How to Set Up Tricolor TV On TV

How to set up Tricolor on Samsung TV? Before performing such an operation, we will go through the instructions for hardware connection of devices:

  • Connect the satellite dish to the TV:
  • Connect the antenna directly through the “Satellite” jack. In this situation, home appliances will be able to automatically take digital information supplied by the antenna. The final picture is displayed;
  • Connecting an antenna via a satellite receiver is a working method in the absence of the above connector. Here the receiver is already responsible for receiving and broadcasting the signal to the screen. In appearance, it resembles an ordinary VCR.
  • Start searching for TV programs, but more on that later. First, consider the algorithm for resetting the settings to the standard ones laid down by the manufacturer.
  • How to reset to factory settings

    Restarting the configuration is useful when the user independently carried out actions to configure the use of the technique. We go to the support section, then go through the following hierarchy of folders and items:

    • “Self-diagnosis”;
    • “Reset”;
    • Specify the PIN-code (four zeros are standard in this field);
    • We confirm our intention to reset the established connection parameters.

    Please note that in the current step you do not need to attach the Cam module.

    Setting up the CI module on a Samsung TV

    How to configure Kam Tricolor module on Samsung TV:

    • Open the menu and go to the “Channel” section;
    • Then select the “Antenna” item, and the name of the internal team is “Satellite”;
      How to Set Up Tricolor TV On TV
    • Type four zeros and go to the “Satellite Selection”;
    • Deactivate standard satellites, indicate “USER SAT 1” and save;
    • In the activated LNB settings, set the data shown in the photo (only in the “Transponder” you need an empty value);
    • Go to “Manual Setup” and select “Scan”;
    • Click “Create” in the “Transponders”;
    • From the source Fcom / tricolor.php / enter the frequencies for each transponder (flow rate. 27500 for all (for 12190L. 22500)) and save;
    11727 L11 958 L12 226 L
    11747 R11996 L12303 L
    11766 L12034 L (4K)12360 R
    11804 L12073 L12380 L
    11843 L12111 L12418 L
    11 881 L12149 L12456 L
    11919 L12169R12476 R
    12190 L
    • “Tricolor” network will be displayed. Click on “Search”, and then. On “OK”.

    After the steps have been taken, you have set up a set of digital TV channels for viewing. Then you need to repeat the same manipulations for all 22 transponders. You get 289 channels, given the radio transmission. After installing the Cam module, the “General Interface” section is activated and access to the channels found is opened.

    Auto tuning

    How to configure the Tricolor Kam module on Samsung TV, resorting to the automatic search for TV shows:

    • Go to the “Broadcast” tab of the device menu;
    • Specify “Auto tuning”;
    • Then you need to click “Start” in a pop-up window called “Auto-tuning”;
    • From the drop-down list, select the line “Satellite dish”;
    • Mark the type of channels that you intend to find by automated means (TV, radio, or all mixed up);
    • Check the box next to the name of the satellite;

    When the name of the correct satellite in the catalog could not be found, resort to manual tuning.

    • Write down the information in the frame under the name “LNB Settings”, specifying it with the satellite provider;
    • Make sure that the signal level is in the range of 80. 100 percent. When broadcasting does not reach 80%:
    • Deactivate “Tone. 22KHz”;
    • Make sure the antenna is connected correctly;
    • Be prepared for the possibility of interference with the broadcast of TV programs;
  • Poke in “Scan”;
  • Wait until the technician finds the available channels;
  • Click Close
  • Close the configuration menu directly.
  • Conclusion

    We figured out how to configure the Kam tricolor module on Samsung TV. Now we will give a number of cautions, the implementation of which will avoid errors in setting up the equipment:

    • Module integration procedure is carried out in accordance with a specific hardware. This means that you will need to read the operating instructions for the TV model;
    • CI configuration ends with an upgrade of activation keys. The upgrade request is made on the Samsung resource in a previously created account.
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    Return to the default configuration if something went wrong during the setup process and it was not possible to save the channel list!

    First of all, I advise you not to fuss. Firstly, make sure that preventive maintenance is not carried out on the channels or at the operator, and the problem is with the antenna or receiver, and not at the opposite end of the screen. Do not rush to knock down the settings. If this is prevention, you just have to wait.

    If you know for sure that the matter is not in the prevention of the operator, the satellite is in place, then make sure that you have paid for access to packages. How to identify a problem with payment: when the receiver shows “Coded channels”, but the info channel is working. You can check the payment in your Tricolor TV account.

    If everything is fine with the payment, then the third thing to do is reset the receiver to the factory settings. To do this, just disconnect the receiver from the network, and then reconnect it. After that, you will need to re-configure the Tricolor channels. Then you just need to leave the receiver turned on on the encoded Russian channel and wait until the keys arrive.

