How to Set Up Wi-Fi On a TV

If you purchased an LG TV that uses Smart TV, you must connect it to the Internet so that you can take advantage of the new features. It is desirable that a high-speed channel be used for access. Sometimes for some reason I don’t want to get wired access to the world wide network. In this case, you can use Wi-Fi. How to set up Smart TV on an LG TV via Wi-Fi. This is described in more detail below.

Overview of Smart TV features on Algie TVs

In such televisions, it is easy to receive directly from the Internet, but it is also provided the opportunity to surf the Internet.

With Smart TV, you can directly access YouTubes.

Access to various on demand services.

How to Set Up Wi-Fi On a TV

There is an opportunity to play interesting games for those who want to pass the time.

On such a television it is possible to make calls via Skype.

It is possible to access data located on other devices connected to the home network.

Over, although sometimes you can use wired Internet access, it is more convenient to use Wi-Fi connection.

Connection Procedure

To connect, it is important that the TV has built-in Wi-Fi. In this case, you will not need either a router or a wired modem, since only a TV and a communication channel will be enough to organize the connection.

Note! If such a node is not provided, a Wi-Fi adapter will be needed, which can be connected via a USB connector. At the same time, you need to remember that for the LG TV, you only need to use a proprietary wireless adapter.

Cable connection

Using a provider’s cable is one way to connect your LG TV to the Internet. However, in this case, other devices will be denied access to the worldwide network.

In addition, various providers can use modem connection methods that are not compatible with this TV model.

Usually, a dynamic or static address is used when connecting. To enter the parameters you need to select one of these two options. When using a static IP, to connect, you will need to enter the addresses received from the provider.

Connect via a router using a Wi-Fi adapter

Connection through a router is made through the TV settings menu. In this case, you need to select a wireless connection, specify the home network and enter the security key.

Internet connection error

Sometimes, if you connect to the Internet, problems can occur. If the TV cannot see the Internet, then the most likely reasons are as follows:

  • Almost always, modern LG TVs are equipped with hardware nodes that provide Internet access. However, sometimes it happens that a particular TV does not have the ability to access wirelessly. Some models have a port that allows you to enable access to the local network using a network cable. In this case, you need to take this opportunity. Then you need to configure the DLNA server.
  • Some older models have Smart TV, but no Wi-Fi adapter. They provide for cable connection.
  • This company produces wireless adapters that can be connected via a USB connector. In this case, you can establish wireless access through these nodes. It should be remembered that the adapters must be produced by the same company that produced the TV.

It is important to determine what the manufacturer was able to integrate into the purchased TV model. The easiest way to do this is by contacting the manufacturer’s website. There you should find the right model and carefully study its characteristics.

If there is no way to access the network, then there may be two different situations:

  • There is no way to see any wireless network.
  • There are several networks in the list, but the home is missing.

Note! If at home there are several devices connected to the router, but only the TV cannot connect to it, then in this case it is recommended to restart the router.

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Another way is to change the channel width or frequency in a wireless router.

If the router operates at a frequency of 5 GHz, but the TV does not see it, then first of all it is necessary to establish whether the equipment of the router supports this communication standard. This can be found on the LG website. If appropriate hardware support is provided, then the source of the problem must be sought in the settings of the router.

In this situation, you must manually enable one of the following channels for communication: 36, 40, 44, 48. After entering the new settings, you need to confirm them, and then reboot the router.

Sometimes a problem occurs during the communication process. When a user wants to see a list of available networks, they are told that Wi-Fi connection is not possible.

In this case, resetting and rebooting can sometimes help. However, in most cases, this indicates a hardware failure and the need to contact the service for repair.

When connecting in the usual way, after entering the security key, a message may be displayed stating that the password is incorrect. In this case, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Reboot the router and TV.
  2. Enter the password to connect. It can be additionally checked in the settings of the router.
  3. It is necessary to check other devices connected to the apartment wireless router.
  4. You can distribute the network not from the router, but from the smartphone and try to connect a TV to it.
  5. You need to check the security settings on the router. WPA2-PSK (Personal). This should be the type of security in the settings.
  6. In the settings, you can disable the WPS function.

