    There are other applications on the Play Store for distributing the Internet via Wi-Fi from the phone, but most of them work on the same principle as FoxFay, using almost identical names of buttons and elements.System Tools

    Read more:  Honor 8 Firmware Emui 8 How to Install

    In order to distribute the Internet from the phone, in some cases, you may not need to install separate software, since this feature is present in the built-in Android functionality. Please note that the location and name of the options described below may differ from model to model and firmware version.

    Go to “Settings” and find the option “Modem and access point” in the network connection settings group.

    On other devices, this option can be located along the path “System”. “”. “Hot spot”, or “Networks”. “Shared modem and networks”. “Wi-Fi access point”.

    We are interested in the “Mobile Hotspot” option. Tap it 1 time.

    On other devices, it may be referred to as “Wi-Fi Hotspot”, “Create Wi-Fi Hotspot”, etc. Check the Help, then use the toggle.

    In the warning dialog, click “Yes”.

    If you do not have such an option, or it is inactive, most likely, your version of Android does not support the possibility of wireless Internet distribution.
    The phone will go into mobile Wi-Fi router mode. A notification will appear in the status bar.

    In the access point control window, you can view a short instruction, as well as familiarize yourself with the network identifier (SSID) and password for connecting to it.

    Important note: most phones allow changing both the SSID and password and the encryption type. However, some manufacturers (for example, Samsung) do not allow this to be done using standard means. Also note that the default password changes every time you turn on the hotspot.

    The option of connecting a computer to such a mobile access point is completely identical to the method with FoxFi. When you no longer need the router mode, you can turn off the distribution of the Internet from your phone by SIMply moving the slider in the “Modem and access point” menu (or the corresponding analogue in your specific device).

    This method can be called optimal for users who, for some reason, cannot or SIMply do not want to install a separate application on their device. The disadvantages of this option are the operator restrictions mentioned in the method with FoxFay.

    Modem mode on Huawei and Honor smartphones

    To activate the distribution of traffic, you just need to turn on the tethering mode on your phone. As a result, users will be able to connect to the mobile Internet any device that is within the network coverage area and supports a connection, including:

    • Tablets;
    • Other smartphones;
    • Computers and laptops;
    • Modern Smart TVs and receivers.

    There are no strict restrictions. The main thing is that the selected device has the ability to connect to the Internet in standard ways. The exception is old phones that only support the network provided by the operator.

    USB modem

    If your computer does not support a Wi-Fi connection (the required module and headset are missing), you should use your phone as a standard USB modem. To do this, you should:

    • Connect the phone to the computer using the supplied cable;
    • Wait for the installation of the necessary drivers (if required) and make sure that the connection is established;
    • Open the already mentioned section “modem mode” on your smartphone (you can use the above instructions);
    • Activate the item mentioning USB.

    After that, it remains to configure a standard local area network on a PC by going to the network diagnostics center.

    How to distribute internet from Huawei or Honor phone?

    There are several ways to enable distribution:

    • Via Wi-Fi;
    • Via usb cable;
    • Via bluetooth.

    In each case, Android owners will have to take SIMilar steps. The differences will only affect the choice of the optimal mode.

    It is important to emphasize that all possible problems and their solutions are related to the actions of the operator or the terms of the tariff. If you cannot transfer part of the traffic to another phone, you need to familiarize yourself with the restrictions provided by the tariff plan (in this case, you will have to activate additional options) or take a closer look at the connection speed (in this situation, replacing the tariffication with a faster one will help).

    How to distribute the Internet from an Honor or Huawei phone: enable tethering

    How to distribute the Internet from Huawei or Honor. Such a question should not worry smartphone owners, since the phone developers are worried that the mentioned function always remains at hand. It is much more important for users how their mobile operator relates to the distribution of traffic. Many cellular companies impose strict restrictions on such actions and significantly reduce the connection speed or completely disconnect the network. Only in the case when the tariff used allows distribution, it is worth moving on to studying various ways to use Android as a modem.

