How to set up Xiaomi Redmi laptop 8t

Set up your screen lock

You are already signed in to your Google account and you are on the home screen. Now is the time to set up a screen lock for your Android. Why? Because if lost or stolen, all of your data could end up in unwanted hands.

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Some people prefer to use Android without passwords or other locking tools, they say it is much more convenient. It’s worth remembering that Android offers other forms of security for mobile devices besides the use of security codes. such as drawing pictures or recognizing faces.

Install an alternative keyboard

You may have used a physical classic keyboard or a standard virtual keyboard until now. However, there are a few simpler ways to write.

Honestly, there is no perfect keyboard, but Google Play offers many interesting alternatives that you might like. Here are the most interesting ones:

  • Perfect Keyboard (many customization options)
  • Go Keyboard (ideal for tablets)
  • Swype (classic gestures)
  • SwiftKey (predicts well what you want to write)

Sign in to your Google account.

The first time you launch our new Android phone, you will be prompted to fill in certain details. One of them is logging into your Google account. You can skip this step, but we do not recommend it.

Once you sign in to your Google account, your data will be automatically transferred from older Android devices. Assuming your data has been synced to the Google cloud, of course. With a Google account, you can also access apps, games and media from Google Play.

Install Google Apps

We’ve reached a point where using an Android smartphone with Google Apps is just awkward. Fortunately, these apps offer high quality and add many important features that you can use on your device. If they are not installed right away, you must download them from Google Play:

  • Chrome (browser)
  • Maps (maps and GPS)
  • Drive (documents)
  • Hangouts (chat and messages)

These are essential applications that everyone should have. If you use Gmail and Google Calendar, you must install them as well. You can also download apps for social networks like Google. It’s good to check if you have the YouTube app on your phone (if not, download it immediately!). The Google family will soon be bigger.

steps to set up your new Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

Have a new Android smartphone or tablet and don’t know how to set it up correctly? Don’t panic, we present 7 steps to help you with this. To use the Android system freely and safely, you need to change a few settings and install a few applications. These 7 steps describe the most important elements of setting up a new Android device. Let’s walk you through all of them, and in a few minutes you will have a ready and secure phone or tablet.

Activate phone tracking

Another thing that you must activate is Android Device Manager. It is an official Google tool that allows you to locate your phone if it is stolen or lost. It is also worth trying as soon as you get your new device. On the computer, you can find the approximate location of your phone.

In the event that your phone or tablet is stolen or lost, you can start to sound an alarm or delete all data remotely. If you want better control over alternatives like Prey or Cerberus (Anti-Theft Apps Review posted right here Top Apps)

Control your device

Your new Android phone is almost set up. However, it is also highly recommended that you install tools that allow you to monitor and control your battery, CPU or memory usage and data transfer. Here are some of the best deals:

  • Onavo allows you to control data transmission over the Internet.
  • 3G Watchdog even more detailed than Onavo, also available as a widget
  • AutoKiller automatically closes inactive applications to save CPU and battery resources
  • JuiceDefender helps you save energy
  • Softonic Moba,
  • Amazon Appstore,
  • F-Droid

At the same time, watch out for the black market and all files freely available on the Internet. They often contain pirated applications that can compromise the security of the system. If you don’t want any viruses or other annoying problems, you must be very careful when installing the APK file.

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Synchronizing contacts via Google account

In the settings of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T smartphone, in the Accounts section, select Synchronization, click Google

Select your Google account and make sure that contact sync is turned on.

Transferring Contacts to Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T Smartphone Using Mi Mover App

Install the Mi Mover application on your old smartphone if it is missing.

On the new Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T phone, go to Settings, System & Device, Advanced Settings, Mi Mover.

On the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T smartphone, in the Mi Mover application, click “I am the recipient”, after which a QR code will be displayed on the screen.

Select Contacts. The transfer of contacts will be performed automatically.

How to Transfer Contacts to Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T Phone Using SIM Card

Open on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T smartphone Settings, System applications, Contacts

Transfer contacts by clicking Export to SIM. Move the SIM card to your new Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T smartphone, go to the same section of the menu and click Import from SIM card.

For smartphones with MIUI below version 12

At the bottom of the screen, select Reset Settings.

