How to set up your Samsung Smart TV via WI-FI

The easiest way to find out about your TV’s support of wireless data transmission is to look at its specifications. This requires:

  • Go to the internet.
  • In your browser’s search bar, type in the exact name of your model down to the last character.
  • Navigate to any website. It is desirable to use the first resource in the list.
  • Read the technical specifications of the device. If your TV supports Wi-Fi, then opposite the “Wi-Fi support” line will be written “Yes”.

Pay attention! This information can be found in the manual that came with the device, or through the settings menu.

How to connect to Wi-Fi

The instruction is almost the same for all televisions. The only difference is a slight difference in the interfaces of the different release series. Let’s look at the step-by-step process of connecting yourSamsung” TV to the Internet for each series.

N, M, Q, LS, R, T

These are new series as of 2017. All Samsung receivers have the same remote control as standard. To access the main menu, press the “Home” button.

  • Then, at the bottom left, go to “Settings”.
  • The settings window will open, where you will need to select the “General” section.
  • Then go to the sub-item “Network”.
  • Then click on “Open Network Settings”.
  • You need to select the type of network. In our case, check the “Wireless” box.
  • The TV will start the process of detecting available access points. Find your network and select.
  • At the bottom you’ll see an on-screen keyboard with a field for entering your network password. Write your password correctly. The access key must be at least 8 characters long. Password is case sensitive, i.e. you must respect uppercase and lowercase letters. If you are not sure if your password is correct, put a checkmark in the “Show me” checkbox. password.”. If necessary, correct the data. After entering it, click on “Done”.
  • If the password is correct, there are no problems with the router and Wi-Fi works, then the TV will display “Done” with the image of a checkmark.
  • Press “OK”.
  • Run the browser built into the operating system.Go to any Web page. For example, open YouTube. Display the site will say that the Internet is successfully connected.


There are two versions of the remote control for Samsung TV. Modern with a limited number of buttons and regular with a full set.

  • On the new model of remote control press the button with the “Home” home image. Next select the menu “Settings”.
  • On the old remote control press “MENU” in the central part of the remote control.
  • Setup menu will appear. Select the submenu “Network”.
  • Go to the “Open Network Settings” menu item.
  • Decide on network type and make a choice. We need the “Wireless” option.
  • Then follow all the instructions from point “6” of the previous instruction for new TVs.

E, F, H, J series

Setup is done in the same way. The only difference is the menu design, the color design. Also there are more remote controls varieties. Depending on the remote control, the input to the settings is different:

  • For remotes with “MENU” button just press it and the menu will show up;
  • If remote control has “”, “KEYPAD”, “MENU/123” buttons, then after pressing them you need to select “Menu” or “Menu” additionally on the TV screen.

Then proceed with the setup as in the instructions above. Open the settings via “Network”. “Network settings”.

Fill in the field with the password and confirm the action.

Then wait while the TV scans the network and completes the connection.

Connect to the router via WPS

You can also get Direct Quick Connect mode. Do not need to have a password in hand to use this method. The mode is called WPS(PBC).

You can only connect if your router supports this mode. There should be a button labeled “WPS” on the body of the Wi-Fi equipment. Similarly, there may be a corresponding indicator.

  • First, select “WPS(PBC)” on your TV. It is located under the list of found networks. A window will appear on the screen saying that you have 120 seconds to connect.
  • Then press the “WPS” button on the router.
  • The TV and the router will find each other, connecting without any further action.

In the window will also be available to connect via PIN code. In this case, you will need to configure the router, or rather enter a code in the router’s menu. Setting up is done on the computer. Read more in the general article.

How to set up Smart TV on Samsung TVs?

Smart TV is a modern technology that allows you to fully use the Internet and interactive services on TVs and special set-top boxes. Thanks to the Internet connection, you can watch video content from popular social networks, movies, music. Samsung Smart TV can easily replace the computer in terms of entertainment. On such a TV you can install many applications and even games.

your, samsung, smart, wi-fi

Using cell phones is very convenient in many ways, but this device does not have a large enough screen for collective viewing. Its connection to the TV would solve this problem and make it possible to watch interesting videos or favorite photos on a large scale. There are several convenient ways to do this:

  • The easiest way is to use a cable with mini-USB and USB connectors. The first one is connected to the gadget, the second one is connected to the corresponding socket of the TV or STB. After that, you need to select the mode of operation on your smartphone: “File Transfer”. In the TV settings you need to select the USB port as the signal source. You can select the file you want to watch with the remote control.
  • When connected using a cable with HDMI connector, this will allow you to get higher quality when watching. This cable is sometimes included in the smartphone package, but more often you have to buy it yourself. Connection is made similarly to the previous one, with the difference that as a signal source you select the HDMI connector.

Connection by one of these ways is convenient but not always applicable. This is due to the fact that the appropriate connection cable may not always be at hand. It is also necessary to take into account that we are talking about viewing files, which must already be on the gadget. Viewing via cable will not allow you to watch video clips while surfing the Internet.