    Wi-Fi hotspot

    Using a Wi-Fi hotspot is the most common way to distribute the Internet. To turn on the access point, you will need:

    • Open smartphone settings;
    • Go to the section with the mention of wireless networks;
    • Find the subsection “modem mode”;
    • Choose a Wi-Fi access point among the options provided by the developers;
    • Configure by specifying the type, network name (recommended type. WPA2) and password;
    • Move the slider to the “on” position;
    • Save the changes made.

    You should connect to the created network in the standard way of connecting to Wi-Fi, using the name and password specified earlier during setup.

    What is hotspot in Huawei phone?

    The Huawei hotspot is no different from other Wi-Fi hotspots. It also allows you to connect to the network and use traffic. It was already mentioned above that any device, including tablets and even TVs, can connect to the network. And the only difference will be the fact that the phone is used as the source of the connection. At the same time, the distribution of gigabytes does not prevent users from using the other functions of the device. The only drawback will be a slight decrease in device performance. But the differences in the quality of the device are minimal, so users will not notice any deterioration.

    Bluetooth modem

    Knowing how to distribute the Internet from an Honor phone via Wi-Fi, figuring out how to connect the distribution of traffic via Bluetooth is not difficult. But those who need instructions should do the following:

    • Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone and laptop;
    • Activate the Bluetooth modem mode in the phone settings;
    • Wait until the device that will receive traffic detects Android and offers to connect;
    • Wait for the connection code to appear on the phone screen;
    • Enter this code in the dialog box prompting you to establish a connection.

    After that, access to the Internet is opened.

    If you have any questions or complaints. Please let us know

    How to share internet from Honor phone?

    You have an Honor smartphone. You went to a barbecue somewhere far from the city, taking with you, let’s say, a laptop. How to do so, having a smartphone and a laptop at hand, so that the latter can receive the Internet? It’s very SIMple. Distribute mobile Internet via Wi-Fi from your smartphone. But how to do it, you will learn from our instructions.

    Let’s say right away that the system interface in your case may be somewhat different, but this does not change the essence of the process. Go.

    Call the shutter and turn on the data transfer, that is, the mobile Internet.

    After that, you can safely open the “Settings” on your smartphone.

    Or. The item “Wireless networks”.

    Here select the line “Modem mode”.

    Click on “Wi-Fi Hotspot”.

    First you need to configure the access point.

    Specify the name of the network (device), the type of encryption (WPA2 PSK can be used), and, without fail, the password. Remember it, you will need it soon. Then click on the “Save” button.

    Then you go back one step. And now you can turn on the access point.

    The access point is working, as indicated by the icon.

    As an example, we decided to connect from another smartphone. The network is visible.

    We connect to it by specifying the same password.

    In the same way, you can connect from a laptop or other Wi-Fi-enabled device.

    Sharing the Internet via Wi-Fi

    To distribute in this way, you need to create an access point on your Honor. To do this, do the following:

    Open your phone settings and select “Mobile network” (on some models “Wireless networks”).

    Now click on “Personal Hotspot” (on some models “Tethering”)

    Activate the hotspot with the slider and, if necessary, change the name under which your Honor will find other devices.

    If you do not want someone to be able to use your Internet without permission, then set a password.

    The point is configured. Now you can connect to it from other devices.

    To do this, start a search for Wi-Fi networks on them and find the created Honor hotspot, by the given name.

    In our case, in the picture above, this is HONOR 20.

    How to distribute the Internet from an Honor 10 or 20 smartphone?

    Honor smartphones can be used as a modem (access point). You can set up the distribution of mobile Internet from the Honor 10 or 20 phone, as well as from other models of the line, in one of several ways:

    • Via Wi-Fi
    • Bluetooth
    • By USB cable

    Internet sharing via Bluetooth

    In order to distribute the Internet from an Honor phone via Bluetooth, you must first turn on the Bluetooth modem mode on it, and then connect another device to it. To enable the mode on your smartphone, do the following:

    • Open the settings
    • Go to “Mobile networks” (on some models “Wireless networks”)
    • “Personal Access Point” (or “Modem Mode”)
    • Go to the “” section and activate the Bluetooth modem slider.

