How To Set Up Your LG Tv For

Choosing a TV for the PlayStation 4 (PS4) game console is not an easy task for many gamers. Forums and chats are filled with numerous discussions on this subject. Someone is in favor of technology with the presence of HDR and 4K. Some people think that conventional HDTVs are quite suitable for games.

It is understandable. Because the cost of such equipment is quite high, and the monetary criterion is in the foreground. The article will discuss the main parameters of gaming TVs, which are primarily worth a closer look when buying. Let’s start with the diagonal of the device screen. Read also how to choose a game console.

Screen diagonal size

Any gamer dreams of a great value of this value. But you need to remember that a large device occupies a large area in the room. Therefore, to base your choice is only on achieving the required level of comfort. Give preference to a size that allows you to view the entire game without the need to turn your head.

How To Set Up Your LG Tv For

How to make the right choice of diagonal size? It is necessary to be guided by the size of the room in which the device will stand. Owners of small rooms measuring 5 by 2 meters should immediately exclude models with a screen dimension of more than 42 inches. Watching TVs with this size is most convenient from a distance of three meters. When buying, see the technical documentation. This information is written in it. In addition to the size, you need to make the choice of the correct screen resolution on the TV.

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Game picture quality and resolution

This parameter is measured in the number of pixels of the device. The higher this value, the clearer the picture is given to the viewer. The accumulation of the set of such points is called a matrix. Chasing the best, remember that the larger number of pixels that are displayed directly on the device screen determines the increase in the power of its technical capabilities. Consequently, the final price is also rising.

As a type of screen, it is recommended to choose plasma and liquid crystal panels, as well as LED TVs. A large number of games for the console shows excellent results in terms of pictures on such types of equipment. A couple of important parameters are the image frame refresh rate and the type of matrix used.

Image frame update and matrix type

This value is calculated in hertz and characterizes how quickly the frames change. The lowest value without compromising quality is sixty hertz. Equipment with this parameter does not have a very high price. Gamers are advised to choose devices with a refresh rate of image frames from 120 Hz and higher. Plasma panels can reach four hundred hertz.

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Matrices of modern devices come in three types. Tn, IPS and MVA / PVA. They determine the amount of contrast, the level of the color rendition of the image, the angle of the possible view and the magnitude of the response time.

  • Variety TN. The simplest of the matrices. It has a low level of contrast, a narrow viewing angle and a low level of color reproduction. Of the positive parameters, the response time is small. Its low price affects the overall cost of the device.
  • Ips brand matrix. A better option with excellent response time and high-quality image contrast. It has a fairly wide viewing angle and excellent color rendering values. It is logical to assume that the cost of TVs with such a matrix is ​​high.
  • Devices with MVA / PVA have a better level of contrast compared to other models, slightly worse quality in color reproduction and other parameters. The price is similar to the previous type of device.

Signal Delay (INPUT LAG)

This indicator should be paid attention first of all. Its adequate values ​​range from forty to ten milliseconds. To figure out which one is better for games will have to do it yourself. You need to read the discussion on the forums of gamers in relevant topics, as well as ask a question to the seller-consultant in the salon of household appliances.

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What brands of TVs are worth buying?

The best TV models for PS4 are represented by six devices:

  • Sony KDL-50W829B;
  • Samsung UE40H5500;
  • Samsung UE65JS9;
  • Sony KD-65X9005B;
  • Lg 55EG960V;
  • Samsung UE55J6300.

The next version of Samsung has HDR technology and a 4K monitor, so the image quality of games on this device is particularly smooth and the graphics quality is excellent. Sony brand TV also has a 4K monitor. However, it lacks HDR technology, which favorably affects the lower cost. In addition to this, the model is equipped with a good speaker system.

Lg brand TV boasts excellent color reproduction both on the side and directly at a right angle. His acoustics are also excellent. The latest form of Samsung has Full HD. Thanks to the matrix with high frequency, an excellent level of image sharpness is preserved. In particular, moving objects.