How To Set Up Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Watch

How To Set Up Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Watch

In this article, we asked the master to answer the question: “How to set up the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 watch?”, And also give useful recommendations on the topic. What came of this, read on.

Good afternoon, dear readers of my blog! You became the proud owner of a brand new fitness tracker and don’t know how to configure it to get the most out of it? Let’s try to understand all the subtleties and a little closer to a healthy lifestyle through a small smart mibend! Today we will look for how to set up a fitness bracelet xiaomi mi band 2. I promise, after a few simple manipulations, you will succeed!

After purchasing the bracelet, carefully inspect the packaging for external damage. Next, unpack and remove the capsule from the strap. Put it on charge. This is an important stage. Full compatibility of the charger with the tracker indicates the originality of the product. In order to properly fill the device’s battery, insert the cable with one side into the capsule and the other into the USB port of the computer. The first charge of the bracelet to full power will take 2 hours. This will be reported by a uniform flashing of the three LED lights on the display. All subsequent times will take approximately 1h 20-1h 30 minutes.

As soon as you cope with this task, the bracelet will turn on automatically. In the same way, independently, the bluetooth function is activated. Try not to drain the battery completely, so that the process of monitoring your condition takes place continuously.

The first step in setting up a fitness bracelet is to synchronize the device with your smartphone. For Iphone devices on iOS, download the application on the AppStore. For Android devices. on Google Play. We turn on the Bluetooth connection on the phone and synchronize with the mibend. Pairing with iPhone and Samsung will occur on the same principle.

Attention! The technical characteristics of the tracker allow you to work with Bluetooth version no lower than 4.0. Familiarize yourself with the capabilities of your smartphone before buying a bracelet so that there are no unpleasant moments with compatibility.

It is recommended to bind to Mi Account to save and process statistics of your status.

Adjust MiFit settings:

  1. Log in and enter a nickname, gender, date of birth
  2. Enter the weight, height and daily planned number of steps
  3. We are attached to the device
  4. Reflash the bracelet to the latest version
  5. We use it with pleasure

The developers equipped the xiaomi mi band 2 OLED screen. Various notifications are displayed on it, including the date, time, incoming calls and SMS messages. To activate this useful function, you need to perform a number of the following actions: MiFit. Profile. Time format. The screen will display the date and time set in the smartphone and the question of how to set the clock will disappear by itself.

If you select the Screen Unlock function on the central tab, you can automatically recognize the device without entering a password.

There are three main tabs on the main screen that provide access to the main functions of the application:

In the activity tab, you can start working with several departments that monitor the state of sleep, weight changes, conquering sports peaks.

A serious motivation to achieve new heights in sports may be to compare their own activity with the activity of other bracelet holders. You can track the activity of other people as follows: in the first menu, activate the shortcut in the upper right corner. See how many people played sports today.

Going to the “Run” tab, you can set parameters about which violation the tracker will notify you. In the settings, you must specify the type of run. in an open area or in the gym on a treadmill. If the pulse is disturbed while running or the pace is slowed down, corresponding notifications will pop up. Here, in the “Map” tab, you can trace the trajectory of the runner.

In the “Weight” tab, you can monitor changes in body weight by comparing data for several days. Daily indicators can be fixed by clicking on the “Record weight” button.

Pressing the “Statistics” button in the “Sleep” section will help to expand the data on the duration and depth of sleep by day, week, month.

In this tab there is a program that displays on the tracker display notifications of incoming calls, SMS messages, and an alarm signal.

Setting the alarm will allow the bracelet to wake you up by constant vibration during the fast sleep phase. It is noteworthy that the signal from the bracelet comes even when the smartphone is intentionally turned off or discharged.

In the message settings, you can connect the SMS notification function on any of the applications installed on the phone. For example, on Viber.

In the “Calls” settings, you can activate the blocking of incoming calls from unfamiliar numbers.

The Profile tab contains all the information about the owner of the fitness bracelet. weight, age, height, achievement statistics, data on the periodic software update on the device.

For my part, I want to say a special thank you to the developers of the device for the possibility of searching through a smartphone. I constantly forget where I leave the watch removed from my hand. When I changed them to a smart bracelet, the same thing happened. How to use a lost gadget? So, friends, perform a series of the following manipulations Profile. Devices. Mi Band in the application on your smartphone. A miracle will happen. a lost device, will respond to the call of myth and begin to blink and vibrate!

If necessary, all settings can be reset. To do this, you need to bind the device to a new account. Thus, all statistics on the state of health and achievements of the owner will be reset.

Fitness bracelet is a useful device that allows you to monitor your condition with mathematical precision. In order to take full advantage of its capabilities, you must carefully study the instructions and get acquainted with all the features of convenient settings.