    If this does not help, you need to check the receiver for a physical malfunction or irrelevant firmware.

    So, if the channels do not work, then you need:

    1. Check for prevention with the operator;
    2. Check balance. Are the services paid?
    3. Make sure that the signal is not affected by weather conditions (the converter did not cover the snow);
    4. Check if the antenna connection to the TV and receiver is broken;
    5. Reset settings and register channels;
    6. Check the receiver

    Antenna tuning for Tricolor satellites

    To tune the antenna to the frequencies of the Tricolor channels, you need to aim at the Eutelsat 36A / 36B 36 ° east longitude satellite.

    To properly install and configure the antenna, you need to know in which direction the desired satellite is. This can be done using a compass, the sun, a GPS navigator, or simply on other plates of your size. Or you can use the special program “Satellite Antenna Alignment”.

    Be sure to make sure that there are no tall buildings, large trees, or something that overlaps the plate toward the satellite.

    If you use a compass, or other navigation methods, determine the azimuth to the EUTELSAT 36C and 36B satellites, 36 degrees east longitude and point the plate to the desired angle.

    The program that I mentioned will help you find out the azimuth and the necessary elevation angle for installing and tuning a satellite dish to any satellite at your receiving point. The program settings are saved, so in the future it will be possible to use it right away. It remembers your geographical location.

    Nnorthern latitude
    SSouth latitude
    WWest longitude
    EEastern longitude

    After you enter the coordinates of your location, you will see the angles for calculating on the left in the table azimuth and lifting antenna for all satellites at the same time.

    If the calculations result in a negative value of the antenna rise (elevation angle), then the satellite is out of reach (beyond the horizon).

    If you have nothing to determine the geographical direction, the program provides the ability to determine the azimuth by the sun. For this:

    • Set your coordinates
    • For calculations, select the height above sea level. 0 m
    • Select date

    And that’s it. Now we look at the data in the table. We are looking for an azimuth value as close as possible to the satellite azimuth value. We look at what date and time correspond to this azimuth and at this time we direct the antenna to the sun, because the satellite is there at that time. The elevation angle of the satellite and the sun may not coincide. If this happens, then solar radiation can for a couple of days “to hammer” signal.

    The red bar indicates the direction to the satellite. Yellow indicates daylight hours.

    For offset antennas, the focus is offset from the center, if the antenna is installed strictly vertically, then it has an elevation angle (20. 25 degrees). To calculate the satellite elevation angle and the actual antenna installation angle (in degrees relative to the plane of the earth), the antenna dimensions in millimeters (height and width) are entered in the program. The calculation is made only for offset antennas.

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    To determine the location of the EUTELSAT 36C and 36B satellites, enter the coordinates of your locality in the program (data can be obtained in Yandex) and you will determine their azimuth and elevation.

    Next, assemble the antenna according to the instructions, fix the converter on it and mount the antenna on the bracket, which should be mounted vertically to the Earth on a flat surface. Connect the antenna to the receiver using a TV cable with a characteristic impedance of 75 Ohms, when the receiver is disconnected from the network.

    After determining the angles, you will need to assemble and install a plate of Tricolor TV according to the instructions. Fasten the converter, install on the bracket. Use a 75 ohm cable to connect the antenna to the receiver. Attention! The receiver must be turned off at this time!

    You need to turn it on only after all the work has been done. After switching on, you will be greeted by the inscription “No signal”. To start the setup, press Menu. Customization. Manual search. You need to configure the signal quality indicator.

    After that, you need to configure the antenna. The antenna plane must be moved along the elevation angle in increments of 3 degrees from the position at which the antenna plane is directed perpendicular to the plane of the earth, to a position of approximately 80 degrees to the plane of the earth in both directions. In this case, it is necessary to rotate it in azimuth on the bracket in the range of twenty degrees from the direction to the satellite, which we determined earlier.

    Note! Movement and rotation should be done in turn: first change the elevation angle, and then slowly rotate the plate so as not to miss the direction to the satellite. An error of 2-2.5 degrees can ruin everything. When the image appears on the TV. Determine the maximum signal strength and tighten the nuts more tightly.

    If the channels in the receiver are already registered, then you can enjoy watching. If not. You must also configure the receiver.

    Configuring Tricolor channels yourself

    We have already installed the antenna. Now you can proceed to the settings of the receiver.

    To get started, take an HDMI or RCA cable and connect the receiver to the TV. After that, connect the receiver to the mains. On the TV menu, configure the display of the input into which the receiver was connected. It’s like when connecting a DVD. After you see the receiver’s menu on the screen, follow the instructions to register the channels.

    On the remote control, press the OK button to continue.

