How to Set Up the Internet on a Huawei Phone

How to set up the Internet on a Huawei and Honor phone: a similar question does not often bother users, since the choice of basic parameters for mobile communications is extremely simple, and advanced settings are usually not required. But some people find it difficult to understand the functionality of the smartphone, so they are advised to use the step-by-step instructions and tips below.

How to set up mobile Internet on Honor and Huawei phones?

The standard process for setting up an Internet connection on Android contains the following items:

  1. SIM card selection, if the user has 2;
  2. network setting, allowing to make the connection stable and high;
  3. receiving automatic settings from the operator or manually entering network parameters.

It is important to emphasize that the quality of traffic depends not only on the smartphone, you also need to take into account the capabilities of the mobile operator and the selected tariff plan.

Choosing the right SIM card

The first step will be the easiest, since it will require you to select a SIM card with suitable connection conditions. To do this, you will need:

  1. go to settings and find the item that mentions wireless networks;
    How to Set Up the Internet on a Huawei Phone
  2. Switch to the section that offers to configure the SIM card;
  3. indicate in the line “data transfer” a suitable SIM;
  4. save settings.
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People using only one SIM card will not need to do anything like this, since they have no choice. But in case of difficulties with the connection, you should go to the mentioned section and see if the SIM card slot is selected correctly.

Universal 3G and 4G settings

The next step is to choose a network. To do this:

  1. enter the already mentioned Android settings section;
  2. find a subsection mentioning the optimal network;
  3. enable priority connection by choosing between 2 G, 3 G and 4 G.

It is important to clarify that in this case, users choose the quality of the network to which they are connecting. 4 G allows you to get maximum speed, but using this option will be inconvenient where the signal level is weak. 3G and 2G mean lower speed, but more reliable and stable communication.

Manual Internet connection on a smartphone

Usually the above steps are enough to connect, but sometimes there are problems that interfere with the connection. In such cases, people who decide to figure out how to turn on the Internet on their Huawei and Honor phones need to set their own mobile Internet settings. To do this, you can:

  • send a special request to the operator to receive automatically set parameters;
  • configure the access point yourself;
  • or call the contact center.

Russian operators

To connect mobile Internet, you will need:

  1. consistently go to the sections of the wireless and mobile network;
  2. open a point mentioning APN (access point);
  3. enter the necessary connection parameters.
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The exact parameters depend on the operator, therefore it is recommended to find out by visiting the official website of the telephone company or by calling the support service. As a result, the subscriber will definitely not make mistakes and correctly fill in all the fields.

Operators of Ukraine

To connect traffic from Ukrainian mobile operators, you will have to perform the same actions as described above. The only difference will be the address of the access point that you want to register on the phone. You can get the exact address on the telephone company portal (in the help or FAQ section) or by calling the provider hotline. Both options are equivalent and help to easily achieve the desired result.

Auto settings

Above mentioned the ability to get new settings on Honor automatically. To do this, you will need:

  • go to the portal of the cellular company and find out a special team to request operating parameters;
  • send a request for receipt through your personal account;
  • Contact the contact center staff and ask them to send automatic parameters.

The necessary files will come in the service message immediately after sending the request.

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How to enable mobile Internet on Huawei and Honor?

These actions are enough to get the opportunity to use traffic. If there is no connection even after the user has completed all of the above, then the problem lies in something else. In such cases, you do not need to look for how to connect the Internet to Huawei and Honor, since such actions will not bring the desired effect. It’s better to immediately look for what prevents you from establishing a connection.

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How to speed up the slow internet 3G and 4G?

To speed up the connection, it is recommended:

  1. make sure that it is not limited due to tariff conditions (some operators prohibit the distribution of wi. fi);
  2. Check if background programs that consume traffic are running
  3. go to 4 G coverage;
  4. change the tariff plan to a faster one.

Other acceleration options require certain knowledge and skills from phone owners and are associated with software changes.

How to make the appearance of Internet speed?

For their convenience, users can activate a demonstration of the speed of traffic to the smartphone screen. To do this, you can:

  • use the built-in functionality of the device;
  • install a special widget that has a similar function.

Using the functionality is preferable because it does not require additional resources, but widgets are able to have additional functions, including the ability to increase the connection speed.

Disable mobile network

To disable the Internet on your smartphone, you will need to open the smartphone menu and find the item of the same name. To reset the network parameters, you need to go to the menu where they were previously installed and using the interface, clear the current working conditions. After which they will have to be re-entered in order to re-access the sites and restore applications.