Note! You can bring the TV closer to the router to enhance the wireless signal.

Turning on the Internet on LG TVs

To connect LG, you need to press the “Settings” button on the TV remote control. On the screen you can see the menu with which you will need to configure access.

On the left there will be a column where symbols are represented. It is necessary to choose the second from the bottom, which depicts the globe. A list appears on which you can see the options with which you can connect to the Internet.

In this list, you will need to select the top line related to the network connection. By clicking on this menu item, the user goes to a screen divided into two parts: one of them relates to a wireless connection, the other to wired Internet access.

You need to select the first option and click on the link “Configure Connection”. Then the user will see a list of available wireless networks. After the desired option is selected, you will need to enter the security key.

Important! It must be remembered that the password is at least 8 characters long. It must be entered carefully, avoiding errors.

There will be a keyboard for input on the screen. After completion, you need to confirm the password. Upon successful connection, an inscription appears confirming your Internet connection. After clicking “Finish”, you can start using the worldwide network.

Connection using webOS

The new models use smart TV running on webOS. In this case, the connection is as follows.

In order to enter the setup program on the TV, you need to press the button on the remote control, on which there is an image in the form of a gear. After that, the menu will be visible on the screen.

On the right is a vertical menu consisting of icons. You must choose the one that belongs to the network. Now you can see options related to different types of connections. In it, a line is selected for setting parameters related to Wi-Fi.

After that, you can see the list of available wireless networks on the screen. It is necessary to choose the right one and make the connection, and you will need to enter the security key.

Note! After that, you must confirm the entry. If the password was entered correctly, the connection will occur and in the future it will be possible to work on the Internet.

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From the Smart TV menu, you can access YouTube or launch a browser, dial the desired address and go through it.

Setup procedure

When setting up, you must specify the language that is preferred for the interface.

Channel setup

Having chosen the desired operating mode, they start the procedure of automatic tuning of television channels. After scanning, you can make parental settings for some channels or skip this step.

Online applications

Since the TV has Internet access, it can use the applications from the LG app. This access can be accessed through the setup menu.

Mobile App

LG provides the ability to work with smartphones.

Note! It is possible to connect it to a TV and watch on the smartphone screen.

Install widgets

Widgets are installed through the LG app. They are sorted into categories. There is a convenient opportunity to immediately install the desired widget on the TV.

LG TVs provide viewers with many additional features not only for watchings, but also as a developed media center or computer for Internet surfing.

Connection TVs Smart Tv Internet access requires the following components. How to connect TV LG to the internet across cable Link to the main one. Waifay adapter for TV Smart Tv and Tv-prefixes. Functions and.

With the advent of smart TVs, or Smart Tv, It has become much easier to go online to watch digital channels, high-quality movies, surf the web, games and much more.

Connect iPad to smart TVs LG and Samsung across wai fay. If you connect ipad to TV lg across wifi is needed and the device has support LG Smart Tv, then. Waifay adapter for TV Smart Tv and Tv-prefixes. Functions and.

The constantly expanding line of applications for Smart TV, developed by Samsung, is suitable only for smart TV models. However, only Samsung went the farthest and adapted more than 300 applications, and then there are more and more of them.

It will be useful for the reader to master the ability to connect Samsung Smart TV to the Internet through a wifi router. For many, the manufacturer’s instructions seem more than confusing, and the article on connecting Wi-Fi to Samsung will simplify the setup process and save your time. Indeed, owners of smart TVs connecting their devices to the network via wifi will have more advantages than after connecting via a local network. Our step-by-step instructions will help you learn how to configure Samsung to the Internet via wifi.

The advantage of connecting Smart TV to Samsung via a wifi router will be getting rid of household wires under your feet. A sufficient speed of the Internet connection will relieve discomfort during playback, that is, it will protect online broadcasting on smart Samsung from freezing and any interruptions.