If necessary, enter your account password or pattern.

How to restart smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T smartphone can be rebooted in two ways: normal and hard (hard reset). Hard reboot is applied when the smartphone freezes.

How to set up Xiaomi? Turning on your smartphone for the first time

Find out how to quickly and easily set up your Xiaomi smartphone when you turn it on for the first time.

How to turn on the smartphone for the first time correctly? How to initially configure the new Xiaomi so that it works correctly? What can you skip, and what is better to configure right away? You will find the answer to all these questions in this article. So let’s go!

Hold down the power key and watch the first boot for a few seconds. After it, the name of the shell will appear on the screen. In our case, MIUI 10. You may have MIUI 9. The essence of the setting does not change from this. Click the “next” icon and move forward!

Select the system language. “Russian” or any other suitable option from the proposed.

Select the region. We have Russia. We think that you too;) Note: The system language and country can be changed at any time in the smartphone settings. Special functions may change from this. For example, if you put the Hong Kong region on Mi 8 or Mi 8 Pro, then you will have the Face Unlock function. 4. The next item is Internet connection. If you want to skip it, then press the corresponding button. Do not be afraid! You can always configure this item later.

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Well, we are going the “beautiful” way. we set everything up here and now. We select the name of your Wi-Fi network, click on it and enter the password. You will also need to allow Google services to use the Wi-Fi network by clicking the Accept button. Everything! You are now online;)

Moving on. On the screen we see “Terms of Service”. Here, as they say: “Get it, sign it.” We read the terms and privacy policy and put a tick next to the item “I have read. “.

The next station is the connection of the SIM card. You can skip this, or you can do it right away. If you are unsure how to install or remove a SIM card, refer to the illustrated guide in the box.

Under this step we have hidden “Google Services”. They must be read, be sure to scroll to the end of the page. After that, the “Accept” button will appear, which, of course, must be accepted;) Everything is logical!

At this point, you need to decide for yourself how you will unlock your smartphone: using your fingerprint or using a password on the screen.

Note: The item can be skipped by configuring it later in the smartphone settings.

We are approaching the final setting of our brand new Xiaomi phone. Here we see “Additional settings”. We recommend that you immediately resolve all the points, since they are important for the full operation of the gadget.

Well, the last step on the way to a ready-made smartphone is choosing a theme. Here for your taste: which icons you like, choose those.

Drum roll and wait seconds for all apps to load. tadaaam, your phone is ready to go!

Mobile internet connection

Before trying to turn on the mobile Internet on your phone, you need to know a few things.

Important details about mobile internet connection:

  • To do this, you will definitely need a SIM card to which data services are connected (3g, 4g, etc.);
  • You also need to have a package tariff, which indicates how much of the Internet for how long you can use;

Please note that if you exceed the norms specified in the package, you will be charged additional funds.

  • If you have two SIM cards, you need to connect the Internet for each separately, so in the settings you should tick the one you are configuring at the moment.

There are several methods for setting up mobile Internet on Xiaomi Redmi.

How you can set up the Internet on a Xiaomi phone:

  • Activation of the 3g / 4g icon;
  • Automatic tuning;
  • Request for the operator;
  • Manual setting;
  • Customize specifically 3g / 4g.

Let’s deal with each situation separately.

Setting up mobile Internet on Xiaomi

If you’ve ever turned on data transfer before, the smartphone has probably remembered this and will be able to restore all settings by itself. To do this, you just need to open the top menu. the notification curtain and activate the “Data transfer / Mobile Data / Mobile Internet / Internet” button (the name of this key depends on the Xiaomi model and the MIUI OS version, for example, on Xiaomi Redmi 4 and on Xiaomi Mi 4x they differ).

The second way is to automatically configure the mobile Internet. This happens in the following way: the owner of the device inserts a SIM card into the phone (as mentioned above with the connected service package), then the gadget turns on and automatically tries to pick up the signal itself (again, with the data transfer turned on), and the mobile Internet starts its work. If this does not happen, try restarting your phone or go to the next methods.

