How To Set Up Your Remote From Set-Top Box To Tv

The Rostelecom remote control can be used to configure and control the set-top box and directly the TV, but before that it will need to be configured.

Rostelecom remote control control circuit

The vast majority of all the buttons on the device for functionality are similar to any other television remote control. Although the company decided to abandon the four standard button colors. red, blue, green and yellow, which can be found on almost every model. So, in addition to numbers from 0 to 9, there are keys for turning on / off the TV and set-top box. Using the arrows, the main menu is controlled. In addition, “left” calls up additional control tables, and when entering characters manually, it also erases extra letters and numbers.

The remote control cannot do without buttons responsible for returning to the last visited TV channel. For example, after watching channel 25 you decided to watch 51, and by pressing this key you can return to No. 25 again. It also provides for switching channels to neighboring: subsequent and previous.

As with any remote control, there are buttons for pause, play, rewind and forward. The device is convenient for viewing records and managing them. The sound is controlled by the buttons for increasing / decreasing it, as well as resetting and returning to the previous level.

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Among the functions of the Rostelecom remote control are the cancellation of the last committed action, switching to the “Audio” or “Video” mode, setting up “Interactive TV”, changing the viewing mode in the device menu, confirming the selection and calling up additional settings panels when watching TV.

Remote control setting by manufacturer code

Main note: the TV must be turned on during selection!

How to Set Up Your Remote From Set-Top Box To TV

Setup action algorithm:

  1. Pressing the TV and OK buttons simultaneously hold them for about two seconds. At this time, the diode on the first of the buttons should blink twice. This means that the remote control has switched to reprogramming mode.
  2. Using the digital panel on the remote control, you need to dial a four-digit code provided for the operation of a TV of one or another model.
  3. The correct entry of this code will be indicated by a double blinking of the above LED. If it burns constantly, then the first two points must be repeated.
  4. You can try to start controlling the programmed remote. For example, just turn up the broadcast volume. Did the sound get louder? This indicates the correct installation of the code and the complete readiness of the remote control to control the console and the TV itself. If for some reason the code does not fit, you should try any other combination suggested in the manual. Usually, more than one code is provided for each model, so if the first combination did not fit, you should try another combination of numbers, rather than contact the adjusters.
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Auto tuning

You can set up the Rostelecom remote control by enumerating codes in automatic mode. So, to do this, do the following operations:

  1. Press and hold buttons for two seconds at the same time. TV OK, to enter the programming mode of the remote. The change is signaled twice by the LED on the device.
  2. Dial on the remote control a three-digit code. 991. It gives rise to the selection of the optimal combination of device and number set.
  3. Press buttons to switch TV channels. Each time, when pressed, the TV will select one of the codes in the database and give a command to turn it off.
  4. When the device turns off after pressing CH again, press OK. The operation will help maintain a combination suitable for the job. The successful preservation of a four-digit code, as a rule, is indicated by a double blinking of the LED on the remote control. This completes the TV setup algorithm.

How to reset

If you need to reset the settings, do the following:

  1. Press and hold the above buttons TV and OK until the LED on the first one flashes twice. Thus, the gadget begins to function in a new mode.
  2. When the remote enters it, you must enter 997. Correct entry will be reflected by flashing four times the diode located on the POWER button. After that, all previously available settings will be deleted.

Hardware Conflict Resolution

What is meant by this concept? There are cases when one button of the Rostelecom remote control can give signals to both the TV and the set-top box. In this case, the digital codes for the two devices most likely coincided. This problem can be solved by changing the originally incorporated numerical combination. After all, the work of the console and the TV depends on these codes.

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This problem can be eliminated as follows:

  1. Connect the prefix.
  2. Point the remote at the device and press OKPower. Hold both buttons until the TV flashes twice. This will allow you to start working in the system programming mode.
  3. Manually enter one of the listed codes. 3220-3224. After that a new combination is established.
  4. After that, you must make sure that the conflict is settled. It is necessary to control the operation of all those buttons that previously caused the work of two devices at once. The situation has not changed? Then you need to select some other numerical code and repeat the described steps.

As you can see, setting up a remote control from Rostelecom is very simple. After reading this manual, you can carry out the necessary operations yourself. If all the points are clearly followed, the setting should not cause any problems.