To enable the Samsung TV Smart TV browser, you need to connect it:

  1. A local wired network through a twisted pair cable through a TV router;
  2. With wireless Internet, that is, directly via wifi, if Smart TV Samsung has a built-in wifi adapter;
  3. Using a wifi router (USB), setting up a connection through the connection menu, and selecting the necessary options.

To find the desired item, you need to go to the Smart Hub by selecting the corresponding button on the control mouse in its menu. Samsung Apps Store will provide the option you like.

It is more convenient to connect the TV to the Internet via a direct connection or through a router. To do this, simply connect the cable from the network provider to the Ethernet TV connector. If the type of Internet service provider does not support the direct connection function, you need to use a router that will help you correctly manage your home network.

For now, let’s leave the option of connecting a wifi router and a TV to the Internet via a LAN cable (twisted pair). Let’s consider a more rational way and find out how to connect Wi-Fi to Samsung.

Useful Tips

What will help the owner of Samsung Smart TV when connecting the gadget to a Wi-Fi router? If the Wi-Fi response is poor, diagnostics should be performed using the inSSider program instructions, switching to a more free network channel. If Samsung does not have a built-in Wi-Fi adapter, you should purchase an external wireless device and connect to the web using it. It is important to choose a USB Wi-Fi router model that is compatible with your TV model.

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Wi-Fi Connection Steps

Owners of the home network, who have already installed the router and configured Wi-Fi on it, first need to check the Internet connection settings on Smart TV. After entering the “Menu”, select the “Network” option, then the “Network Status” key and click on the “IP Settings” function.

The status of IP and DNS should correspond to the “Receive automatically” reception. Then make sure that the router uses the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and is generally allowed on the Internet.

Do not forget that connecting the router to a Samsung smart TV through a cable will set up the connection through it. By disconnecting the cable from the SMART TV, enable automatic setup using a Wi-Fi wireless connection.

Take the remote control and after pressing the “Menu” button in the navigation window that opens, find the “Network” item. In the proposed list, click on the option “Network Settings”. The first step will help you set up your wireless connection using the internal LAN adapter. Clicking the “Start” button, start the search for a Wi-Fi router.

The second step will reflect the search results and a list of the closest route flows to the Wi-Fi network. Having selected your router, click “Next.” This will allow you to check and establish a remote connection.

The third step involves entering the security key that was previously selected to protect wireless transmission, that is, the password is identical to the eight-digit code of the router.

Connection check

After correctly connecting to a stable Wi-Fi network, a remote connection will be established.

Internet access is provided by the built-in Smart TV web browser. If the access key is entered correctly, and the wireless connection to the router or router has not been established, then you need to return to the settings and change them.

The cause of this situation may be problems in the operation of the DHCP home access network script, as indicated by the corresponding TV message.

You can reconnect the Samsung TV via wi-fi remote connection through the administration panel of your wi-fi router by disabling the DHCP server protocol and changing “IP Settings” to “Manual Input” for Samsung Smart. Enter the network connection parameters according to the settings of your router in manual mode.

Connect to Wi-Fi without DHCP

To set up a network connection on Samsung, you need to specify the values ​​in accordance with the gateway address of the router, for example

To do this, enter:

  1. IP Address:;
  2. Type of subnet:;
  3. Gateway parameters:;
  4. Details of the external DNS server from Google Corporation: (or gateway address

After this reconfiguration, the wireless connection should be established.

As a rule, after setting up the TV in manual wi-fi mode, the router finds its Internet network.

Now you should fix the problems in the work of the DHCP session, which ensures the functioning of the remaining home gadgets (laptops, tablets) through automatic access to the Internet. To do this, just take into account the IP address of each device and Samsung TV in the adapter by MAC address. Such redundancy will help to avoid conflicts in the operation of DHCP, and all gadgets will respond to a single IP address of the router each time you connect to the network.

Set up a Samsung TV to connect to the Internet through a router, it is easy to learn how to connect Smart TV to a local network using a LAN cable. Adjusters recommend using the UTP-5e patch cord, but a manually extruded LAN cable is also suitable.