How to Set Up Your Samsung TV Digitally

Modern high-quality digital television has come into our lives. Now almost every house has the latest TVs, many of which are equipped with Smart features. However, a smart technique requires certain handling skills: it can be difficult to figure out its settings. Often users ask a question: how to set up digital channels on a Samsung TV. The setup algorithm depends on the TV model.

How to Set Up Your Samsung TV Digitally

Can I watch a number without a prefix

Many modern TVs, in particular, released after 2011, are equipped with a built-in tuner DVB-T2. In this case, digital channels will be caught without an external set-top box. To understand whether there is such an option in a particular TV model, you should refer to the operating instructions. If it is lost, the official website of the company will help, where you can see its specifications by model number.

If the TV does not have such support, you will have to buy an additional set-top box to receive digital television. It costs a lot. About 1000 rubles in the basic version, which suits most users.

Auto tuning

The names of the automatic setting items may vary slightly depending on the series. In general, it is done like this.

  1. By pressing the button with the house icon, select Source / TV / OK.
  2. Again, by pressing the button with the house icon go to Settings / Broadcast / OK.
  3. After that, select Auto Tuning / Start.
  4. You must specify the desired type of signal: it can be Antenna or Cable (depending on whether the TV is caught from the antenna or cable is cabled).
  5. If you selected the signal type Cable, you must additionally set the cable search parameters. To do this, scroll to the end in the list of operators offered by the TV and press Other.
  6. Select Digital Channel Search / Full / Scan.

At this stage, the digital TV setup can be considered complete. Now the TV will automatically search for available channels and save them in memory. If necessary, they can be sorted in the order convenient for the user.

After completing all the settings for digital television, check visually the quality of the transmitted signal. If for some reason the TV channel did not activate, go through all the items again.

Channel Algorithm

Manual search is used if automatic for some reason did not satisfy the user. For example, not all channels were found.

To carry out the operation manually, on the remote control, press the Menu button and go to Settings.

  1. Choose “Channel”. Antenna item, which we change to Cable.
  2. In the “Country” submenu, the system will ask for a PIN code. Enter four digits 0. If it is on the list, put Russia, no. Others or Eastern Europe.
  3. Next, go to the cable search section. If the main menu does not have it, then you need to look in the auto settings.
  4. Here you must specify the frequencies manually. For digital terrestrial TV, you can take them on the website rtrs.Ru, choosing your location on the map and the nearest repeater. Frequencies of cable providers should be checked with the operator.
  5. After that, we start the search by ticking “Full” and “Digital channels”. When the automation finishes its operations, all tuned channels will appear. To save, click OK.
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Change Channel List

After a search in automatic mode, all channels available by cable TV are saved, but only those that you have chosen will show the system.

Removing extra channels is very convenient. From the on-screen menu, you need to call Settings, the Broadcast section. In the item “Channel change”. Here in the list you can tick off unnecessary TV channels with ticks and delete them by pressing the Tools button. After the obligatory confirmation of actions, the channels will be deleted.

You can also move channels. In the same menu item, select the desired channel with a tick, and use the Tools button to select the Change item. The channel is moved using the arrows. Finally, click OK.

We tried to tell you in great detail how to set up digital channels on various Samsung TVs. If image quality is mediocre. Check if the cable is connected correctly from the antenna or its integrity, this will help to improve the television signal. You can also try choosing a different antenna. For clarity, here is a on how to set up digital TV:

In the article below, we will understand in detail how to set up channels on a Samsung TV. Samsung is a reliable manufacturer of quality equipment. However, proper receiver setup requires some knowledge to independently configure the reception of HD channels using the remote control.

How to prepare your TV for channel tuning

Fine tuning of channels on a Samsung TV is only possible if the TV and all its components are connected correctly. For proper installation of the receiver, you must follow the instructions for use. Below is an example of the correct connection of the Samsung 6 Series model:

  1. For terrestrial or cable television.
    The antenna is connected to the jack in the ANT receiver through a special cable with a resistance of 75 Ohm. The user will receive an analog signal.
  2. For cable or satellite TV, Blu-ray, game console or laptop.
    You will need to connect an HDMI cable to the HDMI jack.
  3. For online use and software updates.
    Requires a wireless connection using a regular Wi-Fi router. Any of Samsung‘s SMART models supports Wi-Fi connectivity. For a wired connection, you need to insert the Internet cable into the LAN port on the back of the TV.
  4. To view paid channels.
    It is required to install CI or CI cards. It is necessary to remove the protective film and turn off the TV, place the adapter in two holes located next to the COMMON INTERFACE port.

How to set up digital channels on Samsung Smart TV

The latest receiver models receive and display the highest quality television signal. Almost every latest TV model has Smart features. However, many still can not independently figure out the parameters of Smart-TV. Setting up digital channels on a Samsung TV does not require serious skills. Any user can handle it.

