How to Set Up Xiaomi Mi Band

How to Set Up Xiaomi Mi Band

The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 fitness tracker has become very popular in the world since it received an OLED display with data display and has not lost its autonomy compared to the previous Mi Band 1S Pulse. This article offers 12 tuning tips and everything you need to know about Mi Band 2.

How to turn on or turn off Mi Band 2

The first question that arises immediately after unpacking the tracker: how to enable it? The answer is very simple: Mi Band 2 is quite simple to charge from the complete charge via the USB port and it activates itself. On its body there are no on / off switches, as well as Bluetooth power buttons. If the bracelet is charged, it means it is turned on and Bluetooth is working automatically.

The exact same story with turning off the Mi Band 2 fitness bracelet: as long as it has a charge, turning it off will not work. I hope we figured it out: while the tracker is charged, it is on and ready to use. As soon as its charge runs out, it automatically turns off. The full charge time is approximately 1.5 hours.

Mi Band 2 app for Android and iOS

This tip will be useful for those who first purchased Mi Band 2. Experienced users who with the Mi Band from the very first generation already know that there is a proprietary MiFit application for smartphones based on Android and iOS, which allows you to accumulate statistics and watch more detailed dynamics your progress on the phone screen.

Now in the AppStore and Google Play there are several programs for Mi Band 2, which application is better is everyone’s personal business. Personally, I liked everything more than the standard native MiFi from Xiaomi developers

Download the app for Mi Band 2:

To connect the bracelet to the application, just activate Bluetooth on your smartphone and go to MiFit. In the application, among the list of available gadgets, select Mi Band and wait while the tracker is synchronized with MiFit. The pairing process is the same on both Android and iPhone.

What to do if the phone does not see Mi Band 2? First and most important: make sure that your smartphone has Blutooth version 4.0 and higher, the tracker will not work with Bluetooth 3.0. Second: download the official software MiFit and AppStore or Google Play and repeat the process. Third: reset the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone and try connecting to the bracelet again.

Display setting

Mi Band 2 has a small OLED screen that can display a lot of useful information so as not to constantly synchronize the tracker with a smartphone. To configure what exactly will be displayed on the screen, you need to go to the MiFit application Profile Mi Band 2 Display settings (Mi Band Display Settings) and in this menu choose what you want your bracelet to show on your wrist. Among the available display functions of the Mi Band 2 are the following:

  • Exact time (and date)
  • Perfect steps
  • Distance traveled
  • Calories burned
  • Current heart rate
  • Battery charge
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Many users ask us how to set the time on Mi Band 2. The answer to this question is simple: the bracelet synchronizes with the MiFit application on your smartphone and sets the exact same time as on the phone. Thus, you just need to have the correct time on your smartphone, and the bracelet will pick it up by itself.

Xiaomi has several revisions of Mi Band 2 with different display calibrations: in the first installments, the display shines in green, and in the rest, blue (turquoise). So do not be alarmed if you and your friend have bracelets that have different colors for displaying what is happening on the screen. Also, some Mi Band 2 may have brighter displays, while others may be dimmer.

Alas, it is impossible to increase the brightness of the screen of Mi Band 2. There is nothing to be done with it, it all depends on the party. P.S. If possible, buy old versions with a green bright display in beige cardboard boxes, rather than new models in white boxes.

We increase the operating time

The second generation of bracelets works for a long time, compared with competitors. About 20 days. But you can further increase the autonomy of the tracker by disabling some features. Firstly, turn off the constant synchronization via Bluetooth, the bracelet can be synchronized once every few days, and not constantly.

Secondly, turn off the Heart Rate Sleep Assistant function in the settings, it is designed to more accurately measure the quality of sleep by activating the heart rate sensor, but this leads to a fast discharge of the bracelet’s battery. Disconnect it and get plus 3-5 days to autonomy.

Configuring continuous sitting notifications

Another cool feature of the bracelet is the ability to activate a reminder that you have to get up and walk. This is especially true for people with a sedentary lifestyle. The function in the central tab is turned on. A red icon with a sofa (Idle alert). Here you can select the exact time when the function will be active and when it will not bother you, for example, during sleep. The notification comes in the form of a vibration and an icon on the screen.

How to change the quality of sleep

In addition to steps, Mi Band 2 also analyzes the quality of your sleep. You do not need to configure sleep; the function works automatically out of the box. Statistics are displayed in the very first tab (Status) and show what time you fell asleep yesterday, how many were in deep sleep and light sleep, as well as the exact time of waking up.

Gesture display activation and switching

Usually, to turn on the Mi Band 2 screen, just press the touch key, but there is another way. Activated in profile settings Mi band Raise your hand to display data. Now, with the “watch the time” gesture, the Mi Band 2 display will light up and show the time.

You can also flip through the desktops on the screen of the bracelet by rotating the wrist, this is configured in the same place as the first function. This is useful, for example, when you are in prints and cannot turn on the screen with the touch button.

Date and Time Display

Initially, the tracker showed only time. But the developers heard their users and also added a date display on Mi Band 2. To activate this function, go to MiFit Profile Time format and in the menu select the right item time date. Now on the main screen of the bracelet will be shown not only time, but also today’s date. Really needed feature.

