How to Set Up Your TV Through a Digital Set-Top Box

Dexsp brand is a novelty of TVs, models are characterized by a pleasant ratio of quality and price. The functions are not inferior to branded technology, in addition to the standard reception of analog and digital signals, Smart technology is also built-in, which allows you to access the Internet. Owners of the equipment just bought are concerned with the question of how to set up digital channels on a DEXP TV.

How to Set Up Your TV Through a Digital Set-Top Box

Checking for Digital TV Support on DEXP

Access to digital TV is provided through a special built-in tuner that converts the signal to DVB-2 format. If DVB-T is supported, then the model will not catch a digit without a prefix.

If the TV does not support digital TV

There are several options for solving the problem: one of them is buying a new TV with an already built-in set-top box and maintaining the necessary signal. This method is expensive for the family budget, an alternative is to connect via a prefix.

How to set up a DEXP TV to receive digital TV channels

The first thing to do is check for connectivity. In order not to get confused and do everything right, the instruction on how to set up digital television on a DEXP TV:

  • On the remote control, press the button to switch to Smart mode;
  • Open and click “Settings”, confirm the action “OK”;
  • Go to the “Channel”, indicate the type of antenna connected;
  • We select “Auto tuning” and we wait for filling in the data necessary for the search;
  • Go to the “Scan” menu, select. “Full”;
  • When requesting network authorization, specify. “Automatic”. “Search”.

Upon completion, the air replenished with 20 TV programs.

Auto Channel Search

Before starting the process, the antenna is connected to the console through the connector located on the rear panel. Sequencing:

  • Connect the cable through the RCA connector in case the direct connection is not supported;
  • Go to the menu of the Source button by pressing on the remote;
  • Choose the country from the list, Finland or Sweden is suitable;
  • Moving the arrows on the remote control, select “Digital TV”;
  • Confirm and open the “Menu” by pressing on the remote control;
  • Scroll down the list and get to “Channels”, activate. “Auto Search”.

Upon completion, 20 free digital broadcasting programs will become available, as the system will analyze all possible frequency ranges.

Manual setting

The automatic system may not be able to cope with the task and the number of found TV programs will be less than the expected amount. In such cases, the entire procedure is performed manually, the sequence varies depending on the type of connection.

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Ether channels

An antenna is connected to search. Procedure:

  • Open the main “Menu”, through the button on the remote control;
  • Scroll and find the “Channels” section, open the “Manual Search” tab;
  • We enter the parameters, you can view the information on the Internet by scoring the “Digital TV coverage map” in the browser, for each area the parameters are different;
  • Enter the information using the arrows on the remote control and click “Start”.

Actions continue until all available broadcast signals are unlocked.

Cable channels

Programs are searched through a cable that connects to the set-top box. Procedure:

  • Press “Menu” on the remote control, scroll through the opened list and find “Channels”;
  • We switch to manual search and enter the information in the “Antenna” value, data plays a key role in signal search;
  • Go. “Cable” and enter the numbers received from the television provider.

After saving all the initial settings, all available and active programs will be found.

If you have any questions or have complaints. Please let us know

Satellite channels

Setting up TV programs in manual mode via the antenna may take longer than with standard methods. Instructions for action:

  • Connect the antenna directly to the TV, through the connector on the back;
  • Open the main “Menu” with a button on the remote control, scroll through the list and open the “Channels”;
  • Change the default settings to “Manual input”, and the antenna to “Satellite”;
  • Enter the key parameters, change the frequency of the ether and perform the definition of translators.

Search time is 10 minutes, since the initial number of available programs is greater.

How to tune a DEXP TV to digital channels without a set-top box

How to connect a DEXP TV to digital television without an additional tuner. The technique is divided into several types: supporting a number but without access to the Internet, supporting Smart, not supporting a format. To configure without using the console, you will need to go to the main “Smart Menu” and perform all the actions from there. What to do:

  • Through “Settings” we select the mode and change the value “Antenna”;
  • Having opened “Search”. “Auto-tuning”, we are waiting for the loading of parameters;

Upon completion, all found TV signals will open, with a new request, you do not need to enter parameters.

Delete and sort channels

After a successful search, you can order the programs found, for this, a number is assigned on the remote. How to sort:

  • Move the arrows on the remote control according to the list;
  • For deletion. A red button, after pressing the frequency changes and the TV forgets the found signal;
  • Rename. Letter mode, on the remote control a green button with the words ATB;
  • Move. Press the yellow button and the knob changes the position in the list.

Possible problems and solutions

The model range H32 is characterized by problems with the display of TV signals, the TV does not find them and does not display the entire list. These problems are observed in h32d8000q, h32d7200c, f43b8000k, f24d7200e. This is caused by an insufficient signal forwarded to the repeater. The solution to the problem is to install additional equipment in the form of an amplifier or reconfigure the TV.