    Here you need to select the operator. In the European part of Russia. This is tricolor tv. For the rest of. Tricolor TV Siberia. Then again click on continue and wait for the list of regions to load:

    For the European part of Russia, the Urals should be selected from the list. Channels with a time shift of 2 hours will be registered in this region.

    After the channels are found, the list must be saved.

    After saving, some channels will display “Info channel”. This means that it is not encoded. Let’s go to the encoded channel. As a result, we obtain “Error 9”. If the receiver is registered, then after a while the encoded channels will work.

    If something didn’t work out and you want to try again. Reset everything to the factory settings and go through the procedure again.

    Setup, instructions and help

    Setup, instructions and help

    How to set up Tricolor TV on LG TV?. How to set up Tricolor TV on LG TV?

    Tricolor TV is a company offering high quality television broadcasts. However, setting up the equipment for proper operation can be difficult. The digital technology market is very large, and each manufacturer brings something of their own both in the receiver model and in the TVs themselves. On most devices, tuning is done automatically, while others require a more “personal” approach. LG TVs just belong to the second group.

    Why LG setup is different

    In 2017, the broadcasting conditions of many companies changed. A differentiation of channels was introduced, which now decided to sort by lists. This affected the users in such a way that the list of suggested Tricolor TV channels simply did not appear in the system, or did not appear in order / in an incomplete form. LG TVs were particularly affected by this problem, whose software was unable to maintain a new order.

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    Difficulties arose mainly when users tried to search for channels using the “Quick Search” option. At the same time, LG TVs interpreted the signal decoding algorithms incorrectly, for which the company more than once apologized. Almost all of the company’s product lines for 2014-2018 turned out to be “struck”, and some still demonstrate the presence of this problem.

    LG is actively developing new software that would support the formation of such lists that Tricolor TV uses. Tentatively, its launch is scheduled for July 2018. However, this does not mean at all that Tricolor TV subscribers who have LG TVs at home should refrain from watching TV programs, since there is a way to get around the problem on their own. And it lies in a slightly different sequence of settings.

    In addition, most LG TVs were equipped with a CAM module, which replaces the standard receiver. The connection and its settings are somewhat different from the usual algorithm.

    How to set up channels

    Important! All of the following works on TVs running webOS.

    Installation of equipment should be carried out in accordance with the instructions of “Tricolor TV”. Installation of the antenna and dish, laying of cables. The company offers its customers a complete set of the necessary devices to properly “dock” with the satellite and catch the signal.

    One of the main steps is to install a CICam module. At the same time, the TV should remain off. It should be turned on after proper installation. At the same time, information about the equipment should be displayed on the screen. The card and the module itself.

    Important! In some cases, at this stage, error No. 17 may occur, which indicates that the equipment was not connected correctly, or the subscriber forgot to register with Tricolor TV with the card data.

    Before proceeding with the setup, it is recommended that you verify that the TV software is updated to the latest version (on the LG website).

    After all these preparations, the channels are configured as follows (manually):

    1. You need to go to the menu where you should find the item “Advanced Settings”.
    2. Select “Channels”.
    3. Select “Channel Search and Settings”.
    4. You should select the option “Auto Search”, despite the fact that you configure everything manually. Here you can enter unique settings for Tricolor.
    5. The search mode should be set to “Satellite”. If not, select it from the list.
    6. Choosing a satellite TV operator is also an important option. For Tricolor today you need to click on “Other operators”.
    7. Exit auto search. Click on the cross, or press EXIT on the remote control. If you have a 3 or 3.5 version of the LG axis and the Magic remote control, press the Back / Exit button with hold.

    After that, you can start a manual channel search.

    1. Re-enter “Channel Search and Settings” through the advanced options menu.
    2. Press “Manual Search”, and make sure that the reception mode is set to “Satellite”. If not, change it to this mode.
    3. Open the “Transponder” settings item and select ANY from the list, avoiding the number 12226 / L / 27500.
    4. After that, click “Transponder” again.
    5. Now select option 12226 / L / 27500, and check if the “Add” key appeared on the side.
    6. Turn on “Network Search”. Click on this item and change the value to “On”
    7. Click the “Add” option that you found earlier. Wait until the end of the search, and press EXIT.

    Important! In some software versions, instead of “Add”, “Update” will appear.

    After that, the search for channels on the network will begin. During the search, the LG TV will check 22 transponders, and the result of such a check should be more than 300 channels, including radio and office arrays.

    The list of channels will be formed in a special way due to the fact that new software has not yet been released for Tricolor TV. It will include:

    • Present digital and satellite services and radio channels;
    • Confused channel order.

    However, the list editor will be available, and you can easily select and mark those that the TV should continue to miss. The Skip function will help to hide them from the general list to facilitate navigation.