Further. a request to the operator. Unfortunately, not all Xiaomi models are capable of automatic configuration, so if your smartphone is on their list, do not despair, but simply send your cellular operator a request to connect the mobile Internet or call Support, explaining your problem. As a rule, the operator will send you a message with all the information, parameters and Internet settings that you will need to accept and then restart your phone.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Thermal Repaste, Results, How to Open & Add SSD

You can also set up the Internet yourself. this is the most convenient and practical way, since, firstly, you yourself will figure out what’s what, and secondly, you will always know what data transfer settings are installed on your phone.

How to manually configure the mobile Internet:

  • Open the tab “Mobile network / Data transmission / SIM cards and mobile networks”;

how to set up internet on Xiaomi

  • If your phone has several SIM cards, select the one on which you want to set up the Internet;
  • Be sure to activate data transfer;
  • Go to the “Access points” section;
  • Next, you will definitely need to fill in these fields: access point, username and password. There is separate information for each operator:
  • Beeline: access point. “internet. “, the password is” beeline “;
  • MTS: access point. “”, password. “mts”;
  • Megaphone: access point. “internet”, username. “gdata”, password. “internet”;
  • Tele2: access point. “”;
  • Yota: access point. “internet.yota”.

All information that is not indicated in the list above is not filled in, or is filled in by the phone automatically.

  • Now save all the settings, reboot the phone, and if the work is done successfully, the mobile Internet will be activated;

How to set up the Internet on Xiaomi: Detailed instructions

With the advent of smartphones that are capable of supporting the Internet connection on the market, their demand began to grow. And now more and more people are wondering how to properly set up the mobile Internet on a Xiaomi phone and how to enable 4g. So let’s deal with everything in order.

Setting up 3g or 4g connection

Depending on the signal strength and the quality of the connection, mobile Internet is divided into several groups.

  • “G”. the signal of the lowest quality, the speed is only 171.2 kbps;
  • “E”. the signal is much better than the previous one, but also does not exhibit special speeds: 474 kbit / s;
  • “3G”. the speed reaches 3.6 Mbps;
  • “H”. already faster mobile Internet, speed up to 8 Mbps;
  • “H”. signal, slightly better than the previous one, 42 Mbps;
  • And finally, the strongest. “4G” or “LTE”. speeds up to 100 Mbps.

As a result of such a large number of possible signals, many people ask, how can you configure the Internet so that the signal is exclusively 4g or lte (these are almost the same thing).

The situation is like this: depending on what signal is available in a particular area, the phone will connect to it, and if all levels of data transmission are available, the highest and fastest will be selected.

You can check or manually configure it like this:

  • In the “SIM-card information” tab (“Settings” “Mobile network”) open the “Network type” section;

how to set up internet on Xiaomi

  • On this page you will see all the signals available at the moment, where you can choose the 4g or 3g you need;

how to set up internet on Xiaomi

“Preferred”. means, again, “if there is” this signal in a particular area.

Why the phone does not pick up the lte signal

  • A packet of traffic is used up or there is not enough money on the phone. the most common problem of lack of connection. In this case, the “4g” or “lte” icon may continue to be present, but the actual connection does not occur. If you replenished your balance, and the Internet does not appear or has stopped turning on at all. contact your operator’s office, perhaps your services have failed.
  • Shops, buildings with a dense structure, heavy showers, blizzards or basements. here the signal is simply not picked up.
  • Xiaomi model. unfortunately, the oldest phone models may not have an option like 4g internet.
  • Lack of a connected mobile Internet package. make sure that your package really includes this service.

How to open the phone and remove the back cover from Xiaomi

We offer you a short instruction on how to open the back cover on Xiaomi Redmi phone (including models 3 and 4), Mi Max, etc. Since almost all phones have the same design, this guide can be used for most mobile gadgets.


