How To Set Up Your Apple Watch – Simple Iphone Guide

How To Set Up Your Apple Watch. Simple Iphone Guide

Apple Watch Sync

Smart watches Apple Watch. This is not only a stylish, but also a very functional gadget. Thanks to the small wristband, you can always manage all your affairs and tasks, and users can easily tie their watches to other smartphones and tablets with the possibility of advanced synchronization. Next, we will consider all the secrets of how to configure the Apple Watch from iPhone, iPad and are they suitable for working with the Android OS?

Sync Apple Watch with Iphone
. Before you set up your Apple Watch on your iPhone, make sure your devices and iOS versions are compatible:

  • Pairing with iWatch is supported only by the iPhone 5 and newer generations of smartphones from Apple. If you use a phone of a different model, synchronization cannot be configured;
  • The smartphone used must have the latest firmware version installed. Otherwise, synchronization may fail or some of the functions of the Smart Watch may not be available in the old version of IOS;
  • During pairing, both gadgets should be close to each other in order to avoid canceling the connection. In the future, you can move the devices away from each other at a distance of up to 30 meters.

Important! We recommend using a Wi-Fi network to configure pairing. It allows two gadgets to communicate much faster than Bluetooth technology. On the iPhone, the Wi-Fi icon must be activated in the “Notification Center” window.

The synchronization process itself will only take a few seconds:

  • Turn on iWatch. To do this, press the side key and hold it for a few seconds until the Apple logo appears;
  • Select an interface language and wait for the inclusion to complete. The dial icon will appear;
  • Install the synchronization utility on iPhone. It is free and you can download it using the official App Store. Then run the program;
  • The button “Create a pair” will appear in the application. Click on it;
  • After starting the utility, on the watch display you will see a window for creating a pair of “iPhone. iWatch. ” Click on the “Accept” button.

Further, the communication between the devices will be established “over the air.” using an active Wi-Fi network. A camera window will appear on the smartphone. You need to point the lens at the iWatch dial and wait for the automatic pairing. All user data will be automatically loaded into the watch’s memory from the iCloud cloud storage.

IPad connection

Connecting the watch to the iPad is carried out in a similar way as in the case of the iPhone. However, syncing with the iPad will require breaking an existing pair of iPhones. iWatch. Users can not worry about data loss and customized themes, because all the information is uploaded to iCloud and, when you create a reconnection, you will again receive the previously created iWatch configuration.

Is it possible to connect to an Android gadget?

It is impossible to connect a smart watch to an Android smartphone. At least without third-party software. The watch is completely dependent on iCoud data and IOS settings, so for now the gadget only recognizes the native interface.

Apple has not announced an official way to pair the Apple Watch with Android, however, it has left this opportunity for third-party developers. At the moment, ES Global has announced the start of the development of a workaround for the prohibition of work between iWatch and Android smartphones.