    Now you need to connect another device to your phone. To do this, turn on Bluetooth on it, find your Honor and pair.

    Then do the following:

    Go to connection parameters. The easiest way to do this is through a long press on the Bluetooth icon in the notification shade.

    In the “Paired devices” section, find the one you need and click on the gear icon located next to it

    Now activate the slider “Internet access”

    Now, the Bluetooth connected device to your Honor will be connected to the Internet.

    Internet distribution via USB cable

    You can also distribute mobile Internet from an Honor phone to a PC or laptop. This requires a USB cable (can be taken from charging).

    Connection instructions:

    • Connect your smartphone and PC with a cable
    • Open the notification shade
    • Select cable connection notification
    • In the window that opens, select “File Transfer”
    • Go to Settings. Then “Personal access point” (or “Modem mode”), then the item “” and activate the slider of the USB modem.

    Now you can use the Internet on a PC or laptop using a new connection.

    How to share Internet from HUAWEI (honor) smartphone to computer via USB cable?

    The main advantage of modern smartphones is its universal mobility, which allows solving many important tasks in any unpretentious conditions.

    And sometimes a smartphone can become just an indispensable assistant in a completely unexpected role. It will become the only portal for communication with the Internet for all your electronic devices (phone, tablet, laptop and personal computer), in the event of an unexpected break in the Internet cable or just far out of town.
    The main thing is that the smartphone is within the mobile coverage area.

    And how can you transfer the Internet from your phone to other electronic devices?

    This can be done in three main ways:
    1.With a USB cable;
    2. Via Wi-Fi;
    3.Via Bluetooth.

    The order of distribution of the Internet from a smartphone HUAWEI (honor) to a computer via a USB cable.

    In this case, the smartphone will work in the “USB modem” mode. This function allows you to distribute the Internet from your phone to your laptop, computer or tablet via a USB cable.

    Connect Huawei (Honor) phone to Internet.

    The phone connects to the Internet via mobile data transfer in accordance with the tariff plan of the cellular operator. To do this, swipe down the Notification Panel curtain from the top line of the screen and click on the “Data Transfer” icon.

    If your phone is in a Wi-Fi network zone, you can connect to the Internet via a Wi-Fi network by swiping down the Notification Panel curtain from the top line of the screen and clicking on the “Wi-Fi” icon.

    Smartphone screen. View of the Notification Panel when the Internet is connected via “Wi-Fi”. Smartphone screen. View of the Notification Panel when the Internet is connected via “Wi-Fi”

    Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable.

    When connecting, it is advisable to use the original USB cable supplied with the phone.

    Place the phone so that it is on a flat surface near the computer and does not have the possibility of accidental movement, which could lead to a temporary interruption of communication through this cable.

    Turn on the “USB tethering” mode on your phone for this:

    Smartphone screen. Launch the Phone Settings application. Smartphone screen. Go to the “Wireless networks” section.

    Smartphone screen. Enter the “Modem mode” section. Smartphone screen. Turn on the “USB-modem” mode. Smartphone screen 0. Phone “USB modem” mode is on.

    When you first connect the phone to the computer in the “USB modem” mode, wait a couple of minutes while the computer installs the necessary drivers.

    Part of computer screen 1. Automatic installation of drivers.

    After that, as a rule, the computer automatically configures itself and connects to the Internet via the phone via a USB cable.

    Computer Screen Part 2. Internet Connected.

    It all worked! Internet access appeared on your laptop or computer. You can open a web browser on your computer and check any site.

    If your phone is connected to the Internet via mobile mobile data, do not forget to monitor the traffic consumption!