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A weak signal indicates a system conflict between the antenna and the TV, the accessory may not be suitable for the parameters. It is decided by buying a new antenna or an additional tuner.

Mila Artyuhova (Articles written: 40)

Mila, good afternoon. I have a Dexp H32D7100E TV. Faced the following problem.
Setting up digital channels (Sochi) is a success. The reception quality is good. Shows all 20 channels. However, when viewing part of the channels (1, 5, NTV total 9) does not show. Writes “missing channel information”. How to beat the TV.
Thank you in advance for your help.
Yours faithfully,
Sergey Mikhailovich

Hello, maybe you turned on the analog TV accidentally? Try reconfiguring the channels to a new one.

Hello, I have a dexp f24d7200e TV when setting up digital channels, I only catch 6 analog channels, and I do not do the digital one correctly according to the instructions, the other TV on this antenna catches everything well, help how to fix the situation

Hello, if after auto-search the TV does not catch the channels, then the device has problems. Faults can be in the reception of the signal, in the connection method, in the settings or in the technique itself.

Hello, I have such a problem. I connected the Dixie TV to the NTV plus via HOME cable and it says, nothing was found, change the settings. Where and how to do it !?

Hello, most likely the problem is in the cable.

The whole world has long switched to digital television. Our country began the process of transition from analog signal transmission relatively recently. Digital television has contributed to the emergence of digital channels broadcasting throughout the country. TVs that support digital broadcasting DVB. T 2 appeared on sale.

This is very convenient, just connect the television cable to the TV, while no other wires are needed. However, if the TV does not support digital broadcasting, here the digital set-top box comes to the rescue. Many people who purchase this device do not know how to connect it to a TV. Therefore, it is necessary to fill this information gap.

Equipment required

In order to broadcast digital television in the apartment, the following equipment is required:

  • TV;
  • Receiver;
  • Antenna or satellite dish.

The TV should be such that it has an input for the antenna, connectors for “tulips”, scart. An input with a input. Modern TVs have an hdmi connector, it is also suitable for connecting a receiver.

Before you purchase a set-top box, you must familiarize yourself with the list of companies that provide digital television broadcasting services. Can consult with specialists the chosen company, who will advise the necessary model of the receiver. Some companies hold promotions that allow you to purchase and install the device for free.

The set-top box itself is just an attribute that allows you to receive and tune channels for a specific TV broadcast in a completely new format and much better quality. So that they broadcast through the receiver, you should deal with the broadcast source. It could be:

  • The Internet;
  • Satellite dish;
  • Other similar items.
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How to connect a digital set-top box

Connecting the console to the TV is as follows:

  • It is necessary to unpack the TV set-top box and remove the protective film from it. This is done so that the film does not heat up during the operation of the console.
  • The cable is taken and the protective sheath is cut off from its ends, retreating by 10. 15 mm. The sheath must be cut so as not to accidentally damage the shiny film protecting the center conductor. Such a film is shielding.
  • Carefully unbend the film and screw on the f. Connectors.
  • Then connect the set-top box cable to the TV.
  • After that, wire the tulips to the console and the TV.
  • At the end, an antenna is connected to the TV. Install the antenna on the outside of the house or on the balcony. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that the antenna does not interfere with the wires of the power line or tree branches.

After that, it remains only to configure the digital receiver.

Setting up a digital set-top box

Set up a digital set-top box as follows:

  • You should take the console’s remote control and press the “Menu” button;
  • A window appears in which you need to select the “Configure channels”;
  • Press “OK” and wait until the prefix automatically tunes in the channels;
  • Then you need to accept the discovered channels and save them.

Thus, setting up the receiver is quite simple.

Connecting a digital device to an old TV

Many still use old TVs. If the prefix attaches to modern models quickly and easily, then old “electrons” do not have a connector for “tulips”.

Some older televisions do not have an A / V input, but they do have a SCART connector, some of which receive component signals. Therefore, you can yourself find the adapter circuit “tulips” on SCART and solder.

In addition, you can purchase an adapter from audio-to SCART. It is of two types: adapter cable and adapter itself, to which they connect a standard RCA cable from the console.

Old Soviet TVs of the Electron type are completely not equipped with any inputs, so use only the antenna jack, where a high-frequency modulated signal is supplied. Thus, it will be necessary to find a modulator with RCA inputs.


Having connected a digital television, do not forget to pay every month for a certain package of channels. Some providers offer the purchase of digital set-top boxes with a set of digital TV channels, which are already included in the price.

The main thing is from time to time to be distracted from watching your favorite TV shows in order to devote time to your family.