You can also use a wireless connection, which is easy to connect. It can be used provided that the TV is equipped with a Wi-Fi device. If you use a set-top box, then in order to connect, it is enough to have wireless internet access with it.

In this case, in the settings of the cell phone look for the Wi-Fi Direct function, which is available in the settings section, which is dedicated to networks. You need to specify the wireless network as a signal source in the TV and select WI-FI Direct.

Wireless connection allows you to duplicate the sound and image from your smartphone. The disadvantage of this method is the low data transfer rate.


If your smartphone is running the Android operating system, and your TV can use DLNA, you can have a fast, high-quality connection. When connected this way, you need to take the following steps:

  • In the house where the router is used, connect the smartphone to the home network. To do this, you must go into its settings and go to the section dedicated to networks. Here you need to open the list of available Wi-Fi networks and connect to the right one, indicating the corresponding security key.
  • It is necessary to connect the TV to the home wireless network. To do this, open the settings menu and open the list of available networks. Having selected the home network, make a connection to it.
  • On the TV, turn on DLNA.

On the smartphone select a file for viewing on the TV, and specify the TV connected to the home wireless network as the player.


You can use your iPhone to connect to the TV using AirPlay technology. To make the connections, the user needs to do the following:

  • Connect your iPhone to your home wireless network.
  • You must also connect the Apple TV set-top box to this network.
  • On the smartphone, you need to go into the remote control and click the “Repeat screen” button.
  • In the list that opens, choose Apple TV.

Samsung Smart TV: How to Connect to Internet WiFi (Wireless or Wired)

Once connected, the big screen of the TV receiver will display the contents of the iPhone display.

What you need to connect

In order to connect the Internet via a TV device, the first thing you need is the TV itself. In addition, depending on the connection method, you may need the following:

Important ! Before you purchase the described devices, you need to determine what type of TV will connect to the Internet. For example, if there is no built-in module for Wi-Fi, you will need a network cable.

TV can be connected to the Internet in different ways. The option using a cable is not very convenient, because it requires laying it from the router to the device

Direct connection method (via cable), less convenient than using the module. This is due to the fact that the cable from the router to the TV must be routed in such a way that it does not interfere. How to connect a TV without Wi-Fi to the Internet, as well as all the available methods for this will be discussed below.

How to connect a Samsung TV to the Internet via a Wi-Fi router? Possible problems and how to solve them

With the possibility to connect TV to the Internet there are much wider horizons for users. Now there is access to any content online, and a Wi-Fi connected TV can practically replace a computer.

But TV connection to Wi-Fi has its own peculiarities, which differ for several brands of TV. Samsung TVs also support such a connection, but there are details that the user should be aware of.

How to connect your TV to the Internet via a router over WI-FI?

In this article we will look at the option of accessing TV to the Internet via WI-FI. You need to take into account that when you connect the device wirelessly, there can be interference, which is not the case when you connect TV to the router via cable. But there is no need to pull any wires through the whole apartment. Smart TV with built-in WI-FI is often equipped with an RJ-45 connector for wired connection, so the final choice is up to the user. Provider does not matter, it can be Rostelecom, Beeline, Seven Sky, Dom.Ru, TTC or any other.

First of all, you have to decide what type of TV you want to connect to the router by WI-FI.

Digital Smart TV (LCD, LED, LSD)

If we are talking about a modern digital Smart TV, then most likely it has a built-in wireless module, which means you can connect to the Internet via WI-FI without using additional devices. There are also models without built-in Wi-Fi, but with the support of an external wireless USB module, as a rule the same manufacturer as the TV itself.

Old analog TV without Smart TV

If you have an old granny TV (with a tube) without WI-FI support or even a slot for a network cable, you can also connect it to the router. Any TV that has HDMI connectors or even regular tunnels will do. To connect it to the wireless network you will need to buy a special Android Mini PC Box. We will talk about it at the very end of the article.

Finding the problem with the built-in Wi-Fi module

The functionality of the built-in Wi-Fi module is determined by a certain scheme:

  • With the help of a cell phone find out whether the other device sees Wi-Fi. If you can access the internet from your phone, but can’t do it from your TV, it means that the adapter in the receiver doesn’t work. Contact a professional to solve the problem.
  • Having opened the main menu of the TV, enter the Support tab, then the Address to Samsung. Scroll down the web page and find the line with the MAC addresses. If the field is not filled in, or you see symbols in the form of dashes or zeros, it means that the module does not work.
  • If the module works properly, it is recommended to reset the network settings.

TV as a Hotspot How to Wi-FI Internet from Smart TV to Computers, Laptops or Smartphones?

Did you know that you can connect all your other computers, laptops, smartphones, and other gadgets to the internet through your TV? Today we’re going to turn our TV into a full-featured WI-FI hotspot which will distribute internet. Through a regular Smart TV, any device with a wireless connection will be able to access the internet from your computer and laptop to your tablet or phone.