Manual search

You can adjust the channels in this way on older models of Samsung E-series TVs. To get the channel pool on older receiver models, you need to know how to manually configure the channels on the Samsung TV. To do this, follow the following algorithm of actions:

  1. On the control panel, press “Menu”.
  2. Go to the “Channel” tab.
  3. Select the “Antenna” item and replace it with “Cable”.
  4. We go to the menu item “Country”, enter the password “0000”, select “Russia”. If the country is not on the list. “Eastern Europe”.
  5. We follow in the section of cable connection parameters. If there is no such item in the main menu, then you can search for it in the automatic settings (on some Samsung TVs such settings are set).
  6. Going into the cable parameters, you need to set the parameters: start frequency. 298000 KHz, end frequency. 362000 KHz. Other settings are not required to be changed.
  7. We open the auto-tuning and select the type of received TV channels (digital, analog, satellite).
  8. A search engine opens. We set the “Network” parameter, click “Search”. Automatic channel tuning starts.
  9. All found channels will be saved in the general list, but the TV will show only those channels that the user selects.
  10. Unnecessary can be deleted by selecting the appropriate items in the drop-down menu.
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Automatic search

Setting up digital channels on Samsung TV is quite simple, does not require special training. Even an inexperienced user can install the equipment and adjust the TV channels by spending about 10 minutes on mastering the instructions. Subject to all the rules for installing and debugging the pool of digital TV channels, the image received on the screen will be of high quality.

On modern models, you do not need to press buttons and tune channels manually. Setting up Samsung TV channels from the control panel to Smart TV will take a couple of minutes with minimal effort from the user. The new TV series receive a signal through a special tuner plugged into the antenna connector. Auto tuning is done in a few taps.

How to adjust TV channels on Smart TV

Press the “Menu” button on the remote control.

  1. Select “Broadcast”.
  2. Two windows will open sequentially, in each of which you need to select “Auto tuning”.
  3. Click “Start”, select the search mode. “Full”.
  4. The program itself will select the available digital channels in a single list.

If at the end of the auto-tuning the digital TV channels are of poor quality or do not appear at all, you need to check the correct connection of the equipment and go to all points from the very beginning.

These methods are universal for setting up a pool of TV channels on Samsung TVs of different versions. If you have any difficulties, contact Samsung Service Centers for assistance.

With the widespread dissemination of modern television, there was a stir, and, accordingly, many questions, how to set up digital tv. The reason for its popularity is the variety of channels in direction, quality, language, type of content, etc. Due to a lack of information on setting up digital TV, companies appeared like mushrooms after rain, which charge a fee for these manipulations. It is not necessary to pay at all, it is really possible to achieve the goal independently.

How to set up digital television on a television. General

Mostly all methods for setting up digital television reception use approximately the same scheme, but due to the variety of manufacturers, the actions may be slightly different, but their logic is similar. In order not to get confused in all sequences, it is worth applying the algorithm directly to each TV model. Thanks to logic and intuition, you can correctly configure on almost every TV model using the instructions presented.

  1. Take the remote control and expand the menu;
  2. Proceed to the “Options”;
  1. Next, you need to activate “Auto tuning”. With this action, a window appears that contains information about the signal sources, it can be a cable or antenna signal. In our case, you need to select a cable;
  2. At the end of the operation, information about the quality of signal reception should appear in a new window, here you should select “Digital”, then click “Start”;
  3. The final setting item. “Search Mode” and select a channel detection method. The proposed fields must be filled with information. The frequency is 314 MHz, the speed is 6875 kS / s, and the modulation is 256 QAM.
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Advanced TV models allow you to carry out a network search that will independently perform all the necessary actions. When the necessary method for detecting TV channels is selected, you need to click on “Search”.

How to set up digital TV on LG

If this instruction is not effective, you should use a detailed algorithm for TVs from LG. The technique is relevant for almost all models of the manufacturer.

  1. From the remote control enter the Menu;
  2. Click on “Options”;
  3. In the Country category, change the mark to Finland or Sweden;
  1. Then go to the “Settings” category and run “Auto Search”;
  2. In the fields you need to enter a search method, usually of a fairly fast type, frequency. 298 MHz modulation. 256 QAM, characters. 6952, ID. Auto;
  3. If everything is done correctly, then a number of TV channels will be displayed during the search;
  4. Manufacturer LG integrates into the system an automatic system for searching and updating TV channels. This function can be inconvenient, since the prepared list will be regularly reset. To prevent the phenomenon, be sure to follow the settings for the connection via the cable and turn off “Auto-update channel”;
  1. For convenient sorting, you need to uncheck the auto-numbering box in the “Cable” section of “Auto Search”.

How to set up digital television on Samsung

Now we’ll look at a way to set up digital TV channels on Samsung, because the manufacturer is one of the most popular in the industry. Actions are similar:

  1. Press the Menu on the remote;
  2. Then go to the “Channel” category (on the satellite dish icon);
  3. On the right you need to select the “Antenna” option, and in the type field. “Cable”;
  1. Now in the “Country” section you need to install “Other”, now you will need to enter a PIN code, by default 0000;
  1. Go to the “Auto tuning” menu and indicate the source of the signal. “Cable”;
  1. You need to specify the parameters, they correspond to the data in the first, general example of the article, and click “Search”;
  2. Now the TV will find all the TV channels.

How to set up digital TV on Smart TV

Digital TV how to configure the channels on the TV with Smart function, consider the example of Samsung. The action is performed fairly standardly, but there are some differences.

  1. Go to the “Channel” section of the Menu;
  1. Click on “Country”, you may now need to enter a PIN code, by default 0000, 1111 or 1234;
  2. Follow the “Other” section;
  3. Then, with a step back, make a choice to “Cable search parameters”;
  4. Now standard parameters are being entered;
  1. Again you need to go to “Auto tuning”, here select the “Cable” mode here;
  2. It is necessary to activate the “Digital” section;
  3. Using the search mode, select “Network” and activate the setting.

All methods allow you to create a high-quality connection to digital TV channels and find the maximum available number of interesting programs. Despite the lack of data on devices from Toshiba, Philips and others, the methodology for connecting is no different.