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Plan Award

If you have completed today’s plan for the distance traveled (steps), reward yourself with a congratulation to Mi Band 2 on the achieved goal. To do this, go to the central tab of MiFit (more) and activate Goal Notifications. Now, when you go through your steps, the tracker will notify you of this with vibration and a congratulatory icon on the screen.

How to set up smart unlock Mi Band 2

This Bluetooth verification feature has been working since the very first generation of fitness bracelets. To enable smart phone unlock, go to the central tab and select Screen Unlock. Now when you approach your hand with the bracelet to the phone, it will detect you and unlock the display without a pin code / pattern / scanner.

Another secret of Mi Band 2 is the ability to determine the distance to the phone at which the smart unlock function will work. To do this, go to the settings of the fitness bracelet, then go to the “Unlock with the bracelet” tab and tap on the smartphone’s images in the center of the screen 10 times. A hidden menu will open in which you can select the response distance to the phone: less than a meter, about 1 meter and 3 meters. Cool, right? Did you know about this opportunity?

Motivation for sports

If you have a good workout today, you can cheer yourself up at the end of the day. To do this, go to the first MiFit menu and click on the shortcut in the upper right corner. In the window that opens, it will show how many percent of the people in the world you overtook today in activity, this really motivates.

Running in the desired heart rate zone

If you want to lose weight, then of course there is no better way (except diet) to do this than by running. Activity in the needed heart rate zone helps burn calories and Mi Band 2 can help you with this.

To do this, go to the “Running” tab and select a run in an open area or on a treadmill. Here you can also set the allowable pulse level in the settings, after which the bracelet will notify you with vibration. You can also set your running rhythm, the tracker will notify you if you slow down.

Change the Mi Band 2 strap to a color

The Mi Band 2 out of the box comes with a black graphite strap. In addition to its Xiaomi also produces green, blue and orange straps, you can choose your own according to your style or mood. The cost of such an accessory in China is 3-5 dollars.

We hope you found our selection of tips for using Mi Band 2 useful, if you have any of your life hacks, how you use the tracker. Tell us in the comments!

The continuation of the beloved series of fitness bracelets from Xiaomi. Mi Band 4, which has the basic functions for monitoring the state of health, rhythm, movement. The synchronization with the mobile phone and the wrist character of the item determine the use of the gang as a watch. The logical continuation of the phone’s functionality is embodied in the bracelet.

After the purchase, users are faced with the need to configure the Bend and sometimes questions arise, including how to set up the Xiaomi Mi Band 4. Watching time indicators is no less important in everyday activities than rhythm values. Users should know that the main way to set the time on the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet is to do it through the Mi Fit application, synchronized with the smartphone. There are more sophisticated options.

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How to set up your Mi Band 4 watch

Setting up the Mi Band 4 watch begins with establishing a connection between the smartphone and the bracelet itself. To do this, the user downloads the special Mi Fit app from Xiaomi. Communication is via Bluetooth, so it must be turned on during setup. The application records all the data received from the bracelet, which is then displayed in the Mi account.

The clock is set automatically when synchronization is established between the Xiaomi tracker and the phone. The bracelet displays the same time as on the smartphone. When the time changes on the mobile, it also changes to Mi Band 4. The appearance of the display and the displayed information change in the Mi Fit application through the “Display Settings” menu. This sets up the appearance of the watch, which can show two types of information:

  • Time itself (hours and minutes);
  • Date (day and day of the week).

Via computer

Through the computer for the Xiaomi bracelet, only the Mi account is authorized. Official software limits the use of hardware other than a smartphone. You can’t set the time on the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet, or change all the other settings: interface, standard indicator of the number of steps, alarm time, and others.

The only way to get around the limitation is to install a special emulator program that allows you to configure the tracker through a computer and without a smartphone. Such programs are only compatible with the Android system, which allows you to connect without having to disconnect devices. IPhone owners will have to do the following:

The emulator acts as a platform that has the functions of a smartphone, but works through a computer.

Without smartphone and application

Changing the time on the bracelet, its setting is impossible without using a smartphone and application. The use of emulators on computers is analogous to using a phone, but those who carry out the firmware of devices use it more. Manual tuning is not possible, because on the Gang itself there are no mechanisms for independent work.

Xiomi developers recommend using the Mi Fit application, which is available to users of two major mobile operating systems: Android, iOS. The program has low smartphone requirements and is available for most existing models. The same goes for Bluetooth, which most phones have.

How to set time on a fitness bracelet

Setting the time on the Bend is fully automated and obeys the value set on the smartphone. You do not need to specifically specify how to set the time on the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet. Any change in the watch’s parameters will immediately change due to synchronization on the bracelet.

In addition, for convenience, users turn on the function of turning on the display when presenting a hand. This is a standard gesture for a watch recognized by the Band. Convenience is to eliminate the need to touch the sensor to specify the time.

How to change the time on the clock: can this be done?

Changing the time on the watch for the bracelet from Xiaomi is carried out by changing the settings in the phone settings. This makes it easy to adjust to the surrounding circumstances: changing the time zone, switching to winter time and simple clarification when lagging or in a hurry. All changes are displayed instantly.