  • When the latches have succumbed to action, slowly and carefully remove the back cover on Xiaomi Redmi or Mi Max. Smoothly open the case, seeing there a train connecting the back surface to the touchscreen. Carefully remove the ribbon cable to detach the front panel.
  • Now we have before us the “stuffing” of the Mi smartphone. Here we see the top panel with the installed chip and cameras. The battery is located under them. Most often, the question of how to remove the back cover of Xiaomi Redmi or Mi Max appears when it is necessary to replace the cameras or the battery. It is also relevant if the touchscreen is damaged, but without additional complex equipment, you definitely cannot solve this task at home.
  • Although the insides of the smartphone are open to us, we still cannot extract them. In addition to cameras. we can get them if we open the seal, which can be easily pushed off with any flat object at hand.
  • If you disassemble the phone to replace the battery or dig into the chip, then you have to work with a screwdriver. Internal elements are bolted to the cover. We unscrew them with a screwdriver, be sure to fold them in a conspicuous place so as not to lose, and only after that we can continue parsing. Loose bolts need to be given special attention. those that are attached from the top are longer than those screwed from the bottom. Therefore, put them in different places so as not to get confused.
  • After unscrewing the bolts, open the protective panel from above, and a chip will appear in front of you. It is not recommended to make any changes to its configuration on your own.
  • I close the back cover in the same way as I open it, but, of course, the steps are performed in the reverse order. The main thing is to be careful and act carefully, and then everything will work out.
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To get a more accurate idea of ​​how to properly open the Mi Max phone and other models from Xiaomi, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the training videos.

SD Maid. utility for cleaning the phone

Often, various files take up about 80-90% of the phone’s internal storage. If you do not clear it, the operating system will run slowly. Clearing the device’s memory will increase the speed of the device, install other programs.

The SD Maid utility can find unnecessary files, folders and delete them without harming the operating system. After installing the utility, you can see the start display. It has buttons that initiate basic cleaning operations. You need to click on the “Scan” button. After waiting for the end of the process, click on the red button “Cleanup”.

Storing photos and videos in the cloud storage

In order not to clog up the phone memory, you can use the cloud storage. The most popular are Mi Cloud, Yandex.Disk, Google Drive. To save files to the cloud, you need to select the images and videos that you want to move, send them to the cloud storage, and delete them on your phone. Convenience is considered a plus of storing files in the “cloud”. Photos and videos can be automatically synchronized and shared with other users of the service. The disadvantage of this method is the presence of the Internet, to view files saved in the “cloud”.

Disk analyzer

It is recommended that you install a dedicated app before clearing your phone’s internal storage. Such a program for Redmi analyzes, displays the state of the “cloud” and microSD card. Information is displayed on the screen in the form of graphs and diagrams.

The app will clean your phone faster.

How To Pair Redmi Airdots // Haylou GT1 // Xiaomi Mi AirDots With Your Computer

The visual range assumes the division of folders and files by size. In the center there is a main sector. a circle divided into sectors. You can get information about free phone memory using the vold.fstab file. If a microSD card is connected, the app analyzes it as well. The result is displayed in the form of circles, divided into sectors, which display the available, occupied resources on the phone. Additionally, the data is sorted by sections, and inside each section. by extensions.

The peculiarity of the disk analyzer for Xiaomi is the efficiency of the search. All audio recordings, images, videos on the phone are indexed, which provides instant recognition. It is possible to search for the most important of them. page “Top 10 files”.

The user-friendly interface allows you to quickly change modes and pages by switching them. The Xiaomi phone user has access to the pages “Widget”, “Radial disk diagram”, “My disks”, etc.

There are two versions: free and paid. The updated one features improved performance. Now this program for Xiaomi is integrated with cloud services Google Drive, Yandex.Disk, as well as Dropbox.

Reset phone data to factory settings

This method, how to clear the cache, is considered radical. It should be used to clear the cache as a last resort, only if other methods are ineffective. If you reset the device to factory settings, all files on the device will be formatted. Accounts and existing settings disappear at the same time. Data reset is done like this:

  • Go to “Settings”. “Advanced settings”. “Backup and reset”. “Reset to factory settings”.
  • Select “All files” or limit yourself to user data.

Cleaning with apps

How to clear memory using special utilities? There are many apps to help you remove interfering files from your Redmi phone. The main advantage of such utilities is cleaning up internal storage and RAM. To find a program, you need:

  • Go to Play Market.
  • Enter in the search bar “Application for cleaning memory”.
  • Select a program from the list of proposed.

