How to Set Up the Internet on a Samsung TV 55

How to set up a Haier TV

HAIER has launched a new line of Smart TVs; everyone can afford Haier TVs due to its price category, because Haier Smart TVs are much cheaper than popular brands. HAIER Smart TVs have a built-in DVB-T2 and DVB-C tuner that allows you to watch digital TV and go online.

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  • How to set up digital television on a haier TV (Hayer)
  • How to connect the Internet on a haier TV (Hayer)
  • How to set up Smart TV on a haier TV (Hayer)

How to set up digital channels on a Haier TV

In order to tune the digital channels on the haier smart tv and watch digital tv, locate the MUNI button on your remote control and press it

Next, find the Channel item and click OK

Go to DVB Antenna and select Cable or Antenna

How to Set Up the Internet on a Samsung TV 55

Next, select Auto tuning or Manual search.

In the Auto tuning item, select the parameters.

In Setup mode, select DTV. These are digital channels. ATV. These are analog channels. If you want a digital and analogue, select DTV and ATV.

Next you need to choose the country we leave Russia.

We put Other operators, do not select operators from the list, just put Others and that’s it.

We select the type of search Full, if you know the frequencies of your operator, then set the network and enter the parameters below.

Next, turn on Auto Search and wait for the digital channels on your haier TV to be tuned.

How to connect the Internet on a Haier TV

In haier smart TVs, there is the possibility of accessing the Internet through wi-fi or via cable connection.

In order to connect and configure the Internet on your haier TV, go to the menu of your TV.

In the menu, select Network

Next we find the item Network configuration or All

Next, select the Wi-Fi connection method or cable

If we select wi-fi, then click Wi-Fi Configuration

Next, do wi-fi auto search

and select the desired Wi-Fi and enter the password

All your haier TVs are connected to the Internet and you can use all the features of Smart TV.

How to set up Smart TV on a Haier TV

After you have connected and configured the Internet on your Haier TV (Hayer), all Smart TV applications will immediately be available to you.

In order to watch YouTube you just need to find the button on your remote control, if the YouTube button is missing then click on the NOME button and select the application you need, besides YouTube there is also a browser for direct Internet access on the TV.

Also on your remote control should be an APP button by clicking on it you will go to the applications that are downloaded to your TV.