How To Set Up Smart Watch A1

Today, another copy of the Apple Watch. the Smart Watch A1. fell into the hands of. This copy of a smart watch is far from the first attempt by our Chinese brothers to make something similar to a gadget of a more eminent brand. But not the worst. Compared to the earlier version of the GT 08, they have become more modern and reliable.


A watch came packed in a nice box made of wood. In such a package, it would not be a shame to even give them to someone.

Inside, everything is standard: the watch itself in a plastic Lenovo package, a brief instruction in Chinese and English, and a very long USB cable. micro USB, as many as 20 centimeters.

The watch case is aluminum, moisture and dustproof, with a plastic back case made in the color of the strap. It is made of soft silicone, and you can choose it from the five proposed color options: white, black, blue, green, red. The clasp is not standard and I think it can wear out over time, but so far the watch on your hand is sitting very tight.

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The menu is multilingual, the Russian language is. Unlike previous models, translated quite well.

Dimensions of the device. 49mm40mm11mm.

Key Features of Smart Watch A1

You should not expect any super performance from this watch. Inside, there is a budget MTK 6261 processor, 128 MB of RAM and 64 MB of internal memory, which can be increased by mikro SD. According to the manufacturer, cards up to 32 GB are supported. With 16 GB, they definitely work without question.

How to Set Up Smart Watch A1

The display here is an LCD with a diagonal of 1.54 and a resolution of 240,240 pixels. Around the screen is a fairly wide frame. There are no questions about the sensor in this watch, for such a price it behaves perfectly. There is enough brightness and contrast. But with viewing angles, not everything is so good here. Even with a slight tilt, the picture is quite distorted.

The watch is connected to smartphones on android and on IOS. Communication with the smartphone is via Bluetooth 3.0. True, not all functions will be available with the latter. For example, you cannot manage the camera and messaging is unavailable. In general, those functions that require the installation of a plugin. For smartphones running Android, you can download the application from the Play Store by scanning the QR code from the watch menu.

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Another feature of the Smart Watch a1 is the presence of a slot for a SIM card. With a SIM card installed, this device turns into a wrist mini smartphone. An external speaker and microphone allow you to talk calmly like on a regular mobile phone. You can also receive and send SMS messages. You can even go online, though at a very low speed.

What can Smart Watch A1

Without connecting to a smartphone, this is a watch with a calendar, alarm clock and calculator, the buttons of which are microscopic, so you still need to get used to them. You can listen to music remotely from your phone or from a flash drive.

The built-in 0.3 MP camera allows you to take photos from the device. But most likely, you turn it on once. The quality of the image is such that any desire to turn it on disappears. But by connecting to a smartphone, you can remotely control its camera and even display the image on the watch monitor.

Paired with mobile, you can use them as a headset, also SMS and various notifications will come to the watch. It also becomes available to view the call log and address book.

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Of the “fitness” functions, the Smart Watch A1 has a semi-automatic pedometer. A very useful option, but the result is not very accurate and you have to turn it on and off manually. Sleep monitoring works more like a timer. When you fall asleep, you need to turn it on, and when you wake up, turn it off. Definitions of the phases of sleep, of course, no. You can also set up an activity reminder. The clock does not take into account whether you are moving or not, but simply give a signal, after a certain time.


Smart Watch A1 is powered by a 380 mAh battery. Full charge time, which is from 1 to 2 hours. In standby mode, it can provide up to 7 days of operation, and about 2 days when used with a smartphone.

What is the result

Smart Watch A1 many will like its similarity with the gadget from the “apple” brand. A large number of features and low cost. A1 has practically no competitors in this price range. Is that DZ09. An overview of this smart watch can be found here.