The interface of such utilities for Redmi phones is almost the same. Many people choose the popular CCleaner application, but its drawback is a lot of advertising, imposing a paid subscription. It is recommended to install the free version of any utility suitable for your Xiaomi phone. When installing, you need to give the necessary permissions. To empty the phone trash (internal memory), you will need:

  • Click on the Memory tab.
  • See how much space each category takes.
  • Go to the desired section and clear the internal storage of the phone.

System update

The method consists in independently searching for unnecessary information on the phone. To clear Redmi memory, you need to do the following:

  • Select in the menu “Settings”.
  • Find the “Storage” tab in the section, where information about the total amount of memory is displayed, find out how much is free.
  • Pay attention to its use to clear memory of programs that use a lot of resources.
  • If applications take up a lot of space on the phone, click on the “Back” button.
  • Returning to “Settings”, find “All applications”, remove unnecessary.

Often, most of the phone’s internal storage is taken up by photos and videos. To clear the phone memory, you need to go to the “Gallery” and delete all unnecessary items. Getting rid of music is much easier because this can be done through the player. You can also clear the cache.

Clearing the cache

Sometimes users of Redmi phones have a question about how to delete temporary files remaining in the gadget’s memory. The cache fills up when watching YouTube, running applications, when browsing sites. Excessive information can interfere with the full use of the gadget, so it is useful to know how to clear the history on the phone.

Clearing the cache in Redmi phones is carried out in the following sequence:

  • Go to “Settings”. “Storage”. “Cleaning”.
  • Open the “Cache files” item and see which application is the largest.
  • Click on the “Clear” button.

This is a way to clear history on your phone. It will reappear when using installed programs and instant messengers, however, the cache size will be smaller if you clear it in a timely manner.

How to clean a Xiaomi phone: possible ways to clear phone memory and special programs

If you use a Redmi phone or another Xiaomi model, one day you will have to face the problem of clearing the memory. Xiaomi phones have a very large internal storage, but it fills up quickly. There are many ways to clear your phone memory.

In this article, we will look at how to clear the memory of a Redmi phone.

How to connect a Xiaomi smartphone to a personal computer

The mobile phone has long ceased to be a simple means of communication. Now this device has a lot of functions and purposes: it has long replaced digital cameras, voice recorders and diaries. Therefore, your smartphone is filled with various information that needs to be moved somewhere. The user often saves all data from a smartphone to a PC. In this tutorial, we will look at ways to connect your phone to a Windows computer.

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To connect a Xiaomi smartphone to a personal computer:

insert the USB cable (which comes with the Xiaomi phone) into the smartphone and computer; then the system automatically detects the device and starts the process of charging the smartphone (by default on MIUI firmware); to switch the operating mode, you need to open the shutter on the display of your phone and click on “Charge via USB”; from the list provided, select the desired command “File transfer” (all folders and files of the smartphone will be available to the computer) or “Transfer photos” (only folders containing photos will be available); after connecting, PC explorer will display your smartphone.

Ready! Move the necessary files and read useful instructions in the vast Xistore!

OOO “Novotrand” UNP 193498963 Registered on 25/01/2021 by the Minsk City Executive Committee In the Trade Register since 08/02/2021 Legal entity. Address: 220040, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Maksim Bogdanovich st., 155, room 301A

Useful tricks when using Xiaomi smartphones

The article “Useful Tricks for Using WhatsApp”, as they say, has gone well. she already has under 80 thousand views. and I decided to continue to publish similar articles for the “Educational program” section for other applications and gadgets.

In today’s article, we will talk about various useful tricks when using Xiaomi smartphones. I have been writing reviews of Xiaomi smartphones for several years now, I have used the Xiaomi Mi 9 smartphone as my main smartphone for several months, I have thoroughly studied the settings of the phones of this manufacturer, so I want to talk about some useful settings that can be done with them. over, Xiaomi is famous for the fact that even the younger models have settings. not stripped down and provide almost the same capabilities as the flagship models.

(Interestingly, not all manufacturers are so generous: for example, I somehow bought a budget smartphone Moto E4 Plus to study and was simply amazed at how much the settings of this smartphone were cut compared to their mid-range smartphones.)

Xiaomi has a convenient option to turn off the display when you bring the phone to your ear during a call. so that there are no false positives. The proximity sensor is responsible for this. By default, the option is enabled, and users don’t even know where to look for it at all. The joke is that sometimes after the next update this option “flies”, that is, it turns off. And try to find it in the settings.

