How to Set Up the Internet In Sony Xperia

In the article we will tell you how to set up the Internet on Sony Xperia.

Buying a new product from Sony, namely the Xperia smartphone, the consumer is interested in getting the most out of the acquisition. A person wants to have access to modern means of communication (social networks), share photos with friends and acquaintances, and visit interesting sites. Mobile operators, fortunately, offer a lot of tariff plans with unlimited traffic, which can be purchased at very reasonable prices. Having acquired the new Sony Xperia Z2, I, first of all, changed the tariff plan from “regular” to “Internet”, which opened up possibilities for wireless access to the World Wide Web without restrictions. The impetus for this was the need to always be in touch, and a Wi-Fi connection, unfortunately, is not present everywhere. Most Sony Xperia smartphone users have no idea how to set up the Internet. Therefore, this article provides detailed instructions for connecting it.

Sony Xperia Internet Setup

There is no general algorithm for setting up an Internet connection on Sony Xperia, since the setup process depends on the type of mobile operator, directly from which you get access to the signal. Accordingly, the correct access point of the desired operator should be indicated on the phone.

Ideally, after turning on the phone for the first time, you should receive an SMS notification that will contain automatic Internet settings for Sony Xperia, which independently activate the Internet on the device. If such a message has not been received, then you need to start setting up the Sony Xperia Internet yourself. You need to do the following:
1. select “Settings” in the menu, then click on the “.” line and go to the “Internet Settings” item;
2. In the window that opens, stop your choice on your operator.

There is another way to configure the Internet on Sony Xperia, which involves manually entering the settings. It is used if the installation is not performed in automatic mode or is simply not suitable for your device. Initially, you should go to the mobile operator’s website and find on it all the information necessary for manual (manual) Internet settings. Example for MTS:

After the necessary data has been received, select “Settings” in the main menu of the smartphone, then go to the “.” sub-item, and then click on the “APN Access Points” line. Then in the upper right corner, click on the plus sign, with which an access point is added. Data obtained on the site of the mob. operator, enter into each of the fields and save the settings.

How to Set Up the Internet In Sony Xperia

After that, select the added access point and enable mobile data transfer.