How to Share an Access Point on a Computer

How to Share an Access Point on a Computer

The computer can work as a router. distribute Wi-Fi to other devices using the network source to which it is connected (for example, to wired Internet). How to turn a PC into a virtual access point and distribute the Internet, for example, to a phone?

How to distribute Wi-Fi from a computer to a phone

Consider how to create a virtual Wi-Fi access point on your computer, which you can connect to from your phone, tablet or any other device.

Mobile hotspot for Windows 10 (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth transmission)

In the “top ten” there is a built-in option “Mobile hot spot” to create a Wi-Fi access point. This is the easiest way to transfer the Internet from a PC to a smartphone or any other device:

  1. Launch the Start menu, click on the gear there. Or just hold both Windows and I on the keyboard at the same time.
  2. In the parameters, run the block for networks and the Internet.

Click on the “Network and Internet” tile

Turn on and configure the hot spot in the settings

Activate Wi-Fi on the phone

Via Command Line

This method is suitable for all variants of Windows. We will need the built-in console of the “Command Line” system. How to run it and what commands you need to execute there:

    In the “Start” panel (in the “System” folder) or through the “Windows Search”, find the “Command Prompt”.

Open the line as administrator

Run two commands in a row sequentially

The Wi-Fi network will be created on the PC immediately, but in order for it to work correctly, you need to open access to the Internet on the computer:

  1. Launch the “Network Connections” window. To do this, hold down “Vin” (the button to start the “Start”) and R on the keyboard. Enter the code ncpa.cpl, click on “Enter”.
  2. Find the working adapter (the one on which there is now Internet). We have a wireless network. Right-click and select “Properties”.

Go to connection properties

Share internet access for other devices

Go to protocol properties

Manually enter IP and DNS

How to configure automatic operation of such a network

So that with each new start of the computer you do not have to open the “Command Prompt” and start the virtual access point, do the following:

  1. Create a text document on the desktop and rename it. You can specify the name of the file as you wish, it is important that the extension is.bat.
  2. Open the file and insert the netsh wlan start hostednetwork launch combination in it.

Paste the command in Notepad to launch the access point on the PC

Through special applications

You can do without the “Command Line” when creating a wireless network on a computer. Free third-party programs will help you. Working with them is very simple. Consider a few of them:

    MyPublicWiFi. You can download the application on the official website ( You just need to download the distribution package of the program, and then start its installation. Then you need to select the name and password for Wai-Fai in the interface and activate the network. In the utility settings, you can restrict access to different sites for network users.

Enter the name, password and connection in the settings

Select your internet source from the Network Card menu

Write the password for the access point twice

Why can’t I give out “Wi-Fi” to the phone from my computer and what to do

It is not always possible to organize a virtual access point on a computer the first time. What to do in case of problems:

  1. No internet access. The virtual point on the PC is active, the phone sees it, but after connecting to it, the smartphone does not gain access to the Internet. In this case, you need to make sure that you have opened access to the Internet on your computer. How to open access, we described in the second instruction in the section “Through the” Command Line “in this article. Try also disabling the built-in Windows Firewall through the Control Panel.
  2. An error occurred while setting up a hot spot on Windows 10. Typically, this problem occurs when the connection to the PC is through the PPPoE protocol. In this case, you need to use another way to create a virtual access point. use a special utility or “Command line”.
  3. Unable to connect to the access point, an authentication and IP address retrieval error occurred. If you see a notification with similar text, check again if you have opened access to the Internet. Check also the IP settings. If you previously had manually driven data, try setting automatic receipt of IP and DNS, and then check the Internet access on your phone.

Set automatic data retrieval in IP protocol properties

Turn on the wireless network adapter

If you have Windows 10, calmly turn on the Mobile Hot Spot option in the settings and connect to the access point on your phone with the password that Windows will set for you. If you have a different version of the OS or if you were unable to activate the hot spot, use the built-in Command Line tool or a third-party utility.