You can find it through the search in the “Proximity sensor” settings or through the application menu “Phone. Incoming calls”. By the way, there are also some more useful options.

The area of ​​quick notifications on a smartphone often receives notifications from applications that you do not need and only annoy. To turn them off, you have to go to “Settings. Applications”, look for the corresponding application there and disable notifications for it.

But there is a much simpler way. In regular Android (that is, for most android phones), the notification can be swiped left or right. the settings icon will appear there, which will transfer you to the notification setting of a specific application.

Xiaomi has made it even more convenient. The application needs to be moved to the left (if to the right, it will simply disappear from the screen). two icons will appear there: settings and postpone for a while.

Set aside for a while. disable notifications from this application for a while.

Settings. right on the same screen, you can turn off notifications for this application.

Xiaomi smartphones can display ads at certain times, and this annoys many users. (Note that this is just such a business approach: Xiaomi smartphones are very cheap, bring minimal profit, and the company makes money from them through advertising.)

This advertisement in system applications can be disabled by completely standard means.

In the settings for accessing personal data of applications. disable such access for the msa application. By the way, it probably won’t work the first time. the system will write that it could not revoke access. The operation just needs to be repeated. then it will work.

“Settings. System applications. Security” turn off “Receive recommendations”.

Cleaning application. turn off “Receive recommendations”.

Application “Explorer”. “Menu. Settings. Information”.

Well, in a similar way in other system applications that you use.

If you have a fingerprint scanner built into the screen, then there you can customize the animation when unlocking. “Settings. Lock and protection. Fingerprint management. Fingerprint animation”.

Many Xiaomi smartphones have an always-on screen mode, when the date and time are shown on the off display. This is turned on in the section “Settings. Screen. Automatic screen activation”.

In the same section “Settings. Screen”, by the way, there are also such useful options.

The control mode switching in Xiaomi was shoved into a very vague setting called “Borderless Screen”. There, instead of on-screen buttons, you can enable gesture control. it is more convenient, and extra screen space is freed up.

Some smartphone owners. well, for example, me. do not use the lock screen because they do not want to make unnecessary movement when turning on the phone. There is no way to disable the lock screen in the settings. However, it can be done. through the hidden settings item “For Developers”. To enable it, you need to go to “Settings. About phone” and there 8 times click on the item “MIUI version”.

After that, the developer mode will become available in “Settings. Advanced settings”. And there enable “Skip lock screen”.

Increase the sound level (and turn on face recognition)

For some models, which, in principle, have a face recognition function, this option is not available when setting some types of regions. for example, Russia. To enable this option, you need to set a different region. eg India: “Settings. Advanced settings. Region”. This will not affect the convenience of working with a smartphone, but at the same time, firstly, face recognition will become available, and, secondly, the maximum volume level of the Xiaomi smartphone will noticeably increase.

A very convenient option for those who use two different accounts of the same application. (personal page, company page), Whatsapp (personal and work messengers) and so on. When this option is enabled, the smartphone will create a clone application that can be configured separately.

When launching an application, it will then ask which application to launch. main or clone.

Xiaomi smartphones have such an interesting opportunity as the creation of a second space. read, profile. What does this mean? This means that two non-overlapping spaces live in a smartphone. with their installed applications, multimedia and so on. When you create a second space in relation to the first, it will look like a smartphone in which you reset to factory settings. How can this be used? Well, for example, to create a profile in which secret data will be stored. For example, the first space. for everyone, the phone can be used by a work colleague or a child, but the second. only for myself. Access to the first and second space is password protected, you can also set access by fingerprint.

A second space is created and access to it is set. in the section “Settings. Second space”.

The Transition icon appears in the second and first spaces. to change space.

“Settings. Buttons and gestures.” The AI ​​button seems to be only for Xiaomi Mi 9. You can hang various actions on it.

Also useful features. Launch the camera when you double-tap the power button and take a screenshot with a three-finger gesture. works great and is an order of magnitude more convenient than a Samsung shot with the edge of the palm, which works very, very crooked.

Well, it seems that these are all the main features that are not obvious to many users. Hope this is helpful to someone.